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The Book Seekers (Book Club) If you love books like we love books, come on over and read with us.

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Old 05-13-2019, 10:51 AM
natekka natekka is offline
Default Book Club Introductions

Are you curious about your fellow book club members? You are? Well, then. Here’s your chance to learn a little bit about them and to let people know a little bit about yourself! You can use the prompts below or you can include some of your own book-related information.


Find me on Goodreads:

Preferred Reading Format: *e.g. physical, eBook, audio book
What was the first book you remember reading?

Tell us about your favourites!

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Expecto-Penguin's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2010
Location: Winchesters Impala
Posts: 11,782

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Zarina Rae Carraro
Sixth Year
x6 x2

Ministry RPG Name:
Jasmine Lenkim
Accidents & Catastrophes

Ministry RPG Name:
Kace Troy Lecium
Magical Creatures
Stephanoodle || Adorable Nerd

Name: Stephanie aka Steph
Age: 26
Location: New York, USA

Find me on Goodreads: Le link

Preferred Reading Format: I love the hard copies of books and sometimes I use wattpad to find some fan fictions too!

What was the first book you remember reading? Oh man I remember reading the Junie B Jones books with my mom since I had trouble reading. Then i tried the Lizzie McGuire series.

Tell us about your favourites!
Books: The Arcana Chronicles, The Violet Eden Chapters, After Series, Chasing Red, Spitfire Love, Black City Series and Breathless Triology.
Authors: Kresley Cole, Anna Todd, Katie McGarry, Isabelle Ronin, Amanda Hocking, Elizabeth Richards, Jessica Shrivington, Maya Banks and Ali Novak to name a few.
Genres: Romance, Fantasy, Fiction, YA and Fan Fiction.
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Talikins's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2011
Location: South Africa GMT+2
Posts: 5,830

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Verona Baxter
Sixth Year
x5 x5

Ministry RPG Name:
Erin Dixon
Magical Law Enforcement
Talikins|Huffledor|Purple|Ted Velvet| |Lochnessie|Redhead|Bladger|⅓ Ferocious Trio

Name: Tali
Age: 21
Location: South africa

Find me on Goodreads: I dont have an account as of yet.

Preferred Reading Format: *e.g. physical, eBook, audio book
What was the first book you remember reading?

Tell us about your favourites!

Books: A Song of Ice & Fire, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, A Midsummer Nights Dream, Mansfield Park, 1984, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close...I could go on.
Authors:I don't necessarily follow particular authors but I like the writing techniques Jonathan Safran Foer, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie & JR Tolkien
Genres:I prefer fantasy, but considering I was an English Lit major I have become a lot more open to exploring all sorts of genres.
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Old 06-17-2019, 10:52 PM   #28 (permalink)

Angie's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: Themyscira
Posts: 37,665

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Nerissa M. Tate
Sixth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Brighton H. Brown

Name: Angie.
Age: 29.
Location: Panama City.

Find me on Goodreads: Hello.

Preferred Reading Format: I am an equal appreciator of physical copies and e-readers.

Tell us about your favourites!

Books: Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel simply because I've read that book enough times to know it by heart. But the reality is that I don't have any, I guess. "My favourite books" change as often as my mood does.

Authors: Laura Esquivel, Isabel Allende, Juliet Marillier, Holly Black, N. K. Jemisin, Maggie Stiefvater, Jane Austen, Rick Riordan, Scott Snyder, Greg Rucka, and Courtney Milan.

Genres: "Comics, Contemporary, Crime, Fantasy, Fiction, Historical fiction, History, Mystery, Non-fiction, Philosophy, Romance, Science and Young-adult."
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Old 08-28-2019, 10:56 PM   #29 (permalink)

Daemon's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: ProcrastinationLand
Posts: 9,407

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Ronan Wallace
Fourth Year
x4 x2

Ministry RPG Name:
Benzi Rider
Law Enforcement

Ministry RPG Name:
Bambi Ackerly
Accidents & Catastrophes
PHILOMATH ❅ not one atom, but two ♪ ♪ made of starstuff ❅ def main():

*late to the party*

Name: Dani
Age: 26

Find me on Goodreads: uhhh here, I'd love to read more and be active on it more.

Preferred Reading Format: I used to be a physical only type of gal, but I recently got a kindle and it's changed my life! I can't do audio books though, not yet. Maybe one day.
What was the first book you remember reading? Maybe Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree? Or, uh, (story time) there is a book called Heart by Edmondo De Amicis that was turned (loosely) into an anime that was translated into Hebrew that inspired a translated book called The Heart, identical to the original Italian. I remember the book being so huge and so heavy to hold up and full of gorgeous art pieces from the anime. I loved it so much. That might have been the first book I've read and if it wasn't, it's definitely one of the first to leave an impression on me.

