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Term 48: January - April 2018 Term Forty-Eight: Flight of the Hawk (Sept 2094 - June 2095)

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Old 08-06-2016, 01:34 AM
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Default Sorting Ceremony

If you are a first year or a transfer student, the time has now come for you to discover in which of the Hogwarts Houses you belong. After waiting in the Entrance Hall for what seemed like forever, you are invited inside to stand beside the dais at the front of the dining room. Hundreds of eyes follow you as you make your way forward. Up above, the ceiling reflects the night sky as candles float above you head. An old, mangy hat awaits on a stool.

Once all is silent, the hat bellows out its annual song, telling all there is to know about the four Houses in a brief amount of time. The Sorting Ceremony then begins with the hat being picked up and a name being called. One by one, names are said in alphabetical order by surname. One by one, your peers are claimed as a Gryffindor, a Hufflepuff, a Ravenclaw, or a Slytherin. Where will the Sorting Hat place you? That is the question everyone in the room is asking as you now sit upon the stool and the hat is placed on the top of your head.

OOC: You may role-play for the Sorting Hat, but please limit yourself to one post.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Abra Pepperwood
First Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Archer Burton
Environmental Protection

Diagon Alley Employee:
Louisa Pepperwood
Leaky Cauldron
Sassenach | RAVENPUFF | Sing me a song of a lass that is gone | bookDRAGON | #awkwardturtle<#

It was FIHHNALYYY time to be sorted! Hanna had waited for ages, and her legs were getting sore. But when the time came for the doors to open, and they were invited inside, she soaked up EVERY inch of The Great Hall with her eyes. It would have been wonderful if her Gruncle Art or cousin Rosie was there, but they weren't. She waved to Gaston, but it was a little wave from a nervous eleven-year-old. There were just SO many faces looking towards them as they walked up to the stool with a hat on top. All of the Professors, who would be teaching Hanna, and the students of all four LONG house tables. Which one would she be sitting at soon? Which of the Professors up on the long Staff Dais would be her Head of House? Would Tenacious be her student leader? She didn't think she'd mind that at all.

On approaching the stool, she stopped walking and watched in amazement as it seemed to WAKE UP and bellow out a song. Hanna listened, amazed, at the mangy hat singing to them. It was rather fascinating. Once the song ended, names began being called out. Hanna took note of what the students did, and how the hat announced which house they belonged in.

"Newton, Hanna," was called out, and Hanna licked her lips and put one foot in front of the other.
She just had to walk up to the stool, pick up the hat, sit down, and put the hat on top of her head. That was all! There was no test, and she hadn't heard anyone's thoughts called out by the hat. Nobody would know her deepest, darkest secrets.

It was kind of spooky having the hat probe around in her thoughts. She didn't feel like it were an intrusion, though. Not really. He mentioned how her parents, Elyde and Adrian, had been sorted into Ravenclaw, and her Grandpa Walter and Grandma Mara were also Eagles. A few people from her family were Gryffindors, though. She saw herself in each of the robes, and heard the Hat's thoughts as he decided whether, in fact, Hufflepuff or Slytherin might be where she belonged. She was certainly loyal, hard working, and dedicated, like a Hufflepuff. But she was also ambitious and determined, like a Slytherin.

But no, the Sorting Hat would not claim this Newton as a rogue. But where would she belong? She felt her head move towards Gryffindor, where the Hat declared her as Brave and Courageous. Hanna thought the hat was a bit silly for saying that, though. She was very scared of heights, and a bit shy. Her head moved towards Ravenclaw next, and it was very obvious that of all the house traits, Hanna Newton identified most as a Ravenclaw. Mere seconds later, the Hat declared that Hanna Newton was a "RAVENCLAW!"

With delight, she hopped down from the stool, placed the hat back on top, and toddled off towards the Ravenclaw house table, where she would meet her fellow housemates.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Heather Valentino
Fourth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Aurora Lyn-Valentino
Law Enforcement

So this was it! It was finally Aaron's big moment. This was when he would find out which house best suited him. This is where he finds out who he'll be rooming with, seeing more often, and even competing against for the House Cup at the end of the year. This was all so exciting for him! Only one thing to do now. Go up there, and put on that hat, once his name was called of course. A slight chill went down the boy's spine. It was a big moment for every first year. There would probably be tears today, but
none would be from Aaron Valentino.

