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Default The Song in Your Heart

Chateau Croyance was established way back in 1947 by a young wizarding couple, Claire and Auguste Evremonde, to fulfill a promise Claire made to her father to help unfortunate children. Owned and operated by the Evremonde family, the sprawling home located on the outskirts of Avignon has provided a safe place for France's orphaned and troubled wizarding children for over 150 years. Now for the first time in its lengthy history, Chateau Croyance has teamed up with a similar establishment in the UK, Stemp House, to host a charity concert to benefit both houses.

On a warm sunny day in July 2099, Chateau Croyance's expansive backyard has been transformed into an impromptu concert venue. The stone terrace at the back of the house marks the entrance to the concert and serves as an arrival point for Portkeys from Stemp House. The first thing guests will notice upon arrival is a ticket booth just to the left of the stairs leading to the yard. All residents and staff of Stemp House or Chateau Croyance get in free; admission is 1 galleon per person for all other guests.

Guests make their way down the stairs to find several round tables topped with cream-colored tablecloths and colorful flower centerpieces; each table seats 6 people. In the middle of the smaller tables is a long buffet table heaped with popular French and English foods and beverages, but the focal point of the buffet is a giant macaron tower made up of tiny cookies decorated to look like the French and British flags, a symbol of unity between the two houses.

At the far end of the yard is the stage where the musical performances will take place. On either side of the stage are two banners, one bearing Stemp House's balloon logo, the other bearing Chateau Croyance's blackbird; each banner is charmed to flash the message, "Welcome, friends!" in English and in French. The stage curtain remains drawn for now, but the concert will begin at any moment. So grab a snack, find a seat, and enjoy the show!

OOC info: Special thanks to Shanners for collaborating on this rp! This rp takes place in summer 2099 and is open to all characters. You may play as many characters as you like, and all rp styles (longform, twitter, one-liner, etc.) are welcome. Feel free to begin rping right away. Just post or link the bio(s) for your charrie(s) in your first post, and to help keep track of who is who, please indicate if they are a resident/staff member of Stemp House or Chateau Croyance (and which house they belong to), musical act, or just a regular guest. If your charrie is one of the musical acts, you do not have to wait for them to be called onstage to rp their performance.

P.S. If you're interested in playing a member of the Evremonde family, please PM MadMadamMalfoy.

Character List:

Chateau Croyance residents/staff

Stemp House residents/staff

Lorelei Stemp (staff) - Shanners
Adam Stemp (staff) - Harron Peasley
Jordan Flint (resident) - Felixir
Victor Garcia Massey (staff) -sweetpinkpixie
Vita Mallari (resident) TakeMetotheBurrow
Falcon Sykes (resident) - oh its Erik ok
Ben Selwyn (resident) - AlwaysSnapesGirl
Cherelle Bonaccord (resident) - Daemon

Musical Acts


Saffron Stemp - Shanners
Maverick Stemp - Shanners
Albert Darcy - Harron Peasley
Ines Bernard - oh its Erik ok

Minerva Darling - Samia
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Odaline Buchanan
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Ministry RPG Name:
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Accidents & Catastrophes

Ministry RPG Name:
Theophilus Darcy
Magical Creatures

Diagon Alley Employee:
Galilea Grimaldi
Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes
Default I mean.. I'll absolutely edit with proper bios. For now.. basic!
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SPOILER!!: Lorelai Stemp

Looks like: Eva Longoria
Post colour: #ff0066

Name: Lorelai Dakota Stemp
Maiden name: Lorelai Dakota Bristol
Date of Birth: December 13th, 2054
Place of Birth: Bristol, England
Place of Residence: Horsington Cottage, Somerset, England
Occupation: MOTHER!!!!!
Real Occupation: Author, Stemp House Founder and Manager

