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Term 44: September - December 2016 Term Forty-Four: Year of the Poltergeist (Sept 2090 - June 2091)

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Slytherin Slytherin Intros: Attendo Thea Vipera

Beware The Viper

Welcome to the house of Slytherin. Want to know who your housemates are? Want to let your housemates know who you are? How their summer went? Well this is just the place to do that. Go ahead and fill out your information and post so everyone can get to know just who you are. Use the example below for a good format to start off with.
SPOILER!!: biography format example

<< picture >>
All the graphics/bio pics MUST be no larger than 350 x 350 and under 60 kb
Your graphics will be deleted if this rule is not followed

Year At Hogwarts:
Blood Status:
Best Subjects:
Least Favorite/Worst Subjects:

Eye Color:

House Leaders (People to know)
Slytherin Head of House: Mr. Justin McLeod (Charely Potter)
Slytherin Head Girl: Hadleigh 'Hady' Lynch (Kolyander)
Slytherin Male Prefect: Hugo Foster (WeasleyGirl)
Slytherin House Ghost: The Bloody Baron (Bloody Baron)

SPOILER!!: Slytherin House Roster

First Years - Class of 2097
  • Xavieria Bole (Colley)
  • Leesha Griffel (Sonea)
  • Alyce LeFrique (Poolicious)
  • Andrei Sychev (Ginny_Fan)
  • Athena Xu (seoljin13)

Second Years - Class of 2096
  • Valkyrie Atwater (Dokimoto)
  • Junia Botros (TakeMetotheBurrow)
  • Contessa de Luca (Somnium)
  • Skylar Diggory (PhoenixRising)
  • Vivian Fairfield (Kimothy)
  • Felix Greenwood (Tommehbell)
  • Hazen Krum (Samia)
  • Arielle Lestrange (ginnilie)
  • Demean Pushkin (Lethifold)

Third Years - Class of 2095
  • Takeru Asakura (Kaos.Doodles)
  • Cornelius Baltazar (Deezerz)
  • Elliot Choi (Ch_Couture)
  • Jay Crowlin (natethegreat)
  • Jonas Emery (2111jen)
  • Ariadne Greingoth (Anna Banana)
  • Elsa Pinkerton-Oliveira (Jojogali)
  • Jaemin Song (Ameh)
  • Mishenka Stevens (Nc.Ap.)
  • Katherine Toussaint (Cassirin)
  • Altha Viteri (bizarre)
  • Rosalinda Walker (Bumblebee)

Fourth Years - Class of 2094
  • Autumn Hanley (norLYN)
  • Suri Rider-Mae (Daemon)
  • Tom Selwyn (ChapterEight)
  • Oliver Thomas-Borzekowski (littledhampir)

Fifth Years - Class of 2093
  • Rula Botros (AlwaysSnapesGirl)
  • Tabitha Broadmoor (noodles)
  • Raven De Jarjayes (LestrangeRaven)
  • Calrissian Desario (Awarlesta Black)
  • Stella Morgan-Vaisey (starryowlandinkymoon)
  • Lionessa Ward (Fira)

Sixth Years - Class of 2092
  • Aimee Collins (LouLou Malfoy)
  • Echo Duchannes (Grrr..Meow)
  • Kelly Flenagan (Lauralicious)
  • Dalton Fletcher (Harron Peasley)
  • Natalia Franks-Mundie (Bazinga)
  • Noah Gardner (Gabben)
  • Niomi Kelly (PhoenixWizard)
  • Oliver Kyle (itsgisselx3)
  • Delilah Mosely (ChloeeCloverr)
  • Sean Park (hjhm)
  • Scott Weller (slytherus)
  • Colt Winchester (Expecto-Penguin)

Seventh Years - Class of 2091
  • Brooklyn Andrews (SilverTiger)
  • Echo Chosen (grangerfan8)
  • Clyde Deneau (SlytherclawPoet)
  • Hugo Foster (WeasleyGirl) - PREFECT
  • Alexander Gaia (Saminouske)
  • Hadleigh Lynch (Kolyander) - HEAD GIRL
  • June Nixon (sarahlooo)
  • Maisie Raines (Team ronmione)
  • Magdalena Traulton (Lislchen)

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Join Date: May 2003
Location: Blue (EST)
Posts: 4,751

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Curtis Angelo Fuller
Fourth Year
x8 x7

Ministry RPG Name:
Valeray Étienne McLeod

Ministry RPG Name:
Darej Ethan Patterson
Magical Creatures

Diagon Alley Employee:
Bradley Antonio Davidson
Quality Quidditch Supplies
Slytherin Head of House
• HuffleStud • Knight of The Zodiac • Manly Beard-Grower • Cicatrice de Harry •

Hogwarts' Groundskeeper

Model: Justice Joslin


Full Name: Justin Ivan McLeod
Age: 41+ (as of 2090)
Birthplace: London, England
Date of Birth: 14th of May 2049
Blood Status: Half-blood
Height: 179 cm (5"10)
Laterality: Right-handed
Wand: 12 ¼", Maple wood, Dragon Heartstring core. Quite flexible.
Patronus: German Shepherd
Boggart: *shakes head*

Justin can be described as a down-to-earth and easy-going bloke. Not believing that life should be difficult, he prefers to take the less complicated with the most fun and exciting direction in life. Justin is also flexible, given his many interests and talents there's little reason for him to shy away from trying out new things. As long as he doesn't look bad afterwards, it's all good.

Previous Work & Academics

~ The Quibbler ~ [Summer 2079 - 2087]
- Photographer -

~ Durmstrang Institute ~ [Fall 2072 - Spring 2079]
- Dark Creatures Professor -
- Beginning Charms Professor -

~ Wizarding University ~ [Fall 2067 - Spring 2072]
- Uni Student / Charms, History & Cryptozoology Major -
- Gobstones & Quidditch Reserve Player -

~ Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry ~ [Fall 2060 - Spring 2067]
- Slytherin Student / First ~ Seventh year -

SPOILER!!: Exam Results

O.W.L Results = 10/10
Astronomy - E
Ancient Runes - O
Care of Magical Creatures - O
Charms - O
Defense Against the Dark Arts - O
Herbology - E
History of Magic - E
Potions - O
Transfiguration - E
Muggle Studies - O

N.E.W.T Results = 10/10
Astronomy - A
Ancient Runes - E
Care of Magical Creatures - E
Charms - O
Defense Against the Dark Arts - O
Herbology - E
History of Magic - E
Potions - O
Transfiguration - O
Muggle Studies - O

Father: Mathias McLeod (d. 2076)
Mother: Lucille McLeod née Vance (d. 2076)
Brother: James McLeod
Sister: Abigail McLeod
Spouse: Arina McLeod née Rinamos (d. 2078)
Partner: Zachary Mirams
Ex-Partner: Lily Avenson
Son: Gary McLeod (d. 2078)
Daughters: Melanie McLeod (d. 2078), Lucilla McLeod
Cousins: Harley Manning, Laurel Vance
Pets: Jerrie (bi-coloured cat), Buddy (german shepherd)
Family tree

Justin was born in London, England. His mother, Lucille, was a fashion designer of robes for famous witches and wizards. His father, Mathias McLeod, was a General of the British Army on the muggle side. The family had travelled a lot due to his parents' work. Justin also has a younger brother named James and sister Abigail. His first signs of being a wizard showed early at the age of five. Justin's a fairly care-free individual who had a lot of interests in mind as a child into his teenage years.


Justin attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at the age of eleven like every other kid after accepting the infamous letter in 2060. Despite being considered flighty, it was his heavy ambition and thirst to get the best before anyone else ever could that earned him a spot in the house of Slytherin. His time there went well (with the exception of certain school events) for the most part. He made friends, dated a few girls and excelled well in all of his seven years in school.

Justin then moved on to Wizarding University for the next five years before securing a teaching position in Durmstrang Institute. Tragic family news resulted in him moving back to London where he was closer with his siblings again where he took on the job as a Photographer working for The Quibbler. His years there were great as he gained instant access to popularised events and travelling to different countries to photograph the unusual. Now looking for another change, Justin took on the opportunity to be working for his former school.

SPOILER!!: Timeline

14 May 2049: Justin McLeod is born in London.
2050: turns 1 year old.
2051: turns 2 years old.
2052: turns 3 years old. Family moves to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA.
2053: turns 4 years old. Declares himself as "Sailor of the Sea".
2054: turns 5 years old. Enrolls at a Muggle Primary school. Showed first signs of magic ability. Expelled from Primary school not long after.
2055: turns 6 years old. Family moves to Edinburgh, Scotland.
2056: turns 7 years old. Gifted a toy broom.
2057: turns 8 years old. James is born (29 September). Broom is confiscated after using James as a Quaffle with friends.
2058: turns 9 years old. Has first kiss(es) with neighbour. Banned from seeing her again with no regrets.
2059: turns 10 years old. Family moves to Glasgow, Scotland.
2060: turns 11 years old. First year at Hogwarts. Slytherin House. Befriends Geffrey.
2061: turns 12 years old. Second year. Abigail is born (7 April).
2062: turns 13 years old. Third year. Ancient Runes & Care of Magical Creatures as electives.
2063: turns 14 years old. Fourth year. First girlfriend, Libby. Has one last dance with her at Sock Hop before she moves.
2064: turns 15 years old. Fifth year. Second girlfriend, Donna. They break up so they can actually study. Holds one of the loose animals to care for before losing it.
2065: turns 16 years old. 10 O.W.L's. Sixth year at Cooper’s School of Magic for Young Wizards.
2066: turns 17 years old. Starts dating Arina Rinamos once school is announced to merge again. Seventh year at Hogwarts.
2067: turns 18 years old. 10 N.E.W.T's. Graduates. ROAD TRIP with Geffrey and the guys. Enrolls at Wizarding University (Edinburgh, Scotland campus). Majors in History & Cryptozoology. Plays Uni Quidditch (Keeper) & Gobstones.
2068: turns 19 years old. Wizarding University year 2. Changes major to Charms. Plays as Reserve in Sports. Gets engaged with Arina.
2069: turns 20 years old. Wizarding University year 3. Marries Arina now McLeod (6 September).
2070: turns 21 years old. Wizarding University year 4.
2071: turns 22 years old. Wizarding University year 5. Charms Teaching Assistant.
2072: turns 23 years old. Moves to Sweden. Beginning Charms Professor at Durmstrang.
2073: turns 24 years old. Beginning Charms Professor at Durmstrang.
2074: turns 25 years old. His son Gary is born (19 June). Beginning Charms & Dark Creatures Professor at Durmstrang.
2075: turns 26 years old. Beginning Charms & Dark Creatures Professor at Durmstrang.
2076: turns 27 years old. Parents deceased. His daughter Melanie is born (21 August). Charms Professor at Durmstrang. Has siblings; James & Abigail move in.
2077: turns 28 years old. Charms Professor at Durmstrang.
2078: turns 29 years old. Charms Professor at Durmstrang. Wife & kids mistakenly killed (30 November). Resigns from teaching. Takes a boat trip with camera. Offered position at The Quibbler.
2079: turns 30 years old. Moves back to London. Starts Photographing for The Quibbler.
2080: turns 31 years old. The Quibbler Photographer.
2081: turns 32 years old. The Quibbler Photographer.
2082: turns 33 years old. The Quibbler Photographer.
2083: turns 34 years old. The Quibbler Photographer.
2084: turns 35 years old. The Quibbler Photographer.
2085: turns 36 years old. The Quibbler Photographer. Photographs at the Wizarding Wireless Network Music Festival. Adopts Jerrie as a kitten.
2086: turns 37 years old. The Quibbler Photographer. Starts dating Zachary. Befriends Leo.
2087: turns 38 years old. Off and on with Zach. Resigns from The Quibbler. Returns to Hogwarts working as Groundskeeper. Befriends Paul and Sabel. Participates in Camps and Dueling Club.
2088: turns 39 years old. Gets (friendly) kiss from Sabel. His daughter Lucilla is born (21 April). Moves into new home. Gains custody of his daughter. Hogwarts Groundskeeper. Befriends former student-turned teacher Roderick. Christmas with McLeod-Davidson clan.
2089: turns 40 years old. Attended Leo & Cassie Kitridge's wedding. Disneyland Paris summer trip with family. Best man to brother James' wedding. Hogwarts Groundskeeper. Slytherin Head of House. Befriends Kay.
2090: turns 41 years old. Adopts Buddy as a puppy. Hogwarts Groundskeeper. Slytherin Head of House. Flying Instructor.