And that's when it happened. He heard his name ring loud and clear throughout the entirety of the Great Hall. After a brief pause and a deep breath, Aaron walked up those few steps and took a seat on the stool placed before the students. And then, the hat was crowned upon the tip of the kid's head.

Almost out of nowhere, the hat spoke up. "Ah yes, a Valentino. I remember sorting your parents. It seems you have the energy of your father when he was in his first year." That croaky voice said, and then it continued "Hmmm. But the question is where shall we sort you. You have the undying loyalty much like your mother, but I can also tell you fight for honor. On the other hand you seem very wise." After a considerable silence the hat chimed in for, what would be, it's final time for little Aaron. "But above all you are cunning and ambitious. So we better put you in Slytherin!"

And that was it. Just like that, the boy's house had been chosen. It wasn't necessarily surprising to Aaron. That's the house his father was in during his time here at the school for Witchcraft and Wizardry. With his part of the ceremony being done, Aaron had got up with a grin from ear to ear, and made a b-line towards the Slytherin table to join his fellow house mates.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Zyanya Annie Kaul
First Year

Zyanya was trying to breathe, even as her heart thudded in her ears. Amara had just got sorted! She had always known that they might be in different houses but now it just got real. She didn't mind being in different houses, but it was still scary. She had never been apart from her twin.

As her name was called out, Zyanya stepped forward, willing her hands to stop shaking. She closed her eyes as the hat was placed on top of her head.

"I remember your mother." The Sorting Hat said, almost instantly. "And, of course, your sister just now." She thought she sensed an amused tone when it mentioned Amara. "But you're not like them, I see. You have a lot of your mother in you, hard working and loyal, just like her." Deep breaths, Zyanya. "You have the courage of your sister, but not in the same way. You're ambitious, oh yes, there's a lot of ambition. But above all, you crave knowledge. You already know where you belong, don't you?"

"RAVENCLAW!" The Hat declared. Zyanya realized, as she walked off towards the Ravenclaw table, that she was not so scared anymore. Like the hat had mentioned, she had known she would belong at Ravenclaw.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Alessandro Toussaint
Sixth Year


Ministry RPG Name:
Ferris Karten
Who Am I? Ern's 2460FUN

The rickety wooden stool gave a squeak when Al sat on it. As he shifted, he wondered how many of his family members had sat on the same stool and had the same dusty, crotchety hat thrust on their heads. The easy answer was a lot.

Just like he had anticipated, the hat croaked out the word Toussaint the minute it landed on Al’s head. He closed his gloved fists and tried to concentrate on the hat’s words and not the hundreds of eyes now staring at him. He could feel Katy’s gaze the most intently.

”Well, well, well,” the hat hummed, ”Another one of your lot.” Alessandro said nothing. But he could almost feel the weight of his lot baring down on his scrawny shoulders. Names like Nicholai and Mikey and Dmitriy and Sebastien all came to mind.

He could feel the hat piecing through his thoughts and Al decided in that instant he did not like it— the invasive and alarming nature of reading his mind. He clenched his little gloved fists to focus himself. The hat laughed, throaty and harsh, ”You would do well in Slytherin, that is for certain.” Alessandro almost smiled. ”But you are not quite that, are you, Mister Toussaint? You’re not quite one thing at all. You’re like a little shadow, just an imitation of someone else. Unformed. Unfocused. You aren’t them. They aren’t you.”

Alessandro pretended he did not catch the hat’s meaning. It pressed on. ”You would do well to remember that. And this, there is more than one type of Hufflepuff. And that is what you are.”