Husband: Adam Daniel Stemp (married in August of 2076)
Children: Corbin Hadley Stemp, [30th December 2076] Saffron Sarah Dakota Stemp, [30th December 2076], Ringo Aubrey Stemp [29th April 2078] Lilah Cameron Darcie Stemp, [4th March 2079] Maverick Xander Stemp, [25th January 2081] McCartney Xavier Stemp, [25th January 2081] Sparrow Isaac Stemp, [4th August 2083] Liberty Eleanor Stemp [4th August 283], Jorgie Monroe Stemp, [17th October 2084], Jude Enzo Stemp [22nd June 2086] and Oksana Stemp [19th April, 2096]
Grandchildren: Reuben Albert Darcy-Stemp [25th December, 2096]

SPOILER!!: Saffron Stemp

Looks like: Selena Gomez
Post colour: #C12869

Name: Saffron Sarah Dakota Stemp
Date of Birth: December 30th, 2076
Place of Birth: Bristol, England
Place of Residence: Horsington Cottage, Somerset, England
Occupation: Cheer and Gymnastics Coach @ Hilton Darcy Football Academy

Boyfriend: Albert Darcy
Children: Reuben Albert Darcy-Stemp [25th December, 2096]

SPOILER!!: Maverick Stemp

Looks like: Harry Styles
Post colour: #2B1B17

Name: Maverick Xander Stemp
Date of Birth: January 25th, 2081
Place of Birth: Bristol, England
Place of Residence: Horsington Cottage, Somerset, England
Occupation: ?????? Mate, I just graduated and am trying to get into music school let me live

Girlfriend: Vita Mallari

MAMA STEMP WAS HERE. As were those that were coming from Stemp House. Not all of their residents had chosen to attend, and Lorelai was not one to push them to. Instead, she made sure that they had enough popcorn and movies to last them through to next morning. Lorelai did a quick head count once their portkey groups began to arrive, happy to see that they had all made it and no one was harmed in transit.

"You know what's expected of you! Have fun and don't do any of your toileting outside of a bathroom!!" Yes. She was looking at a certain few of them. Specific ones, actually.

She handed Ocky off to her husband, gave her grandson a kiss on his cheek and hurried off with residents to get them sat down at tables and situated. She was hungry.

Someone remind him why he had came..? He only liked France when it was just he and Vita. Now it was him, Vita and all these other people that he had no time for. Besides his nephew, because Reuben had immediately scrambled for Mave's arms as soon as they arrived.

Maverick loved his family, he did.

But he also loved not being a climbing frame for toddlers. It was only a matter of minutes before his youngest sister began to copy and he'd be on the floor.

"Veeeeeeeeeeeeets." He groaned, saddling Reuben up onto his shoulders, careful not to drop him. "Let's find somewhere close to the stage, yeah? I want good seats for the music." And maybe it would be too loud for Reuben to stay with them and they could treat this as date night.

As soon as Maverick had thought about his nephew not putting up with the loud music, Saffron had descended upon them both with kisses (hi Mavey baby thanks for being a babysitter) and put bright pink and glittery ear defenders on her son. "There. He's all ready for his first concert! Doesn't he look cute? Alby! ALBY! ALBERT. Albert! Take a photo of him. Loooooook! I decorated them myself for him. Aren't they cute? They're cut, right?"

She glanced around for her mother, unsurprised that she had already began shepherding the residents to seats and areas and blah blah blah blah blah.

"Doesn't Mave look cute with a baby, Vita?" Not that Reuben was a baby baby. He WAS two and a half now. BUT HE WAS STILL HER BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY.

You are invited to...

Neville Longbottom's Surprise Birthday Party!

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Józef Dominik Kowalski
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Ministry RPG Name:
Dalton Nicholas Fletcher
Accidents & Catastrophes

Ministry RPG Name:
Harper Lirael Ward
International Cooperation
Default Bios are liiiiiinked.
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[SH Staff] Adam had been hot on the heels of his wife, when he was sure that the last resident who wanted to attend had taken the portkey safely. Landing stable on his feet himself, he offered a hand to a couple of the residents who'd ended up on the ground. Portkeys were efficient, but it did take a while for one to get used to them.

