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I know who my number one is, but after that, I can't really decide because I think just about the entire cast is awesome. But if I have to choose my top five, I guess this is how it would come out (but it's still subject to change).

1. Alan Rickman - This should come as no surprise coming from me. He was already cast and six movies had been made by the time I finally read the first book and became a fan, but as I liked Snape from the very first book, I had high expectations for his actor, and Alan Rickman exceeded every single one of them. I cannot possibly imagine anyone else as our dear Potions Master.
2. Imelda Stauton - I hate Umbridge with a passion, but I think some of it stems from Imelda's portrayal of her. She played her so well in both OotP and DH1 I almost can't believe it. I think she's the number one reason I love OotP so much, which seems strange, perhaps, because usually I'd just avoid watching any scene that a character I dislike is in. But I can't do that with Imelda's Umbridge. She's just that awesome.
3. Ralph Fiennes - He plays Voldemort brilliantly, right down to that cold, high voice Voldy's always described as having. I love that xD
4. Jason Isaacs - I've loved him as an actor even before I saw him play Lucius, as I love his voice as Admiral Zhao in Avatar The Last Airbender and I've never forgotten his performance as Colonel Tavington in The Patriot. So I was even further impressed with his portrayal of Lucius Malfoy and I think he nailed the character perfectly.
5. Helena Bonham Carter - Sometimes I think she's the only reason I like Bellatrix. xD There's nothing else to say except to quote Maxilocks:

She makes Bellatrix awesome.
'Nuff said.

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