stern but sweet
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Rylee Caelyn Prichard
Sixth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Addison Anders

Diagon Alley Employee:
Evan Mikal Donovan
Magical Menagerie
Slytherin Head Girl
Panda Dance! l Purr! l Penguin Waddle! Charmander! l Banana! l Tiny Little Me!

Hadleigh Renee Lynch

"Live With No Excuses,
Love With No Regrets."

Birth Name: Hadleigh Renee Lynch
Nicknames: Hady or Hades (By Adi)
Gender: Female
Date of Birth/Age: July 26th 2073 (17 years old)
Place of Birth: Ireland
Current Residence: Long Island, New York London
Heritage: Pureblood
Boyfriend: Franklin Paton

Hogwarts Education
House: Slytherin
Year: Sixth
Wand Type: A Cypress wood wand 10 1/4 inches, slightly yielding with a core of unicorn hair.
Decoration: The charm is a green crystal butterfly attached to a sterling silver chain. The charm is functional and holds more then just special meaning. Graphics done by Donis Wands Inc.

Strongest Subjects: Charms and CoMC
Weakest Subjects: Ancient Runes and Arithmancy
OWLs: Results
Boggart: Acromantula
Patronus: Fennec Fox (Thank you Adi and Lux for all your help!)
Amortentia: The scent of the forest, green apple candy, and cologne
Animagi: Red Panda
Class of: 2091

Hair Color/Length/Style: Dark brown (sometimes with green streaks), halfway down her back. Normally left down now but sometimes pulled back into a messy ponytail or a braid.
Eye Color: Hazle
Height: 5' 3 1/2"
Weight: Average
Tattoo: Just one on her right side. This is what it is
Build: Petite
Noticeable Scars: A tiny one right above her right eye and another one just below the same eye due to a car accident when she was two and a half.
Piercings: Both ears twice
Quirks: Biting her bottom lip or the inside of her cheek when nervous, embarrassed or shy. Or she plays with the locket around her neck for the same reasons.
Clothing Style: Comfortable/casual. Normally sweatpants, tank tops, hoodies and skater shoes. Though she has begun to wear skirts/dresses more frequently as of lately.
Items always Worn: A butterfly locket with photos of those she cares for most inside and a flower necklace she received for her birthday.

Biological Mother: Renee Lynch, Pureblood (Deceased)
Biological Father: Michael Lynch, Pureblood (Deceased)
Adoptive Mother: Aimee Donavon (Formerly Parker), Muggle (Aimee and Evan are now divorced)
Adoptive Father: Evan Donavon, Pureblood
Step Mother: Katalin Montcenaggio
- Older Brothers: Adi! (Not biologically), William, Aiden and JJ (Stepbrothers)
- Older Sisters: Lux! (Not biologically), Amelia (Stepsister)
- Little Sisters: Noelle! (Not biologically), Luna (Half-sister)
- Little Brother: Lukas (Half-brother)
Uncle: Connor Anders
Aunt: Addison Anders
Cousin: Koen Jasper Malvolio Anders
Pets: Hagan, Riddick, Amie, a cruppie named Sammie, and Elvis/Flint/and Nephrite (pet rocks)

Extra Things:
Likes: Green/silver, animals, being outdoors/traveling, candy, iced coffee, taking photos, playing Quidditch, music/dancing/and playing the drums/guitar, lakes/waterfalls/and forests, reading/studying new spells
Dislikes: Spiders, liars/fakers/complainers
Talents: Dancing, playing the guitar/drums
Allergies: None
Dreams Of: Being a Creature Healer
Model: Thylane Blondeau (former) Danielle Campbell (current)
Post Color: Dark Green

Personality: Hady is generally cheerful, like everyone though she does get upset, frustrated or angry at times. She's a high energy type of girl but manages to keep herself under control though is sometimes gives in to random bursts of hyperness. She's very friendly and helpful, therefore has no trouble at all making friends and will put up a great amount of effort in keeping her friends and ensuring their happiness, which always tends to come before her own. Everything Hady does is given her all whether it be in lessons, dancing, guitar/drums or anything else. She tends to overdo things and ends up stressing herself out a lot without meaning to due to having a strong need to prove that she can do anything.


SPOILER!!: Through The Years
2073: Born on July 26th in Ireland.
2074: Turns 1.
2075: Turns 2. When she's two and a half her parents (Renee and Michael Lynch), their best friends (Aimee and Evan Donavon) and herself are in a car wreck which kills both her mother and father. The Donavon's begin the process of becoming Hady's legal guardians. Moves to Long Island, New York. Meets her neighbor/best friend Jaxon.
2076: Turns 3. Begins taking dance lessons.
2077: Turns 4. Officially adopted by the Donavon's. Starts at muggle pre-K. Continues dance lessons.
2078: Turns 5. Starts muggle kindergarden. Continues dance lessons. Learns to ride a children's broomstick and play Quidditch.
2079: Turns 6. Starts muggle 1st grade. Continues dance lessons.
2080: Turns 7. Starts muggle 2nd grade. Continues dance lessons. Breaks her ankle falling out of a tree.
2081: Turns 8. Gets a python for her birthday. Starts muggle 3rd grade. Continues dance lessons. Fractures her wrist dancing.
2082: Turns 9. Starts muggle 4th grade. Continues dancing but at home alone.
2083: Turns 10. Starts muggle 5th grade. Keeps dancing but not as often.
2084: Turns 11. Receives her Hogwarts letter. Gets Hagan and Riddick for Hogwarts. Sorted into Slytherin upon asking the Sorting Hat to place her there. Starts her 1st year in Hogwarts. Saves Zeke's butt in Herbology and gains a bestie. Stops dancing. Elected Most Promising Firstie.
2085: Turns 12. Attends Hogwarts week long summer trip. Starts her 2nd year in Hogwarts. Joins the Cartographers Club. Still not dancing much anymore. Starts teaching herself to play the guitar.
2086: Turns 13. Attends a weekend Quidditch Camp. Starts her 3rd year in Hogwarts. Starts dancing again sometimes. Continues learning the guitar and begins on drums also. Adopts Elvis a pet rock. Starts working on casting a patronus. Is attacked by tons of tiny spiders and gets sick from it. Helps scare off the acromantulas and develops a deep fear of said creatures. Learns of her parents impending divorce.
2087: Turns 14. Stops talking to Jaxon. Continues dancing a little, playing guitar and drums. Starts 4th year at Hogwarts. Adopts two more pet rocks Flint and Nephrite. Undergoes her first transformation as a animal due to a potion (fox). Remains at Hogwarts for Christmas for the first time. Set up on a Valentine's Day Date which fails horribly. Begins Animagus studies with Frankie Paton and Professor York. Finally manages to cast a corporeal patronus which takes the form of a fennec fox. Undergoes her second animal transformation via potion (owl). Participates in Gobstones. Chooses to live with her father after her parents divorce. Participates in the Dueling Club...comes in 3rd place in dueling club and gains the title of 'Most likely to keep a level head'. Won first place in the school spirit 'camps' and won a tour of the Quidditch stadium at a match this coming season of her chosen team. Top House Points earner for Slytherin.
2088: Moves to London with her father. Turns 15. Becomes the girlfriend of Franklin Paton. Starts her 5th year at Hogwarts. Continues Animagus studies with Frankie and Professor Ichihara. Assists Yoongi in casting a corporal patronus. Assists Mason in learning to dance. Assists Kali in learning to play the guitar better. Participates in Gobstones. Takes part in the Book Club. Meets her fathers new girlfriend Katalin and her four kids. Speaks with Professor Draper about a career in Creature Healing. Takes portrait painting lessons with Professor Finch. Learns of her fathers engagement and attends their summer wedding. Learns she's going to be a big sister. Becomes the drummer in The Sirens an all girl band. Sends out applications for summer internships. Part of Aspiring Astronomer Association (top 5 in Astronomy). Noble Prize for Potions (top 6 in Potions) Took the OWLs.
2089:In her fathers wedding. Turns 16. Goes to Ireland for an internship in Creature Healing at a rescue reserve. Starts her sixth year at Hogwarts. Breaks up with Frankie Paton. Becomes a big sister to twins Lukas and Luna. Has a terrible few months, finally realizes the problem. Drops a few classes to have more time. Still in the Sirens. Continues portrait painting with professor Finch. Participates in Gobstones and Dueling Club. Holds a Mandrake leaf in her month for a month. Gets back with Frankie. Completes animagi training, animal form is a Red Panda.
2090Has a calmer summer. The Sirens partake in a Talent Search as well as play in a recording studio. Turns 17.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Nigel White
Third Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Brandon Knox
Slytherin Prefect
Hala Madrid | What's up? | Live F♥rever | Nade ♥

H U G O_D._F O S T E R
Model: Alex Pettyfer

Full Name: Hugo Donovan Foster
Nicknames: none
Age: 17
Date of Birth: October 26 2072
Place of Birth: Sheffield, England
Blood Status: Mixed
Patronus: Chameleon
Boggart: Losing his family
Relationship Status: Single

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: 2083 - ?
Year: 7th year
House: Slytherin
Strongest Subjects: DADA
Weakest Subjects: Arithmancy

Father: Heinrich Foster (half-blood)
Mother: Victoria Foster (neé Braun) (pureblood)
Siblings: Charlotte Foster

Height: 5'6 ft
Hair: Dirty blond
Eyes: Green

Hugo Foster, son of Heinrich and Victoria Foster, was born October 26 in Sheffield, England. His parents are from Germany. His father is an engineer and works in a construction company and his mother works in the Ministry of Magic. His sister, Charlotte, went to Beauxbatons and is currently studying in a wizard university.

