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Term 51: January - April 2019 Term Fifty-One: Don't Feed the Furries (Sept 2097 - June 2098)

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Old 01-08-2019, 04:35 AM
Dolly Dopple Dolly Dopple is offline
Default Charms Lesson 1

It was a BRIGHT and SHINY, WONDERFUL, MARVELOUS, SPECTACULAR, DELICIOUS day. The sun was out (even though it was cold) and the charms classroom was about 500 degrees, just like old Dolly Dopple liked it. Nice and roasty toasty.

After opening the door to the classroom, Dolly stood at the front of the classroom, fingers eagerly twiddling in front of her chest, an excited wrinkly smile on her face. The classroom was set up like a normal classroom with a few colourful ribbon streamers draping across the ceiling to give some flare. On the corner of the table in front of Dolly sat a scraggly, patchy-furred kneazle that looked mostly dead. Was it actually dead? Did it just blink? No, it had to be dead...

On each of the desks sit a small cup of clear, unscented liquid and a piece of paper. On the board, a simple set of instructions is written in wiggly, unkempt handwriting:
Write your name in BIG letters on your paper and fold it in half to make a table tent.

Class progression:
1. Greetings, first question
2. Responses, second question
3. Responses, mini activity
4. Spell, main activity
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At the end of the lesson, Malachi rose with a small stretch. Merlin, it'd been ages since he sat on this side of a lesson and while he hadn't participated, it certainly brought back a ton of memories.

Seeing the students begin heading for the exit, this seemed as perfect a time as any.

"Everyone looking like Tree Boy--Tree Boy included," Yes, original Carden, you're coming too, "is still expected in my office. Let's go, step lively so we can get this all sorted." Then he could get back to unpacking that box his wife had sent before he'd been so rudely interrupted.

Which reminded him.

"Prefects, I'll be needing a word with you all later. Just housekeeping matters, if you will." Namely, reminding them that the badges did come with responsibilities and they should turn them in if they felt they didn't want to carry them out. The man meant it when he said it wasn't easy that guy and that not everyone wanted that. That was fine, but the job still needed to be done and if they failed to he would have to find others that would.
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Originally Posted by Dolly Dopple View Post
Delighted as ever, Dolly wandered the room again as her lovely, wonderful, darling students practiced their spells and worked in aggravation to get rid of their hiccups. After all these years she had found that people didn't really work as hard unless they were trying to fix something that was really quite bothering them. She had been right, hadn't she?

As she traveled through the room, she came across a student with a question. Why did they write their names on a piece of paper? Taken aback by the simpleness of the question, Dolly backtracked to the beginning of the lesson when she wrote the instructions. Then she looked down at the girl's paper... and couldn't even read what it said due to her poor eyesight (and her glasses were rather dirty, too). Then she laughed.

"Ha-HA! I suppose it was for no reason at all!" How fun!

Returning to the front of the classroom, Dolly clapped her hands and gathered the attention of the classroom with her warbly old voice. "Alright, alright! Wonderful job, everyone, WONDERFUL job! You have all done very well in class today! Now, we're all out of time, so pack up!"

Scurrying away, Dolly ran (walked) to the door before the students could leave. "On your way out, I want you to tell me ONE spell that you simply could NOT live without. And-" she held her fist out, "Give me a fist bump. Oh, and if you still have the hiccups - don't worry, they'll wear off in a few hours. Have a WONDERFUL day!!!!!"

OOC: Class is now over! Thank you all for coming and participating! You definitely do NOT have to post your exit or an answer (this won't give you points - it's just for fun). This thread will close in 24 hours.
Malachi smiles at the women as he talks in a small voice. "Good bye professor, thank you for the lesson."
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With the class done, Hanna packed up her things into her bag and headed for the door, giving Chloe a wave on the way out. It wasn't everyday that a seventh year would trust a fourth year with a spell. But if it should be anywhere, Hanna supposed Hogwarts was the right place.

"I couldn't live without... Lumos. I like to read at night, and it's handy." It was simple, too. One she was sure she would cast without thinking, without needing to clear her mind. If there was an emergency, she could probably cast it quite easily. "See you next lesson!" She gave Professor Dopple a gentle fist bump as asked as she left.
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After a short practice and a little help from his friend Drewett, Caolan was finally able to control his hiccups enough to speak the spell clearly and rid him from these stupid hiccups once and for all. He sighed with relief just moments before the Professor got all their attention again and ended the class. As trivial as this lesson had been, the fifth-year supposed that the spell could be useful in the future for getting rid of the inconvenience and for that he couldn’t really complain. He wasn’t the sort to anyway at least not out loud.

The headmaster spoke up and called all the clones to his office. Caolan wasn’t boring by any means and had been known to misbehave a little at his old school but really didn’t see it necessary to get himself in trouble here. He hid his amusement well at the clones clear lack of thought of consequences as he glanced around at all their expressions.

He put his wand away and got up to head towards the door trying to think of an answer for the Professors question. At home he didn’t really use magic that often anyway but a few spells had proved themselves useful. “I use Accio quite a bit” Mostly when he was feeling lazy and couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed or if he needed something and wasn’t really sure of it’s exact whereabouts. She was trying to offer him a fist bump and his eyebrow raised a little in confusion as he raised his fist and very gently knocked it against hers. Any harder and he probably would’ve broken her frail wrist.

With that he left the classroom.
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