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Gryffindor Cai Black - Sa13+

Hi I’m Sonny and this is my 2nd FF on SS. I hope you like it. It’s about Sirius Black and Xiani Chen’s daughter, Cai, who is starting Hogwarts in the beginning of the ff. There are some twists and sneaky bits, but that’s all part of the fun! Also, the chapters are kind of long. I’m sorry about that! Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER!!! I don’t own anything except for the characters you haven’t heard about before. Also, I would like to thank draco'sgirlraquel! For the idea that created Professor Krule. (Cr-oo-l). She created half of him, basically.

Chapter One
Sorting Dinner

“Hello, I’m Professor Krule, your Transfiguration teacher. Welcome to Hogwarts. I hope you have a great time. There are for houses. Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. Each of the first years will be sorted into one of these houses. And now here are our first years who are waiting to be sorted.”
Our long line entered the room and stood against the wall as we waited to be sorted.
“Avery, Alan!” Professor Krule called.
To my surprise, the hat shouted, “Slytherin!” Oh my gosh, the hat could talk! And to think I would be sitting with it on my head in minutes!
“Black, Cai!”
Correction. Seconds!
I walked up to the stool. “Gryffindors are brave,” I remembered my mom telling me. I sat down (quite fearlessly) on the stool. Professor Krule put the hat on my head. That’s when I freaked.
“You are an eternal prankster, meaning you love to pull pranks. You’re just like your father, you know that right?”
“Great,” I thought. “Now this hat can talk.”
“I can hear you, you know!”
“And now it can read my mind. I am truly going insane.”
“No, this is absolutely normal for witch like you. Now, you’d do fine in Slytherin, because of your family tradition.”
“I don’t even wanna know,” I thought.
“But, your more like your parents than the rest of your family.”
“Now I really don’t wanna know!”
“I can sum this up in one word if you’d like,” it said.
“Yes please!”
“GRYFFINDOR!” The tattered old hat screamed.
I walked over to the Gryffindor Table. They clapped for me. I bowed and everyone laughed. Hey, when people clap, you bow.
The sorting went on. Some names caught my interest.
“Lupin, Andromeda!”
“I go by Dromeda!” The girl shouted politely at Professor Krule. Then she tripped on a loose tile as she was walking up to the stool.
Then there was this boy. This girl with black hair, who was in the line of unsorted people, looked at him and I could tell that she liked him.
“Evans, Liam!”
Then he gave some one, who was still in line a sad smile.
Later on in the list there were a few more names that sounded interesting.
“Pettigrew, Perenell!”
“Um… I go by Perry.” She timidly announced to Professor Krule. After a few minutes, the hat shouted its decision.
“Potter, Helena!”
That was the girl with black hair who had been eying Liam earlier.
“Like my father!” She yell-smiled.
I slid up the bench to make room for her. She happily plopped down.
“Snape, Miranda!”
That was Liam’s friend who he had looked at when he was made a Gryffindor. Helena made a face of disgust.
After about 30 seconds the hat yelled out the house that ‘Snape, Miranda’ was in.
After a couple more names, the sorting was over.
He must have known that the Snape girl was going to get Slytherin. It really is a tragedy when friends are split apart.
“That is the end of the sorting,” Professor Krule announced.

Humm... anything sound fermilliar? (can't spell)

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