Hugo grew up as a very quiet and shy kid, not interacting with anyone but his family. His parents were concerned by this fact and as a result of it; they send him to muggle school. At first, it didn’t seem as a good idea, it didn’t change the way Hugo was but as the years passed and with a little bit of effort, he managed to get through that stage. Hugo became a more talkative boy, who loved to say everything he thought, sometimes saying too much.

When he became 11 years old, he received the famous letter and though he wanted to go to Drumstrang, he was finally convinced to go to Hogwarts.

Hugo is a very reserved boy, doesn’t talk too much about his personal stuff and few he considers his real friends. He can be impulsive but also can take the time to think things through. People’s opinion doesn’t matter too much to him and tries to see the positive side of everything. He can be very proud and have trouble admitting he did wrong, which is a big problem for him. Hugo is loyal and a good listener, instead of telling people his problems he likes to hear theirs, and if you are nice to him he will be nice to you and this also applies if you are bad to him (sometimes). Family and friends matters to him the most and will always be there if you need him.

He is full of deep thoughts, likes to be informed of any important event (or gossip heh), doesn’t like to be involved in any drama and will avoid it all cost. Concern to girls, he isn’t a flirt at heart but can manage to get the attention he wants (maybe?), although he is kind of scared about that topic, and like any other boy, he loves sports.

Sports (soccer, quidditch, tennis and football)
Girls Marigold, Nat (obviously)
Going against the flow
Good grades

Loud people
Being ignored
Not being right
Hyperactive people
Explaining the same thing more than three times
Cats and birds
His second name
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Benvolio Selwyn
Sixth Year

x7 x1

Ministry RPG Name:
Penelope Grimm
Law Enforcement

Ministry RPG Name:
Regina Mae Amstern
Minister's Office
Baguette | there is no D in my name | TRAITORclaw | Queenie of Narnia

Rula M. Botros

Model: Liana Liberato

General Info
Full Name: Rula Mariam Botros
Nicknames: Ru
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: February 4, 2075
Relationship Status: Dating Maxwell Van Hutton
Blood Status: Pureblood
Wand: 9 inches of brittle White Pine with a Unicorn Hair

Durmstrang (2086-2088)
Current Year: Fifth
House: Slytherin
Favorite Subjects: Charms, Transfiguration
Least Favorite Subjects: Herbology, History of Magic
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Arabic

Father: Julianne Botros
Mother: Patricia Botros
Sisters: Junia Botros, Alanna Botros
Brother: Aaron Botros
Other Relatives: Abraham Botros (grandfather), Hassan Botros (cousin), Lilian Botros (cousin), Eureka Russ (cousin), Abraham "Abey" Botros Jr. (cousin), more relatives can be found here
Best Friend: Bastien Toussaint
Pet: A grey Maine Coon cat named Sir Isaac the First

Hair Color:
Light brown
Eye Color: Grey
Height: 5’9”

Personality: As a very energetic, excitable girl, Rula loves to have fun and to be around people, though she is also a hard worker too. Once she decides she wants to accomplish something, she is determined to see it through, no matter how long it takes or how impossible it may seem. She’s also very possessive though and has little patience with someone who seems to be trying to take something away from her, and she also can get pretty jealous when someone else has something that she really wants.

In addition, Rula is very imaginative and a hopeless romantic, and she is a believer in “true love”, “soulmates”, and other typical romantic ideals.

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Crumple-Horned Snorkack
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Carys Rose
Fifth Year
x5 x3

Ministry RPG Name:
Bryony Keighley
Law Enforcement

Ministry RPG Name:
Dylan Morgenstern

Diagon Alley Employee:
Elizabeth Chambers
Flourish and Blotts
Shoe!Girl │ Rebel Ravie │ Confundus Queen │ RP Addict

Brooklyn Diana Andrews

Name: Brooklyn Diana Andrews
Nicknames: not allowed
Age: 17
Birthdate: August 10, 2073
Place of Birth: London, England (but she grew up in San Diego, California)
Current Home: London, England
Blood/Lineage: Halfblood (father is halfblood, mother is pureblood)
Wand: 9 1/2 Inch Pliant Willow with Dragon Heartstring
Favorite subjects: Potions, Transfiguration
Worst Subjects: Arithmancy, Divination
Patronus: owl

Play-by: Valentina Lyapina (younger) Alexina Graham (older)
Post Color: #17311c

Height: 5'5"
Weight: approximately 115 pounds
Hair Color: red
Eye Color: blue

Family and Friends:
Jonathan Andrews, father, 43
Alyssa (Blackthorne) Andrews, mother, 41
Lily Anne Andrews, sister, 23
Family Tree:
a Bengal cat named Tywin
a gyrfalcon named Cat (Catelyn actually)


*will edit more in later*
Game of Thrones
being treated like royalty
Professor Bellaire

nicknames (especially Brookie)
the Weasley swamp
Lily’s husband’s little brother

*will edit in once written*
Don't let the fear keep you from climbing. And if you fall to the ground just keep trying

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Cecelia Elizabeth Summers
First Year

x12 x7

Ministry RPG Name:
Emilia Espinosa
Law Enforcement

Ministry RPG Name:
Mariana Medina
Environmental Protection
elephant-astic•wanderlust•stay in the ninedaaays the original Taco Belle•look at the flowers✿

Princess Junia

FC: Diana Pentovich


Given Name: Junia Latifah Botros
Nicknames: Juni, Junebug, Princess
Birthday: June 27th, 2078
Blood status: Pureblood
Lives in: Belaric Islands off Spain
Speaks: English, Arabic, some Spanish
Wand: Unyielding ash, Twelve and 3/4 inches, Phoenix Feather Core
Single or Taken? Crushing on a maybe prince

Physical Appearance

Height: 4’11”
Weight: 91 lbs
Hair Color: Light brown Eye Color: Green/Blue


Year: Second
House: Slytherin
Best Subjects: Flying, Defense, Ancient Runes
Worst Subjects: Muggle Studies


ESFJ Personality Type.

Junia has always been energetic. She’s also extremely enthusiastic about things which interest her like possible princes, Quidditch, and get togethers with her family. She feels very strongly about tradition and respecting the older members of her family, with the exception of her sister, who she says doesn’t count as OLD just yet. Although happy most of the time, when Junia is upset, her emotions are not easily hidden and she often lets the party that caused said emotions know-quite loudly-what’s bothering her. She’s also fiercely protective of her siblings, ready to jump at the chance for revenge if they are wronged. Some would say Junebug has a flair for the dramatic, something that both amuses-and sometimes irritates-those around her. If she wanted to be an actress in the future, she’d be pretty great at it, just saying. A hard worker, Junia focuses time and energy to achieve any goal she sets for herself. Being part of a family whose surname is associated with great achievements, there is pressure on her, even at such a young age, to make her family proud by making a name for herself. The recent declining health of Abraham Botros, her paternal grandfather, only adds to this pressure, as she looks up to him most of all.


Father: Julianne Botros
Mother: Patricia Botros
Sisters: Rula (February 4, 2075), Alanna (July 1, 2082)
Brothers: Aaron (July 1, 2082)
Additional Family: Abraham Botros (grandfather-see bio for family tree)
Pet: Prince Charlie of Meowton


SPOILER!!: Timeline of Important Events

Summer of 2078: Princess Junia is born

Summer 2088: Learns of Grandfather’s condition after eavesdropping on parent conversation, trying to sort out what that means, leans on siblings and cousins for support, not allowed to visit her grandfather for quite some time

Summer 2089: Junia turns 11 and receives her Hogwarts Letter, Gets her WAND, Meets Hazen Krum and becomes insta-enemies with him over an ice cream incident, Meets Astrea Washerby and becomes insta-best friends with her

First year 2089-2090: Sorted in Slytherin house where Rula is, has to be in the same house as Hazen, is separated from BFF (Gryffindor), meets Adrastos Evans and shortly after develops her first age-appropriate crush, has her first kiss in the RoR after playing Jacks with Adra

Summer 2090: Visits Grandfather in the hospital with her siblings (brings drawing of family, labeling each family member to help him remember their names), Goes on a vacation to the beach with Astrea, her grandparents, and Astrea’s crush, Grandfather passes away at family home surrounded by family and friends

A few of her favorite things

Drawing, her cat, quidditch, having her hair braided, borrowing Rula’s clothes, gossiping with Abey, bossing Alanna and Aaron, spending one-on-on time with Hassan, seeing Grandfather smile, talking to Prince West, having tea parties, being in charge
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Niomi Kelly
Sixth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Victoria Summit
Minister's Office

Ministry RPG Name:
Autumn Wellington
Magical Creatures
♥ Belive ♥ Slytherin ♥ 08/01/14 ♥

Niomi Delilah Kelly

Name: Niomi Delilah Kelly
DoB: October 30, 2074
Age: 16
Year At Hogwarts: 6
Blood Status: Pure
Best Subjects: Herbology, Potions and Astronomy
Least Favorite/Worst Subjects: Ancient Runes and Arithmancy
Pets: Black Cat with white paws named Mittens.

Personality: Niomi appearance doesn't portray for who she really is inside. She may seem kind and quiet. She loves to be active and be the center. Although she loves to be the center, she will only take it so far. She never brags, sometimes it might seem that she does. Niomi expects others to treat her with love and respect just as she treats others. Also, she is very caring and will help others who might be in need. These two personality traits almost didn't place her into Slytherin. Her true ambition takes great action! If Niomi needs to get something done she will, no matter what.

Friends and family are very dear and meaningful to her. She would do anything for them. These are the best and number one people in her life. Along with family and friends, she is a die-heart romantic. Anything sappy and romantic is her ideal love life. She tries very hard to not let this get over her head though. Niomi knows that not every man that she is attracted to will match her hopeless romantic heart. She doesn't expect any man to reach 100% this mentality, but she is a sucker for lovey dovey romance.

Eye Color: Brown
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Light
Height: 5'5

Father: James Alexander Kelly; Born: September 17, 2050
Mother: Christine Kathren Daphne Kelly (nee: Summit); Born: February 19, 2050
Sister: Sophie Victoria Kelly; Born: August 31, 2081
Sister: Tahlia Kelly; Born: April 3, 2084
Aunt: Victoria Summit; Born: April 8, 2049

SPOILER!!: History:

Niomi was born on October 30, 2074 in Norwich, England to her father James Alexander Kelly and mother Christine Kathren Daphne Kelly (nee Summit). The Kelly family, who later consist of her two younger sisters Sophie and Tahlia, are pure bloods. They consider pureblood to continue to run in the family for future generations. Although they expect the magic pure blood line to continue, they have absolutely NO haltered towards non-pureblood folks and muggles. In fact, they love muggles, muggle-borns and half blood people. Also, the Kelly family aims to have more than two children. Even though the family expects pureblood marriages into the family they will not disown or harm their family for marrying outside of pureblood linage. This wasn't always the case in the past generations.