His eyes blew open in panic for the briefest of moments before the hat announced loudly to the rest of the hall—


He nearly argued. He nearly made a scene. He nearly did so many things. But ultimately he screwed his mouth shut and took the long, hard march to the Hufflepuff table.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Amara Kaul
First Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Jonathan Clifton
Law Enforcement
Sunflower Girl | Xavier's Double | Dan's Love | Seriously Black

The wait was pure torment. It seemed like eternity after the first years were called inside to be sorted. But when the moment arrived, Amara could feel her legs go wobbly. A mixed sense of euphoria and terror washed over her.


She almost rushed into the room along with her fellow firsties. And then came another long wait until the sorting hat had finished it's song. If you call it that. Amara hung to it's every word when the hat sang spoke about the houses. She had a fair idea about the houses. Her mother had told her what she needed to know and nothing favorable to any house. She wanted her daughters to be open minded about the whole deal, which was fine with Amara.

Finally, the wait came to an end and her name was called. She could suddenly feel the eerie silence of the place. Until then, she'd been contemplating about her future house. She could feel those hundreds of eyes as she walked towards the dais, slowly at first then picking up pace as her heart started racing against her chest.

She sat down on the little stool and faced the crowd. Just as she had felt, hundreds of eyes were looking at her expectantly, as if waiting for her to give a sermon. It just lasted for a few seconds before her world went into darkness. And a heavy, brooding voice spoke to her.


It gave a dramatic pause.

And then there was a long pause. Amara started wondering if the hat had gone back into hibernation. The hat had just mentioned her name and was silent. She doubted if the same had happened to everyone else.

UH.. so I just wait till it wakes up? Should I give it a shake or something?

"Quite child" The hat finally spoke. "I know just where to send you off"


And that was it. Amara popped the hat out of her head. "Thank you Mr.HAT!" she said grinning as she hopped out of the dais and looked for the Gryffindor table. When she found it, she walked slowly towards giving her chance to look at her twin sit on the same stool she'd sat moments ago.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Naya Lindsay
Fourth Year
dream until your • dreams come true • CDS • Pink Panther • Candy Crush Queen • HTTR

Jessi was nervous and trying verrrry hard not to show it. Lined up with her fellow first years, she was a bit overwhelmed by........everything. She had to wait and wait for her turn with the hat. That was the price one paid for having a last name that started with V. She watched as most of her classmates were sorted before her and then finally, finally, she heard her name.

Velasquez, Jessica

Jessi stepped forward and took her seat on the stool. The old hat was placed on her head and the fun began. Having watched everyone being sorted already, she kind of knew the drill. The hat had to decide where she belonged.

After a few moments, the hat began to speak. “Hmmm. You have qualities that would allow you to fit in each of the houses, but I think you are best suited for one house in particular. That house is.......Gryffindor!” Well that was quick. Jessi stood up, wondering what exactly qualified her to be a Gryffindor. What did the hat see in her that she did not see? She had four years to figure that out. In the meantime, she headed toward her new house table. “Gryffindor, here I come”, Jessi thought.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Shera Ben-Ari
Third Year

Waiting was terrifying.

And terrifying was kinda... exhilarating? Shera couldn't place her finger on her emotions exactly, but she was bouncing on her toes as she watched others be sorted and continued waiting for her turn. Not that she had a choice in the matter really.

"Ben-Ari, Shera,"

Hearing her name she couldn't help but run up the stairs before plopping herself down on the stool. Looking around the hall she realised just how many students she was sitting in front of. Shera crossed her fingers behind her back that this would be a quick sorting. Not only would she get bored if it took too long, but she was sure everyone else was hoping this would be over soon too!

"A new face, both of your parents went to other schools did they?" a voice echoed in her head. She jolted slightly, startled by it, but that just made her grin. So it could talk... interesting. "Hmmmm.... where to put you? Loyal to a fault, but not very hard working or dedicated I see. Cunning, but not particularly ambitious... but you possess both bravery and intelligence..."

From what she remembered of the houses that meant Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. The question was which would have lower expectations of her? Probably Ravenclaw... she could manage daring any day.

"But most of all you are creative and resourceful... we better put you in..."

