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A meeting with the Head of House?!

They were in trouble--the entire lot of them--weren't they?! Whatever it was, or had been, Sierra was claiming innocence. Complete and total innocence. That is, of course, unless something really extraordinary and awesome happened. Then in that case, she had been a part of it a hundred percent.

As she headed from the girls' dorms and into the common room, Sierra glanced around for Professor Lafay. When she saw her, she almost had to fight hard to not narrow her eyes in confusion. A wetsuit was just honestly one of the last things she ever pictured Lafay wearing.

...and just what was in that large jar beside her? Sierra couldn't tell from where she was standing, so she took a few steps forward and fell into place next to an older girl she'd never met before. Following the girl's lead, Sierra gave the Head of House her own greeting, as well. "Hello, Professor Lafay," she said.
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