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Term 53: September - December 2019 Term Fifty-Three: When In France (Sept 2099 - June 2100)

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Default Herbology Noticeboard & Announcements

On the wall of the borrowed greenhouse that serves as the Hogwarts herbology classroom this term, you can't miss the large noticeboard that has been affixed there. This where you will find all the information you need to keep organized on your herbology learning journey, including class schedules, the curriculum, and any announcements.

It is your responsibility to keep informed! Not knowing when your lessons are held is no excuse for tardiness or for being ill-prepared.

SPOILER!!: Required Equipment

ooc: Note that this is just for IC reference, particularly important is the learning journal which Professor Beryl requires all students to have. If you have questions you can send me a PM.
Students Need to Bring:

The professor will provide:
  • hand outs & worksheets to be stuck into learning journals when completed
  • extra reference books beyond the current textbooks
  • seeds and seedlings
  • gardening tools
  • aprons
  • fertilizer, soil, et cetera
  • Various building materials and tools

SPOILER!!: Herbology Rules

Herbology Rules
1. Be on time and bring all necessary equipment
-if you are late to class you will be penalized
-you will always bring your wand to class
-you will always bring your textbooks to class
-It is your responsibility to check if any other equipment is required before a lesson.

2. Treat others how you want to be treated
- respect your fellow students and your professors.
- respect the opinions of others, even if you disagree.
- be friendly and helpful towards others
- no fighting or teasing
- respect the property, rights and personal space of others

3. Do not interfere with the teaching and learning of others
- don't disrupt the lesson
- keep your personal problems outside of the classroom
- do not distract others from their work
- no eating, drinking or chewing allowed in class

4. Remain in your assigned seat unless you have permission to get up
- You may not switch seats once class has begun unless you have permission
- If you are directed to get up out of your seat by the professor, you must comply.

5. Do not speak out of turn
- Raise your hand before answering a question
- Take turns speaking when working with a group
- Never interrupt your classmates or your professor

6. Correct and tidy uniform must be worn at all times
-sensible footwear must be worn
-you must not wear the uniform belonging to another house
- personal hygiene is a must

7. Cheating will not be tolerated
- Work that has been copied or completed by someone else will result in a point loss equal to the value of the assignment.
-Further evidence of cheating will result in more serious punishments.

8. You may not use any magic without permission
-When you should be taking notes, you should not be waving your wand around.
-accidental magic will fall under this rule: you should be careful with your wand at all times.

9. Appropriate safety measures must be taken when working with plants
- you must not interfere with any plants without the go ahead from the Professor
- wear protective equipment (gloves, masks, etc) as needed
- inform the professor of any allergies you have
- pay attention to any instructions given and follow them closely.


IC Rulebreaking Consequences for your Characters

There are consequences to breaking the rules in Professor Beryl's lessons. These consequences apply to an individual. If Johnny breaks the rules once, and Sarah breaks the same rule, both Johnny and Sarah will be punished with the first step, but if Johnny breaks another rule, he will move on to the second step. Please note however, the consequence schedule may be skipped at the professor's discretion. Points will NOT always be taken every time, but you should expect to lose some if your character misbehaves.

First time a rule is broken: a small point loss, a reminder of the rules

Second time a rule is broken: a more significant point loss, a reminder of the rules, student must remain after class and will be required to personally inform their head of house of their misbehaviour.

Third time a rule is broken: a substantial point loss, a reminder of the rules, student must leave the class and wait in the corridor until the lesson is finished, may not participate further or earn any points from the activity, and may be required to participate in detention or other punishment plan implemented by Professor Beryl


Out of Character Rules:
These rules, like all the rules here on SnitchSeeker, are aimed at making the experience here better and safer for everyone who wishes to play.

1. Site Rules apply at all times.

2. Know the Difference between IC and OOC (In Character and Out of Character) Out of Character I am Tegz, In character my character is Carmine Beryl. Please don't confuse her actions with mine, or take IC actions as personal towards you as an RPer. If I need to follow something up with you out of character, it will happen via PM.

3. Out of Character offences will be punished out of character with warnings or infractions as required.

4. IC offences will be punished IC, with point loss, detention or other punishments for your character. Sometimes this can be a LOT of fun! Don't stress if your character gets in trouble, simply let them learn from it (or not) and grow as a person (or not). If you WANT your character to get detention however, please talk to me about it first as it wouldn't be fair to your housemates to make them lose a whole lot of points just so you can have a laugh. We might be able to work something out.

5. Plagiarism is serious. Do not take credit for work that is not yours. While generally offences of plagiarism and cheating will be addressed IC, it may be followed up OOC at the discretion of the moderators. This includes editing your post to include answers that have been given by those who have posted before you. You will not get house points for doing this.

6. House points will be given based on participation and on following instructions within the lesson.

7. Important information and lesson-specific rules and guidelines will always be linked or added to the first post of a lesson thread. You will be able to see where the class is up to and what is expected of you by taking a look at the first post and reading the information given. Where strikethroughs are given, the information no longer applies or newer information is more relevant. Please do not answer questions once we have already moved on! You will not get points for doing this as the answers will have been covered already!

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Herbology Lesson 1

8am, Wednesday September 3rd
All Hogwarts Herbology students of all year levels are expected to report to the greenhouse set aside for Hogwarts lessons. Please bring all required equipment and be sure you are not late.

ooc: the lesson is bright and early (8am!), Wednesday September 3rd, the morning after their first night here. OOC the lesson thread is open now and you have about 13-16 hours from the timestamp of the lesson to post an arrival.
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