As his wife spoke, he took Oksana into his arms and swung the giggling child onto his shoulders. "There you go, sweetheart. Now you can see everything!" And he, of course, got his hair tugged at by his youngests fists as he clutched her legs. "Where's Mummy off to? Shall we follow?"

Taking toddler chatter and laughs as a response, Adam bounded off in the direction of Lorelai, shepherding along the last of the residents as he went.

[Guest] Wasn't Reuben the cutest thing ever? If you'd asked Albert two and a half years ago, he probably would have rolled his eyes and pulled a face. Probably? Definitely would have done that. But now, he was cooing over the tot as only a devoted father could - even if he was happy to saddle Reubs onto his uncle for the moment.

The though of spending some time with Saffron without their child was almost snatched away from him, but his girlfriend was just the best. He didn't even really need her lots of repeating of name calling and urges to take a photo, because he'd really been getting into the habit of snapping pictures whenever it was possible - the camera was already in his hand. Grinning goofily at Reuben so his son would smile for the camera, he quickly began snapping photos.

"Smile, Mave - and Vita, you get in it, too!"

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Jake Upstead
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Ministry RPG Name:
Jasper Beaufort
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SPOILER!!: Jordan Flint

FC: Marc Schulze
(Stemp House Resident)

Name: Jordan Isaiah Flint
Known as: Jordan, Jordy
Age: 18 (est. 8th October 2080)
Pronouns: He/him

Heritage: ⅞ Pureblood, ⅛ Muggleborn
School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Class of: 2099
House: Ravenclaw
Boggart: Any sight that will make him throw up
Patronus: Cannot produce

Biological parents: Tancred Flint and Reagan Bellamy

Occupation: n0pe
Hobbies: M4ths, m4ps

Jordan has a lack of understanding for social boundaries and a tendency to do or say whatever is on his mind without fear or expectation of consequence; this is frequently mistaken for confidence. He is very literal, honest, and gets incredibly upset about dishonesty and cheating. Has an incredibly short fuse, but also tends to calm down very suddenly too; his emotions are generally very intense but never long-lasting, and he can't be bothered with holding grudges unless someone has seriously wronged him. He doesn't really concern himself with what other people are doing (and likewise does not ever worry about what other people think of his own actions). Jordan doesn't think very deeply about his own feelings, emotions, memories, or about his life in general, preferring to devote his time to his interests. This means it's usually a great shock to him when things build up inside him and overwhelm him.

Jordan has a lot of idiosyncrasies that make him seem a little peculiar to some people. He likes numbers, making maps of significant places, counting things, lining things up, and reorganising his possessions over and over again until he's satisfied. He has pervasive developmental disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder, and also received a frontal lobe brain injury when he was very young which has continued to affect him throughout his life.

Personal History:
Reagan Bellamy and Tancred Flint had been in a non-serious relationship since their Hogwarts days. Reagan had fallen in love with Tancred despite their agreement to keep things casual, but Tancred was uninterested in pursuing anything further because he was a pureblood wizard who wanted and was expected to marry and have children with a pureblood witch, whereas Reagan was a half-blood. When Reagan fell pregnant with Tancred's baby she kept it a secret from him, hoping to present him with his child once he was born and persuade him to marry her.

Jordan was born on 8th October 2080, but when Reagan finally told Tancred that he had a son, Tancred was unmoved and, far from deciding to marry her, cut all ties with her. Lumbered with a baby she didn't want or love, Reagan gave up Jordan and disappeared. Tancred reluctantly took Jordan in under pressure from social services, but had no love for his child either, especially considering he was not a pureblood. After four years of unhappiness and ill-treatment at the hands of his father, Jordan was taken into care and Tancred, who was also found to be guilty of crimes unrelated to his son, was eventually sent to Azkaban.

At first, Jordan was sent to live with a foster family, in the hopes that he would have a decent chance at adoption due to his young age. However, he couldn't adjust or cope in the family environment, and after six months was moved to a different placement. This placement, too, seemed doomed to fail from the start, due to Jordan's heightened stress levels and his emerging behavioural issues. However, his case worker did her research and came to the conclusion that perhaps he would be better able to cope in a group home rather than a family with stand-in parents. As it happened, a new children's home was due to be opened that same summer, and Jordan's case worker applied for a bed for a full-time resident at Stemp House on Jordan's behalf. He was accepted at once, and moved in on opening day.