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Elliott Patterson
First Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Caroline Fenton
Minister's Office

Ministry RPG Name:
Genevieve LeBlanc

Oh no! It was coming, her name was getting ever closer. Her stomach churned as she waited... and waited...


"Patterson, Elliott"

The first year gulped, interlaced her fingers and stepped toward the rickety looking stool with the hat sat on top. Steeling herself, she sat down and flinched slightly as the hat was placed on her head. She was the first of her family to attend Hogwarts, her mother being a Beauxbatons girl.

She crossed her fingers and hoped. Though she didn't know much about Hogwarts, she did know what traits the houses possessed. And she felt there was only one house for her.

"Ahh, a new one, I see. Haven't had a Patterson before" a voice boomed. Her eyes looked around but of course she couldn't see the occupant of the voice. Instead, she closed her eyes tightly. "Let me see, ambitious and intelligent indeed. But not very brave.
Mischievous but not cunning, and loyalty in spades"

She resisted the urge to nod in agreement.

"But where do we put you.....? Hmmm......

The suspense was killing her. Tell me!

"Better be.... RAVENCLAW!"
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Nerissa M. Tate
Sixth Year


Ministry RPG Name:
Brighton H. Brown

She had to watch most of her peers walk up to the stool; such were the wonders--or tragedies--of her last name starting with a T. And the longer she waited, the longer Nerissa felt as though her organs were about to disappear. It was--unpleasant, to put it mildly. Enough that by the time her name was called, it took her almost ten seconds and some hushed whispers for her to realize it was her turn.

Her walk, posture and expression carried all of the confidence she did not feel. In truth, it was possible she was close to vomiting--or worse, bursting into tears in the middle of the enormous hall that belonged more in the storybooks Flavia had read to her than reality itself. An upset stomach and fainting could be explained why about--some sort of illness. Crying? Absolutely not. And so, Nerissa was overwhelmed, horribly so, and she was felt faint and pale and out of control. But she went to the old stool anyway, barely registering the person holding that raggedy hat, and--sat.

It all happened very quickly.

Nerissa argued for Gryffindor. Because that was her papa's house. Because--well, that was precisely when she ran out of arguments in favor, really. Or maybe not. Gold and red were lovely colours? Regal and vibrant and look at me, I am here sort of colours. Precisely everything she was not, and would, presumably, feel uncomfortably being. She pursed her lips, felt something akin to a chuckle in her head, and shuddered, visibly. What about her cousin? Third cousin, sure, but it was a cousin anyway. Geneva, yes. She was a Gryffindor, too. Did it matter she didn't know her? That papa had made little to no effort to spend time with his family? More chuckling, and Nerissa, forgetting herself, stuck her nose in the air. The hat almost slipped off right there, and she reached up, alarmed, to adjust it.

One word: "No."


She could live with not being a Gryffindor. She would have to muster the courage and willingness to write to papa and give him the news, but she'd do it, anyway. Mama, from her part, would not care because mama hadn't been anything at all. Only half of her DNA was tied to one house in particular, and Nerissa was privately thankful ("Not so privately, child.") that it was her papa's. Disappointing papa was not a problem; she'd likely disappointed him from birth by virtue of being a girl. He was used to it. Mama, on the other hand, well--she was excellent at guilt trips. And so disliked when Nerissa was anything less than perfect. Which, as it happened, Nerissa often was.

It was a common occurrence that Hogwarts would liberate her from, at the very least. She should be thankful--no, she was thankful for it. There was guilt--yes, she was guilty. Felt guilty. Eleven years couldn't very well be shrugged away in mere minutes--hours? she wiggled in her seat, sharpened her gaze into focus and found herself staring loftily at the remaining unsorted students--, but. But. There was excitement, and wonder and--want. Of her own; a lot of it. A need to do--something. For her and about her. Me, me, me. You. We. Me. She shuddered, again, sweat pooling on her clavicles and above her upper lip. Uncouth. She wrung her hands, turned them over and looked down at her palms.

"I have made my decision."

Half-hardheartedly, she said. "Nicholas is--he is a Hufflepuff." Her fingers wrinkled. "and Ravenclaw-- I enjoy reading very much. And I like it when people read me things."