Tell us about your favourites!

Books: Northern Lights by Philip Pullman (the first in the His Dark Materials trilogy) is probably my favourite book still. Ender's Game is my favourite science fiction book. I also really love Angels & Demons, 1984, LotR, The Malory Towers series (shaped my childhood tbh, along with the Chronicles of Narnia), Origin (another Dan Brown and a recent addition but I feel like this book was written for me) and probably loads more I can't play this game.
Authors: fam. don't do this to me. Douglas Adams. His words and his humour always make me feel better.
Genres: As a rule, if it makes me think then I like it. Science fiction and fantasy are often my go to genres, but I'll read anything if I think it sounds interesting.
I got all I need in a world of doubt___________________
we got our champagne dreams in an endless drought

____we are the kings and queens seeking our aces out
we got all we need, no new friends now
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WWW & Quibbler Mod

Felixir's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2008
Location: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Posts: 46,748

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Seventh Year
x12 x12

Ministry RPG Name:
Jake Upstead
Law Enforcement

Ministry RPG Name:
Jasper Beaufort
Thomas Marvolo Riddle | | Lord Voldemort is a ham

Name: Felix
Age: 27 at the last count
Location: UK

Find me on Goodreads: Right here. I'm on Goodreads pretty much constantly at the moment.

Preferred Reading Format: Ebooks, predominantly. So convenient to buy and carry around and store, you don't have to touch any paper, and you can mess around with the settings and find a font/size which works best for you, rather than be stuck with what's printed. Getting an ereader with a backlight was an absolute gamechanger. I do own and read a lot of (mostly paperback) physical books too though and I still like them. Tbh, if I can read from it, I like it just fine. Audiobooks are no good for me, because my auditory processing/memory is so bad and my attention span is shocking, so none of it sticks. But I think as long as someone has a medium they like and that works well for them, then that's ace.
What was the first book you remember reading? I don't remember stuff like that in chronological order so I have literally no idea. Just your regular kids' books I suppose, maybe something from The Magic Key.

Tell us about your favourites!

Books: Impossible to pick really, and also I've never been good at deciding on favourites because it changes so much. The books I rate high on Goodreads probably count but u will have to add me to see those.
Authors: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Genres: Contemporary is what I'm mostly drawn to
weasleys' wizard wheezes_____ficlets_____drabbles_____characters_____books_____challenge

haven't you any S H A M E ?______________________________have you got no M O R A L S ?
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Old 11-21-2019, 08:27 AM   #31 (permalink)
Formerly: Rupert-Grint-Fan

Ringo's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2011
Location: The Burrow
Posts: 8,275

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Rowan Lewis
Second Year
Dave Grohl-Josh Hutcherson-RupertGrint-HP-HG- Marvel-D.C-Taylor Hawkins-Drumming-Foo Fighters-

this is EXCITING.
Name: Sydney
Age: 21
Location: Washington state!

Find me on Goodreads: I will update this as soon as I sign up

Preferred Reading Format: Physical! But any form works for me!
What was the first book you remember reading? Hmmm.... probably Are You my Mother!

Tell us about your favourites!

Books: .... the Harry Potter series... shocker, right? Aside from HP though, I do love the Hobbit AAAAND a random fave I've forever loved is Native Son by Richard Wright.
Authors: J.K Rowling, Carolyn Keene, J.R.R Tolkien, C.S Lewis
Genres: Fantasy and Sci-Fi!
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Old 12-24-2019, 02:48 AM   #32 (permalink)

Bazinga's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2011
Location: Ohio
Posts: 26,356

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Chloe McCarthy
Sixth Year
x11 x9

Ministry RPG Name:
Victoria Culloden
Games & Sports

Ministry RPG Name:
Topanga Fuller

Diagon Alley Employee:
Leon Brown
Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour
Puff by day, snake by night | Mj's bestie | Always UP to Something...

Name: Alisha/Ali
Age: 38
Location: United States

Find me on Goodreads: You can find me here

Preferred Reading Format: Real books, it can be hard or paper, though I read from my kindle and phone I'd much rather have a book in my hand.

What was the first book you remember reading? Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NiMH, but I only kind of remember reading that as a kid, the one that stuck with me and probably the first one I truly liked was the Outsiders.

Tell us about your favourites!

Books: Women's Murder Club, Harry Potter, Dragon Blood,

Authors: James Patterson, Lindsay Buroker are the only two that really come to mind, I don't typically go by authors as much as I do books that interest me.

