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Old 10-12-2019, 09:28 PM
hermygirl hermygirl is online now
Default Potions Lesson 1 - who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?

It's a clear, bright January day, and the low winter sun is warm through the numerous glass windows in the main potions classroom at Beauxbatons. You're greeted by the now-familiar clean white walls and rows of granite-topped work-benches, each sitting ten or so students on high stools, with laboratory sinks at either end.

Behind the large demonstration desk at the front is Professor Noble, wearing navy robes and his usual resting boss face. The trays on the work surface in front of him are unusually sparse for an experiment, appearing to hold only spare paper, ink and quills alongside three clear bottles of liquid.

Had the syllabus been changed, perhaps? Was there a post-holiday examination today after all?
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Eiji was equally as amused by the response his professor gave as the professor had been of the Slytherin's questioning. "I suppose we could talk in circles on the subject, professor," he mused while continuing to peer at his paper while the solution rose close and close until the composition of the ink began to separate. "Why you would or wouldn't. Bit of logical manipulation, if you will."

It was an easy crime to make "perfect," so to speak.

Waiting in eager anticipation as the papers became more and more saturated until........what? Professor S'more, really? Eiji wasn't buying it, mostly because he had already dismissed the Muggle Studies professor and he did not want to be wrong. So, obviously, this was all Professor Noble's set up and he had been the one to take the cookies and had simply borrowed the inkwells and written the note himself from one of them.

There. That was satisfactory.

And Professor Noble all but confirmed this in his response to something Kaiser had asked. He hadn't entirely been paying attention to what others had been saying due to his own hyper focus on the task at hand.

Instead he moved over to Phoebe for just a moment. "You can have my cookie." He was not keen on going out of his way to check up on the Muggle Studies professor, especially not for a cookie. Taking his time to label his chromatographs as instructed and cleaning up his materials, Eiji packed up his things and double checked his work space to make sure it was cleaner than it had been when he had come in. Once done, he offered a polite thank you and good bye to the TRUE criminal mastermind that was Professor Noble and then made his way out the door.

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Okay, but maybe to the house elves, the THEFT of their COOKIES WAS a real emergency, so was she really out of line for shouting?

The first year slunk in her seat again, arms crossed, with a stubborn, sullen expression on her face. She lost points AGAIN. She still felt that shouting was necessary, but she wasn't even sure she CARED about points anymore. Professors should APPRECIATE her enthusiasm and her Sir--- See--- what had Phoebe called her? SEER? A seer? see-er? Yes, they should be appreciating her forecasting abilities.

Wait, huh?

"The cookies are real, but the theft is not?" the first year had to repeat this to herself because she wasn't sure she understood hyper-their-resticles yet. The professor sure knew a LOT of stuff unlike Schmoe but he moved through stuff kind of quickly. All of a sudden they were being told to go INVESTIGATE Schmoe's office, but also that they could clean up. Well, waaaaaatever. QUIETLY and SENSIBLY were not words in Bernadette's vocabulary, so she labeled her chromatographs with a scribble, dumped out her beakers, and hurriedly grabbed her things.

It was INVESTIGATION time, and she knew where Schmoe's office was.
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Oh. Oops. Carsyn's cheeks flushed at Noble summoning her paper and for her to try again. How had she missed that minor detail in instruction? It wasn't a waste in graphite though since her shading was rather perfection... except too much, so yes, it was a waste. And you know what else was a waste, the fact that Noble's name wasn't one of the pencils. How did they know it wasn't Noble setting them up for the lesson? Why was he trying to blame his coworkers?? That wasn't very Hufflepuff-like, was it??

With a sigh, the fourth year took another piece of the filter paper, this time neatly with a dots and a line .... she could do this. Now that she vaguely had an idea. Also because she didn't feel like writing the whole surnames out, just the first two letters of each would suffice. Aka, BE BU SA SC TR. Also. Carsyn just KNEW it wasn't Sandhu; her head of house was in NO way a cookie thief, thank you very much. But for experiment purposes, her name was on the list. She was betting on Trent. Or Schmoe, as the one first year lion had predicted.

Off to collect her solvents, she retrieved alcohol and the wizarding solution, carefully labeling two beakers as such. One centimeter of each liquid dispensed into her beakers and then two paperclips and two splints. Clipping the paperclip to one of the papers and Carsyn suspended it over the solution Until it was just barely submersed but not enough to reach the line. One paper in each solution.

Oooh.... fancy.... literally, Carsyn watched the solvent creeping upward... and the colors changing and it was actually kinda of a unique form of art, in a weird way??? Could this be considered art? Could they have drawn a picture and have it smeared into some abstract painting and then left out to dry? But that was all irrelevant because was WAS relevant was the fact that the supposed thief was revealed. AHA. She knew it wasn't Sandhu. Wait. No cookies stolen and yet they might find a tasty treat in Schmoe's office? That was rather hypocritical, wasn't it??? Carsyn just sat there dumbfounded for the briefest of moments, before labeling her papers with her name, year, house, and whether it was alcohol or wizarding solution. Perfection.

Off to Schmoe's office, now, she supposed.... Even if she wasn't quite convinced if it was real or not cause it was rather confusing? There were cookies but were they not stolen? Was that what Noble was trying to say?? Maybe???
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Alexandre removed the papers from the solutions and wrote his name at the top. Under his name he also wrote which solution it had been in. He carefully brought them over to the bench under the window so they could dry. The beakers he took to the sinks and poured the solutions out before bringing them to the washing up tray. He went back over to his station and made sure there were no spills or messes there. Once everything was cleaned he grabbed his bag. He was definitely going to go to Schmoe's office and see this mystery to the end. He just wished he had a magnifying glass or some other detective prop. He paused near Professor Noble on his way out the door. "Thanks for the lesson professor!"

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Tina wasn't surprised to learn that the cookies involved in the "mystery" hadn't actually been stolen. She didn't think any of the professors, not even the ones she despised most, would be dumb enough to steal cookies from.the house elves! If someone was going to steal something, why waste time with something as insignificant as cookies… especially when they could get cookies just as easily by asking a house elf for some?*

She was much more interested in the way chromatographs were used as proof in an investigation. Oh, so a chromatograph on it's own wasn't sufficient proof? That made sense. Like Noble and that other guy (Kaiser) said, lots of people could use the same kind of ink. Tina listened carefully to Noble's explanation, as well as the instructions on what to do with their finished chromatographs. Well, that answered all the questions she had and then some!

Tina removed her chromatographs from their solutions, setting them on the desk in front of their respective beakers so they wouldn't get mixed up. When she finished labeling and writing her name on them, she gently laid both sheets of paper side by side on the bench beneath the window. She returned to her seat to collect her beakers and took them to the sink to pour out their liquid. After depositing the beakers on the washing up tray, she went back to her seat to pack up her supplies and give her area a quick tidying. There wasn't much to clean, as she'd been extra careful not to spill or drip anything, but just in case, she took out her wand and performed a quick scourgify on.the table. With that finished, she slung her bag over her shoulder and pushed in her chair.

Now she was off to Professor Schmoe's office, she supposed. For the record, it was only to see if her suspicions were correct. She didn't care about the cookies - unless they happened to be macarons - but being right was always something she could get behind! "Goodbye, Professor," she said on her way out the door. "Thank you for the lesson."
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