Life at Stemp House was a lot easier to manage, as Jordan's personality and individual needs were better suited to the routine and set-up of a group home rather than an intimate family setting. Though he still had his problems, Jordan thrived at Stemp House and coped better than anyone had expected. The staff cared for Jordan and the other children exceptionally well, and Jordan quickly decided that Stemp House was a place of safety and security. When he reached primary school age, he, like the other residents, was privately educated by brought-in tutors in preparation for Hogwarts. The staff and his case worker also worked to help prepare him for the big upheaval that would come with attending a boarding school.

When Jordan started his first year at Hogwarts, he was sorted into Ravenclaw house (though the hat dithered for a while over Gryffindor). Despite all of the preparation, Jordan's issues with change made it very difficult to adjust to the new environment of Hogwarts, but once he settled, he was fine. He made friends (like Andi Rourke and Soraya Santos) and enemies (one in particular, James Summers), and frequently found himself in physical altercations with the latter. In his first year, he accidentally-on-purpose almost killed James by throwing him overboard while they were on the ship 'Merlin's Pride' - turned out James couldn't swim and almost drowned. No repercussions came from this, mostly because none of the professors ever found out, but Jordan was no stranger to trouble at school, frequently finding himself in detention or getting suspended across all seven school years.

Jordan's grades at school weren't great - he often struggled academically, partly because of his lingering brain issues, and the large class sizes meant he often slipped through the cracks. He was homeschooled for the majority of his fifth year, however, and, because of the more devoted attention, started to do slightly better and even scraped a few OWLs. By seventh year, however, his confidence in his abilities had hugely dwindled, and he didn't expect to do very well at all. Though he stayed at Hogwarts in order to be near his few friends for one more year, Jordan did not attend any of his NEWT exams and left Hogwarts without his seventh year qualifications.

Jordan had been a little apprehensive about coming to this thing, if he was honest (and he was always honest). Parties and concerts and any kind of social gathering had never really been his thing, so the temptation to stay home and in his room had been very strong. But in the end the lure of spending time with the Stemps while he still could had swayed him, not to mention the chance to see another children's home. Jordan had been at Stemp House since he was four years old (had been there since it opened, in fact), and prior to that he had been placed with foster families. Maybe it would be interesting to see what another place was like.

Even though he'd decided to come, he was still a little bit stuck in his own head what with dwelling exclusively on his impending departure from Stemp House, the only home he'd ever known. Jordan remained quiet as he allowed himself to be shepherded along with the rest of the residents, taking in the grounds and the building before him and realising suddenly that, 'H3y, I'm 1n Fr4nce.'
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Ministry RPG Name:
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SPOILER!!: bio @ brief

looks like: Vic Zeno | posts like Georgia in #B28647/cappuccino
Name: Victor García Massey
Known as: Victor, Vic
DoB: someday in November 2070 (he doesn't know and picks arbitrarily every year)

Heritage: pureblood
School: Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Thunderbird)
Boggart: a desk with stacks of papers on it and a necktie hanging off the chair
Patronus: incorporeal only

Occupation: WU Athens | Cryptozoology & Wandlore TA ; freelance illustrator ; Stemp House part-time specialist/instructor
Current residence: a flat in Athens
Personality quirks: sleeps in a sleeping back on the floor - never in a bed; fusses with his glasses when thinking or anxious; proud of and takes good care of his hair and eyebrows; a 'generic Gary' according to some; prefers to not wear a shirt when possible (hates collars and button ups); essentially lives out of his backpack which he has had since he was 13 (patches on it are from fabrics bought in local markets along his travels)
Hobbies: wanderlusting & cliff diving

Attending with: Minerva Darling

How convenient that his dark to map decision making had pinpointed to France for the weekend even before Mama Stemp had told him about this event. The only downside was that seeing as this was a formal event there was a certain dress code he had to maintain, especially as a representative of Stemp House. Though his students there were no stranger to tromping around outside with him sans a shirt, he was certain that the owners of this opulent estate would not take so well to the sight...nor find his offer of educating them to the live teething around the flower beds compensation.

