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Term 40: May - August 2015 Term Forty: Don't Follow The Spiders (September 2086-June 2087)

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Old 07-01-2015, 01:56 PM
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Default Divination Lesson Three

As you make your way through the trap door a sense of normality might set in. Thought the seventh floor corridor is filled with cobwebs and you might be wiping them from your face and hands from the ladder, Professor Cassie has cleaned up the best she could in the classroom and set it back to her favorite colors. Even with all the cleaning you may find that there are a few cobwebs already starting to appear in the corners of the room.

The room is filled with calming music and lavender fills the room and there is tea set out for anyone who would like some. The word plastromancy is on the bored and Bob the box turtle is set up in a little playpen with his ball rolling it around. Professor Cassie is at the front of the room sipping on her own peppermint tea waiting for the students to come in. As always on the table is the snap cup just waiting for students proud moments.

Lesson Progression

Bringing out the sieve
Performing Conscinomancy
OOC note for everyone
Divination Courtroom
More questioning
Final Conscinomancy formed
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Beverly caught Aditya's gaze, shooting him a small finger wave and a smirk that was rather close to a smile. She believed in him, and even if he had taken Bob he was probably just borrowing him. No harm done. She did believe in, though. That kid had the kindest spirit. There was no way he'd want to cause someone or something harm.

It was finally time. They'd finally find the 'culprit.' Would they get to witness the punishment too? She hoped. It would only be fair to the audience, hehe.
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Norah shifted in her seat, bringing her knees to her chest and hugging them there. She wasn't going to ask any questions, nope nope nope. She really didn't want to know anything about how stole Bob, she just wanted them to go far far away where they wouldn't be stealing and being a meanie head. They didn't need her help for that, thank you very much.

And so she sat, picking bits of sparkly nail polish from her fingernails and trying to think about happier things. Like lunch. Maybe she'd have a chocolate frog later. OOH or those sugar mice she,d been saving. or both. both was good. In between her plans for a grand candy feast, she made som extra wishes for Bob. Maybe he wasn't stolen at all. Maybe he had a secret friend he was going to go visit or something. Maybe Adi had a turtle that was Bob,s secret friend and he want even a meanie bum at all! THAT was a good thing to wish for.
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So not being in her seat and on the floor was enough evidence to prove that it she was the one who took Bob. She didn't think so. Shaking her head, "I was on the floor but I didn't take Bob." Bob was a cutie. and she had to have him Mawhahaha. So no one wanted to ask her questions? That was fine. Losers!

Cinna listened to professor Cassie, right in the middle, okay there. Hers was right in the middle. Now she just watched others and waited for her verdict. When Cassie got to her she held her breath. "No not really." She shook her head. She watched as the sieve started moving to her. Oh crap. OH CRAP!!! The sieve stopped moving. CRAP!!! "I did it professor Morgan." Totally trying to keep a straight face she pulled little Bob the turtle out from her robes. See safe and sound.
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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

Adi's eyes trained back on Angel. Apparently he was going to have to repeat another answer to her. "Yes, I did. And no, I didn't because the light came on so fast. The moment I had cast Lumos practically at the same time it came back on. It was the only thing I used my wand for.'' Nooooo summoning of cute turtles had been done by him.

The Puff also like his Housemate's Toby's suggestion. Yesh, they could all do that, couldn't they? But if the culprit had stashed Bob elsewhere... His attention back on Zhenya. He knew EXACTLY what she was going through, having done the same last year. It was normal for any student to want to sleep the next day after late night studies. Nothing wrong there, Professor Cassie.

"Yes, I could have taken him but I did NOT.''
Adi emphasised on the last word. Did he mention how much he disliked the way Cassie was acting towards the four of them? Yes, he did. And it bother him especially because he was always on such great terms with her. Sweet, happy Cassie had become so stern in a matter of seconds. It was DEPRESSING.

He looked down at the sieve she had in front of him and her, willing it not to move as she cast the spell. OH, HEY! IT DIDN'T! His head tilted to the left as he surveyed the sieve. What was so different this time around that it stayed still? He frowned and looked questioningly at Cassie. Cue one confused Hufflepuff!

As she watched she was very sure that the sieve wasn't going to budge and when it didn't she just gave him a grin. "Very good, very good." She didn't tell him he could leave just yet though, no she wanted them all to stay exactly where they were until the end.

