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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Fauna L. Gregor
Sixth Year
Grey Warden ✗ Fenris ♥ ✗ Archdemon Slayer ✗ Champion of Kirkwall

What do you want: 2 Siggies & 1 Avvie, please.
Name of your actor or actress: Model - Simon Tuit
Hogwarts or Ministry Character: Hogwarts Student
Size: Avvie (100X100) Siggies (450X150)
Text on Siggie 1: Zevran Anders; Ravenclaw's Newest Bad Boy
Text on Siggie 2: Sacrifice yourself & let me have whats left; Zevran Anders
Text on Avvie: None.
Theme (optional): Dark and eerie!
Pictures: - - - -
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