The hat ignored her, and she swallowed. "I--mama says I look good in green." There was no actual response to that, for her. But there was the suggestion of it, in her head--like something was gently prodding her to elaborate. "And I think--I think she's right." She frowned, grasping for the words to explain her own mind, unused to it as she was. "But I also think--silver is pretty when--" there was a pause, and she balled her hands into fists, felt her nails dig into her palms. "--when polished well."

"Then we have an agreement, you and I." And then, for the entire hall to hear, "SLYTHERIN!"

In something close to a daze, Nerissa bounced up from the stool and stumbled to the Slytherin table.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Daehyun "Daniel" Yoon
Third Year

This was it. The moment. The one moment Daehyun dreaded the most.

The Great Hall had lived up to his expectations, and then some more. He'd felt his eyes widen to the point they threatened to pop out as he tried to take in every single detail he could. That was, until he'd realized that every pair of eyes in the hall was fixed on the group of first years, and that was the moment he was truly grateful for being short and could hide easily among taller students, successfully disappearing from sight.

It was perfect, until one by one, they got called out and sorted, and everyone skipped towards their respective House, and as the crowd thinned out, his legs had begun to shake beneath his weight, almost giving in. His name was among the last that were called, and by that point, he was so nervous that he couldn't even bring himself to check if anyone was still paying attention to the sorting ceremony. He hoped they were too occupied to welcome the new ones, instead of focusing on him.

He'd completely blanked out as he felt the Sorting Hat being placed on his head, the only word he registered being a loud "GRYFFINDOR!"

Gryffindor? Gryffindor?

There must be a mistake. He thought he'd learned everything he could about the history of all Houses, and the traits they symbolized, and Gryffindor was the last on his list that would be a good match for him. But then he remembered the words of the nice shopkeeper who'd helped him find his first wand, and-


On wobbly legs, he'd barely registered walking to the Gryffindor table to take one of the last remaining seats at the very end, too shocked to say anything or even meet the eyes of anyone. The only thing he could think of was that he had one long letter to write to his parents - the same parents who expected him to wear green. Like the whole family.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Wolfric Nott
First Year
Strange, isn't it? What comes from within.

The wait in the entrance hall had made him even more nervous. It was almost a relief when the great hall's doors opened and the first years were ushered inside. Glad to be moving again, Wolfie glossed over the house tables and found himself staring, open mouthed right up at the enchanted ceiling.

Already he was looking for familiar flickering pin pricks; it looked so much like the star charts in one of his mother's books.

It took a second calling of his name before he realised it was his turn to put the sorting hat on. A gulp later he sat down and felt the hat's brim around his ears as it dipped over his glasses. Silently, eyes wandering and glancing below where there was still light, he waited for the voice he knew would come.

'Wolfric Nott, mmm. Your mother did well while she was here.. I see, you are quite prepared.. and keen to get started with learning.' It was alarming, he had to admit.. an independent voice in his own head! 'Where do you think I should be?', Wolfie ventured, testing the hat and was surprised to hear its response: 'He values the opinion of those much wiser, very good'. It seemed like the hat was speaking to itself despite his thoughts, deliberating out loud, which got Wolfie wondering.. "SLYTHERIN!" He couldn't help but smile, the hat had outwitted him but nevertheless Wolfie made his way to the Slytherin table, his smile shrinking to a plain expression as he took a seat nodding to the approving house but sitting away from anyone. His tummy grumbled and he sighed at the empty plates.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Rylee Caelyn Prichard
Sixth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Addison Anders

Diagon Alley Employee:
Evan Mikal Donovan
Magical Menagerie
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The time was nearing. With each name that was called before her own, Rylee found herself growing more and more excited. So excited in fact that she was very clearly bouncing on the balls of her feet in anticipation. Her attitude had completely changed from that upset, crying tiny little firstie on the train to her normal happy, smiling, bubbly self. Which was good. Stepping up to the stool and being sorted while in tears would NOT have been at all pleasant. None of her former behavior was present as she moved closer and closer to the stool as more names were called.