SPOILER!!: Janelle
Originally Posted by Daydreamer11 View Post
Janelle didn't think that she could take much more of this. Now she was being called defensive........again. Well why shouldn't she be defensive? She hadn't done anything. She was really feeling awful about the whole situation. Janelle couldn't win. If she maintained her innoncence, she was defensive and guilty. If she didn't she anything, she was hiding something......and guilty. She was starting to question her choice to take Divination class.

So they were going to do the sieve thing again. Professor Cassie placed the sieve in the proper place and performed the spell. Janelle heard her name being spoken and looked at the sieve. It did not move, not even a little shake. Of course it didn't move because she was innocent. She had no idea why it had moved in the first place.

While she should have been relieved, Janelle was not. She just wanted to leave and get away from all of the madness. Janelle was not a girl who cried easily, but if she was.......this would have been a good time for it. That was just how badly she felt. Instead, she just sat and stared straight ahead, wondering if they would actually find Bob..

Cassie was watching Janelle more then she was watching the sieve, she felt the vibes bouncing off her and a bit of feeling bad jumped into her thoughts, but soon (hopefully) she would understand. Knowing her sieve didn't move she gave her a smile and moved on.

SPOILER!!: Cinna
Originally Posted by Saraie View Post
So not being in her seat and on the floor was enough evidence to prove that it she was the one who took Bob. She didn't think so. Shaking her head, "I was on the floor but I didn't take Bob." Bob was a cutie. and she had to have him Mawhahaha. So no one wanted to ask her questions? That was fine. Losers!

Cinna listened to professor Cassie, right in the middle, okay there. Hers was right in the middle. Now she just watched others and waited for her verdict. When Cassie got to her she held her breath. "No not really." She shook her head. She watched as the sieve started moving to her. Oh crap. OH CRAP!!! The sieve stopped moving. CRAP!!! "I did it professor Morgan." Totally trying to keep a straight face she pulled little Bob the turtle out from her robes. See safe and sound.

Zhenya's sieve not moving didn't phase Cassie either, it was like she expected it. Which was exactly how she looked when Cinna's sieve did move. She did hold out her hands and took Bob back and walked very calmly to his playpen and set him back down.

"I have a confession to make." She gave the entire class a beaming smile, "This was a little bit staged. Cinnamon was nice enough to meet me one day and discuss a plan of her stealing Bob. Though I have to apologize for any concern I gave our other three friends. I'm not certain why your sieves moved, but I knew you were fully innocent. It just made the lesson more interesting bringing you up as well." Teachable moments! "Five points for the four of you for being great sports. Thank you and you can head back to your seats." She gave them all snaps hoping they weren't too mad at her.

Back to her happy bubbly self she had put on a great show if she said so herself. "I hope you all learned a few things today. I know I have. I've never seen a group of students come together and really believe in each other. Not one of you pointed the fingers at your classmates. No matter the house nor the person you were sure no one had taken Bob. That is a great thing to see as a professor." She flicked her wand and Brownies appeared on the front table, "A little treat for you as you leave and you will not have a homework assignment this time."

She turned needing some tea, but stopped, "Also" She looked at them all very serious as her hand went to her temple. "Please take extra care around the castle." Her green eyes glanced towards the cobwebs already taking over again in the back of the room.

ooc: Class is dismissed, I'll close the thread in the EST morning. Thank you for the awesome work and the great participation!! <3
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Awh. Adi always thought he had the greatest friends and this was only confirmed when Lux kept sticking up for him. She was totally a Hufflepuff... such a loyal friend. He squinted at Bev. Nope, no smile. All he got was a smirk. He sent one right back now. He'd be getting a smile out of you before you graduated, Bevvy Wayne!

Back to the sieves! Yay! Janelle's hadn't moved either! But what surprised him was Cinna's outburst and then Cassie's confession. What, what, WHAT? They had been PLAYED?! Thank the Hippogriffs! Sure, it made the lesson more fun but he hadn't liked it when Cassie got so serious. But now she was smiling! YAAAAY! And at least she did know they were all innocent. "You're welcome, Professor,'' Adi said happily as he headed back to sit next to Lux. They had five extra points to Hufflepuff so that was cool even if the other Houses had the same amount awarded to them.

Oh, yeah. Cassie WAS totally right about the students sticking up for each other. Could they ALL get bonus points for that? LOOKY! Brownies! Wheeee! Nothing worked up a dude's appetite like a little court day. Hehe. Also, no homework? Cassie was AWESOME!