During Niomi's childhood, she loved creatures and people. She spent a great deal learning about animals and humans. Even with pureblood blood, muggles have always interested her. For as long as she could remember Niomi knew what Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was. As she got older Niomi looked forwards to attending said school. At the age of 5, when she started to show signs of magic, her parents were thrilled. Long before her 11th birthday, Niomi's parents told her all the wonderful things Hogwarts had to offer her. For years she would imagine what Hogwarts looks like and was it would be like.

On October 30, 2085, an owl arrived at the Kelly home with a letter for the oldest child of the three sisters. With excitement, Niomi was spent the rest of the year preparing herself for her new school. There was one thing that worried her most, what house would she be placed into? With her pureblood family, they were all placed into different houses. Niomi's grandmother was a Hufflepuff and her husband was a Gryffindor. Niomi's aunt Victoria was a Slytherin and James and Christine were Ravenclaws. Christine would comfort Niomi when she would think her parents would be disappointed that she wasn't placed into Ravenclaw. Truth was, James and Christine did not care at all what house Niomi would belong to.

Finally the day has come, Niomi arrived at Hogwarts. She was more nervous than ever when she waited to get called up to the sorting hat. After a short while Niomi heard her name be called. She instantly held her breath. Forcing herself to move, she found herself sitting on the stool and talking sorting hat being placed onto her head. As the hat was deciding what house she will belong to, Niomi was expecting to hear the word Hufflepuff, but that did not happen. When the sorting hat shouted Slytherin her eyes grew big. Slytherin?! That was the last house she expected to be placed into. Without knowing she showed the personality traits of a Slytherin, which would grow in the years to come.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Isla Bellchant
First Year

Hiss!Roar!Growl!Caw | Hermione's Double | The Little Three | Alecate ❤

First - Second Year: Nikki Hahn
Third - Seventh Year: Maia Mitchell

Name: Ariadne Cecelia Greingoth
Nickname: Nee (only by her mother)
Age: 13 Year: Third
Birthday: December 25, 2076 (will soon turn 14)
House: Slytherin
Wand: 11¾ inches; supple yew; Fwooper feather core.
"It's a fine match, too. 11 3/4 inches of supple Yew with Fwooper Feather. Yew is, of course, a very powerful, very rare wand wood, exceptionally superb for transfiguration magic, water spells, curses and other types of dark magic, but pairing it with the fwooper feather, it's also great for the subjects of Charms and Care of Magical Creatures as well. I reckon you'll find success in many subject areas with this wand, no doubt, as yew is attracted to natural-born leaders." - Libby
Boggart: TBD
Patronus: TBD

Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown
Build: Small in build and average in height
Looks like: A spitting image of her mom

Parents: Alexander Greingoth II and Hecate Lafay Greingoth
Siblings: Anna Greingoth Newell (older half sister);
Sierra Greingoth (older sister);
and Damien Greingoth (younger brother)
Paternal Grandparents: Alexander I and Vanessa Greingoth
Maternal Grandparents: Lucien and Nerys Lafay

Mother: Hecate Lafay Greingoth (Droo)
Older half sister: Anna Greingoth Newell (Anna Banana)
Older Sister: Sierra Greingoth (Anna Banana)
Surrogate Mother (unknown to Ariadne): Cecelia Tillstorm Murdoch (The1HBIC)
Brother-in-law: Cale Newell (Lissy Longbottom)
Niece (thinks she's a cousin): Sophie Newell (Anna Banana)
Nephew (thinks he's a cousin): Caleb Newell (Lissy Longbottom)

Likes: Quidditch; her family (particularly her mom); Christmas (which also happens to be her birthday); ice cream and wizarding treats; hanging out with friends;
Dislikes: Homework; getting up early; rude and ungrateful people; leaving her mom to have to spend the year at a boarding school (even though her family lives right in Hogsmeade);
Personality: Since she was a baby, Ariadne has always been happy and full of smiles. Along with her older sister, Anna, Ariadne is one of two members of the Greingoth family with a pleasing, friendly personality. She gets along with everyone she meets and has no problem making friends with anyone. It would be very hard to make her angry enough to never forgive you or to never want to be friends with you again. This may make her seem like a pushover, but she's definitely not. She has a good head on her shoulders, knows right from wrong, and knows how to recognize when somebody's trying to get the best of her.

History: Ariadne is the first biological child of Hogwarts sweethearts Alexander Greingoth II (former Minister of Magic) and Hecate Lafay Greingoth (former Hogwarts Potions Mistress and Slytherin Head of House). Hecate Lafay had no intentions of ever having a biological child when she learned she was pregnant with Ariadne. During pregnancy, Hecate contacted a mysterious illness, and both she and Ariadne nearly died. Had it not been for the help of family friend Cecelia Tillstorm Murdoch, Hecate and Ariadne would not be alive today.

Ariadne comes from a very long line of proud Slytherins and is pretty much expected to make it into the House of Snakes, as well. She understands what it means to be a Slytherin but hasn't quite figured out what that means for her yet. Before coming to Hogwarts, she was homeschooled by her mom. It was dad, however, who ensured she was raised with a true love for the game of Quidditch. She comes to Hogwarts with a good mix of both parents in her and a whole lot of her own unique personality.

First Year:
* joined the Dueling Club
* was nearly the overall top points earner (lost by one point)
* Aspiring Astronomer's Association (Astronomy Award)
* Green Thumb Club (Herbology Award)
* Nobel Prize for Potions (Potions Award)
* HoM Notable Students (History of Magic Award)
* Most Promising Firstie
* Most Likely to Invent or Discover Something

Second Year:
* Having focused too much on schoolwork last year and not enough time on her own social life, Ariadne spent the term quietly doing her school work and homework, trying not be an overachiever, and trying to get out more. She's still working on making new friends and maybe one day meeting that one special boy.

Third Year:
* Current term

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Kennedi L. Escalante
First Year
That's Rough Buddy | Be the Flower | Moon & Stars

♚ Prince of Falmouth ♚

♚ Things about me… ♚

My name is Cornelius. Orion. Baltazar.
I have nicknames: Cob, Cobby, Corny, Corn-on-the-cob
The world was graced by my birth on July 11, 2077
I was born in Boston, MA but I’ve lived in the UK my entire life.
My parents are pure-bloods so that makes me a pure-blood.

♚...Me, my magic and I… ♚

I FINALLY have a wand and it’s a...13 inches, fragile Pine with a Phoenix Feather core (exceptionally powerful!)
I haven’t been sorted yet, but I hope it isn’t... Ravenclaw
No patronus, either... SAD
Neither a boggart… I dun’ want one of those, do I?
I have subjects I’m good at, those are... flying and QUIDDITCH
Amortmentia...uhm...why do I need one of those? Can I eat it?

♚ …..My family genes… ♚

My hair is... dark and very messy and curly, I never wanna chop it off.
My eyes are... a deep green like twinkling emeralds.
Height-wise I’ve always been tall-ish at... 4’11”
I write with my... left hand.
I have been marked... my face is unblemished as I have a small scar on my upper lip. It’s itty bitty.
I also have holes on my face...o__o... as DIMPLES. *GOTCHA*

♚…….This is my crew… ♚

My dad and mum are... Xavier Baltazar and Ursulla Baltazar
I have sisters too, lots of them, even: Yvonne, Yvette, Yvanna, Peyton and little babe Mallory
I have a new baby brother (>_>): Rygel P. Baltazar
My godparents are cooler than yours: Johnathan ‘Jack’ Walker and Marisca Walker
I have so many relatives I forget sometimes: Kennedy Escalante, Beverly Wayne, Johnathan Walker, Rosiiiiie Walker, Danny Walker and his brother, I forget his name.

♚ ………...Myself… ♚

The people closest to me say I’m a rambunctious (what an interesting word), happy kid. I guess you could say that. I don’t mind gifting the world with my dazzling smile my dad says I inherited from his side of the family. They also say I'm sneaky and have a knack for telling lies, I call that skilled story-telling. Don't hate on my imagination and creativity. Making friends is easy for me. Why? I dun’ know, actually. Maybe it’s because I’m clever and easy-going. I dun’ much appreciate serious things or situations, they bore me and can go take a hike to Mt. Fugi. I prefer fun and excitement and adventures. One very important thing, I’m FOND of all things sweet and you can bet’cha you can win my heart over with it.

♚ ………......My life! ♚

Ah, so you wanna know about the history of Cornelius. Orion. Baltazar. Sure. Why not? Before I was born, my parents tried REALLY hard to have a boy heir to the name. It didn’t happen after four daughters. They also had bumps and potholes along the way before I even happened. They ran into such a deep pothole when they chose to file for divorce. Of course, I’m here so something had to happen. Dad married my godmother Marisca, but that didn’t work out because it turns out her dead husband wasn’t really dead, so my dad and Marisca’s marriage didn’t count. A little while after that my parents fell in love again and remarried. WOOT!

That’s when I--Cornelius. Orion. Baltazar--happened. They say I was born late after the due date and that I was a big baby--not my fault my mum loved me and fed me well. I was loved on INSTANTLY. Mum says Dad threw a huge party and everyone in town was invited.

I grew up in a very cozy and doting home. My godparents live across my house, they are parents of my BESTEST friend in the whole wide WORLD; Rosalinda Jane Walke, a.k.a Rosie. She was born nine days after me, it was meant to be for us to be BFFs. We attended Young Witches and Wizards Academy in London. She’s into dance while I’m interested in Quidditch. It works out. She usually does my hair before a match and I trip anyone who needs dealing with.

Quidditch has been part of my since day one. Serious. My dad bought me my first toy broom and Falmouth Falcons jersey on the day I was born. I breathe, love and live Quidditch.

Recently I’ve graduated from YWWA and I am now on the road to Hogwarts. As per usual in our crazy mixed family, the bets have been set. Dad, Peyton, Kennedy and Seth bet ten galleons that I’ll land Slytherin. My godparents and their son, Johnathan, put down that I’ll land Gryffindor. Mum, dearest mother, has bet I’ll be in Ravenclaw. Here’s the thing, I don’t want to be Ravenclaw. And here’s another thing, I think I’ll land Ravenclaw. Mum’s the only ‘Claw in our family and I know it’ll make her proud and jump for joy if I took after her, but if I do, I worry I’m not as clever as everyone says I am. Knowing the woman who gave me life, she’ll expect top scores and top marks on every. single. assignment. I ever do. It already sounds EXHAUSTING.

Anyway, I hope I land Gryffindor. I’ll get the biggest kick to see the look on my dad’s Slytherin face. HAHAHA.


UPDATE (1st Year): I DID NOT LAND GRYFFINDOR. WHAT THE FAWKES' FEATHERS?!?!??!!? Eeeeh. It's not bad at ALL so I shouldn't be complaining. I landed SLYTHERIN. Can I get a HISS???


Made the father proud. Mother, she's a lovely soul as always and accepted me without a doubt. She's proud I made Slytherin. Says I'll be an even greater wizard than Dad and I believe that. I won't repeat Dad's little hiccup while at school. ANYWAY. Until next term. BYE FELICIA.


UPDATE (2nd Year): Mum and Dad are having another baby. I think it's a boy. I think I'm being replaced. It's all my dad's fault. You would think a man his age would know about protection.

