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St. Mungo's Hospital (Role-Playing) Got a case of roleplay-itis and need to see the healer? Here at St. Mungo's you can roam around and flex your creative muscles.

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Old 08-01-2019, 02:59 AM
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Default Here Be Heliopaths! (Character Bios)

Did you get a character from our swapmeet? Or maybe you're participating in the Through the Spectrespecs RP and want to flesh out your character! You can also post here ANY existing characters that you choose to play in any of the event RPs (either created by the St Mungos mods, or by your fellow members!) We want to see all your creative characters! Please create ONE post for any or all of the characters you choose to play during this event.

Please note that this thread is for bios of original characters, either created by you or gifted to you. Canon character bios should not be posted here.

Feel free to use this basic bio template, or add as much more information as you'd like to develop and share your characters!

SPOILER!!: sample bio template

Age/Date of Birth:
Physical Appearance:
Employment (if adult):
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Eiji Rasting
Fifth Year

x12 x12

Ministry RPG Name:
Charles Hollingberry
Minister's Office

Ministry RPG Name:
Airey Flamsteed

Diagon Alley Employee:
Zachaël Lufkin
Owl Post
astronomizzle ♧ gryffinDORK | & the rest is drag ♣ #badluckDerf

sweetpinkpixie's heliopaths

Originally Posted by from the received PM

A 33 year old muggleborn woman, former Ravenclaw and fairly smart. Her fake cheerfulness makes her think she has everyone fooled, but does she really? She’s been married (and widowed) three times, has four young children, and is on the search for her next victim husband. She runs a homemade candle business out of her garage with her signature scent being strawberry-rhubarb. She has a pet octopus because of its intelligence and enjoys solving Rubik's cubes with it.

Dabria Loralie Culpepper
looks like: yoanna house | posts like: verdana in #be2625/strawberry
this twisted cat & mouse game always starts the same
Nicknames | Bria
Date of Birth | 2066.10.25
Star Sign | Scorpio
Place of Birth | Little Hangleton, England
Current residence | Edinburgh, Scotland
Relationship status | single; widowed thrice over
Language(s) | English, Spanish
Allergies | none
Pets | Kraken (mimic octopus)

Hair | dark brown
Eyes |seductive blue
Notable Features | has an uncanny tendency to smell precisely like your favorite scent
Tattoos | numerical tally marks on her left wrist; |||
Height | 180 cm
Style | polished and posh; prefers dark shades

like it would last forever but now forever ain't as long
Mother | Enid Hoxley †
Father | Bruce Culpepper †
Siblings | none
Spouses | Luke Tewksbury † (2086.02.14-2088.03.37) ; Salvatore Cruz Domínguez † (2088.11.27 - 2091.05.14) ; Stanley Braxton † (2094.01.03 - 2096.02.14)
Children | Laurel (2087.08.02) ; Primarosa (2090.09.14) ; Willow (2094.10.27) ; Ivy (2096.04.22)

Likes | aromatherapy, money, eating raw pancake batter & cookie dough, exercise, bearded men, solving Rubik's cubes and SUDOKU with Kraken
Dislikes | snow, bees & mosquitoes (really any and ALL flying insects), clean shaven men
Habits | OCD : parallel lines
Boggart | the ghosts of her deceased husbands
Amorentia | honey, witch-hazel, bay rum, caramelized butter
Strengths | organized, detail oriented, discipline, wax work
Weaknesses | glutton, spontaneity, expecting too much from others

this is the web, the web you weave
Blood Status | muggleborn
Wand | TBA
Patronus | incapable
Former School | Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry (Ravenclaw, class of 2084)
Former Occupation(s) | private event coordinator, waitress
Current Occupation | owner & manager of 'Light Up Life' (candle making business out of her repurposed garage)

The child of an apiculturist and watercolor artist, Dabria was perfectly average until her magic manifested itself at age nine while she threw a fit over dinner about having to eat her green peas and cauliflower or else there would be no dessert. The walls ended up wearing the peas, her father's face the cauliflower, and she received dessert without question from then on. Living out the rest of their days in fear of their daughter, they waited on her hand and foot and gave her everything and anything she needed - even at the expense of missing utility payments on their home. Conditioned to speak in a pseudo sweet tone, Dabria believed that all her demands were met because of her 'good behavior'.

There was much relief when an owl arrived informing the family of the existence of Hogwarts. Finding their daughter a witch to be the lesser of horrors, it was either that or an alien in their minds, they were relieved to have Dabria out of their home for the majority of the year. As a student, she was often in detention for getting into cat fights and skipping lessons - though her grades were always passing. At age 16, her father passed away by unknown circumstances later deemed cardiac arrest by a muggle coroners. Without him to take care of the hives, the family's honey business went into bankruptcy and Dabria's mother moved them into a small studio apartment where she paid the rent by selling her watercolors to wealthy businessmen. At age 19, her mother too passed away and any family inheritance there was was passed on to Dabria.

She met her first husband (an ambassador) while working as a privet event coordinator for the Ministry of Magic and after only two weeks of dating they were married, whisking her out of the studio apartment and to a large estate. Passing away suddenly from cardiac arrest, Dabria was enraged when it was revealed that she had been written out of his will. Grieving and in mourning, Dabria moved to Spain for a fresh start, retiring from the wizarding world, and found work as a waitress where she met her second husband (an architect) and the two were married after a month of dating. Dabria was devastated upon his sudden passing from cardiac arrest in his sleep and could not bare to leave Spain immediately after, choosing to live in the mansion that had been left to her until she could bare to part with the memories and returned to the UK upon necessity. Finding work once again as a waitress, Dabria married her third husband after three months of courting. An apiculturist like her father, it was during this time that she discovered a fascination with the geometric shapes of honeycomb which in turn became an interest in sculpting through beeswax. Helping fund her own business, Light of Life, Dabria began selling candles along side her husband's honey empire until his untimely death from a hit and run.

Selling the honey business to the highest bidder and reaping 20% of the profits, Dabria continued to make and sell her candles (known for their potent and influential scents) out of the garage of her home - her signature scent being strawberry-rhubarb.

like a black widow, baby
Originally Posted by snippet from the received PM & brain of one ArianaBlack
strengths: Quidditch, singing, reliable, soft
weaknesses: easy to push around, mild, average intelligence
likes: Friends (the muggle tv show), you (but he won't ever tell), singing
dislikes: Crowds, peanut butter (he's allergic to nuts), quidditch

Joshua Miller is your “typical boy next door”. He's usually overlooked and under appreciated because he never makes a big deal about himself. He's the type of guy who is unassuming in both looks and personality. He's the guy who wants to take you to prom, but is too shy to ask you. So he'll just settle for bringing you ice cream and making silly, untimely puns when the boy who /does/ ask you inevitably breaks your heart.

