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Hello Allie. Happy New Year!
I am sorry to hear that you are having some issues in your life outside SS. I hope they get resolved quickly!
Thank you so much Allie. You're very sweet.
He was already out here and he knew how badly his reputation would be soiled if Dumbledore went back to Hogwarts telling everyone that he was too frightened to come and teach at the school.
It's good that he thought Dumbledore would say that, but I know he wouldn't say any such thing.
"Don't worry, one of these days we'll actually be able to go to bed not having to worry about what we'll wake up to in the morning," said Hermione, looking out the window with a curious expression on her face.
Does she see something, or was she just in deep thought.
this year Dumbledore wasn't going to leave us out of the loop like usual.
Good! It's about time he trusted someone else!
Great post Allie! I love your story. I'll be watching for your next post.
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