After helping himself to two brownies, the Puff gathered his stuff then returned his and Lux's sieves to the cart. He tilted his head at his Professor, his eyes following hers to the cobwebs. Those things were persistent. He non verbally cast the Scouring Charm, getting rid of a great deal of them. They'd be back, unfortunately. Anyway... "Bye, Professor! This was a really fun class.'' Yep, it had been.
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Zhenya listened to what Professor Cassie had asked her. She appreciated that smile. Then she shrugged, "I could have, but I didn't," that was a short answer.

Zhenya watched as Adi and Janelle had their sieve tested, though she knew they wouldn't move. Now was Zhenya's turn. Zhenya sat perfectly still, also holding her breath, as Professor Cassie cast the spell and said her name. Zhenya watched the sieve carefully. She watched it.

It was obviously not moving. Zhenya exhaled a sigh of relief, and sat back in her chair.

But then Professor Cassie tested Cinna. And the sieve moved. And... and there was Bob. Zhenya's mouth fell open. WHAT!? Why had Cinna taken Bob? Trust it to be a Gryffindor. Was it a test of bravery or something? Zhenya wanted to hear that story.


It was all an act?

Zhenya let out a small groan. She was made to be centre of attention and... and had a huge panic at being accused of something, and it was all an act? But they got house points? Well... in that case. AND NO HOMEWORK!? Zhenya's face broke into a smile. That was excellent news! No need to spend time on homework, she could use that extra bit of time for revision instead. All was well. She listened to what Professor Cassie had said, and it was true. There were no blame games. Sure there were questions, but that had been asked of the class. And there were probably more questions for Professor Cassie than any of them.

Zhenya packed up her things and went off to leave. "Thanks for the lesson Professor, it was... a little bit fun," she smiled. Just not the part where she was being accused of being a turtlenapper.

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Silence. Lots of silence, that's all Toby heard, though he was trying hard to not actually hear anything at all, so that might have had something to do with it. Still he remained under the desk, though he'd already picked everything up.

....................... wait, what?

A confused frown creased Toby's brow as he heard the professor's words, and at last he emerged from under the desk. He looked between the professor and Cinna. It... was staged? Not real? Made up? ... A trick?

Toby... didn't say anything. He just blinked at stared at Professor Cassie for a moment, before he processed the fact that she'd said they could go, at which point he began shoving all his stuff unceremoniously into his bag. Time to go. Yes. He could do that.

No homework was a bonus; Toby already had enough to deal with with his NEWT studying and other homework. But he decided not to take a brownie, and instead offered the professor a wave goodbye, his face impassive as he disappeared down the ladder through the trap door.

He. Was. Exhausted.
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Angel watched as the sieve moved with one of the students but the others stayed still, she was about to say something when.


The Professor had been in on this the whole time and she had been very worried about the whole situation.

Not cool Professor! Not cool at all!

Angel had thought that Bob had been taken by someone that might have hurt it but instead it seemed the Professor had known nothing would happen, she had wanted to teach them this method, that was why she didn't want them just to empty their pockets, Angel was getting a small headache now and she seriously needed a drink, she was going to wash her face and then she was going to grab something from the great hall.

Angel shook a little as she started to pack up her stuff, she was still scared from the lights going off and bob being taken, well bob being moved seeing as he hadn't fully been taken, well the person had the Professors permission.
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One by one, the students were being cleared of guilt. Janelle knew that Adi and Zhenya hadn't taken Bob. She didn't really know Cinna, but she was sure she hadn't taken him either. And then.........

Are you kidding me? When Cinna confessed and looked so cheerful about it, Janelle was confused. This was all a setup? Cinna and Professor Cassie were in cahoots the whole time?.......all in the name of teaching a lesson? Well Janelle hoped that everyone had learned something and had a rip roaring good time today. She, however, was feeling completely traumatized and the fact that it was all an act did not help. At least her fellow classmates had stuck up for her and the others......that was something positive, she guessed.

Janelle left her place on the "witness stand" and headed back to her seat. She just wanted to leave the classroom as fast as she could. Picking up her things she shoved them into her bag and headed for the trap door. She just couldn't help feeling that she'd been totally punked. She really didn't feel like talking to anyone, but she knew it would be rude to just leave. On her way out, she said, "Goodbye Professor". Then she waited for her turn to go down the ladder.
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