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Term 52: May - August 2019 Term Fifty-Two: (Sept 2098 - June 2099)

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Old 12-05-2018, 11:52 AM
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Default Boathouse

Every September 1st, the first years arrive at Hogwarts by boats that carry them across the Great Lake to the Boathouse. Apart from the entrance from the Lake through the long tunnel underneath the castle, this underground harbour can also be reached from the Boathouse Steps which leads down the side of the cliff on which the castle sits and from the path leading down from the paved courtyard.

The Boathouse store the boats for the arriving first years and departing seventh years, but with permission from the Groundskeeper you may be permitted to use one of the boats for an afternoon or two. Life vests, oars, fishing tools, nets and everything else you might need are either hanging on hooks or nails on the wall or lying on the wooden bench. Please put everything back in its proper place, should you move stuff around. The Groundskeeper will know if you haven't.
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His body with the physical integrity of a wet noddle, Eiji truly was worthless and bringing nothing to the table. Save for quiet which was something that could not be said about others. His eyes were still closed and surrendered to his fate...............when suddenly he felt himself being lifted out of the water and a very unpleasant chill cause his body to shiver rather violently.

..........was he ascending?

Peeking his eyes open, lake water dripping from his robes and hair, the fourth year had not expected to see the centaur professor's face and the fourth year couldn't help but groan. This was, by far, the worst near death experience of his life.

At least now, out of the water, the chill in the air was sobering him up a fair bit...along with making his skin goosebump terribly, teeth chatter, and limbs dangle pitifully over the centaur's arms.

like a small boat on the ocean sending big waves into motion.............
like how a single word can make a heart open...................
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Who was Thereos talking to? Was it...was it possible?? Had the swarm caught up to them? How had they been able to swim that fast? Clinging to the back of the centaur like a vice, she heard him call out to her to let her know what direction the wand was pointing. "Forward, go forward!" she exclaimed as soon as the wand started moving. Lucky they were already facing the direction they had to go to get out of here. She had no idea who it was talking to, but she kept reminding herself that it couldn't be them. They didn't talk. They had no voices, and he could easily stomp them with his hooves and would have no reason to be scared.

Everyone is here. No one has left you. No one left you alone. Eiji is still here, he said he was breathing...Nina is here...O'Hara is here...

She shut her eyes, squeezing the last of her tears out of her eyes and down her cheeks, hoping this nightmare would be over soon.
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Bonjour, je m'appelle Eniola Abara.
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Xin chào, tôi tên là Mai Ainsley.
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Hello, name is Lucien Wright.

SPOILER!!: Thereos
Originally Posted by Thereos View Post
At first the centaur wondered if he had somehow lost track of his own limbs and was gazing upon his reflection in the waters. A human form, horrifying to behold, stared back at him with the most twisted and unpleasant varieties of smirks imaginable. As the figure opened it's mouth to speak, another voice cut through the fray in Thereos' heart....

........the audacity.

Thereos, already unimpressed by Miss Abara's performance, became even more so at her attempt to scold him despite he being as clear as the summer sun on a cloudless day. "Do not shift the blame to me, youngling, for your lack of fundamental knowledge," he snapped coldly. Perhaps a lesson to be learned here that revision was necessary for those wizarding exams students were constantly stressing about unnecessarily. He was even less certain what to make of this woman. A conversation to be had with the headmaster once he escorted these younglings back to the castle. "Now is not the time for such human pettiness." Seeing as everyone wished to leave this haze and the feeling of dread from being enveloped in its vapors.

But he would deal with this disrespect at another time. His priorities remained elsewhere still.

His strong trunk-like arms reached down and grasped the robes of the fallen, pulling the soggy young man forth from the water and cradled him in his arms like a stack of hay while the other two climbed on to his back. "I see he breathes still," the centaur nodded as he rest one of his palms over the boy's chest and felt the steady rise and fall of each breath along with a heartbeat.

The figure, seemingly content with hovering nearby as it spat its hateful and condescending agenda, began to wear heavily on the centaur's spirit and threatened to throw him into despair. It was only the trembling grip of those two younglings on his back and the weight in his arms that pulled him from that pit. "Well done, Miss Gladin," his voice rasped, a throat as dry as a desert, as he pushed his hooves against the dock and rose. "Tell me which way your wand dictates. And you two, Miss Abara and Professor O'Hara, my clutch my tail to follow." Less they become lost even further.

Slowly, least his knees buckle as they trembled, Thereos pressed forward slowly so as not to lose any of the five humans depending on him. "Your words h-have no impact on me," he proclaimed to the figure who then antagonized the centaur further by pulling up its trouser leg to make sure that the centaur could see just how mutilated his once perfect figure had become. "N-N-None!"

Eniola had half a mind to cast the spell as Gladin had and make her own way back but she wasn't even sure if she could keep her mind straight for that long. Already the creatures in the water were starting to make their way back up to the dock. Crawling, growling. Snakes hissing in her ear. She didn't want to do this anymore, she couldn't do this anymore.

Trying not to have any more of an attitude than she had with Thereos - no matter how much angrier his reply made her - she grabbed his tail as O'Hara had with the little dignity she had left fading away.

She couldn't wait to be done.

Originally Posted by Goblinfrog View Post
So Polaris wasn't a spell. She had just told Eni to cast it anyway. CURSES! Why did Thereos have to be so symbolic? Well, now the history of magic professor was relieved that she hadn't brought her wand with her. Otherwise, she'd have been the one trying to cast a non-existent spell!

But at least the students were safe and they about to head back now. A sharp stabbing pain in her head made her very briefly consider asking who had dared hit her in the head. Right now her head hurt so much that she wanted very much to subtract 1,000 points from whichever cursed house was unlucky enough to spawn that student. Thankfully, she said nothing. The fog had altered all of their behaviors, and she knew that the attack on her poor head was an accident. Come to think of it, her rewarding fifty points to Eni might also have been a result of distorted thinking.

"Your tail?!" Unfortunately, the professor was unable to hide her disgust at the notion of holding unto her colleagues tail. "Fine. Just get us out of here." And she grabbed the tail, reluctantly but tightly.

What was he saying about words having no impact on him? The fog must finally be getting to him. That wasn't good. "Just breathe slowly," she advised. "Those voices aren't real." It seemed both of them were hearing voices, though no doubt the voices spoke different things.

Eni would have to talk to the Headmaster about everything. She knew Thereos wasn't happy with her, but she wasn't happy with either Professor. This entire situation was a mess and not a fun one at that. Not fun at all.
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Finneas Schmoe
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James Draper
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Nina held on for dear life. Her whole body shook just as she began hearing noises again. Knowing that they were almost out helped a little bit, but she was still terrified out of her mind. Silently, she began crying. In attempt to block out the images before her, she closed her eyes.

She didn't care to listen to the argument between Thereos and the Hufflepuff girl who was prepared to let them all die in the water. She didn't care about Profesor O'Hara's confusion. She cared about making it out alive and untouched. Those were her only concerns. Her body was probably full of bruises and her heart rate had not slowed since the moment this whole mess began. She was cold. She was scared. And she wanted her father!!!

As she silently wept, she held even tighter around the centaur's body. As if silently begging, take us back to the castle, please. She wouldn't be sleeping in her own bed tonight, perhaps she would speak with Calloway.
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