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Default ■■ 18. Incarcerous
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■■ 18. Incarcerous

Everyone had been telling her that she, of all people, had nothing to worry about. But, she couldn’t help it. She had standards to live up to, very high standards that she had set for herself. There was a reason why Professor McGonagall gave her permission in her third year to use a time turner in order to attend extra classes after all.

Sitting on her bed, she heard a loud screeching and look her window just in time to see a brown barn owl approaching her window. Jumping up, Hermione rushed to the window, threw it open, and practically caught the bird mid flight. Hooting with surprise, the owl dropped the letter it was carrying and it fluttered to the ground.

“My results!” she squeaked releasing the bird and pounding on the parchment. Taking a deep breath, she opened it up and began to read.
Ancient Runes … Outstanding
Arithmancy …Outstanding
Astronomy …Outstanding
Care of Magical Creatures … Outstanding
Charms … Outstanding

Defense Against the Dark Arts…

She felt like someone had cast Incarcerous on her and the ropes were bound so tightly that she could hardly breathe.

“Only an Exceeds Expectations in Defense Against the Dark Arts?!”


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