He's incredibly shy, but he has a secret... He loves to act. Josh has the hidden voice of an angel and a heart to be on stage, but not even his family knows. Dun. Dun. DUUUUHHHHNNNNNNNNNNN. Oh, also, he has stage fright.

looks like: Joshua Bassett | posts like: Tahoma in #DC8909/kumquat
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like a small boat on the ocean sending big waves into motion.............
like how a single word can make a heart open...................
I might only have one match but I can make an explosion.............

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Claudine Blaze
First Year

x12 x12

Ministry RPG Name:
Megan Baines
Accidents & Catastrophes

Ministry RPG Name:
Lucas Riley Hawthorne
Games & Sports
Alicia Lightwood- Bane ~ Mrs Steve Harrington ~ Friendly Neighbourhood Hufflepuff ~ WhittyBitty's

Dirigible Plums: Through The Spectrespecs

Name: Audra Sinclair
Model: Paget Brewster
Post Colour: DarkGreen

Height: 5 ft. 7 inches (1.73 m)
Weight: 128 lbs (58 kg)
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Complexion: Fair
Build: Average
Date of Birth: 18th March, 2050 (insists she was born in 2070)
Blood Status: Half and Half

Education/ Job Information:
- Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Class of 2068)
- Currently owns a second-hand clothing shop


Relationship Status: Single
Sexuality: TBA

Originally Posted by Info received
A 49 year old woman who insists she’s 29. A former Slytherin, she’s also a former wannabe model who wears too much makeup. She is known to be cold but well-mannered, is a manipulative liar, and currently owns a second-hand clothing shop for thrifty witches.
~More details will be added as I figure her out~

Other Characters:

Claudine Blaze
Model: Bailee Madison
Post Colour: GoldenRod

SPOILER!!: Click Me!

The Basics:
Name: Claudine Blaze
Nicknames: Despises nicknames.
Date of Birth: July 31st, 2088
Place of Residency:
Place of Birth:

Height: 56.7" (144 cm)
Weight: 81.5 lb (36.9 kg)
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Complexion: Fair
Build: Slim

- Primary Wizarding School (Class of 2099)
- Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry
Boggart: TBA
Amortentia: TBA
Likes: Her own company,
Dislikes: Loud noises, being in a crowd

Mother: Bethany Blaze ('deceased')
Father: Camdon Blaze (MuggleDinosaur)
Sister: Florence Blaze
Aunt: Lynn (SarcasticStrawberry), Kristen
Uncle: Robert (Symphora)
Cousins: Dahlia (SarcasticStrawberry)
Grandparents: Fredrick (Bazinga), Scarlet (SneakehCat)
Extended Family: Gabby (Bazinga), Edward (Devina Wellheart), Miranda (Devina Wellheart), Eddie (Bazinga), Eivan (emjay), Jordan (JennMarie), Minerva Wheatborn- McCarthy (Bazinga)

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Jade Joyce
Third Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Autumn Carey
Games & Sports

Ministry RPG Name:
Caroline Norton
Environmental Protection
Bewitching Bowtruckle | a roamin’ numeral | Newt's salamander eyes ❤ | Ko Ko Bop


Character Model: Mackenzie Ziegler


Name: Imogen Taylor
Nickname: Gen
Date of Birth: 26th of July, 2084
Age: 14 years old
Place of Birth: York, England
House: Ravenclaw
Heritage: Half-blood
Wand: 9 1/4 inch aspen with dragon heartstring core
Patronus: TBA (she is disappointed that she cannot conjure a corporeal Patronus yet)
Boggart: The Forbidden Forest


Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 1.59 m
Weight: 48 kg
Looks quite plain and does not care enough about her appearance to wear makeup or make herself stand out.


Imogen was born to Edwin and Mackenzie Taylor on the 26th of July, 2084. Mackenzie is a paediatric healer at St Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries and Edwin is a Magizoologist. Gen is the middle child of five, with two older brothers - Bryan and Joseph - and two younger sisters - Isabelle and Eliza. Her family has descended from a long line of Ravenclaws, so it was to no one’s surprise that Gen was also Sorted into Ravenclaw upon her arrival at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


A know-it-all, Gen takes great pride in knowing just about everything - ranging from complex spells to magical plants. Her answers in class are always very long, as she tries to talk about every relevant thing she knows. As a result, sometimes her answers do not really get to the point, though she would never admit it. Daily conversations also follow a similar pattern; you could start by chatting about the weather, but you would eventually walk away after listening to a lecture about giant wars or Muggle technology. Gen is a book-worm and always has her nose in a book. She hates sports and detests having to take part in any of them - she would much rather be studying, or reading, or doing anything creative.

Gen can be friendly and nice, if she thinks that the other person is “worthy”. She is manipulative and likes to wrap people around her little finger. She adores her friends, though she does not have too many (for reasons mentioned above).

Likes: Books, reading, chocolate, being the best
Dislikes: All the stairs to her common room, Potions, Flying, Quidditch (or any sport, really)

Switching spell cast by RachieRu <3
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
CC Beryl

x12 x12

Ministry RPG Name:
Rustin Killick
Accidents & Catastrophes

Ministry RPG Name:
Angelo Toussaint
Law Enforcement

Diagon Alley Employee:
Ramiel Isaak Skeres
Ollivanders Wand Shop
lives in a hobbit hole || Ern and Touz's Nuzzle || roflysst || looking at a seed packet

Dirigible Plums: Switching Spells - Character Swapmeet
SPOILER!!: Raoul Beauchêne
Name: Raoul Beauchêne
Age/Date of Birth: 23 (May 21 2076)
Education: Beauxbatons (house: Ombrelune), Mumbai WU (Alchemy & Healer Studies)
Employment: Alchemist/ Mystic healer
Wand: Tegz will figure this out later
Physical Appearance:
Personality: Deceptively sweet, a saccharine personality, a smooth smirk and a knowing look is what Raoul is infamously known for. Always charming at parties (that he loves to attend), always respectful and formal to any elder (who may or may not be of use to him at any point in the future), "no one doesn't like me. Everyone likes me." His real personality, whatever it may be, is always hidden under numerous layers of acts, and can switch modes instantly depending on who is speaking to him and/or watching him.

