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Term 52: May - August 2019 Term Fifty-Two: It Comes (Sept 2098 - June 2099)

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Old 12-04-2018, 12:06 PM
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Default Third-Floor Corridor

A central floor to the school, the third-floor corridor is a relatively easy to navigate and contains your basic necessities. On this level of the school, the Charms classroom and the Hospital Wing can be found. Additionally, you will find the pristine Armour Gallery, the Trophy Room, and a passageway to the more popular places on the grounds. But that doesn't mean there aren't a few peculiarities to be found in this part of the castle.

Beyond coming across portraits of Basil Fronsac, Damara Dodderidge, and Merwyn the Malicious, you will find that there are many rooms to explore. The Ghoul Studies classroom resides on this floor, as well as a room where spare furniture is stored (perfect for making indoor forts!) and another containing maps of Great Britain and Ireland. Though perhaps the room you find most curious is a storeroom containing a large golden harp that plays on its own accord and a trapdoor -- it can't be said for certain where that leads, for it looks like a rather long drop. Probably not the best idea to find out.
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He didn't know what conversation was going on between O'Hara and Cornish, but he agreed with Cornish... whatever they were talking about. Piers respected Trent and his decisions and thought he was doing the best he could given the circumstances.

At his question, Piers looked back at the mist that lurked down the tunnel, debating their options. Wait... were those... hands? And - crap - it was moving faster now. Piers brandished his wand quickly and raised it towards the approaching mist. "I don't think a wind charm is going to cut it," he replied, raising his other hand.

Murmuring an incantation under his breath, Piers began performing a charm that would seal off the tunnel where they were at. Then he added a couple protective layers to ensure that whatever was in that mist couldn't get through - or at least... not quickly.

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Ayana had glanced back once, twice, three times at the mist as the last of the students made their way into the tunnel. It seemed as innocuous as ever, and it chilled her to the bone to think of the missing children enveloped in it. She had been unable to lead the charge, needing to stay behind and verify that no one would wander off somehow. After all the students had stepped into the tunnel, then she had followed.

The entire exchange between her colleagues went right over Ayana's head for she had glanced back a fourth time, one last time, and her eyes widened just as little Chloe McCarthy's shrill voice bounced off the mist and echoed in the tunnel. "There is no need to cause further panic, Chloe. Please refrain from shouting," Ayana said sternly to the girl, sharing her surprise at the hands but not her panic, before she caught the Grant's words. Wind? She did always say there was no such thing as a bad suggestion. Any suggestion was welcome. Anything that would prevent those nightmarish hands from successfully grabbing human limbs. But, if it hadn't worked up until now, she shared the Charms professor's sentiment that it might not cut it now either.

Ayana glanced at Piers, and watched his handiwork. She didn't have enough time to cast a proper protection ward; that would have been the most satisfying solution she could provide since the calculations would take her far too long for their current predicament. Instead, Ayana layered her own charms along the tunnel walls, trying to hinder any attempted acts of mist diffusion. Who knows, right? Best be prepared. "We've already established it can't be killed with fire right?" she asked, halfheartedly attempting a (terrible) joke.

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Default Nina & Nettie ( and Missa, OF COURSE) few others by extension as well :3
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Of all the hands he wanted to be holding right now...Nina and Trinetta's were not exactly them. No offense. Or perhaps entirely offense. He really did not care much at the moment who he offended as long as they got away from this mist

...and maybe for people to cease ignoring his entire existence whenever he was standing next to Nina. Did he need boobs? Twirl his hair incessantly? Bat his eyelashes? Whatever. No thank you on all accounts.

Holding on to Nina's hand a bit firmer - ignoring you now, Indigo - Eiji pressed on until there was suddenly a Trinetta on his other hand and she was speaking with urgency. "Wh---" But he didn't need her to explain to know. He didn't even need all the other cries and exclamations of his peers. He felt why. Only this time he had no desire to gasp for air nor his throat inexplicably burning. Puzzled, his mind grew curious as to why that was and his hazel green eyes ventured curious glances about as everyone moved with more haste.

...until his eyes fell on Missa and Drewidiot. Eyes glazed over slightly and in their own sort of otherworldly haze, the fourth year's feet scuffled and stumbled to a stop - the mist still far off from him and the girls on either one of his hands. He didn't even hear Chloe's screaming, there was no sound playing at all, and everything was playing out in horrible slow motion.

Drewidiot was letting go of Missa's hand and he wasn't even looking back. Missa was standing, screaming but no sound was coming from her lips...and then she was disappearing. Her figure fading from existence entirely, as though she were being erased.

"M I S S A!"


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Zander Adair
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In any other circumstance, Nina would have found Eiji's irritation over being ignored rather amusing. In this situation, however, there were far more important matters at hand. Namely, getting to Hogsmeade in one piece. That and the fact that she really appreciated Eiji's presence by her side. His tight hold was slightly too tight, but before she could say anything about it something bad happened.

Something really bad.

