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Default The Creature Holding Room
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This expansive room is one of the noisest on this side of level four, second only to the bloodhounds kennels. This, the magical creature holding room, is a limbo room where all captured or confiscated creatures are placed until a permanent and more suitable home can be found for them. Enchanted to expand in size when extra room is needed, though it's already large enough, this room is lined with cages of all shapes and sizes. Some are clear boxes for the tiny variety and some are large and bared. All are dripping with protection charms to keep them in and you from losing a digit or two. If one seems to just be slumbering in a corner, don't worry, they haven't escaped, and are contained solely by magical barriers. The room is organized by species, ministry rating, and size; a supply closet is off to the left, full of everything needed to keep the creatures well cared for temporarily.

Even more charms are in place to keep the room from being too stuffy, and to prevent anyone without a magical creatures employee escort from entering (for your own safety of course). Feel free to clean up after some of the creatures or feed other. Just don't get too attached, they are only here temporarily.

OOC: Only magical creatures employees have access to this room. Other ministry workers wishing to gain entrance for any reason needs to first gain permisson from the current department head.
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