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Julia was in such a perky mood until her mum and dad came down.
"Why so happy Jules," Mr. Bright asked as Tiety served him some green tea with a sprig of mint and some toast.
"I wrote to Hogwarts last week," Julia began, "And they sent a letter back." Julia held up the letter and her mother snatched it out of her hand.
Mrs. Bright tore open the envelope and began to read the contents. "There is no way you are going to Hogwarts. As I told you already you and Penelope are to go to Beauxbaton. Jonathan goes to Durmstrang and when Desa is old enough she will go to Beauxbaton."
Julia's hair turned a flamy red color. "Why?" she asked. "Why am I supposed to go to Beauxbaton? Is it just because we live in France. I would much rather go to Hogwarts or even Durmstrang."
Penelope walks down the stairs just at that moment. "Puuuuh who would want to go to Hogwarts. Beauxbaton is better its for people who actually want to accomplish stuff in life and not listen to some teachers who are horrible. Make a wise decision Jul they teach us so well at Beauxbaton," she said as she sat down at the table. "Tiety bring me some coffee," she snapped.
"I would never want to go to a school for stuck up little brats," Julia said to Penelope. "And stop ordering Tiety around. She's really nice and sweet and doesn't deserve your ordering."
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