A smarmy fellow, but one who knows how to play the game of life very well.

Raoul has always been drawn to the study of healing, the beauty and the terror of it. He has spent hours, days, weeks of his life buried in books, learning, absorbing, critiquing. He fancies himself so smart, that most healers of today are fools to not include (dangerous) alchemical advances in their work.

- An astounding attention to detail
- Alluring personality
- Hardworking
- Patient
- Wants to do good in this world (though, is of a dubious moral compass when experimenting with alchemy)
- Very well read, well spoken, considers self well liked

- Hubris. Hubris for miiiiiiiiiiles and miles.
- Irresponsible as a result of said hubris
- Self indulgent
- Ill tempered
- Superior
- Allergic to commitment of any sort

- Love and all things love adjacent (but who really knows if he's ever been in love)
- Unsupervised experimental alchemy
- Exquisite, high end, expensive food. Is also a sucker for a good, common mille-feuille.

- People standing in his way
- Being "misinterpreted"
- A lack of imagination in the world

Background/History: Raoul is the youngest of three, and very rarely sees his family. He is half French half Swiss, but spent most of his younger years at his aunt and uncle's house in England with his older sisters. All three Beauchêne children went to Beauxbatons, and Raoul graduated with honours a year earlier than his peers.

He had since gone on to study alchemy and healer studies at Mumbai WU in India, where he also excelled and charmed any professor who was lucky enough to have him in their class. He returned to France after graduation, and began attempting to set up his own little research facility. How did he get the money? The approvals? The space to amass his equipment? Well, "what use are morals if they stand in the way of discovery?"

A little bit inspired by this:é_F...t_de_Beauchêne

Dirigible Plums: Through the Spectrespecs
SPOILER!!: Fitzpatrick Greaves

Fitzpatrick Greaves

PB: Rutger Hauer

A flighty and easily confused, 67 year old man, contemplating retirement. This former Gryffindor has held a series of odd jobs (such as flobberworm wrangler, experimental potions tester, assistant fast food manager, uber apparator) over the years with no money saved as he’s always been a frivolous spender with little regard for the future. As a hobby, he plays the cowbell in a classic wrock cover band. He’s also known for his elaborate pranks, but has difficulty keeping friends because he’s rather obtuse about the feelings of others. Always keeps a jar of doxies around, just in case.

Existing Charries:
SPOILER!!: Flynn Whitlock

PB: Alex Ruygrok
Name: Flynn Whitlock
Age: 11 (DoB: 19/11/2087)
House: ?? Dunno yet!
Wand: ?? Dunno that either!!
School: Stark School (see further detail below)
Best Friend: Tavie
Dance Partner: YoYo

Energetic and vibrant (though more subdued than he naturally would be - see below), Friendly and sweet-natured, Flynn is a loyal friend and an old soul. He always likes to be DOING SOMETHING. He's got a lot of determination and he dedicates himself fully to his passions.

Personal History:
Flynn is the only son of Grayson Whitlock and Ruby Banner, who were high school sweethearts in Slytherin house together. His mum gave birth to him not long after the pair of them graduated, to great scandal in their family and community. Their relationship did not last, however: Flynn's mum left his dad when he was a toddler. She is now with Fintan Darcy (played by Harron Peasley) and they have just had a child Zane Paris Darcy and Flynn is VERY EXCITED about his new baby brother.

His dad is a potioneer at the ministry (played by hermionesclone) and his mum, Ruby Banner, is a model known for her work with magical underwear brand 'Pandora's Box' though has recently retired after having her second child.

Flynn could be considered homeschooled, except not really- he actually has been attending the Stark School, a very small group educated in the home of Wrockstar Ascanius Stark of The Dead Kneazles fame. All of the kids that have done their primary education there are the children of famous witches and wizards, or the children of their close friends. Flynn's mother is a model, and her cousin West Odessa is one of TDK's members, so when she fell pregnant at the same time as Dora Stark (Ascanius's wife) it was only natural that Flynn the Stark kid, Octavia, would grow up as best friends, and when Dora started teaching Tavie at home, Flynn was part of that package. Eventually others joined too, but it has remained a small and exclusive group and ultimately it still counts as homeschooling.

Flynn is very much a dancer and has been a twinkletoes almost since before he could walk. He does ballet, tap, and hip-hop, and he would MUCH rather attend Ballet school than Hogwarts, but his mum won't let him go to an arts school until he's sixteen, wanting him to focus on his regular education first.

Flynn has known he was gay since he was about six years old, something that some people find hard to accept in a child, and something that has unfortunately caused him to fall afoul of very serious bullying. The incident in question happened because some older boys saw him at age ten wearing a purple tutu over his regular clothes and took it upon themselves to teach him a lesson. Since then, he has not been quite so obvious, and is only just recovering his vibrancy. He has not worn a tutu since and despite having a lot of so-called 'girl clothes' he has boxed them all up. His family are very supportive of him. His mum used to paint his fingernails for him with all sorts of fun designs, but he hasn't returned to this either though he very much wants to, he's simply still afraid.

The Dead Kneazles released a song in his honour in support of LGBTQ+ loved ones (of which they have many) and wear tutus on stage when performing the song in question, but as of yet it hasn't been enough to encourage Flynn to fully express himself again.

SPOILER!!: Pax Upstead

PB: Laura Niemas
Name: Pax Upstead
Age: 11
House: ?
Wand: ?
School: St Woboldos
Best Friend: The twin, Nem

Still figuring her out!

Personal History:
I need to copy this from Felix or something idk. She's Jake Upstead's spawn tho, so like.... have fun with that.

SPOILER!!: Ramiel Skeres

You can find his bio (such as it is) here
"Let's do get help"_____Makers of Fine Wands since 382 B.C _____get your Scorose fix

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Simran E. Sandhu
x9 x6

Ministry RPG Name:
Amrita Sandhu
Law Enforcement

Ministry RPG Name:
Laleh Kiani
Environmental Protection
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laurange's heliopaths!