Anyway. I didn't die this term. I survived. I made it. My hair is longer and there is NO WAY I'm getting it chopped. Also. () I had my first kiss.


Previous Characters:

Kennedy Escalante
Peyton Baltazar
Beverly Wayne
Professor Astrid Baxter

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Christopher "CL" Lee
Third Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Jose Mora
Magical Creatures
|G&T=<3|Snuggles her ALI!| <3's Saz |Master Lurker|

Model: Bailee Madison, Graphics: Grrr..Meow

Basic Information

Full name: Echo Marina Duchannes
Nickname: Echo
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Date of birth: February 14th 2074
Nationality: American
Blood status: Pure
Wand: *likes to keep this secret*


Hair colour: Brown
Hair style: Medium length and waves
Eye colour: Brown
Skin tone: Light
Height: 5'4
Weight: 120 lbs
Clothing style: very fashionable
Accessories: any type of jewelry that matches each outfit
Other distinguishing features: Birthmark that somewhat looks like a butterfly on her left arm (inside)


Likes: Fun jokes, Shopping, Fashion, colors and scarfs
Dislikes: Very loud talkers, people who dont know about fashion, being cruel to animals, convertibles (they will ruin your hair) people who wear socks and sandals.
Good at: Shopping or being a personal shopper, decorating and being around animals
Bad at: Studying and
Hobbies: Coming up with her own clothing line.
Fears: Being eaten alive or being covered in mud or some sort of dirt.
Ambition: To be a fashion designer to the muggle celebs.


Father: Antonio Jase Duchannes. Born, January 21st, 2050.
Mother: Daphne { nee: Mikos } Duchannes. Born, July 11th, 2051.
Sibling: Mikos Antonio Duchannes. Born, September 8th, 2083.
Cousin: Emmylou Duchannes. Born, February 26th, 2070.
Cousin: Marcel Duchannes. Born, January 21st, 2070.
Pet: Mouse: Klein, young male, age unknown.
Family home: California USA
Blood Status: Pure
Social standing: high standing, family is very wealthy.
Family background: With having a huge family Echo loves to spend time by herself. Not wanting to ruin her family
name or her own presence Echo doesn't like to get dirty, she always loves to be clean and pressed
with a nice face of makeup on. If she makes friends they are there for a reason and she holds them
higher than anyone else. Being at Hogwarts a few years now she knows the routine and loves
being a sassy snake. You do not want to get on her bad side thats for sure thats when
the fangs come out.

Individual magic

Wand reaction when first held: Flowers grew in a near by window and soft music played.
Boggart: Spiders
Patronus: Armadillo
Amortentia: new clothes smell


(What happened before Hogwarts)

Years at Hogwarts

First year
Sorted into: Slytherin
Best subject: CoMC
Favorite subject: Muggle Studies
Worst subject: DADA
Least favorite subject: History of Magic
Christmas holiday: Went home for the holidays to visit family.

Second year
Best subject: Muggle Studies
Favorite subject: Muggle Studies
Worst subject: Potions
Least favorite subject: Potions
Christmas holiday: stayed at school to help study for potions, struggling in this subject.

Third year
Best subject: CoMC
Favorite subject: CoMC
Worst subject: History of Magic
Least favorite subject: Potions
Hogsmead: Had fun with friends and ate plenty of candy.
Christmas holiday: Went home and hung out with her mother, some good old fashion mother and daughter time.

Fourth year
Best subject: Muggle Studies and CoMC
Favorite subject: Charms
Worst subject: Potions
Least favorite subject: DADA
Hogsmead: bought treats for her pet mouse
Christmas holiday: Stayed at hogwarts

Fifth year
Best subject: Charms
Favorite subject: Charms
Worst subject: History of Magic
Least favorite subject: Potions
Hogsmead: Stayed at school to study.
Christmas holiday: Stayed at Hogwarts with friends.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Zarina Rae Carraro
Sixth Year
x6 x2

Ministry RPG Name:
Jasmine Lenkim
Accidents & Catastrophes

Ministry RPG Name:
Kace Troy Lecium
Magical Creatures
Stephanoodle || Adorable Nerd

Colt Winchester

Model: Ben Bowers

▸ basics
Name: Colt Dean Winchester
Place of Birth: New York City, USA
Date of Birth: June 20th 2074

Marital Status: Single ready to mingle
▸ appearance

Hair Colour: Dark with Blonde Highlights
Eye Colour: Green
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 180
Build: Lean and Thin

▸ education & work history

Current School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Slytherin
Year: Sixth Year

Best Subjects: DADA, Flying, COMC, Eating and Muggle Studies
Worst Subjects: Arithmancy, Ancient Runes and Transfiguration


O- Defense Against the Dark Arts
E- Potions
A- History of Magic
E- Transfiguration
O- Care of Magical Creatures
A- Herbology
E- Charms
P- Divination


*to be determined*

▸ family
Mother: Mary née Linston
Father: John Winchester
- Kaylee Winchester

- Braedon Winchester
- Kace Winchester

▸ background
Blood Status: Pure Blood
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: American

SPOILER!!: History

Born in June on a cold stormy night, the Winchesters were blessed with having a son after trying countless times. His father naming him after his favorite football team and type of gun, he was a little miracle. A few years later coming from a military style family, he was always switching schools. Colt was accustomed to leaving and making new friends. He learned to adapt to anything. Having his father John Winchester as a Military General, Colt hardly ever sees him but when he does, he is professional. He respects his old man and knows he is doing well in the world. He learned to hunt at a young age. He knows how to protect himself in certain situations. His mother Mary Linston Winchester works in a makeup business tries to make time to spend with her son but he knows it is hard. When he is not home, he usually flies over to Australia to visit his mom's side of the family. His cousins Braedon and Kace are like his brothers than cousins.

SPOILER!!: Personality

He is chill with whatever comes his way. Colt sometimes has a hard time making friends because he is very observant. He is not the bubbly personality type.

Colt can be cautious and reserved. He does not like to make the first move when it comes to meeting people. He is usually the kid in the back of the class not saying anything. He can be a smart butt sometimes and knows how to get his own way.

▸ miscellaneous
Patronus: A phoenix
Boggart: A hoard of angry wasps
Amortentia: New skateboard
▸ Previous Charries
-Annabelle Lecium
-Kace Lecium

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Jillian Kim
Fifth Year
x4 x2

Ministry RPG Name:
Jonathan Kim
Minister's Office
♣ PASTRIES | MCU and beyond | I am Heejin || The CAFE enthusiast | Music Fan ♣

model: Mino (from Winner)

Sean Andrew Park

Basic Information:

Name: Sean Andrew Park
D.O.B: December 15, 2073
P.O.B: Westmeath, Ireland
Ethnicity: Irish, Korean
Language: English only
Blood Status: Half-blood
Wand: 11” English oak with Phoenix feather core, unyielding

........ Donis Wands, Inc.

Sean Signature:

Miscellaneous Information:

Education: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
_________House: Slytherin
_________Best Subject/s: DADA (probably), summer break, winter break, recess, lunch break
_________Worst Subject/s: Ancient Runes… or anything boring
Amortentia: fresh bread and freshly brewed coffee
Patronus: tiger
Boggart: vampires
Pet/s: a. Virtus – dog
_____b. Hermes – owl


Built: medium built
Eyes: brown
Hair: black and straight
Weight: 67 kg
Height: 180 cm or 5’9”

Personality Info:

Sean is an outgoing person. He doesn’t really like staying indoors as this bores him a lot. He enjoys going out and being with nature. Even as a little kid being adventurous is something that catches his spirit. Sean enjoys learning new things as each day goes by. He struggles with school work and all but if he gets interested in a certain topic he tends to dwell on it a lot. Apart from that, Sean also enjoys a good ol’ truth or dare game. He mostly picks dare which sometimes gets him into a lot of trouble but he doesn’t really mind. Sean is a happy-go-lucky kid that loves to eat pastries. He is also a big fan of brewed coffee. He doesn't drink it every single minute of his life, sometimes he just enjoys smelling the sweet aroma of coffee beans being brewed.

Sean can be a little bit skeptic around people but only because he grew up with the cruelty of his cousins playing pranks on him a lot. He has a lot of inner thoughts as well which he hopes to stay in his thoughts.

His dislikes includes: any kind of bug that can fly and people who do not like pastries because…. Why???

More of his likes includes: pancakes and milk for dinner while steak for breakfast, dares, friendly people, funny people, odd people, all kinds of people, maybe mischief... maybe not, break times, snow and winter break, pumpkin everything, buying gifts, etc...

Family background and Information:

Steven Park , father
Brenda Alice Park (nee Thompson), mother

Summer Alexia Park (10 years old)
Syrus Anthony Park (8 years old)

-more tba

Previous Hogwarts Charrie:
Jonathan Kim
Juliet Kim

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Chloe McCarthy
Fifth Year

x11 x9

Ministry RPG Name:
Victoria Culloden
Games & Sports

Ministry RPG Name:
Topanga Fuller

Diagon Alley Employee:
Leon Brown
Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour
Puff by day, snake by night | Mj's bestie | Always UP to Something...

FC: Aarika Wolf

Name: Natalia Franks - Mundie
Goes by: Nat, Natty, Natcat
Birthday: November 1, 2073
Place of Birth: Parramatta, Australia
Current Place of Residence: London

House: Slytherin
Year: Sixth year
Heritage: Pureblood
Wand: 11 2/3 inch balanced Yew with a Phoenix Feather

Patronus: Not sure I’ll make one.
Boggart: not a chance you will find out

Hair: Brunette
Eyes: brown
Height: 5’6

Mother: Don’t have one
Father: Joe Franks-Mundie
Pets: Snowball the pygmy puff and Storm the kitten

She wants to be a singer and started a band in her fourth term called The Sirens.


Natalia is an outgoing girl who has come along way since the scared backward girl people got to know when she first came to Hogwarts. She is now more confident, trusting of adults, and with her friends support really shows her smile and good heart. Though she is kind and worries about others, she does have an emotional side that can come out in a quick manner that most won’t know what happened. Her tears come easy and so does emotional outburst.

Natalia was born in Australia and lived with her mother in a muggle apartment. Even though her mother was a witch she preferred to live with the muggles because it helped her lifestyle more. She raised herself for the most part not being able to depend on her mother for anything and spent many days walking around her town. Making friends with neighbors taught her how to cook so she could help make sure her mother and herself were fed. At age ten Natalia’s mother’s boyfriend taught her to play the piano which started her love of music and her career goals to be a singer. She loves to write in her journal and try to write lyrics. With her many issues she struggled in her Australian Wizarding School to trust professors, which made her fall behind in most classes, though she excelled in Arithmancy. At 14 Natalia was expelled from school for having a few fights and hexing her roommate. Her mother couldn’t deal with her anymore and brought her to London dropping her at her father’s doorstep. Never knowing he had a daughter Joe was surprised, but took her in. She began Hogwarts and was placed into Slytherin and has lived with Joe ever since.
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Antipodean Opaleye
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Jamie Muir MacLeod
Third Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Archer Grimm Stark
Sassenach l theJoff l RoughDough l Aslan l Snidget l My Lord Kate l Dark-Side l BEETSSS l smol George

♛ Hater of Ghosts
♛ Total Brat sometimes
♛ One half of CornMaze

Name: Mishenka “Mason” Camilia Stevens
Preferred Name: Mason, please, just Mason

Macey (by her mother)
Steve (by her father)
Mishka (by her maternal grandparents)
Love/ Child (by Daya) does she even remember my name??