Shiny blue eyes glanced towards the long house tables, fixing on that of the Hufflepuff's. It only took a few moments for her to find a face she knew so well, Miranda. Lifting her hand she waved at the older girl and best friend of her big sister. Rylee was so sure she was going to get into Hufflepuff, joining Miranda and making her big sister Rian super happy. There was noway that wouldn't happen. She had EVERY quality of a badger.

"Prichard, Rylee."

That was her! She was Rylee! The small ginger haired child bounced her way towards the stool, a wide smile on her face. Sliding onto the stool she sat up as tall as she could as the HAT was placed onto her head where it promptly slid down over her eyes. Well she was small. All she could really see was darkness but that was okay.

"Ah, another Prichard I see. You have qualities from all four houses, yes. A determination and ambition only seen in those of Slytherin but no, no that will not do." Rylee wiggled in her seat as the hat spoke to her. There would be no asking the house to place her anywhere like she heard could happen. She would accept whatever the hat choose... for there was only one place she could go anyhow. "There's a great amount of creativity and wisdom within you just as there was for your mother who found her home in Ravenclaw but that isn't for you either." Come on hat! Rylee chewed her lip in excitement. So close now.

"Perhaps Hufflepuff would be good for you. You have pure loyalty for those close to you as well as patience and dedication that isn't always present in one so young. Very much like your sister." Rylee beamed brightly at the mention of her sister and how alike they were. Surely this meant this was her house just as she had known it would be. "There's also Gryffindor like your father. Bravery, daring, nerve and a courage like no other. Courage to be your own person." There was a brief pause in which the small girl completely froze. "Ah, yes. Yes, this will do nicely."

"Let it be... GRYFFINDOR!"

The hat was lifted from her head, the suddenness of light overtaking her for a moment causing her to blink. There was an utter complete look of shock that had overcome Rylee which lasted for no longer than .002 seconds at not being placed into Hufflepuff.

Hopping down from the stool, Rylee beamed brightly and bounced off towards her new house table to meet all the LIONS! The Sorting Hat was right. It was time for her to pull forth all that bravery and courage inside her and be her own person. She could do this.

Hello, Gryffindor!!!

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
June Brown
First Year
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June shifted nervously as she stood at the front of the great hall. Great, all the students here about to watch her get sorted. Diagon Alley was bad enough with all the people, she had thought, but no sir there was definitely a lot of students here at Hogwarts.

She itched the back of her ankle with her other foot and continued to expend nervous energy by bouncing and tapping her foot.

She'd spent her life on a homestead in the English countryside, the most people she had seen in one place before now was 20 and... there were definitely more than 20 first years alone, let alone all the other students and staff everywhere. It may be a huge castle but it felt tiny in comparison to the number of bodies it contained.

"JUNE BROWN." she heard someone call, she didn't even look at who it was, she just kept her head down and marched up to the stool where she was to be sorted.

The hat was placed on her head it immediately began to whisper in her ear.

"Hmmmm, I seeee..." The sorting hat started. "You are very clever, yes, clever indeed, and you love to read and learn new things yesss..." it began, "Oh but ambition for yourself and your family for sure... and bravery, it's hiding somewhere inside you, perhaps Gryffindor could suss it out of you." It continued.

*No, no, please not Gryffindor." June thought at the hat, looking at the students of Gryffindor. She was much too scared and anxious to be around them. *Please, I just want to keep my nose down, my grade up, and to get my hands on some magical plants and make potions. That's all I've ever wanted to do.* She thought at it... she hadn't known before now that her thoughts could have a direction, but she definitely knew she was pointedly thinking in the hats direction.

"All right then, Nose tot he Grindstone type eh? Best be... HUFFLEPUFF!"

June smiled a little and gave a sigh of relief. Hufflepuff sounded nice and round on the edges, definitely a good place. Besides, wasn't the Herbology professor the head of house?

She hopped off the stool and, wrapping her robes around her like a blanket, toddled off to the Hufflepuff Table.
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