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Hmm, while she had not attended very many Astronomy lessons last term due to the fact that she wanted her brain to be...not melted...there was also the fact that she had not seen the astronomy professor around all that much and was wondering...what was up. Plus the fact that the herbology teacher was missing, and with the whole muggle stuff being added to the lessons, astronomy was becoming just a bit more interesting in her mind.

...And it just got more interesting.

Ehhh. "Good day, Professor Hadley." she smiled, pausing in the doorway as she glanced towards what her usual seat was in this class. she couldn't ask Professor Antares where he was all this time. Aw well. Hello to yooooouuuu Mr. Riley. Teehee. And...and Cookie get a glare.

Tooooo the back of the class!
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