Dirigible Plums: Through the Spectrespecs

Originally Posted by Received PM
A soft and shy 69 year old man, former Hufflepuff. He works as a magical baker, garnishing his creations with edible flowers he grows in his own garden. He’s a lifelong bachelor, has a habit of daydreaming, and tends to wear his heart on his sleeve. Has a pet tarantula named Steve.
SPOILER!!: Lysander Willow Kobayashi

[pic here]
Post Colour: Name | #HEX
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Face Claim: Tony Thornburg

Name: Lysander Willow Kobayashi
Nicknames/Alias: Willow
Age: 69
Gender: Male
Date/Place of Birth: 6th September, 2030 | Manchester, England
Nationality: English
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Current Location:
Occupation: Baker, Potioneer

Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Hair Colour: Black
Height: 5’10”
Dexterity: Right
Amortentia: Apples, petrichor, cinnamon
Usually smells like: Fresh bread, or some other baked good
Distinguishing features: Long, pin-straight black hair; an intimidatingly effective Resting Judging Face; pet tarantula named Steve
Speaks: English, Japanese

MBTI Personality Type: ??
Education and Achievements:
Hufflepuff, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Potions, WU London
Vocational Training
Regrets: Coming Soon

Childhood/Family Life:

Dirigible Plums: Switching Spells - Character Swapmeet
switching spell cast by Stormdancer
SPOILER!!: Iris Zunther

Harrington-Zunther, Iris
Post Colour: Medium Orchid | #BA55D3
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Face Claim: Logan Browning

everyone is the shrike to your sharp and glorious thorn
Name: Iris Zahra Harrington-Zunther
Nicknames/Alias: Iris. That’s it. No nicknames.
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Date/Place of Birth: 19th November, 2083 | London
Nationality: English
Blood Status: Pureblood
Current Location: Manchester, England
Occupation: Resident Overachiever

all that goodness is gone with you now
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Black, with dark brown highlights
Height: 5’10” | 178cm
Dexterity: Right
Wand: 10 ½”, flexible willow and phoenix feather wand with a handle inlaid with silver and amethyst
Patronus: Non-corporeal
Amortentia: Drying ink, old books, citrus
Usually smells like: Vanilla, from the hair products she uses to keep her mane under control
Distinguishing features:
Speaks: English. And Latin.

there when I met you my virtues uncounted
Mother: Zavannah Harrington-Zunther (née Zunther)
Father: Zachariah Anthony Harrington
Brother(s): none
Sister(s): none
Childhood/Family Life: Brought up an only child to two people who had more money than they knew what to do with, Iris had every luxury growing up from private tutors to music lessons to dance classes. In her little bubble, she never had to associate much with people outside of her family until she enrolled in Hogwarts – an arrangement that suited her just fine. She much preferred the company of books to people, and with her prodigious skill and wealth of resources, has been ahead of the pack essentially since birth.
Her numerous cousins, while dear to her heart and good friends, could never offer her the scintillation of new knowledge or the thrill of discovering a particularly elegant proof. She preferred the company of books to people, and does to this day, but is always amenable to be dragged away (though usually with some bribery involved) for some fun.

all of my goodness is gone with you now
MBTI Personality Type: ??
Enneagram: Type 1
Education and Achievements:
Regrets: ??
Secrets: ??
Text Cut: Personality!

Blessed with an eidetic memory and quick wit, Iris has never quite had to work hard academically. For that matter, blessed with all the resources her parents had at their disposal, she hasn’t had to work hard for anything else either. Whilst not unpleasant, Iris can be impatient and find it difficult to understand people who require more help or resources to grasp a concept.
Despite her impatience, she is rather kind, and tutors classmates from her professors’ remedial lessons. She has learned over the past year or so to suppress her impatience, and not to expect everyone to be on her level, but she does slip up more than incidentally and need to remind herself of these facts.
Particularly adept with solving problems and charms for mending and healing, she intends to begin healer studies the second she leaves Hogwarts, and all but has one foot in the door already.

Other Characters
SPOILER!!: Shivali Beryl-Nishigawa

Shivali Beryl-Nishigawa

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Face Claim: Anushka Sen

as i watch you do your makeup on the floor
Name: Shivali Beryl-Nishigawa
Nicknames/Alias: Shiv, Vali, Small Fry
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Date/Place of Birth: 31st July, 2088 | Madras, India
Nationality: Indian (formerly), English (currently)
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Current Location: England
Occupation: Small Fry

im running out of real estate
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black
Height: 4'6"
Dexterity: Left
Wand: None yet!
Patronus: Has not yet been attempted!
Amortentia: Tumeric, Dirt, Coconut Shampoo
Usually smells like:
Distinguishing features: An unusually expressive face
Speaks: English, British Sign Language (BSL).

trying to make all the right moves
MBTI Personality Type: ??
Education and Achievements:
Regrets: Coming Soon
Secrets: Albeit not a fact that she readily volunteers, Shivali suffers from a speech disorder called Aphrasia of Speech (AOS). AOS is characterised by an obstruction of the neural pathway from the mind to the speech muscles. Often mistaken for a fear of speaking in public, she can, however, express herself fluently through writing or sign language. Although she finds the latter far simpler and more fluid, she is not averse to the former and understands that it is more accessible to the layman, which is why she always carries a notebook and pen around.

i would bet the house on you
Mother, biological: Smriti Srinivasan
Father, biological: unknown

Mother, adoptive: Carmine Beryl
Mother, adoptive: Juri Nishigawa
Brother(s): Rajendran, Quentin (adoptive), Zai (adoptive), Tomasz (adoptive)
Sister(s): Corinne (adoptive)
Childhood/Family Life: Born in Madras to a single-mother who was already struggling to keep herself alive, Shivali and her brother Rajendran were put up for adoption almost the second it became clear that Shivali would need more resources than her mother could reasonably provide.

She and Raj were adopted by Carmine Beryl and Juri Nishigawa when Shivali was two and Raj three – too young to properly remember anything of their mother beyond the comforting smell of curry leaves that grew in their garden.