So he was here with his white button up shirt, the top three left UNbuttoned (thank you), and khakis. Hopefully the sandals would not offend anyone, it was either these or barefoot or sneakers or his tuxedo shoe. did people live like this though?

The sheer size of the walls was complete madness and had him removing his circular spectacles for the fourth time since their arrival by portkey to polish the lens on his shirt before slipping them back over the bridge of his nose. "Impressive tower of macaroons they have over there," he mused to the blonde on his arm, ignorant to the fact that he confused the two cookies. He may be a polyglot, but anything that had to do with cooking and baking were entirely different languages.

Why his own cooking was reserved for Cup 'o Noodles when others were not offering to cook him decent meals.

"That's Jordan," he explained as he nodded his head to the dusty blonde and offered a small wave in his direction. "I'll have to introduce you to Ma--- Lorelai. Did I tell you that we are collaborating on a children's book? I'll be doing the illustrations to her story. Still very much a work in progress but my next weekend retreat to wherever the darts dictate ought to be the opportune time to make a proper dent in things."

Where was the woman of the hour? Or their distinguished host for that matter. He probably should start by thanking them both for the invitation before he got too settled in anywhere.

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Ministry RPG Name:
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Default Resident, bio attached <3
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This place was gorgeous, the cause important, and Vita was just really happy to be here with people who felt like family. She smiled, hanging back some to watch the Stemps as they spilled into the event. They were a mess of puzzle pieces, all different but coming together so perfectly in this beautiful picture. She still wasn't sure she fit sometimes, but Maverick's voice was all she needed to hear to make that brief flash of doubt drift away.

"Good seats for the performance are a must," She agreed, tugging playfully on Reuben's little foot and offering her boyfriend a smile for being a good sport and an adorable uncle, a thought which was voiced by Saffron almost as soon as she'd thought it. "He always looks cute, but extra right now." He knew it too, she was sure.

Moving closer, the Hogwarts grad slung her arm around Mave's waist and smiled at Albert, waiting for the picture to be taken before moving out of the way in case the toddler became impatient and starting kicking those adorable little legs of his in her direction.

"Anyone want a snack before we sit?"
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Ministry RPG Name:
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SPOILER!!: Guest Ines Bernard

Looks like: Rachel Cook; Code: #967bb6

Name: Inès Bernard
Age: 23
Date of Birth: 21, March 2076

Heritage: Pureblood
School: Beauxbatons (Ombrelune)
Boggart: Clowns

Occupation: making potions and such for clients
Residence: Paris
Hobbies: wine, beach, parties, flirting

Attending with: Was just in the area and to see Victor's job

The place was alright as Inès finally got around to making her way over. Never heard of the Stemp House but she did know of the Evremonde's but the real reason she was here was to see what place would actually employ Victor or what place he can stand being at for a length of time. Plus Minnie was here so she had people to talk to and tease.

Her summer was uneventful so far besides some beach dates here and there and having to work. Is this how the whole year is going to be like...maybe she needed to find some new hobbies.

First things first she needed a drink

SPOILER!!: Resident Falcon Sykes

Looks like: malachi barton; Code: #dd4c45

Name: Falcon Sykes
Age: 9
Date of Birth: 1/5/2090
Heritage: Half-Blood
Residence: Stemp House
Hobbies: Jokes, comic books, Kaiju


Falcon needed to see if he could get some croissants to eat and enough for him and his sister for later. No one fun yet was out yet that he could see at least. Jordan and Vita and a bunch of Stemps. Staying away from all of them. Too bad he couldnt bring some water balloons out and cause some fun. Because well he didnt have any was really did not think ahead when coming here.

