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Term 52: May - August 2019 Term Fifty-Two: It Comes (Sept 2098 - June 2099)

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Old 05-14-2019, 02:53 PM
laurange laurange is offline
Default Astronomy I: Put a Little Swing in Your Step! (The Scientific Method)

As you arrive at the Astronomy classroom for the first seminar of the year -- a lesson that students of all years are invited to participate in -- the sky is overcast. Clouds block all the stars, and the moon herself is almost entirely hidden on this October night. A shower of rain in the early morning seems to be in the cards, which inspires hope for those hoping to watch the lunar eclipse the next evening.

It is immediately clear that absolutely no stargazing can be done today, but that does not seem to bother Professor Sandhu, who is sitting on the edge of her desk, legs crossed at the ankle. Humming to herself, she waits for students to arrive.

The classroom is set up normally, with rows of tables and chairs making a semicircle facing the blackboard. What isn't normal is that all the desks, including Professor Sandhu's have on them a metre-rule, string, scissors, pendulum bobs and a stopwatch as well as a retort stand and its clamp on the floor. Take your seats, and quickly! Professor Sandhu is eager to start the lesson.

OOC: Hey, hi, hello, and welcome to our first OOC Astronomy lesson of the term. Remember that even though this is our first RPed lesson, that it is now October and students have already had a month of lessons with Professor Sandhu. Please read through the Classroom Rules before posting! Lesson will begin apppproximately 24 hours from the time of this post (1700 GMT+2)The lesson has begun! Please don't post your character arriving if you want to avoid IC consequences!

Lesson Progression:
Greetings + Question 1: What is important to keep in mind, as a scientist?
Answers to Question 1 + Mini Activity: Make a simple pendulum!
Response to Mini Activity + Question 2: What could possibly go wrong in an experiment?
Response to Question 2 + MAIN ACTIVITY: PENDULUM DODGEBALL with the bonus perk of getting 8" off their essay if they're one of the first ten to complete the activity.
CLOSING REMARKS. Thank you all for coming!
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Noticing that only one other person had dropped a beanbag into the brown box before turning around and “Oof” he watched as Ellie got knocked into by the pendulum. He did not envy her right now. Turning his attention back to the pendulum he started watching the swings to take into account just how to get through without hurting himself. He had a boot on and wanted to avoid getting hurt at all costs.

Dodging the pendulum when it came swinging one way he almost took another one to the back because he wasn’t paying any attention. Laughing under his breath he bobbed around the next one dropping in the pink bean bag. He was really hoping that he was within the first 8 because he did not want to have to write a longer essay. Not at all.
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Default Feel free to catch Archer's pushed pendulum!
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Despite her focused silence, Archer had done the thing with the pendulum and taken notes like the good-ish student she was. And disassembled the pendulum and all the cleaning up stuff that had been asked of them.

Oh, and you KNOW she was totally using the swinging pillow pendulums to sabotage people. She first hurried over to the box containing the orange bean bags, careful to time her movements perfectly so that she wouldn't get hit, but whoever tried to follow would. Once she was there, she shoved the nearest pendulum towards the nearest person, quickly grabbed a bag and moved along before the pendulum could swing back her direction. Science for the win!
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It took Lucas a while to make sense of what Sandhu was saying, but mostly because his brain had started wandering and he found himself frowning at his apparatus. So...... according to what she was saying, his was a systematic error, yeah? Because even though he was the one who had set it up - and he was human, that was for sure - it would affect all of his results? Because friction?????

This was hurting his head.

Realising that he was still...... standing there, he started disassembling his apparatus and, grabbing the pieces and his bag, moved them to the back of the room to dump them away. Not dump, but, well, dump. And he didn't want to be the last one standing in the middle of the room when the next part of the lesson started.

Which was lucky, given what the activity was.

Depositing the bean bags to the correct boxes on the other side of the room sounded easy enough and he hoped that his skinny frame would actually help him now. Did it matter that he wasn't very agile? No! Of course not! But if it didn't help him slide past the pendulum pillows as quickly as easily as possible, then, well...... what was the point?

He didn't know how long he'd stood there, thinking, but it was long enough to see other people already start jumping into the activity so, there was nothing for it. Grabbing an orange bean bag, Lucas held it right above his head and...... uh, stood there. Again. But he was doing something, this time! He took some deep breaths, mentally preparing himself for whatever was going to happen, and......

....... then he ran.

Did he have a plan? No. Did he want to scream? You bet!

In fact, he might've let out a tiny scream under his breath as he ran straight for the side where the orange box was. He was dodging this pendulum and dodging that pendulum and trying not to think about how much his arms wanted to rest right now. Maybe holding the bag above his head wasn't a good idea? Yeah, may-


Maybe he should've been paying attention to his sides as well because, before he knew it, one of the pendulums came swooping in and knocked him straight off his feet. Did he know who pushed the pendulum (Archer)? No. All he knew was that he was now laying on the floor with an orange bean bag on his chest.


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Simran looked on in glee as the pendulums swung, some of their own free will, others pushed by students like Archer. It was a sight for sore eyes, a small bastion of proof that if the chaos of the universe was always increasing, that there was very little point stopping it entirely. After all, who were they to question the Great Big Universe? Or Multiverse, depending on whose theory they were going with.

However, all good things had to come to an end, and after the first ten students had deposited all three beanbags, the pillows came of their own accort to a magical stop. With a flick of Simran's wand, they retracted back into the ceiling and would remain there until she returned in the morning to transfigure them back into whatever they were before.

"Thank you all for partipating in our first seminar lesson," she said, once everyone seemed to notice that the activity was come to an end. "Your homework is on my desk."

"Please take the questions corresponding to your year -- for first to third years, you will be plotting the points on graph paper from the data you tabulated and drawing the line of best fit. Fourth and fifth years will do the same, along with drawing the line of worst fit and determining the uncertainty in the measurement. NEWT-students will do all the above, as well as derive the value of gravitational acceleration. Everything you need -- formulae and such -- are already in the question booklet. For a worked solution, you may check the Astronomy Noticeboard on Friday."

"If you have questions, I will be here for a few more minutes, but if it isn't pressing, please see me during my office hours."

"If someone would help Master Dakest up, it would be lovely."
Was that it? She supposed so. "And you're dismissed. Goodnight, dears."

OOC: That was it! Our first lesson! Thank you all for coming and I hope you had fun! You may post leaving if you like, but I'll close the thread in approximately eight to ten hours.

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