Followed soon by their adoptive brothers Tomasz and Zai, there seemed never to be a dull moment in the household. With so many siblings, and not being much of a talker herself, it would have been easy for Shivali to fade into the background, but she does not. She remains engaged in all of their lives, sometimes to the point of annoyance, but spends most of her time with her brother Raj.
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Ministry RPG Name:
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Dirigible Plums: Through the Spectrespecs

Face claim: Meryl Streep
Deep Sky Blue


Name: Eliana Lisette Mareike
Nickname: Ellie
Age: 73 years old
Date of Birth: January 10 (no need to put the exact year here)
Blood Status: half-blood
Place of Birth: Oxford, England
Nationality: English, Irish
Language(s): English
Relationship Status: Widowed

Family Stuff

Husband: Jacob Mareike
  • Liam Charlie Mareike (Wife: Crista Wayne-Mareike)
  • Bella Mareike (Husband: Milo James Stevens)
A. Liam Charlie Mareike
  • Alyssa Marie Mareike
  • Meredith Jane Mereike
  • Penelope May Mareike
  • Austin Liam Mareike

B. Bella Mareike-Stevens
  • Belle Stevens
  • Joe Stevens

Pets: a cat named Madam and a jarvey named King


Height: 163 cm
Weight: 132 lbs
Hair Color: used to be gold and blonde but now white
Eye Color: light blue
Notable Features: her "vanilla"-ish scent
Fashion Style: mix and match colors and patterns

In-Depth Info

Former School: Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry (alumna)
Former House: Hufflepuff
Patronus: flamingo
Boggart: mother-in-law
Ammortentia: pastries (especially vanilla)

Former Occupation: Supervisor of a fairy conservation
Currently: travelling and selling baked goods

Originally Posted by from PM
A 73 year old, grandmotherly type of woman, former Hufflepuff and retired supervisor of a fairy conservation. She has a morbid sense of humor and likes wearing outrageous clothing. An outspoken woman, she seems to have no filter and gossips too much and too loudly. She’s known to argue with her pet jarvey and she tends to smell like freshly baked cookies.

OOC: more tba

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Ministry RPG Name:
Jasper Beaufort
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{Dirigible Plums: Through the Spectrespecs}

SPOILER!!: Effie Kruus

FC: Whoopi Goldberg
Font: Verdana ; goldenrod

A friendly and carefree 54 year old woman, former Hufflepuff, who tends to talk without thinking and will talk to anyone. She’s accidentally broken the statute on more than one occasion because of this, but is unbothered and laughs it off. She’s not athletic at all and will tell anyone who will listen about how she was always picked last for sports in school, with great amusement. She is an amateur baker and enjoys watching baking and cooking shows. She’s also a big fan of the Dead Kneazles and is known to randomly start singing one of their songs out of nowhere. Collects souvenir salt and pepper shakers.
Name: Euphrasia Clémence Kruus
Known as: Effie
Age: 54 (est. 28th June 2045)
Pronouns: She/her

Heritage: Pureblood
School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Class of: 2063
House: Hufflepuff
Boggart: Dead family members
Patronus: Chipmunk

Father: Ergo Kruus
___Step-mother: Irma Kruus (née Huik)
______Half-sister: Eevi Johanna Kruus (b. 27h January 2050)
______Half-brother: Hugo Rasmus Kruus (b. 11th Aprl 2054)
______Half-sister: Olli Maarja Kruus (b. 22nd November 2055)
Mother: Victoire Beaufort-Viridian (née Beaufort)
___Step-mother: Victoria Beaufort-Viridian (née Viridian)
______Half-sister: Luna Lisette Beaufort-Viridian (b. 16th November 2051)
______Half-sister: Madeline Mackenzie Beaufort-Viridian (27th March 2054)
______Half-brother: Greyson Griffin Beaufort-Viridian (b. 26th August 2056)
______Half-sister: Autumn Alexandra Beaufort-Viridian (b. 26th August 2056)
(plus numerous nieces and nephews)

Husband: Adam Everett Kruus (né Mitchell)
Daughter: Taylor Alexis Creevey (née Kruus) (b. 20th October 2070)
___Son-in-Law: Callen Creevey
______Grandson: Fox Benjamin Creevey (b. 9th June 2089)
______Granddaughter: Aspen Olivia Creevey (b. 6th July 2097)
Son: Micah Cayden Kruus (b. 28th August 2071)
___Daughter-in-Law: Paris Kruus (née Lacey)
______Grandson: Augustus Eli Kruus (b. 19th May 2096)
Son: Maximus Reid Hatter-Kruus (né Kruus) (b. 28th August 2071)
___Son-in-Law: Jameson Hatter-Kruus (né Hatter)
Son: Mathias Trenton Ransom-Kruus (né Kruus) (b. 28th August 2071)
___Son-in-Law: Ezekiel Ransom-Kruus (né Ransom)
______Granddaughter: Bailey Summer Ransom-Kruus (b. 18th August 2097)
______Granddaughter: Sage Winter Ransom-Kruus (18th August 2097)

Occupation: Homeschool tutor (previously a Wizarding Examinations Authority underling)
Hobbies: Baking, watching cooking shows, following The Dead Kneazles news and updates, loudly singing TDK songs at every available opportunity, collecting souvenir salt and pepper shakers (they no longer fit in the kitchen cupboards so they now have their own dedicated room)

Incredibly friendly and personable, willing to talk to absolutely anyone and everyone and, when she does, generally fails to think before she speaks. Effie's superpower is oversharing, no matter who she's talking to. She also picks her conversation partners indiscriminately, and muggles are not exempt from her waffling. As a result, Effie has accidentally broken the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy on multiple occasions, though she generally just laughs it off. Because of Effie, there are more than a few muggles out in the world who have heard about Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors, or have been regaled with stories from some strange woman about her children's apparent collections of 'owls and newts'.

Effie is probably one of the most carefree people you are ever likely to meet. Worry and stress just don't seem to exist in her mind, which, while it makes her a very chilled out presence, means she doesn't always give the greatest advice to people who are worried or stressed.

As far as interests go, Effie is not, and has never been, an athletic person. She finds this fact highly amusing and will tell absolutely anyone who will listen about how terrible she is at sports. Effie loves to bake, and watches as many cooking and baking shows as she can possibly fit into her schedule; she also has an impressive library of cookbooks and hundreds of recipes that she's collected over the years. Also, souvenir salt and pepper shakers. Effie has... so many.

Effie is a huge fan of The Dead Kneazles, and tries to keep as up to date as possible on the latest band news, particularly tour dates and new albums. She loves every single one of their songs, even the ones with more angsty, mildly concerning lyrics. Anyone who has spent any amount of time with her will know about Effie's propensity for randomly breaking into any TDK song. Her personal favourites are 'Rumours Brewing' and 'Aparecium, Aparecium' (a classic).

