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Goo goo g'joob

Jacob walked into the common room, a little out of breath. He had forgotten how much work it was to get up those step. Seven whole flights of steps, maybe he needed to walk up and down his house steps 7 times every few hours to keep in good stair climbing condition. When He walked through the common room door, the first thing that caught his eye was a large banner... it sort of hurt to look at, especially considering how tired he was. He needed to sleep off all the food in him... or just rest, cause you know, with him being captain and all, he didn't want people to be like 'wheres Jacob?' on the first day back, he had to be out with the others.

Jacob spotted that HIS couch was still empty... he power walked straight towards it. And without a moments hesitation, threw himself onto the couch before anyone could take it. He spread himself the full length of the couch and had an expression on his face that said 'MY Couch! Don't Touch!' or maybe he was wearing the other face... the one that said 'I just farted, keep away!' either way, he was keeping people away from HIS Couch.
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