Genres: Any really that catches my attention, but I tend to read more Fantasy, YA, and happy ending type books.
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Old 01-03-2020, 06:43 PM   #33 (permalink)
Dark Force Defense League

BanaBatGirl's Avatar
Join Date: May 2007
Location: Beyond the Wall
Posts: 47,786

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Bernadette O. Grantham
Second Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Duncan M. Fletcher III
Minister's Office
Professor Pink | Mrs. Bruce Wayne | I'm on a Goat | Glitterpuff | Evil Twin | #DancingQueen | BHB

Name: Rachel or Ro or Roro
Age: Ancient
Location: USA

Find me on Goodreads: I joined! Clicky.

Preferred Reading Format: Gosh, I love hardcovers. I feel like they're a worthy splurge. But I also know I get distracted easily, so I love snagging a title through my phone via the free library app. So yeah, mostly I do e-reading... on my phone. *too poor for a tablet reader thingy =[

What was the first book you remember reading? The Reasons for the Seasons. I remember I picked this out of my teacher's book bins in the first grade, took it home, and read it all by myself. I was VERY proud of myself, y'know, big scientist and all that.

Favorite Books: As a true book lover, I think of them as my children, and do not play favorites. MAYBE Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Favorite Authors: They're all my friends. I ALSO do not play favorites with them! But I only belong to ONE HP fansite, so there's that.

Favorite Genres: Thrillers, mysteries, "literary" fiction, classics, YA fiction, humorous memoirs. Because I am now an Old Person™ it takes me a while to suspend my disbelief and commit to fantasy books. Like George R.R. Martin, I still haven't finished A Song of Ice and Fire.
I'm sorry if I hurt you, I'm sorry if it got that bad | I'm sorry I can't help you, somebody should've had your back

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Waterloo's Avatar
Join Date: May 2007
Location: London
Posts: 63,349

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Cora Dredworth
Fifth Year
connoisseur of comfort ❅ Crayola's Wibby Mrs Alex Turner ❅ Netflix and meow

Name: Gemma
Age: 30
Location: London, UK

Find me on Goodreads: Right here.

Preferred Reading Format: I prefer books but I just don't have the storage for them so I mostly read eBooks. Audiobooks are a big no-no, I've tried and failed numerous times but just don't have the concentration for them.
What was the first book you remember reading? Ummmm. idk idk. Probably something by Enid Blyton.

Favourite Books: I can't pick, it's constantly changing depending on my mood.
Favourite Authors: Nope, I refuse. I just can't pick.
Favourite Genres: I mostly tend to gravitate towards psychological thrillers and mysteries but honestly I'll give anything a go.

sticks like glue
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Fanfiction Mod

Antipodean Opaleye
Stormdancer's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2003
Location: Scotland, [GMT]
Posts: 9,634

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Carwyn Eris

Student Character:
Holly Tamesis
Fifth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Sloane Eris
Magical Creatures

Ministry RPG Name:
Giulia Barsi
Accidents & Catastrophes
Toto * RotiSila * ToRo * Braveheart * Grandma & Mama Tori

Name: Tori, T, or any other nickname you've gifted me
Age: 29 so super close to 30
Location: Scotland!

Find me on Goodreads: Tori Reads Here

Preferred Reading Format: Well, I love curling up in bed with a book, but if its cold and I want ot be under the covers, my kindle is great. I listen to audiobooks in the car on my way to work and back or on long journeys as the radio is horrible at peak traffic time. So... any, but dependant on what I'm doing and how I'm reading? I guess.

What was the first book you remember reading? Mmm. I've always been a big reader. I have full sets of mickey & minnie adventures, disney princess books, ladybird read me books and the osborne farm books (where you had to find the yellow duck on each page), Mog cat books and the very hungry caterpillar... I also have books and books of nusery rhymes and princess stories. Because I'm an adult, they are in my bookcase and not in boxes.

Books: Um... This is hard. I'll list a few cause no way can I pick a favourite... The Chronicles of Ixia. House of Night. Harry Potter but not JKR sorry. His Dark Materials. PS I love you. Noughts and Crosses. Avry of Kazan.

Authors: Maria V Snyder. Malorie Blackman. Celia Rees. PC & Kristin Cast.

Genres: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Adventure
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sarahlooo's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2010
Location: Rohan
Posts: 12,381

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Pierson Fuller-Thompson

Student Character:
Louise Bones
Third Year
x3 x1

Ministry RPG Name:
January Bones
Minister's Office

Ministry RPG Name:
Evangeline Shacklebolt-Toussaint
Law Enforcement
Sardines ♥ BHB ♥ Dallie ♥ Grumpy ♥ MY SUN AND STARS ♥ i love julia

Name: Sarah
Age: old enough to not be on my parents health insurance
Location: Utah but my heart is in washington

Find me on Goodreads: hello add me please

Preferred Reading Format: Physical. I can NOT for the life of me read an ebook.
What was the first book you remember reading? I'm pretty sure I read all 7,000 babysitter's club books and then immediately went onto murder mysteries by Mary Higgins Clark.