Personal History:
Effie's parents met through work, each of them were stationed in their ministry's equivalent of the Department of International Magical Cooperation; Victoire at the French ministry, and Ergo in Estonia. After some purely business interactions, the pair started to get to know each other on a more personal level and really hit it off. They started a long distance relationship, frequently travelling to see each other, with a view to eventually live together. While in this situation, they decided to have a child and, in 2045, Euphrasia Clémence Kruus (known as Effie) was born. However, Victoire and Ergo broke up only a year later, due to the fact that they both wanted different things in life and neither was willing to compromise. Victoire retained primary custody of Effie.

Within a few years, both Ergo and Victoire had moved on. Ergo stayed in Estonia and soon married a woman named Irma, eventually having three more children (Eevi, Hugo, and Olli) with his Estonian wife. Victoire found solace in her English friend Victoria Viridian (with whom she had been partnered up for a pen-pal scheme between Beauxbatons and Hogwarts in their school days). Over time, Victoire and Victoria grew closer and realised they had feelings for each other, and that perhaps they had all along. They began a relationship in 2047, and soon afterwards Victoire quit her job at the French ministry and went to live with Victoria in England, bringing Effie with her. Victoire and Victoria married in 2049.

Victoria became a second mother to Effie, and cared for her deeply. Even though Effie returned that affection, when it was suggested that she change her surname to reflect her mother and step-mother's names, she declined, knowing even at such a young age that she wanted to maintain that connection to her father, especially as she didn't see him very often. After a few years, Victoire and Victoria had more children: Luna, Madeline, and twins Greyson and Autumn. Effie got along with her half siblings swimmingly.

When the time for secondary school came, Effie qualified for a place at Hogwarts, having been brought up in the UK. At the Sorting Ceremony she was placed immediately into Hufflepuff house. In her first year, Effie made an attempt at trying out for the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, but it was immediately clear that she had no athletic aptitude whatsoever - something she probably should have expected from her experience in being picked last for every sports team in primary school. Regardless, she made plenty of friends, and did well academically. By the time she graduated from Hogwarts, Effie had a good range of OWL and NEWT passes across the board.

Once out of school, Effie got a base level job at the Wizarding Examinations Authority, but she found she didn't exactly feel fulfilled in the job. After only a year, she quit in order to pursue studying to be an educator, enrolling on the Primary and Secondary Wizarding Education course at Wizarding University. After graduating with her degree, she found work as a homeschool tutor which she found infinitely more enjoyable as a career.

Effie met her soulmate purely by chance one day while she was sitting by the fountain in Diagon Alley, and started talking the ear off of the person sat nearest to her. That person was Adam, and he was enraptured by Effie's vivacity. The pair became friends, and then began a relationship together, and before long - when Effie was 24 and Adam was 20 - they were married. Effie still wanted to keep her own last name and Adam was perfectly willing to change his own to match hers. Within a year of getting married, Effie and Adam had a daughter together - Taylor Alexis. Effie fell pregnant again very quickly after Taylor's birth, and ten months later she gave birth to identical triplet boys - Micah Cayden, Maximus Reid, and Mathias Trenton. All four of her children happened to fall in the same year group at school.

Effie's family was a very close knit, happy unit, and their lives went on largely untroubled. Before long, the children all went off to Hogwarts - each of them choosing to attend the wizarding school rather than be homeschooled - and in what seemed like no time at all they were all graduating. Gradually, Effie's children started settling down with their respective partners, and she was absolutely over the moon when they began to have children of their own. At the present time, Effie and Adam have five grandchildren through three of their own children, and they make sure to regularly see everyone. Effie still works as a homeschooling tutor and plans to continue until she is old and decrepit, and even then she does not promise that she will retire.

{Nargles: Switching Spells: Character Swapmeet}

SPOILER!!: Brandon Marchbanks

FC: Marcus Scribner
Font: Verdana ; #AB1645
Character created by: emjay

Name: Brandon Jay Marchbanks
Known as: Bran, Brandon
Age: 11 (est. 10th February 2088)
Pronouns: He/him

School: Hogwarts SOON

Siblings: Remington,

Interests: Science, space, dogs, eating sweets
Hobbies: Gobstones, are practical jokes a hobby? ... let's go with yes!

Outgoing and friendly, Brandon is very extroverted and keen on making new friends whenever and wherever he can. Rude and unfriendly people are one of his least favourite things in the world. He is a very emotionally charged individual, and often lets his emotions rule him, which is particularly problematic seeing as he can be prone to quick mood swings. He doesn't really like to talk about his feelings.

Brandon doesn't always succeed in thinking through his decisions properly before acting or considering the consequences of a course of action, and has a reputation among his family and friends for being very impulsive in both his actions and his words. Though he would never be intentionally malicious, sometimes he does unintentionally overstep the mark.

He is an attention seeker through and through, and loves to have all eyes on him. Or even just some eyes. One pair of eyes? ALL THE EYES! Brandon is also a keen practical joker, but isn't always so fond of it when the tables are turned on him. He's generally not very good at knowing when to take things seriously, either, so his jokes sometimes happen at inappropriate times, making him seem a lot more insensitive than he is (or would like to be).

Though he has fairly average grades, Brandon is rather intelligent but only tends to apply himself and display that intelligence in subjects that interest him, like science and space. He is confident that he will be the BEST Astronomy student when he gets to school. Homework is a bore and he gets to it when he can, and hates when it requires sitting down and spending ages on it. He is also hilarious (according to him) and quick-witted, and this in combination with his selective intelligence has him sure he'll end up in Ravenclaw like his sister.

When Brandon wants or needs to do something, it has to be done NOW; waiting is just not an option. Except sometimes it is an option, and an inescapable one at that, but that doesn't mean he's happy about! He gets bored far too easily. He's also a typical pre-teen boy in that cleaning his room is around 193rd on his list of priorities, but he does take pride in his appearance, and can be surprisingly well-dressed, depending on when you happen to catch him.

Brandon has an almighty sweet tooth. He LOVES sweets, especially liquorice whips, and his desired first stop whenever he goes to Diagon Alley is Sugarplums. The fastest way to his heart his with an offering of his favourite confectionery.

Personal History:
Brandon is the middle child between two sisters; his older sister Remington is in the year above him in school and is a Ravenclaw. Being the middle child is what has made him so intent on having all of the attention all of the time. He had a normal, happy childhood. Brandon also has an uncle who used to be a professional Gobstones player, and it's because of him that he's so invested in playing it himself.

