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Default The Two Mrs. Carrolls DVD

The Two Mrs. Carrols features the venerable Humphrey Bogart as a psychopathic killer, definitely a sharp detour from the majority of this Oscar-winning actor’s usual roles. That alone makes this a movie worth watching. Barbara Stanwyck stars alongside Bogart, as his new wife (i.e., the ‘second’ Mrs. Carroll). Beginning to feel ill as her artist husband slowly poisons her night after night, she soon realizes her fate may soon match that of the first (deceased) Mrs. Carroll, as her husband secretly dates his new muse and, potentially, wife-to-be No. 3. While the story is passable at best, and the editing is choppy, the actors are top quality and make this film worth spending an hour and half watching.

The Two Mrs. Carrolls is available at the Warner Bros Online Shop.

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