Age: 13
Date of Birth: 6 June 2077
Place of Birth: Sochi, Krasnodar Krai, Russia
Current Residence: Stevens Manor, Bath, England

Personality Type: ENTP “The Debater”

Wand: 11 1/2" robust Yew, Dragon Heartstring of an Antipodean Opal Eye

Wand Description:
" That's a beautiful wand combination there, that is. 11 1/2 inches of robust Yew with Dragon Heartstring - the heartstring of an Antipodean Opaleye dragon, if I'm not mistaken, native to Australia. Yew is a highly rare wand wood, exceptionally handy for transfiguration magic, curses, dueling, and though it's a common wand for those who practice dark magic, that does not indicate correlation. I think this wood is simply drawn to people of great leadership who strive for power, or have great potential . . . Pairing the yew with the dragon heartstring makes it a fine companion for defensive spells, too, as well as hexes, and... all in all, it's a very powerful wand. There's not much it could do to steer you wrong - highly reliable; But with great power came great responsibility " - Libby
Decorations: An Aspen-handle with engraved lace-work. A few aspen-swirls adorn the tip as well.

Marital Status: Nope, just too grog. for anyone.

Hair: Dirty Blond (It keeps getting darker)
Eyes: Light Grey
Height: 5'2"
Skin: Fair (meaning that she's basically Snow White)
Stature: Small and kind of skinny, but don't underestimate her strength. . . she's lethal
Quirks:Bites the insides of her cheeks when she's angry and digs her nails into the palms of her hands when she's nervous.

Other: She has 2-holed Earlobe-Piercings on both sides and 3 studs as Forward HelixPiercings on her left ear. (one of the Helix-studs is made out of Pearl, another is Alexandrite and the other is of Moonstone: Her three birth-stones)
A Russian-Faberge necklace that she never wears.
A ring with the Stevens-Crest on it

Style: Attempts at being a Soho-Hipster

Random: She also likes to doodle on her hands when she's bored. Or just when she's breathing. So always.

School:Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Slytherin
Year: Third
Extracurricular Participation:
Duelling Club

Strongest Subjects: Potions, HoM, Transfiguration
Weakest Subjects: Herbology


SPOILER!!: ♛ 1st

♛ F I R S T_Y E A R: Sept. 2088- Jun. 2089

♛ Term 42 ♛

Mason arrives at Hogwarts
The Sorting-Hat irritates her with its dawdling but eventually places her into SLYTHERIN!!
She has recently been a soldier in the Great Food War of Slytherin Table, whether she survives is still unknown. PS: She survived
Colt pies Mason's face, it was blueberry
Got her first detention (2 weeks long) on the first day and she has sassed her HoH and the ghost, The Bloody Dung-Bag. This was her first huge mistake.
On the verge of tears, Mason starts her endless Muggle cleaning.
Cleaned the grossest cell to ever exist, so jay, nightmares.
Finally re-joins civilization
Starts an adventure of mysterious origin with Kitty Valentine
Devised a master-plan to get in the Restricted Area
Started Dancing Lesson with Hady
On a quest to find someone who will help her with Legillimency-Training
Got attacked by an oversized eggplant (really Herbology?)
Cried into some clay and made a crow.
Becomes extremely disgusted by Colt
Yay! Duelling!
Yay! Team A!
Ugh, Colt's in Team A
Torn between Rach and Had
^ They made up! Yay!
Why didn't her potion workkkkkk????
Started brewing her bathroom Potion with Kitty

Katherine ♛
Olivia ♛

WOO! 7th place amongst the Firsties!

Oh wait, nevermind. The terrible and scary thing that had been in their dorm. . . turned out to be a Poltergal. . . that was grossly in love with *shudder* Peeves.
^ May have overreacted a little when it was in their dorm
The Great Paint War of HoM
Went blue for a few minutes *shudder*
Snakes went a little overboard, but at least they got her back!
Made up the points she lost, and got 22 as well!

12th Birthday!

^ Became a grown up and classy lady XD LOLLLL
Hatred for the Baron is still strong
No more detention, luckily
Final days of First Year. . .
Realized how stupid and immature it was to be mad at one of her friends. . .
Trying to find Colt. . . just to make up with him. . . sure

. . .

Really, parents. . . T_________T
A baby? You decided to drag another child into your horrible marriage??? And you decided to tell me via OWL???
Oh great, yeah. A cat. Thanks for that. -_- A cat totally makes everything alright. . .

End of year FEAST!
Didn't get in trouble this time!

♛ Bye-bye Hogwarts! You survived one year of Mason Stevens . . . Until next time! ♛

Hogwarts Express, home, yay!
. . . . . . .

Well, that wasn't too bad. . . right?

♛ S U M M E R 2089 ♛

SPOILER!!: ♛ 2nd

♛ S E C O N D_Y E A R: Sept. 2089- Jun. 2090

♛ Term 43 ♛

Hogwarts Expressssss
(so boring on there if you ask her)
Got to ride up to Hogwarts in those fancy ghost-carriages
Hogwarts is still so fricken breathtakingOPENING FEAST
Met up with Colt at the Doors (he's soooo hot)
;____; Can this be true? Omg, Murdoch. . .
The beautiful McDreamboat is the new Slytherin Head

Screw you, Murdoch
New teachers, they seem nice enough
That cat is totally the new Headmaster
OMG CALLED IT! He has an earing, totally cool already
Ravenclaw lost the points this time
No gross-dungeon scrubbing this time
Slytherin Gathering!
Re-established her love for the cello
Finds the sneaky ickle Fairchild spying, skewered her
Mysterious Barrier-Room
omg hey new Professor Kay!
(totally taking Muggle-Studies this year)
Trying to find info on mysterious barrier-room
Who the hell is this peasant?
. . . annndddd NEW ENEMY!
Gobstones against the Claws
Ravenclaw won. . . by one point
Herbology. . . fun
O__O Why is Paul in Drag?
Omg, he just anesthetized us. . .
Is this legal??!! DAD!
Became an even smoller-Hobbit
Such a genius
Moustache trimming :3
#Genius strikes again, no peasant stirring
Smol-Haddie is too precious ;__;
-___- Why isn't this getting CREAMY???!!!
Whelp, she done screwed up. . . -__-
Omg, Sir Jerk-face is a plant killer He made them lose 45 points
Screeching it up in the Therapy-Room
Hi, random girl-face
Forbidden Forest-adventure. . .
. . . nevermind, McDreamboat caught us -__-
And we're just having a picnic
Lol, random Curly-Head
WHELP, there goes the 'good-streak'
-10 points ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
*was briefly on the top five*
Emphasis on brief


Omg, mom's fat :O
Okay, got it, FetusDemon is almost here
HELLOOOOOO, you're gonna have the baby for 17 more years, she's only here for like a week *flails*
Omg, Voldetort got a hat :3
Daddddd, don't wanna go to your old-person-party
Omg, are you kidding??? Why??
Lol, she's pregnant too

. . .


What is that smol-fetus' name?
. . .
Valeria. . .

She is the chosen-one, the last of the Dragon-Lords, she is a Valyrian-princess and she needs to be worshipped

;__; #Bestdayever

Oath to lil Leria:

"Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall worship no other child, hold no other babies, change no other's diaper. I shall wear no crowns and win no glory. I shall live and die your side. I am your night-light in the darkness. I am the watcher on the monkey-bars. I am the shield that guards the toys of Leria. I pledge my life and honor to your Queens-Guard, for this night and all the nights to come "

Back to school

Hello, super hawt-puffer, you're blocking the frogs T_T

CoMC sucks butts
Are those dogs???
Noooooo *sneezes galore*
Crups are the devil, that's why your name shall be Izverg

Hirsh, this is about t my future-awesomeness, we need to talk

Duelling Club:


CLEARLY McLeod is hiding something in the Forest, whether it is his gay-castle or his secret occult, he is totally hiding something. . .
And Mason is gonna find out what
Lol, Hadley is here as well. . . maybe on another date with Curly-Top?
Had- ohhhhh
. . . what is that. . . ? It's so soothing. . .
Must obey Lulla and Glowy:

Mason must find stone in:
Common Room
McLeod's Hut
Potion Store-room

♛ S U M M E R 2090 ♛


SPOILER!!: ♛ 3rd

♛ T H I R D_Y E A R: Sept. 2090- Jun. 2091

Mama, I hate this
I want to go back to England
Fine. . . mwahahahaha
I'll show you. . .

♛ S U M M E R 2091 ♛


SPOILER!!: ♛ 4th

♛ F O U R T H_Y E A R: Sept. 2091- Jun. 2092

♛ S U M M E R 2092 ♛

SPOILER!!: ♛ 5th

♛ F O U R T H_Y E A R: Sept. 2092- Jun. 2093

♛ S U M M E R 2093 ♛

SPOILER!!: ♛ 6th

♛ S I X TH _Y E A R: Sept. 2093- Jun. 2094

♛ S U M M E R 2094 ♛

SPOILER!!: ♛ 7th

♛ S E V E N T H _Y E A R: Sept. 2094- Jun. 2095

Astronomy: A
Flying: O
Herbology: P
History of Magic: O
Potions: E
Transfiguration: E


Mother: Anzhelika "Anya" Stevens née Abramovich (33)
Father: Sebastian "Seb" Stevens (36)
- Lev Ryder Stevens (Stillborn, 11 February 2090)

- Fetus-Sibling

Paternal Grandmother: Camilia Addison Stevens née Monroe (Deceased)
Paternal Grandfather: Bartemis Sebastian Stevens(Deceased)
Maternal Grandmother: Ekaterina Asya Abramovich née Belousov
Maternal Grandfather: Vaughn Lev Abramovich
Maternal Uncle: Aleksey Vaughn Abramovich) (40)
Paternal Uncle: Roman Jonathan Stevens (32)
In-Law Maternal Aunt: Prekrasnoye Buryy Abramovich née Krov' (38)
In-Law Paternal Aunt: Vinita Stevens née Roberts (30)
- Vera Shnurok Abramovich (20)
- Doloto Dzhinsy Abramovich (18)
- Oniks Noch' Abramovich (16)
- Troy Caleb Stevens (5)
- Cerys Addison Stevens (2)
First Cousin(s) once removed:
- Bol'noy Rodilsya Abramovich (5)

Family Tree

Pets: Marsh Owl named Shadow (named by Linc). A black apology cat named Blacktrix. A tortoise named Voldetort and Bob (a sassy pebble)


The Bloody-Baron
☣ (Maybe) Healer Cecelia Murdoch
Daxton Prince (Sir Jerk-face)

Blood Status: Pure-Blood
Nationality: Russian and British
Ethnicity: Half-Russian, Half-British

Mishenka Camilia Stevens was born on 6 June 2077 in Sochi, Krasnodar Krai, Russia. She spent the first two years of her life there before her paternal grandparents passed away in a mysterious potion mishap. Her father inherited their lavish country Manor, prompting the small family to leave the snowy country and move to Bath, England.