Mostly all his fault he was bored at the present moment.
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Ministry RPG Name:
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Big, probably crowded, events like this were not the way he preferred to spend his time, but Ben thought it was something he ought to do. This event was intended to support Stemp House and a place similar to it in France, and though being there was not something he had ever thought would happen, he had no complaints about the people there. Those in charge had been nothing but kind to him since he had arrived, and even the other residents were pleasant enough in their own way, though some were louder than they needed to be.

Besides, in some way, he also thought it would be interesting come here. What might be the similarities and differences between the two, especially since they were in different countries? And perhaps this might be a good opportunity to practice his French. He was trying to learn as much as he could over the summer, considering the Hogwarts-at-Beauxbatons situation coming up. He had been reading all about the school in France since the article in the Daily Prophet.

Now that they had arrived, Ben predictably slipped toward the outer edges of the crowd, his grey eyes looking every which way to take in all in. Magnificent, all of it. The people here certainly knew how to decorate well. The scale and elegance of it all reminded him...reminded him a little bit of his old home.

Old house, actually, as he had come to think of it instead. That place had never been even half as bright and welcoming as this place or as Stemp House. Though elegant and lavish, it had also been cold and lifeless. Aspects he was sure he never would have realized without these houses - these homes - to compare it to.

An ache in his chest gave him pause, but he mentally pushed it aside. There was no point in dwelling on such things. He ought to focus on the event right now.

Perhaps he would try one of those macarons.
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ooc: Cherie's mini bio can be found here. She's a Stemp House resident ^__^

Maman had promised she would come. Pépère had said so, in his letter. Cherie had put on her best dress, she'd brushed her hair and she'd even made sure to wipe her school shoes down so they didn't look so scruffy and old. With her wand tucked neatly into the makeshift holster she'd made for herself - two hair ties and a sleeve off an old black shirt that she'd carefully cut off - she knew she looked like the young witch her mother always wanted her to be.

But Maman was not here. She had meetings all day long. Apparently.

Cherie was desperately trying not to be upset. She looked around, spotting Vita, Ben, the Stemps, loads of people she knew. And a couple she didn't. Her skin crawled. She liked Stemp House, she was more Cherie Stemp than she was Cherie Bonaccord, and she'd liked Hogwarts too even with the mist... but she missed France. Her France. Amiens. Running around with a key on her neck, sipping from juiceboxes as she'd explore the countryside all by herself. She'd liked that.

Then she'd come home, and Maman would be there. She was almost always there. And now, she was never there. Cherie absentmindedly scratched her one available forearm, turning to the nearby woods and wondering if anyone would notice should she take off in that direction.

Slowly at first, then with more speed, Cherie Bonaccord walked silently towards the line of trees.
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SPOILER!!: brief bio

looks like: Elyse Taylor | post color code: #C70039

Name: Minerva Rose Darling
Known as: Minnie, Min
DoB: 20th February

Heritage: Pureblood
School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Gryffindor)
Boggart: extreme darkness, with no one in sight.
Patronus: --

Occupation: WU Athens | Oceanology ; Research Associate
Current residence: A flat in Crete/
A few traits: An emotionally reckless fool. In love with the depths of the ocean.
Attending with: Victor García Massey

Minnie wasn't sure how to explain it but she was so curious about this event. Not entirely for what it was, but because this was also an insight on who Victor was - when he wasn't a wanderlusting free spirit. It was a rare insight and she welcomed it.

Dressed in the only other nice dress she owned, and he hadn't seen - the blonde took in the view ahead of them as they walked in. The place was truly done a spectacular sight.

Chuckling softly at the mention of macaroons, she nodded before adding, "you are already hungry, I am not surprised." It really was quite the sight. However what really took her interest was the stage that had been set up. The night felt promising.

Turning her head in the direction he pointed at, she too waved at this person he called Jordan and then she shook her head as he went on, "no, you did not, but that sounds like a really fun project," she smiled, before glancing at him, "working with you - she must feel so proud seeing how far you have come"

I, feel something so right doing the wrong thing----------
-------------------I could lie, could lie, could lie
---------------Everything that drowns me makes me wanna fly
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