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MadameRowena 08-09-2005 07:09 PM

Library Seating Areas
In parts of the library there are numerous seating areas where large, puffy arm chairs are arranged in small groups. The soft firelight from a nearby fireplace warms the students who are reading quietly with a book in their laps, some close their eyes hoping to get a few minutes of rest before their next class, and other's simply chat in soft, hushed tones.

Christy_Horcrux00 09-07-2005 12:49 PM

Christy scanned the nearest bookshelf...“Oh my god!! They have the new Magical History book in,”

After taking some notes in the study table, Christy walks to the Seating Area. She sats in a puffy armchair, put the big Magical History book in her lap and start reading it carefuly...

emanuel182 09-07-2005 01:06 PM

Vicky walks to the comfortable armchairs few steps away from the shelves.She sits down and places her bag on a small coffee table next to her.Then she opens one of the books she just got and starts reading

Waddles 09-07-2005 10:11 PM

Lily walks over to the seating areas with the book she just picked out and starts reading. After a couple of minutes, she starts to get hungry. Because she isn't finished reading the book, Lily goes to the front desk to check it out.

Christy_Horcrux00 09-07-2005 10:22 PM

she finds a collections of basic Potions books, she grabbed two of them

After reading her History of Magic book, Christy returned from the bookshelves with two Potions books. When she reached the seating areas she saw a student leaving and a few ones reading, she joined them.

Padfoot 09-07-2005 10:58 PM

Seeing she is the only gryffindor here Heshasa walks over to a nearby chair with a book in hand and sits down quietly to read.

Christy_Horcrux00 09-07-2005 11:06 PM


Originally Posted by MadameRowena
and other's simply chat in soft, hushed tones.

Suddenly Christys book fell to the floor with a loud "thud". She said sorry to the Gryffindor next to her and kept her reading in silence.

Padfoot 09-07-2005 11:07 PM

After finishing the first hundred pages of Hogwart A' History Heshasa sets it aside and decides to finish it another day. She puts the book back on its shelf and walks out of the library.

kimberly_and_harry 09-07-2005 11:09 PM

Kim comes in and sits down at a chair and starts to read her book.

HPhobbit 09-08-2005 03:45 AM

Pacilla walks over to the quiet area where a few students are reading some books and takes a seat on one of the comfy armchairs and glances around a bit before starting to read "The Medieval World of Wizards" because while she rode the bus with her new friend she had heard about someone who she wanted to learn more of and she usually liked reading about wizarding history.

Lover_Of_Black 09-08-2005 10:59 PM

Dameon sat down at his usual seat in the library and pulled out his sketch pad. On the top of a paper he wrote "Dear Avadia" and paused. For a moment he started doodling on the bottom of the page, not entirely sure where to start.

HPhobbit 09-10-2005 01:26 AM

Pacilla found what she wanted to know from the book and after actually reading a couple more pages than she really cared about, and shut the book, walked over to the bookshelves again and looked at the number on the side and put it back where she guessed it goes. Then she left the library to head to the common room.

slipstick 09-10-2005 09:55 AM

*Mickey finds a quiet seat and begins to read The Lives of the Founders

Drusilla Black 09-10-2005 10:57 AM

Drusilla finds a warm and comfy chair nearby the fire. She puts her book pile carefully on one narrow table and pics up one to have a look through.

Drusilla Black 09-11-2005 04:29 PM

Drusilla had finished her pile of books, half of which she put back into their shelves, half of which she borrowed. She took the pile with her to study them more closely.

Lover_Of_Black 09-11-2005 05:35 PM

Dameon crumpled up his twenty fifth attempt at a letter to his little sister, and stood up to gather his belongings. With everything once again in his bag he headed out of the Library.

Christy_Horcrux00 09-11-2005 05:40 PM

Christy went to the library. The common room was too noisy for study. She sat in a puffy armchair and put the Charms book in her lap. She was not in the mood, to make the DADA homework.

Iphigeneia 09-18-2005 10:06 PM

Iphigeneia sank down onto one of the armchairs by the fire. It was late; she was exhausted. She knew she should have been working on the homework, but there was just too much on her mind to make head or tails of any of it.

All she could think of right now was what she had just been told out in the Grounds by the the castle walls. She and two other girls - one a Slytherin, another a Ravenclaw - had been discussing the sombre business concerning the Book of Mysteria. Iphigeneia knew that there was still much she didn't know, but she knew enough to be fearful. And what's more, she still wasn't exactly sure what was being done to protect the school from those who wished to obtain the Book...who would go to any lengths to learn the Book's secrets...

Iphigeneia stood up suddenly. She knew what she could do - in the end, whatever she did might do no good, but at least she had tried something. With a terse nod, she picked up her bookbag and left the seating area.

demonchild32191 09-23-2005 11:04 PM

Christy went along browsing the shelves until she found the book she wanted. She took the book and plopped odwn into a chair in front of the crackling fire. She sighed and opened the book and started to read.

mercurio 09-26-2005 09:06 PM

Mercurio walked in looking as if a potion experiment had gone totally wrong. Only inside he started using the hall as her personal shower and poiting his wand here and there to clean himself of that disgusting blue puss. He walked over to the seating areas after grabbing one book and slumped into a couch, soon to get hismelf comfortable with his feet over another chair. From there, he read on the book he had started day before.

kaZombie 09-27-2005 11:30 PM

kass walked into the libary and headed to the seating areas. she held a notebook in her hand and a quill behind he ear. she sat down in a chair and looked around. she opened her book and started to write.

i m a g i n e 10-01-2005 03:13 AM

Fate could feel the tension in her upper back constrict as she sat in a red arm chair,pouring over some books dealing with political differences in Northern Ireland,where all of her family originated from.She flipped through the tiny texted pages of the leather-bound book and dug into her black silk petticoat pockets and found her black reading glass's and put them on the bridge of her nose to read the context better.

She nodded to herself and flipped back and forth between pages,reading about the Immigration and Potato Rot."Seems my family went through some troubling times." She said to herself.She pushed her glass's up for they were sliding off her nose,to much bending over the many books that were open and sitting in her lap.

She swung her legs gently side to side as she sat,the long leg warmers hiding her feet and the small shoulder coat covered her upper body,the black and white silk matching the same as her outfit.She brushed a few escapign silver strangs away from her eyes and went back to reading.

Aphrodite 10-03-2005 05:09 AM

Aphrodite walked into the library, she searched the shelves for a moment before she found the book she was looking for. Aph took the book over to an unoccupied chair near a window. She flopped down onto it, and swung her legs over the arm rest, leaning back against the other. Before flipping the book open she tucked her long, golden-red hair behind her ears and scanned the front cover with her blue eyes, "Legends From the Southern Lands", she read, before opening it and scanning the table of contence.

ginny_first_year_pureblood 10-12-2005 01:26 AM

Ginny walked over to the Library Seating Area, comming from the Book Shelfs with her bag in her arms, along with a book. She smiled at all the people, and waved to them happily.

"Hello!" She said in a hushed whisper.

She sat down in a big, puffy chair by some person she didn't know. And she pulled out her,

Fantasy and Magic Creatures- Where to find them.

And she began to read, ocasianlly looking around the room, she watched the others and silently went back to reading her newly loved book.

Padfoot 10-29-2005 02:52 AM

Heshasa sat down with a pile of books in her arms. She took the top one and began to flip through taking notes here and there.

After about a hour Heshasa set aside her first book which she had just finished and began reading the second of her four books. But as Heshasa grew weary she decided to borrow the book
and go back to her common room. Setting the other three abck on the shelves for another day she opened the book and began reading while she walked back towards her common room.

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