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Originally Posted by *AiryFairy* View Post
Alice slowly and anxiously made her way up the stairs. There were a lot of them apparently and by the time she reached the top she was quite out of breath. Cautiously she opened the door and peeped round. It was amazing! Stepping further into the room and shutting the door behind her she did a full slow spin as she looked around. The ceiling wasn’t quite as magnificent as the one in the Great Hall but the stars were very pretty, so this was her second home for the next seven years. Alice let out a small sigh, as her anxiety melted away she realised how tired she really was. Exploring the school would have to wait till tomorrow. And with that thought she yawned, gave a small wave and smile to her fellow ravenclaws and made her way up the stairs to the girl’s dormitory.
Dal gave a wave to the friendly girl that waved at him (and the others, too, he supposed). He noticed thes stairs she went up, and figured the boy's dormitory had to be the opposite stairs. Good; he'd found his dormitory.

Originally Posted by Harron Peasley View Post
Her gaze focused on the Girl-with-the-Purple-Hair, Aimée realised that she was staring. Rubbing her eyes, she looked away quickly and spotted Dallin at the same time as he spotted her. She waved a little, and smiled as he altered his course towards her. Now she was glad - she'd complained to Harley at the feast that she was put-out that her friend wasn't in the same house as her, but not she realised that Dallin must be! Which was great, because now she knew that she knew at least one person.

Speaking of friends, she wondered what house Chandler was in - she hadn't seen him since the day in Diagon Alley. Shaking her head a little to clear her thoughts, Aimée looked back up at Dallin as he reached her, and spoke.

"Yes, I am!" she said with a giggle. "I saw you at ze Ravenclaw table at ze feast, but I wasn't sure if you were in Ravenclaw or not. Because other 'ouses were sitting wiz us. Like my friend 'Arley, she's a Slytherin." she rambled a little, thinking back to his many fangirls, or at least the ones she'd seen when she'd looked over briefly to wave, and smirked a little at the thought. Oooh, Dallin was loved alright. Not that she could blame them, no - he was awfully cute and...

Back to the conversation! Earth to Aimée?

"Did you know zat you would be in Ravenclaw?" she asked. She'd heard some people saying that the house they got wasn't a surprise, but it had been to her.
Turning back to Aimée, he nodded and smiled. "Yeah, I saw you too, so I kind of just figured you were in this house."Because he hadn't even thought about other houses sitting with them, although he knew some were. Probably because he hoped she'd be in his house anyway, so he didn't think of other possibilities.

Dallin caught her sudden smirk and arched one eyebrow, but didn't ask any questions. Instead, he answered hers. "I had no idea what house I would be in," he said with a small laugh. "I still don't know how I managed to get into the brainy house." It wasn't that he wasn't smart - because he could be if he actually cared - it was just that he didn't exactly excel in school, either.

"How about you? Were you destined to be a 'Claw?"
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