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Hello Allie. I'm sorry it's taking me so long to comment on your posts. I do read them as they come out. I am just dealing with some issues now, and have been for a while. But, to your ff. I love it, and am so glad that Harry is the same sweet thing he is in the H.P. books.
"Is it blood professor?" asked Harry, taking hold of my wrist so in case of an emergency he could throw me out of the way.
I'm sure though she can take care of herself. it's just sweet of him to want to protect her.
The nerve of him coming here and bringing along Harry and Abby. She must be the girl in the prophecy. Humph. She's got other concerns doesn't she than coming along to recruit me? Especially with her mother and father being death eaters.
grrrrrrrrrrrrr He's always so full of himself that he doesn't take the time to consider if something is true or not. If it doesn't concern him, then he just doesn't care.
Great posts Allie. I'll be watching for your next.
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