{Established Characters}

SPOILER!!: Toby Fuller-Thompson

FC: Hugh Dancy

Name: Tobias Nestor Fuller-Thompson
Birth name: Tobias Nestor Tempus
Known as: Toby
Age: 30 (est. 25th September 2068)
Pronouns: He/him

Heritage: Pureblood (kind of)
School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Class of: 2087
House: Hufflepuff
Boggart: Dementor
Patronus: Unicorn

Parents: Pierson Fuller-Thompson and Javier Fuller-Thompson
Siblings: Curtis Fuller-Thompson
Children: Lachlan Phoenix Fuller-Thompson, Ruari Sphinx Fuller-Thompson

Occupation: Mind Healer, Retired Professional Quidditch Player
Hobbies: Caring for his animals, and doing anything his kids want to do

Hugely optimistic and tries to see the good in everybody. Extremely energetic and very easily distracted. Often bounces from task to task. Has dramatic and extreme displays of emotion. Hates letting anyone down or saying no to them, and will agree to almost anything even if it's not in his best interests. Spoils his kids rotten. Eccentric. Tries not to take himself too seriously. Empath. Wants to help everyone. Pure of heart. Basically a cinnamon roll. Bi-romantic.

Personal History:
Toby was born to Isaac Tempus and Amanda Tempus (née Ackton), both of whom were squibs who had come from pureblood families. He was raised as a muggle, and when he started showing signs of magic these were often dismissed, attributed to his hyperactivity, or seen as wilful disobedience by his parents. Toby's parents were particularly cold with him, and rarely showed him much love or affection. Despite this, and thanks to regular contact with his paternal grandparents, Toby grew to be extremely loving, even towards his parents from whom he always craved approval and affection.

When Toby got his Hogwarts letter, it took some time before his parents agreed that he could go. When they did, his grandparents took on a bigger role in his life, in order to guide him through the magical world. Toby went to Hogwarts, was sorted into Hufflepuff, joined the Quidditch team, made a bunch of friends, and showed a real aptitude for magical academia. But when he came home for the summer, his parents sent him off to live with his grandparents, and cut off all contact with him.

Life went on, and brought with it many changes. Toby lost his grandfather, gained a girlfriend (Sophie Brown) and earned a place as Keeper on the England U17 Quidditch team when he was 14. He got closer to two of his professors, Piers Fuller and Javy Thompson, who happened to live in the house next door to his grandmother. In his fifth year, Toby was officially adopted by Piers and Javy, and shortly afterwards was also made captain of the England U17s. At the end of the school year he achieved 12 OWLs, 10 of which were graded Outstanding.

During his sixth year, Toby got a new baby brother, Curtis, who had been born via surrogacy. Despite his worries of being replaced and the fear that he would become jealous of the baby, Toby instantly adored Curtis and vowed to protect hm and do anything for him. Shortly before seventh year, he and his friend Luc Auditore (neither of whom were thinking very clearly at the time) acquired a cow for Curtis and brought it home... directly into the kitchen. The cow was returned but eventually bought by Javy's parents anyway.

During seventh year, Toby learned that his biological mother had died, which was the source of a lot of anguish. A few months later, he (amicably) broke up with his girlfriend, having realised that her heart was divided between himself and another boy. At the end of the year, Toby graduated with 12 NEWTs, with 10 of them again being graded as Outstanding.

After graduating, Toby was immediately snapped up by the Wigtown Wanderers, where he played as Keeper, though he missed a fair amount of his first season due to his need to recover from a traumatic event involving three dark wizards. But he went back to playing as soon as possible, and proved himself worthy of his place. After a year of playing, he started attending night classes at Wizarding University for Pre-Healer Studies, and continued to pursue Healing as a career alongside playing professional Quidditch. After three years of playing with the Wanderers, he was transferred to the Montrose Magpies.

Once Toby fully qualified as a Mind Healer, he divided his time between playing Quidditch and Healing (at a private hospital, and sometimes at St. Mungo's), the latter of which got more attention during the off-season. In early 2095, with the encouragement and support of his grandmother, he fostered two young boys, Lachlan and Ruari St. John, and adopted them in December of the same year. In 2098, around the time he turned 30, Toby retired from Quidditch in order to focus on Healing, and to be able to spend more time with his growing (and demanding) boys.

SPOILER!!: Nem Upstead

FC: Elisei Kulakovskii

Name: X. Nemesis Upstead
Known as: Nem, Nemesis
Age: 11 (est. 1st April 2088)
Pronouns: He/him or they/them

Heritage: Half-Blood
School: St. Woboldo's Primary School

Parents: Jake Upstead and Becca Upstead (née Parker)
Siblings: Pax (twin), Ezra, Jonah, Jackson, quadruplets who aren't here yet, and an older half-brother who doesn't count

Best Friend: Pax, du-uh
Hobbies: Karate, boxing

Nem tends to be unpredictable, private, and difficult to really know. They are perfectly pleasant, charming, and incredibly endearing when they want to be. However, they can also be callous, devious, and hostile, not to mention argumentative with figures of authority. Nem is irritable and impatient, cannot tolerate other people people-ing, and perceives others as overly dramatic and histrionic - though it should be noted that Pax is not counted as 'people'.

In Nem's opinion, animals are infinitely better than people. Twin sisters by the name of Pax Upstead are also good.

Personal History:
Nem and their fraternal twin, Pax, were born on 1st April 2088 to Becca Parker and Jake Upstead. Just over two years later, their younger brother Ezra was born, and one month after that, Jake and Becca married. Later that year, the family moved from London to Godric's Hollow, where they still live now.

Nem and Pax attended St. Woboldo's Primary School from the age of five, but after Nem briefly disappeared two years later while in Diagon Alley, Jake pulled his children from school and had them looked after at home by a nanny - despite the fact that Nem had returned unhurt, though with no memory of where they had been. Nem, Pax, and Ezra were all enrolled in karate classes, to equip them all with self-defence skills. Nem also chose to join a boxing club.

Shortly before Nem turned nine, identical twins Jonah and Jackson (aged three at the time) were adopted into the family, and in September of that year all five of the children were (re-)enrolled at St. Woboldo's.

In April 2099, Jake and Becca informed the children that Becca was pregnant with quadruplets. They were met with mixed reviews.