She grew up mostly alone, cared for by the servants of the Manor. Her parents never had another child and rarely spoke to one another. Her father tried spending time with her, teaching her all he knew about Quidditch and training her in the arts of Duelling and Self-Defence. Her mother only ever taught her child how to play the piano, something that Mason hasn't done in years. She spent most of her childhood in the vast library, her love for books growing stronger with each page she turned. Despite her tomboyish acts, Anya still insisted that her daughter embrace her status and sought out any means of teaching Mason how to behave like the lady she was supposed to be. She was tutored from home in her early years, until she got her Hogwarts acceptance letter at age 11.



♛ Extraverted
♛ Intuitive
♛ Think/Feeling
♛ Prospecting
♛ Assertive

Strengths: Knowledgeable, Quick Thinker, Original, Excellent Brainstormer, Charismatic and Energetic.

Weaknesses: Very Argumentative, Insensitive, Intolerant, Can Find It Difficult to Focus and Dislike Practical Matters

" ENTPs' intelligence, curiosity and sound reasoning skills are a force to be reckoned with. ENTPs will always be able to find just the right argument, the weakest chink in their opponent's armor, or the way out of a seemingly hopeless situation. Their fearsome debate skills and impressive knowledge allow ENTPs to overcome many challenges. Yet ENTPs can be easily tripped up in areas where careful and rational thinking is more of a liability than an asset. Whether it is finding (or keeping) a partner, connecting with other people, reaching dazzling heights on the career ladder or forcing themselves to focus, ENTPs need to put in a conscious effort to develop their weaker traits and additional skills. "

Totally got mom's ways. . .


Staying hydrated and beautiful, playing Quidditch, reading, mischief, magic, eating, sleeping and overall just being lazy
Dislikes: Restriction, rules, goody-two-shoes, ghosts, and most of all, *shudder* Pygmy Puffs

Astrological Sign: Gemini
Birth-flower: Rose or Honeysuckle
Birth-stone: Pearl or Alexandrite or Moonstone
Name Meaning: " God Like " (Mishenka is still a boy's name)
Patronus: TBA
Boggart: TBA (probably a Pygmy Puff)
Amorentia: New parchment, the leather covers of books, melting chocolate, heavy smoke, lemongrass, white-roses

Instruments played:
The Piano (hasn't played in 3 years)
The Cello (played frequently)

Favourite Classical-Artists:
Gregor Piatigorsky
Vladimir Horowitz


Shellfish and Dogs (ANY dogs, even Crups)
Stupid people

Hates: People who don't like Shakespeare, that Heavy-Metal-trash that Muggles listen to, pantyhose, turtle-neck sweaters, tea with milk, asparagus, pumpkin-juice, the taste of Skele-Gro, attention-seekers, ghosts, being ignored. . . Pygmy Puffs

Dreams of Becoming: The best Auror to ever life or like a the Evilest Overlord-Witch ever, something small like that
Role Model(s):
Mom (thanks for ze birth)
Gabriella Abbiati (MoD and Sass-Queen)
Lynley Purcell (she's super awesome and successful)
Emily Browne (she gets to boss Dad around and she's super successful at Auroring)

Loyal to: Smol Khaleesi, Valeria Burton (is her Sworn-Sword)

Favourite Ice-Cream: Cookies&Cauldron Cake
Favourite Sweet:Mint Chocolate-Frogs
Favourite Sport: QUIDDITCH!
Favourite Team: Falmouth Falcons

Spoken Languages:
Fluent Sarcasm


2077: Graced the world with her birth on 6 June
2078: Turns 1. Continues to be amazing
2079: Turns 2. Still gracing the world with her presence
2080: Turns 3. Moves from Russia to Bath, England after her paternal-grandparents passed away and her father inherited the Manor
2081: Turns 4
2082: Turns 5
2083: Turns 6
2084: Turns 7
2085: Turns 8
2086: Turns 9
2087: Turns 10
2088: Turns 11. Begins her education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, sorted into Slytherin, joins Duelling Club and Gobstones, her mother announces that she's pregnant
2089: Turns 12. Second Year at Hogwarts, get zombified, meets her lil Dragon-Princess-In-utero
2090: Turns 13. Fetus-Demon is stillborn, her father reveals that he cheated, she and her mother move back to Russia
2091: Turns 14. Attends her Third Year at Koldovstoretz and it is awful and it's bloody cold in Russia, she wants to go home, gets expelled from the school, mother has been pregnant all along and has been hiding the fact from Mason's father, after a MASSIVE argument with her mother, they move back to England, her brother Asher is born on 2 April


♛ @Vainasallhell
♛ Mason Camilia Stevens


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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Alyce LeFrique
Fifth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Arjuna Subianto
International Cooperation
Pooh Bear | Fabio | Sith Lord | Fab & Chic

Alyce Tammara LeFrique

Face Claim: Francesca Capaldi
Graphic by: Kita

The Basics
Name: Alyce Tammara LeFrique
Nicknames: Alyce
Age: 11
DOB: December 26th
POB: Avignon, France
Current Residence: Primrose Hill, London
Relationship Status: Single.
i. Hair color: Red Hair
ii. Height: 4’4”
iii. Build: Thin
Father: Grégoire Davis LeFrique.
Mother: Victoria Daffodil LeFrique
Pets: Mr. Cutie Patootie, a Maine Coon cat
Magical Info
i. Heritage: Muggleborn
ii. Wand: 11 1/2 inches Springy Pine with A Unicorn Hair
iii. Patronus: N/A
iv. Amortentia: N/A
v. Boggart: N/A
Education Detail
School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Slytherin
Year: First
Favorite Subjects: TBD
Least Favorite Subjects: TBD
In Depth

Personality: ENTJ

Alyce is an extrovert person. She is friendly person who enjoys talking to and being with other people. She likes good challenge, big or small. ​Sometime she could be a spoiled brat, possessive, doesn't like to lose and she doesn't like it when someone has/own something that's better than hers.

Likes: Candies, ice cream, vanilla flavor things, gummy bears, Sprinkles, MAGIC!
Dislike: Messy People, know-it-alls, waiting, bugs, gross bad smell yucky things.


SPOILER!!: Background
In Progress
Post Color: RosyBrown
All of the love for tomorrow______________________________________________

I know we're gonna be stronger than you'll ever known
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Drewett Percy Gunter
Seventh Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Katrina Marie Belrose
Environmental Protection

Ministry RPG Name:
Andrea "Anya" Gonzales
Default Vivian Iona Fairfield - Second Year (Class of 2096)
Slytherin's Baby!Keeper • Opossum • All Growed Up • Kimoji •❅ice ice baby

Vivian Fairfield

Full Birth Name: Vivian Iona Fairfield
Nicknames: Vivi, Vi, Bridezilla (by her Aunt Elise)
Age: Twelve
Date of Birth: 19 August 2078
Place of Birth: London, England
Current Residence: Norfolk, England
Blood Status: Halfblood
Relationship Status: Single, duh! (And sorta married to Prancer, her Aunt and Uncle’s dog)
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Blue
Skin tone: Fair
Build: =)
Height: 4' 11"
Weight: =)
Model: Darcy Rose Byrnes
Personality Type: ENFP-A (The Campaigner)
Extrovert, intuitive, feeling, persisting, assertive

Vivian is a very hyper and happy girl in general. She has a very high regard for her family, with an exception to her Aunt Elysia, who has cut all ties with the rest of the Fairfield clan. She is also super caring friend, sister, daughter, and niece. She likes to dance around as well, even if she isn't that good. She tends to overreact at certain things (like stepping on someone's foot), which usually makes her parents worried. She can be a little prankster and loves to add a little bit of fun to some situations. She likes learning new languages, and is currently learning a couple of Romanian from her friend Andrei Romanos. Sugar rush can get the best of her, especially with marshmallows involved. Vivian absolutely loves winning and has developed a liking towards dueling. A little competition could do no harm for her, a few traits she inherited from her Gryffindor father. However, she would rather lose a game or duel than to lose a friend. She also loves music, and would like to learn how to play different instruments, such as the guitar. Kimmy is still on the process of getting to know her.
Father: Edmund Fairfield
Mother: Vanya Fairfield
Siblings: One younger sister named Eloise Fairfield
Aunts: Elise Fairfield (the good aunt) and Elysia Fairfield (the evil aunt)
Uncle: Christopher Stylinson
Cousins: Alex and Benji Stylinson
Pets: A Kneazle named Marshmallow that her daddy gave to her as her Hogwarts acceptance gift
Marshmallows, dancing with and without a musical accompaniment, making music, messing around with her parents’ Healer stuff, flying, being spoiled by her parents and aunt, the color pink, her blanket with Kneazle prints, learning new languages, doing cartwheels, Professor Hirsch, Professor Myers, making new friends, hugs (from Andrei), dresses, her new guitar, Andrei Romanos (?)
People staring at her especially when she’s dancing, having to share her marshmallows (sometimes), repetitively making mistakes, overreacting even if she can't help it, a lack of marshmallows in her stash
Andrei Romanos (Durmstrang, Vulpelara, Class of 2096)
Ariadne Greingoth (Slytherin, Class of 2095)
Valkyrie Atwater (Slytherin, Class of 2096)
Skylar Diggory (Slytherin, Class of 2096)
Rachel Watson (Ravenclaw, Class of 2095)
Azura Kennedy (Ravenclaw, Class of 2095)
Oliver Thomas-Borzekowski (Slytherin, Class of 2094)
Miss Pretty Prefect Dot Wojack-Gusey (Slytherin, Class of 2090)
Mason Stevens (Slytherin, Class of 2095)
Marcieu Lemaire (Gryffindor, Class of 2096)
Fiyero Jones (Gryffindor, Class of 2096)
Brian Woods (Hufflepuff, Class of 2092)
Cornelius Baltazar (Slytherin, Class of 2095)
Hadleigh Lynch (Slytherin, Class of 2091)
Wand: 11 1/2 inches, strong Hornbeam with a Unicorn Hair core
Patronus: Cannot produce one yet
Boggart: Her family disowning her
Amortentia: Soil, lemon, marshmallows
Best Subjects: Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures
Worst Subject: None of which she miserably fails at, but she doesn't really like Charms
Post Colour: #B4045F
Text Cut: Down here
Vivian Iona Fairfield was born to Edmund and Vanya Fairfield on a windy summer morning on the early hours of August 19, 2078. She was very loved by both of her parents and the rest of her family members. However, due to the nature of her parents' jobs as Healers, they were rarely at home to raise their daughter. Vivian spent a lot of time with her grandparents and her Auntie Elise whenever Edmund and Vanya were busy with work. Three years later, her birth was followed by her sister, Eloise Francine. Although Vivian was not exactly sure on how to react to her parents dividing their time and money on two girls, she learned to love her baby sister as the years went by. When she was old enough to learn, both of her parents sent her to St. Woboldo's Primary School and accompanied their daughter using the Floo Network. On some occasions when her parents weren't available, her Aunt Elise would take and pick her up from school in their absence. Vivian had grown very close to her aunt and her then boyfriend (now husband) Christopher Stylinson as she aged. During her parents' day off, Edmund and Vanya would take the Fairfield girls on family outings and even allowed Vivian to sometimes observe them when they were demonstrating at work. At a young age, Vivian had developed an interest on Herbology since her mum would usually use some herbs in Healing.

