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Default Chapter One: Part Two
"It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you are not."

Aww thanks Jesse! I'm glad you enjoyed the first bit Here is some more of chapter one

Harry and I raised our eyebrows at one another, not quite sure what exactly we were going to recruit him for, but Dumbledore looked like he was ready to go. Harry took hold of Dumbledore's arm while I took hold of Harry's, and before we knew it we were sucked through the tube and popped out into a random street.

All the houses in the street were abandoned looking, the lights off in all of them, and one door had been cleanly broken off of its hinges on a house to my right. Dumbledore was looking out straight ahead of him at a tiny little cottage that looked like it hadn't been inhabited in years. The shutters were crooked and missing shingles, and the shrubs in the yard had grow so crazy that it was difficult to tell what kind of plant they actually were. I shifted my gaze upwards, instinctively pulling out my wand as I noticed the Dark Mark shining clear as day in the dark clouds above us.

"Do you think he was here?" asked Harry, his own wand out and at the ready.

"I'm not sure. Stay close," said Dumbledore as he started walking towards the house.

Harry and I followed, stopping briefly as Dumbledore examined the door to the cottage before opening it slowly. It let out an awful creaking sound while sending a huge cloud of dust down on top of us. Dumbledore ushered us inside, motioning for me to shut the door behind me, which I did.

The room looked like a tornado had swept through it. All the furniture had been knocked over, the one arm chair missing a leg, and the chandelier had crashed to the floor, leaving shards of glass and tiny crystal gems all over the place. Dumbledore was looking at the ceiling which to my surprise had a huge splash of blood across it. Instinctively I took a step closer to Harry who was also observing the blood on the ceiling with a concerned look.

To our surprise Dumbledore moved right under the spot of blood and flicked his wand, sending some of it down on to his finger. He gave it a sniff before putting his tongue to it which made my gag reflex kick in a little bit.

"Is it blood professor?" asked Harry, taking hold of my wrist so in case of an emergency he could throw me out of the way.

"No, no, not human blood. Dragon's blood," he said, giving us a little smirk before shifting his attention back to the token arm chair in the room that was actually in tact.

Harry and I observed as Dumbledore took a couple of steps towards the chair, stopping and staring for a moment, before taking his wand and forcefully poking the chair a lose spot where there was some fuzz coming out.

"YEEOUCH!" yelled the chair.

Harry's mouth fell open slightly and I struggled to stifle a laugh as a man's head appeared at the top of the chair, his right eye red and watering.

"Did you need to poke so hard there Albus?" the main asked as his body shifted back to it's normal form. He was on the plumper side with a head that looked a little too small for his body. He was about the same height as Dumbledore, and of the thin hair remaining on the top of his head all of it was a pepper white color. His cheeks were rosy and he was eyeing Dumbledore with a bit of loathing.

"I didn't poke that hard Horace. Now, why don't I help you put the room back together?"

"Ah well, yes...yes..." With a little mumbling to himself Horace took out his wand and waved it around the room, returning things to where they were, and pulling the blood off of the ceiling and into a little vial that he had extracted from his pocket.

"Now, what can I help you with Albus? These are dark times you know and I prefer to keep myself on the down low if you catch my drift." Horace's one eye squinted a bit as he observed Albus.

"Well, first off I'd like to introduce to two of my students from Hogwarts. This is Abby Carson, Harry's significant other, and this of course is Harry Potter."

Horace turned to look at us, his one eye remaining squinted, before turning back to look at Dumbledore.

"Now, now. I know what you're trying to do Albus and the answer is no!"

"I merely came to see if you might reconsider coming to teach at Hogwarts is all."

"Well, no, the answer is still no. I am more concerned with keeping myself safe!"

Dumbledore stared at him for a moment. "Well, alright then. If you don't mind I need to visit the restroom before we depart. Sorry to impose Horace," said Dumbledore before exiting the room.

"Yes...yes..." said Horace, watching Dumbledore as he walked out of the room, grabbing a magazine as he went.

Harry and I stood there, Harry still holding my hand and me staring at Horace curiously.

The nerve of him coming here and bringing along Harry and Abby. She must be the girl in the prophecy. Humph. She's got other concerns doesn't she than coming along to recruit me? Especially with her mother and father being death eaters.

My eyes narrowed as Horace finished his thought, his eyebrows going up slightly at my expression.

Surely she can't really hear what I am thinking...but perhaps she can. Well...wouldn't they be worth mentioning to people I come across. I've met Harry and Abby, yes, the couple trying to bring down Voldemort. And to think that I could teach them!

Harry was looking at Horace curiously as well, exchanging glances with me as Horace looked around.

" long have you been dating?" he asked, warming up his smile.

"A couple of months," said Harry, somewhat surprised by the question.

"You two make a very cute couple, very cute," said Horace, taking a couple of steps forward so he could have a better look at us.

"Thank you," said Harry, giving my hand a little squeeze.

I was eyeing Horace curiously, wondering why it was that Dumbledore was so keen on having him fill the open Defense Against the Dark Arts position.

"So, you're not going to come and teach at Hogwarts?" I asked him with a little smile.

"Ah...well...I'm busy with various things you know. You'll come to understand when you're a bit older."

"And what may I ask is more important than preparing our youth for the inevitable war with Voldemort?" asked Harry, picking up on my intentions.

Horace's mouth fell open slightly. "Well...uh..." Horace's eye squinted down again.

"Like I'll understand when you get older."
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