Tell us about your favorites!

Books: ....
Authors: ....
Genres: ....

Okay, listen. I used to read a TON and I've been VERY bad about reading over the last several years. That's why I'm here, so that at some point I can answer this question without the answer being just "uhhh.. harry potter?"

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thekraken's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2010
Location: over there.
Posts: 400

Hogwarts RPG Name:
ember santos.
First Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Zoe Avery
Accidents & Catastrophes
✿ i ain't sorry.mp3 | i don't know her.gif ✿

Name: karen
Age: 30
Location: s. florida

Find me on Goodreads: yo.

Preferred Reading Format: I tend to prefer ebooks for convenience but physical books are great too. I can only listen to audiobooks if I'm reading along with a digital copy.

What was the first book you remember reading?
smth about "see spot run", I think

Tell us about your favourites!

Books: like water for chocolate, one piece, land of the lustrous, jjba, vicious, monstress, a clash of kings, children of blood and bones, lullabies, teaching my mother how to give birth, sula, a midsummer night's dream, sailor moon, revolutionary girl utena, weetzie bat, & the promised neverland.

Authors: idk, tbh!!! probably just tomi adeyemi, lang leav, francesca lia block, & warsan shire, the rest disappoint me on a regular basis.

Genres: comics/manga - prose poetry/poetry - fantasy - ya - sci-fi - contemporary - anything interesting, really
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Optimist.Prime's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2002
Location: Amongst the Stars
Posts: 21,346

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Islay Moreau
Fifth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Amelia Yarborough
Games & Sports

Ministry RPG Name:
Logan McNevin
Law Enforcement
Holistic Actress

Name: jesse
Age: 31
Location: vermont

Find me on Goodreads: jesse exists here.

Preferred Reading Format: I tend to read ebooks and audiobooks (especially on trips), but i love physical books as well.

What was the first book you remember reading?
there were so many books that I don't remember but I think it was the hole book - or maybe it was some scratch and sniff book that I don't remember other than the fact it had this amazing home-made jam that they made you scratch?

Tell us about your favourites!

Books: almost too many to count

Authors: as karen said i don't know...there are just so many!

Genres: Fantasy, Humour, books that take elements from fairytales and lore and use them in a unique way

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Dark Force Defense League

nicole black's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2004
Location: betwixt
Posts: 7,065

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Yolanda Uma Luna
Second Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Q. Alvey
Environmental Protection

Ministry RPG Name:
Aslan Rose Evans
this member will self-destruct in 3... 2... 1... 💥💥 nickleback 💥💥

name : nicole
age : 28.
location : maryland.

find me on goodreads : I don't update much.

Preferred Reading Format : I like physical books but I'm dipping more into e-books bc I've no business having this many books and no nice place for them to rest. I like Audio Books a lot, but only when I've already read that book.

what was the first book you remember reading : idk, it's been a minute. My earlier memory of reading and enjoying it was Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Favorite Books : Love the XXXholic series, HP GoF, Howl's Moving Castle, Hounds of the Baskerville, Treasure Island, Invisible Monsters, The Bell Jar, The Long Halloween,
The Sandman Series, Emma, American Psycho. (everyone else gave like three answers, why am I like this?)

Favorite Authors : Neil Gaiman, Ray Bradbury, Jane Austen / Sylvia Plath are the ones on the top of my head.

Genres : fantasy / science fiction / contemporary / prose & poetry / ya


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Old 02-02-2020, 07:38 PM   #40 (permalink)

Kimothy's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2011
Location: Lurkin' (GMT+8)
Posts: 8,560

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Drewett Percy Gunter
Seventh Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Katrina Marie Belrose
Environmental Protection

Ministry RPG Name:
Andrea "Anya" Gonzales
Slytherin's Baby!Keeper • Opossum • All Growed Up • Kimoji •❅ice ice baby

Name: Kimothy
Age: 20
Location: Philippines

Find me on Goodreads: I don’t have one D:

Preferred Reading Format: Physical books forever But one day, I will get used to eBooks. One day. Someday....
What was the first book you remember reading? Geronimo Stilton!

Books: Don’t ask hard questions
Authors: I can’t ever choose but I have ONE author who will forever be a favourite, and that is my dude Rick Riordan
Genres: Definitely fiction! Young adult, adventure, fantasy, mythology (especially Greek and Roman)

doesn't take insults well
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