Hogwarts Years
SPOILER!!: First Year
Prior to September 1, Vivian had already been bouncing around her house when she received her Hogwarts letter on her eleventh birthday, 19th August 2089. As a gift for her birthday and her acceptance to the school, her father gave her a Kneazle to keep her company, which she eventually named Marshmallow for obvious reasons. Her parents also took her out to shop for her supplies in Diagon Alley one day. However, they were both called to St. Mungo's for an emergency and told her they'd come back in a couple of hours. Due to her adventurous nature, Vivian had no trouble getting scared about losing herself i, just as long as she didn't end up in Knockturn Alley. At the cafe with colored umbrellas, she bumped - or rather stepped on - Andrei Romanos, a fellow eleven year old who was bound for Durmstrang. Although Vivian was fussing about it, the boy assured her that it was all alright. The two bonded as Andrei showed her his flute skills while she danced along to the tune. In the end, the two eleven year olds agreed to become pen pals while they were at school so that they can learn languages (English and Romanian), thus, a beginning of a friendship between the two.

Aboard the Hogwarts Express, Vivian didn't know anyone and there weren't empty compartments for her to occupy in silence. She met Ariadne Greingoth and Carl Leonard. After doing some exploring, she also met a somehow sad Skylar Diggory, whom she offered a marshmallow to eat. At the feast, Vivian also found out that, along with Skylar, she was sorted in Slytherin, the same house as her uncle Chris and her new friends Ariadne. She also met fellow Slytherin first years like Valkyrie. She also got to hold the prefect, Dot Wojack-Gusey's shiny badge. After the feast followed a Snake Pit Gathering held by their head of house, Mr. McLeod, whom Vivian thought was an older student, to her embarrassment. Her first night in Hogwarts was definitely a big bang.

When classes began, Vivian developed interests in the subjects Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures and Astronomy, and especially towards her Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. During her spare time, she loved to visit the music room, where she met Mason Steven - who almost skewered her with a cello bow - and got dropped on the head by a letter and package from Andrei (thanks, owl); the playground, where she became Madame Vivian to Sir Oliver; and the lake, where she comforted Ravenclaw Azura Kennedy and went Giant Squid hunting with Gryffindor first year Marcieu Lemaire.

Vivian's first year was quite eventful, especially with the hag from the previous term coming back. However, she tried to remain lowkey during the school year and decided not to get tangled on those events, focusing on her studies and the Dueling Club. When she got home, Vivian couldn't wait to share her experiences with her parents and little sister.

SPOILER!!: Second Year
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Takeru Asakura
Third Year

x5 x7

Ministry RPG Name:
Legend Chosen
Magical Law Enforcement
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a wild one


AGE 13
DATE OF BIRTH April 18th 2077
PLACE OF BIRTH Nakano, Tokyo, Japan
LIVES IN London, England

YEAR Third
HOUSE Slytherin
WAND 10 1/3 inch brittle Pine with Knarl Quill
FULENT IN English & Japanese

EYES Hazel
HAIR Black
NOTEABLE FEATURES Ears that stick out quite a bit

Mahoutokoro School of Magic (2088-2089)
Himitsumahou Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry (2089-2090)


LIKES music, his ukulele named Ren

people in large loud groups, people who waste food, probably your face

The best way to describe Tak is defensively bitter. Just when you think his guard is down it goes right back up. He's the ‘quiet loner’ sterotype, who sits in a corner by himself and he likes it that way.

Tak tends to gets hostile and judgy until he knows he can trust a person, mostly due to how much he's been bullied and beat up in the past. The last time he opened up was when he discovered that he was a wizard and figured that things would get better. They didn’t. So his motto is simple, "be suspicious until they give you reason not to".

When it comes to Takeru Asakura there are three sides to his story: what he says, what he knows, and the truth

What he says
Father: Asahi Asakura
Mother: Nadine Lilith Botes

Asahi Asakura is a businessman, and an incredibly good one at that. CEO to one of the top wizarding companies in Japan it only makes sense that Asahi is often away on business.

Nadine Asakura is probably is one of the smartest people ever born in London. Honest.

Taks parents met when Nadine had a job interview with the company now owned by Asahi. Asahi spotted her on his way into work and immediately fell in love. It took him two weeks after she got the job before the two of them were officially a couple.

After being married for a while the two decided to try for a baby and it didn't take long before Takeru Asakura was born. Deciding that he was most likely the perfect son they opted not to have anymore kids.

A bad incident happened eight years ago where the Asakura house was broke into. Shaken Nadine likes to constantly move to avoid any people who are obviously super jealous of the Asakura's.

Tak attended Mahoutokoro for his first year of school, but got bored of the atmosphere and asked to be transferred to Himitsumahou for his second. Unfortunately Himitsumahou was just as lame and so now the third year had decided to try his hand at Hogwarts.

What he knows
Mother: Nadine Lilith Botes

Tak doesn't know much about his family. His mother’s name? Sure. His father’s name? Unknown. The man left his mother before he was born, or at least it what he assumes since there's nothing to tell him otherwise. Sometime before his second birthday his mother met in an extreme accident which left her in an unretrievable state. The only other thing he knows about her is that she is British and she now resides in the permanent wards at St. Mungos.

His first memory dates back to an elderly lady. Grey hair, small, with a slight hump in her back, and eyes that seemed eerily attentive for someone her age. Tak remembers her name enough - Mayumi. After the accident Mayumi arrived and took Tak with her to Japan. There she taught him the basics: writing, spelling, but also the social conventions of respect and strangely enough how to speak English. They often visited his mother in London, though he never understood why she never opened her eyes. And although Mayumi was harsh she was the only person he had.

On his fourth birthday Mayumi collapsed in a shaking fit and Tak quickly called the Muggle ambulance like she had taught him. She was fine following that, but she had to walk with a cane, and one of her eyes seemed glazed over.

On his fifth birthday Mayumi sent off two letters then brought him to a trip with her to London. They went shopping. The memory is forever clear in Taks head, she bought more outfits for him than he had ever owned. She also gifted him his most prized possession, something Mayumi claimed had belonged to his mother- a ukulele. Then, at the end of the day Mayumi brought him to a large house filled with kids. Tak didn't remember what happened after that. Only that he had fallen asleep, and when he had awoken, she was gone.

It took him a while to realize why she had left him, but the kids are the orphanage quickly helped him learn that he had been abandoned, and Mayumi didn't want him anymore. They also told him not to worry because a new family would want him.

This wasn't quite true however.

No matter what Tak seemed to do, a series of strange events would follow him. When he was angry a lightbulb would blow. When he was upset the person who had caused it suddenly got the wind knocked right out of them or was unexplainably tossed to the side. At first the staff wrote this off, but which each new foster home or potential family he went to strange occurrences followed. When he turned eight he was moved to a group home for troubled youth- the city had decided that Tak clearly liked to give trouble.

On his eleventh birthday Tak got a letter, that said he would be attending a special school in Japan which had held his name a list, since he was five years old. Officials picked him up, and explained a simple thing: he was a wizard.

Tak attended his first year at Mahoutokoro and was kicked out after "a substantial amount of mischief and abysmal grades". The Headmaster he suggested the slightly less challenging sister school Himitsumahou for his second year. In the beginning of his second year Tak was alright, but as the weeks went by his weaknesses began to show and it was decided that his grades just weren't enough to keep him in the program. Perhaps the issue was simply the fact that his Japanese wasn't as strong as the other students? So they suggested he go to Hogwarts for his third year.

Before the end of his second year he received great news: he'd be moving into a group home, but one for wizards. The Stemp House. He was still less than excited.

The truth
Now thats the real mystery.


{act like you know me, but you never will}__{but there's one thing that I know for sure}

{i'll show you}
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Siobhán O'Shea
Fourth Year
x3 x2

Ministry RPG Name:
Olly Emmons-Clarke
Environmental Protection

Ministry RPG Name:
Yasmina Payton
Accidents & Catastrophes
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Magdalena Traulton

Portrayed by Freya Mavor.

"This girl was Merlin's evil twin.
Just as mighty, but probably a fourth the size
(Zander Adair)

Full Name: Magdalena Natalie Traulton
Nicknames: Maggie, Lena (only by Kyroh), Mags (by Dima)
Age: 17
Date of Birth: April 13, 2073
Place of Birth: City of Los Angeles, California
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Patronus: N/A
Pet: Molly (cat)
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Relationship Status: Zeke's Girlfriend (January 7, 2088 - )

Mother: Marina Traulton
Father: Paul Traulton
Biological Father: Jeremy Zookara

Height: 170cm (5'6")
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Maggie is under the impression that the world should and does revolve around her. Coming to Hogwarts has however been quite a reality check for her and especially some of her friends (Dima, ahem) have made her become more conscious of other people's feelings. And while she still isn't too concerned with them, Maggie has found it is easier to go through life without actively antagonizing others.

Genuine emotions are quite hard to come by with Maggie. Unless she's caught completely off-guard. Which doesn't happen a lot. Or she really does trust someone completely and is comfortable enough to be herself around them. Which is only a handful of people.

Hint: It's probably not you.
Growing up as an only child to Muggles Paul and Marina Traulton in Los Angeles, Magdalena soon realized that she could have anything she wanted - as long as she pouted a little and asked her daddy nicely. Working as a corporate lawyer Paul had the money but not necessarily the time to spend with his daughter. However, he didn't exactly try to make time for her either. Maggie's mother on the other hand tried to shape her daughter into her ideal image of what a girl should be like.

While personally – feeling neglected by her husband – seeking distraction elsewhere.

No one would ever have found out that not Paul but rather Jeremy Zookara was Magdalena's biological father – Marina had become very good at covering up the truth. That is until their daughter started showing signs of being able to do magic. At first Marina had been trying to ignore them, hoping that the magic would simply disappear if not actively encouraged.

Unfortunately for her, that is not how magic works.

Eventually Marina had to confess to her husband who immediately left both her and their daughter. A divorce followed only shortly after and Marina's only option was to contact her former lover and father of her child. Jeremy suggested that Maggie should go to Hogwarts, seeing as he'd previously been working there. Needing a fresh start anyway, Marina agreed and moved them to England. Which is where Marina and Magdalena still live now, in a small apartment, not really able to afford anything better. However, seeing as Maggie is still trying to keep up appearances she never invites anyone over and chooses to wait in front of a rather luxurious house in the neighborhood when somebody picks her up. Or more recently has begun using Jeremy's house as "hers".

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