Trinetta's firm voice sent a panic over the Slytherin and her heart was suddenly racing about a kilometer per hour. She didn't need to turn around to know what was waiting behind them. If it hadn't been for Trinetta's deafening whisper, their Professors' commands told her just that. Nina Castillo trusted Headmaster Trent. He was incredibly good looking, but he also had a level-head. And she really tried to listen when he told them to remain calm and focused. But she couldn't.

Her mind was buzzing. Fear had jolted down her entire body. And she felt stuck. It happened every time she got scared. Always the same way, thoughts overwhelmed and instead of slipping into flight mode she just went still. Of course this time it was slightly different, it was only the fear of getting left behind in the mist to repeat the last time. That was what was scaring her. The thought.

Still she felt limp, but fortunately the crowd was pushing her forward from behind. Even if her body had gone entirely cold in fear, she found herself being pushed forward. It was Eiji's voice that brought her back to reality. "Missa is here, Eiji." She gave him a weird look. Pulling him forward with her as she marched forward. She was still just as scared as before, but slightly less limp. They HAD to get out.

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There was too much happening.

But Missa was alert enough to keep moving - despite Chloe screaming, despite the obvious panic. Maybe if she was alone, she'd allow herself to feel fear but she had to move and get Trinity out of here.

All that resolve went out the window however when she heard a familiar voice shout in the most unfamiliar way. And SHOUT her name. Panic of the worst kind ran through her. Was he okay? Was he in trouble? Did the mist get him? But had he not been ahead of them???? Was the mist now coming from the other end of the tunnel too now?????

Letting go of Drew's hand, she found herself pushing through the crowd harder to get to where she had heard him from. Nothing would happen to him though, right? The professors were here, the headmaster was here. Yet, she called him back in panic: "Eiji!"

Eventually spotting Nina by his side, she pushed past a few others and ignored the girl entirely as she reached them and searched his face, "Eiji??? Are you okay???"

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Missa was right. There was a lot going on right now. From all directions, Drewett could hear students whispering and professors prodding them to move quickly and Headmaster Trent calling out to them to remain calm and all the yelling around him? They were unnecessary. The yelling was just making his hands mildly tremble, which Missa could probably feel if her sense of touch was sensitive enough at the moment.

Until more yelling happened, calling out for Missa's name. From a boy just close by. The voice was familiar. Drewett knew literally just one boy who would call for Missa's name like that. He wasn't going to deny that Eiji's yell had caught him off guard, though. His fingers had twitched ever so slightly at how panicked and loud it had been.

"Wh—" And then Missa had let go of his hand and was gone along with her younger sister, and Drewett's hand awkwardly stayed where it was, and his green eyes followed the fourth year girl push her way through the crowd. There was a tingle on his palm where Missa's hand once was, the fifth year hadn't quite registered the entire situation yet.

There was too much happening, indeed.


Now, he was somehow alone and Drewett didn't like this kind of alone. Swallowing the lump that was stuck in his throat, he instead focused on moving forward with the rest of the students. He just really wanted Evan right now. Was that too much to ask?

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Kaiser, who was somewhere in the middle of the great train of students and staff making their way down the passageway, was largely keeping to himself. The group really was far too large to seek out any specific people and make sure they were alright, so Kaiser was really counting on the fact that those he counted among his friends had followed the instruction of meeting in the third floor corridor and were now taking part in the evacuation.

A lot of other students seemed to have buddied up, sticking to pairs or groups, presumably walking with friends or siblings. The only significant interaction Kaiser had had with anyone throughout the whole process was when one Gryffindor kid had grabbed and startled him, apparently on a mission to spook as many people as he could, judging by how quickly he had darted off through the crowd before pouncing on someone else. At the time Kaiser had simply shook his head, and continued onwards.

Despite the general tension around him, Kaiser was still pretty calm. At least... until he heard yelling from the rear of the group. He didn't know exactly what was going on, but he could deduce that that was probably not a good sign.

Though he was usually fine with walking through tunnels and passageways like this, Kaiser did have a sort-of-fear of being trapped somewhere - anywhere - and that yelling was suddenly putting such an image into his mind. Trapped in a secret passageway with all of the staff and students? The thought made him shudder, and he moved his feet a little faster in his haste to reach Hogsmeade.

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While he could still hear several pockets of yelling echo through the tunnel, Malachi pushed forward. He still held the belief that those on the back line could adequately keep things in order. His job was not to divert from his task and send them into chaos and uncertainty but to see the children through to the other side...the other side that he could see just up ahead.


How long had it been since he saw the light of day? The proper light of day? The outside of the castle? It wasn't just a trick of light or an extra blink of the eye, the Headmaster's pace had very much increased as they approached the opening to Honeyduke's.

"There! Up ahead! Hurry along now, there's no time to waste." There was a long line of students to get out of this tunnel and up onto the streets. The glowing green light ahead was all the verification he needed. This end of the tunnel was still safe. The Headmaster hurried to the exit but stopped just out of its way to allow the others to exit. "Up the stairs now, quickly. Get to the streets in organized lines. I'll be up in a minute." While he spoke, he offered his hands to several students, helping them up from the tunnel into the cellar, steadying the steps of those who may not have been so surefooted.

"Come now." He encouraged.

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