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Originally Posted by Furienna View Post
Of course it's believable, that Harry turned out nice. What's unbelievable, or at least remarkable, is how well-adjusted he turned out to be in the end, despite not being loved by anyone for ten years of his childhood. I mean, that could mess anybody up. I think him going off to Hogwarts and getting friends helped him though.
Yeah, that is pretty remarkable. I mean he had his faults of course, but not any more than most people.

Originally Posted by Furienna View Post
It could indeed be, because he learned not to bother Aunt Petunia or Uncle Vernon, and he also learned to take care of himself from an early age. Nice observation.
It's something that was both a good thing and a bad thing. He could take care of himself and wasn't a spoiled kid like Malfoy, but I think he was reluctant to ask for help sometimes even if he really needed it, which could be a problem at times.

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