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Term 44: September - December 2016 Term Forty-Four: Year of the Poltergeist (Sept 2090 - June 2091)

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Old 12-21-2015, 07:32 AM
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Default Potions Rules/Guidelines

Thank you Stefan

In Character
  • Respect: Respect your Professor and your classmates. There is no such thing as a silly question, and even Professor Newton doesn’t know everything.
  • Punctuality: Please arrive to class on time. Professor Newton won't hesitate to take points if you're late.
  • Preparation: Please come to class with all necessary items including your textbooks, wand, parchment and quill. There is a cupboard of spare equipment, shall you need to borrow something, but it would be preferable to bring your own.
  • Dress Code: School uniform is required for lessons unless specified otherwise, as well as a lab coat whilst brewing a potion.
  • Please raise your hand inside the Potions lab.
  • Art loves his rat-baby, Madame Curie. So much so that you may not touch her without permission. He's very protective. No touchy!

Out of Character
  • SS RULES and GENERAL CLASSROOM RULES apply at all times.
  • Plagiarism: You must use your own words, no copying at all. Utilise the SS archives and other Harry Potter sites, but it must be in your own words.
  • Editing: Please don't edit your post once you have posted, unless it's correcting coding. Don't change your answers. We will know if you have.
  • IC and OOC: IC rule breaking will be punished with IC punishments (ie. point loss/detention), OOC rule breaking will be dealt with in OOC ways (ie. warnings and infractions), please refer to SS board rules.
  • Realism: First years are eleven years old and likely don't know much. Just think about what Harry and Ron were like. Not everyone is a Hermione, we don't all have to know everything. Points won't be assigned for RIGHT answers, they will be assigned for creativity and participation. HOWEVER I don't want to be telling you how to play YOUR character. If you intend them to be a Hermione, then go ahead! (which leads me to...)
  • HAVE FUN! It's a game after all, and I want you all to have fun with it!

  • Homework is optional, and you don’t have to have attended a class to submit homework.
  • Please submit all homework to me, Jessiqua, via PM by the due date. Due dates will probably be 1-2 weeks after it has been posted.
  • I need you to add in your PM;
  • If the homework is an activity with multiple posts, unless specified otherwise, please include them in your PM.

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Ministry RPG Name:
Archer Burton
Environmental Protection
Sassenach | RAVENPUFF | Sing me a song of a lass that is gone | bookDRAGON | #awkwardturtle<#

I will score my lessons with 20 points total. This is the rubrick I will use (Term 43 onwards) to determine how many OOC house points I give out, and what IC grade your character receives.


Your points are OOC - they represent the detail YOU as the RPer put into your posts (of course I will take into consideration your RP experience). You don't necessarily need to have RP'd the ENTIRE Potion for full marks, so long as you have been with us throughout the week and follow the guide. I'll level the marks out between quality and quantity (eg if you have the BEST most OUTSTANDING posts, detail EVERYTHING, but you only post half of the task, then I'll level it between a 20 and 7-10, so you might get 15 marks).

18-20; Detailed posts explaining exactly what the characters are doing and why.
15-17; Detailed posts, explaining exactly what your character is doing, +/- but not why.
11-14; Good posts, explaining what your character is doing, but missing some details.
8-10; Good/Basic posts, missing some details, most of the lesson RPd.
5-7; Good/Basic posts, RPing some of the lesson
0-4; Failed to attend (0=N/A). Very basic post/s, very little of lesson RPd


Your grades are IC - they represent the SKILL of your CHARACTER. Not every character wants to be good at potions - you can have them as disastrous as Seamus and it will not reflect your OOC house points.

Outstanding; Completes all steps in order, correctly, potion turns out PERFECT
Exceeds Expectations; Completes all steps in order, with mostly the right results, potion turns out EXCELLENT
Acceptable; Completes most-all steps, possibly out of order, mostly the right results, potion turns out ACCEPTABLE
Poor; Completes some-all steps, possibly out of order, mostly the wrong results, potion turns out UNUSABLE
Dreadful; Completes some-all steps, out of order, wrong results, potion turns out DREADFUL and is a BIOHAZARD.
Troll; Failed to even attempt the potion.
N/A; If OOC you haven't had time to finish the potion, I won't give you a grade as I don't want to assume the result of the potion your character brewed.


always on the move

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Ministry RPG Name:
Archer Burton
Environmental Protection
Sassenach | RAVENPUFF | Sing me a song of a lass that is gone | bookDRAGON | #awkwardturtle<#

Potions Test Lab

** Potion Test Lab Sessions are still under progress **

Each term, Art and I will be holding 1-2 test lab sessions. These sessions are sort of a replacement for homework or, if we don't have time at the end of class, a time for you and your characters have fun with trying different potions.

Art will have 2-3 potions on display, and we may or may not tell you what potion they are. If we DON'T tell you (IC) that is so that your character can try the potion and try to identify what it is. Of course if we DO tell you, then they will know what to expect.

These sessions are NOT worth any points, they are COMPLETELY optional, and they are a chance for you to have fun with your character and fellow classmates/staff/faculty, to develop stories with your character, and to get to know them more.

Structure is whatever you want it to be! If you just want to come and watch people take potions, that's cool. If you want to go absolutely CRAZY with posting side effects, that's cool. If you only want to do one big post, or 50 little posts, that's cool. If you only have time to post once, that's cool. If you haven't attended any lessons, that's cool, COME AND TRY!

There are two elements to these test labs. You can do one or the other, or both.
  1. INGESTING the potion - obviously your character will try the potion and RP the effects
  2. THEORETICAL - Art will provide each student with a worksheet that they can complete, so basically they are 'analysing' the potion. The answers you and your character put down are completely up to you. You can let your imagination go wild, there are no right or wrong answers.

Potions Analysis Form
Contents (eg. clean or floating matter..)
Other defining characteristics:
Boiling point:
Freezing point:

Characteristic (sweet, bitter etc.):
Initial guess of ingredients:
Quality (tingle, burning, numbing etc.):

Time for initial effects:
Time for full effects:
Time until effects wear off:
Time until potion wears off:
Detail effects -
All of Art's rules (above) and SS board rules apply at all times.

always on the move
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