Since the age of four, Nem has felt at odds with gender, and has long since decided that they do not feel a connection to any gender at all. Their pronouns are they/them, but as they generally want to avoid discussing the matter with nosy people, they accept and encourage he/him pronouns.
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Ministry RPG Name:
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Dirigible Plums: Switching Spells - Character Swapmeet

Orion Forest Thornhill

PP: Me
Model: Finn Wolfhard
Post color: Gray

The Basics:

Name: Orion Forest Thornhill
Nicknames: Nickname me and you will die

Preferred Name : Orion

Date of Birth: November 2nd 2084
Place of Birth: St Mungos England
Current Residence: London, England

Wand: 12 1/3 inches Cherry with unicorn tail


Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’10”
Skin: Pale
Stature: Thin and a bit gangly
Quirks: Highly fidgety, likes to hum under his breath, sleep? Idk her


School:Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Slytherin Hufflepuff
Year: 4th
Strongest Subjects: Charms, Potions, Transfiguration
Weakest Subjects: Herbology


Mother: Sophie Thornhill(neé Gray)
Father: Jet Thornhill

Pets: None


Blood Status:Pureblood
Nationality: English
Ethnicity: English

SPOILER!!: click
Orion comes from a family of, to put it lightly, rule-breakers. His parents own a business and run a dodgy, black-market deal on the side as well. He has more uncles and aunts in prison than out of it. His family aren't exactly distant but are incredibly intrusive, constantly prying in his stuff ever since he was young. It was probably because of this that he tried to learn about security and protecting his things, even if they aren't that important enough to protect. He's usually left alone in the house and has therefore slowly started to learn how to fend for himself.



Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Name Meaning: I’m a constellation, duh
Patronus: N/A
Boggart: Anyone getting into his stuff
Amorentia: Pumpkin Pie, vanilla cupcakes, fresh cut grass
Relationship Status : Love? Pfftttt Single Baby!
Favourite Ice-Cream: Pumpkin
Favourite Sweet: Pumpkin Pie
Favorite Color : Black
Favourite Sport: Sports? What’s a sport?
Favourite Team: Nope!
Fears:: His security charms not working, heights, being trapped
Spoken Languages: English
Special Talents : Charms, singing, finding secret passageways
Weaknesses : Too honest, pumpkin pie.. social cues?

SPOILER!!: info

Originally Posted by Pm and the lovely Kita
Introducing *Orion Forest Thornhill. He is a Hufflepuff who is aged between 14 and 16 years old.

- charms: particularly skilled at security charms
- singing, but wouldn't dare sing in front of anyone
- can be charming when he wants to be
- finding secret passageways
- that slice of pumpkin pie
- social cues? what is that?
- brutally honest, which he would claim is a good thing because people need to know the truth
- classical music: it helps him concentrate more than the pop stuff
- anything that has pumpkins in them
- has a bit of a sweet tooth
- anything to do with herbology and plants
- doesn't need reminding of his stupid middle name or his surname thank you very much
- hates his school house and will make it known to anyone who asks
- i'm surrounded by idiots.gif

- intj personality type
- is known to go on rants
- sleep? idk her
- fairly closed off and doesn't make friends easily
- loyal to the very, very few friends he has but that's a rare occurrence for him
- has trouble expressing his emotions
- fairly impatient
- works hard at the things he's interested in but merlin, he just wants to be good at it already
- interested in muggle cyber security and magic security systems
- constantly testing out security measures in the dorm and the common room
- has a tendency to come across as being paranoid but is really just fidgety
- hums under his breath when he thinks no one's listening

*Personal history and family background:*

Orion comes from a family of, to put it lightly, rule-breakers. His parents own a business and run a dodgy, black-market deal on the side as well. He has more uncles and aunts in prison than out of it. His family aren't exactly distant but are incredibly intrusive, constantly prying in his stuff ever since he was young. It was probably because of this that he tried to learn about security and protecting his things, even if they aren't that important enough to protect. He's usually left alone in the house and has therefore slowly started to learn how to fend for himself.
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Diagon Alley Employee:
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Dirigible Plums: Through the Spectrespecs

Niko Lynwood
Model: Orlando Hobechi
Font color: #2F2F4F

Text Cut: Niko
Name: Niko Roderick Lynwood
Date of Birth: 10 January 2049
Blood Status: Halfblood
Marital Status: Single

Eye Color: green
Hair Color: grey
Height: 5'11"

Important People:
Bandmates: tba
Ex-girlfriend: Vivianne Blakely Armstrong (deceased 2096)
Son: Aurélien Hadley Armstrong
Daughter-in-Law: Eveline Agathe (Abbott) Armstrong
Daughter: Joséphine Deianira Armstrong

Pets: two dancing cockatoos named Ransu and Ruby



Originally Posted by from PM
A short-tempered, former Gryffindor, 50 year old man. He used to play the drums in a little-known wizarding boy band and never misses the chance to walk down memory lane. He threatens to transfigure disrespectful kids into ferrets but has never actually acted on it because he’s all bark and no bite. He also has a pair of dancing cockatoos.

Nargles: Switching Spells: Character Swapmeet

Artemis Kelekolio
Model: Anna Akana
Font color: #9932CD

Text Cut: Artemis
Name: Artemis Pualani Kelekolio
Nickname: Art
Date of Birth: 1 September 2073
Blood Status:
Marital Status: Single

Eye Color:
Hair Color:

Important People:




Originally Posted by from PM and the mind of natekka
- Daydreamer / - Creative
- Stubborn (but it's a double-edged sword)
- Adaptable and Spontaneous
- Tackles problems head-on

- Always 10 minutes early or (most often) late
- Rarely answers questions directly
- She can be stubborn, rarely backing down

- Wearing different coloured eye contacts
- Expressing herself artistically, whether that's through modelling or dance and movement
- Animals

- Boredom (she acts like it's the end of the world when she's bored)
- People who aren't willing to try new things
- Ice cream (SHOCKER)
- Waiting

She's very much a full-speed-ahead kinda gal, yet seemingly laid back and chill. Her passion is modelling, and she likes to push the limits as much as can. In her downtime, she hangs out with her zoo (not literal) of animals at home. Secretly... or not... her favourite pet is her grey cat.

Personal history and family background:
Artemis doesn't have an existing family in SSRPG. She is an only child with two loving (but distant) parents and a whoooole bunch of aunts and uncles and a handful of cousins. Most of her family lives in Hawaii, but she moved to England when she was young.

Extras and fun stuff:
- Speaks with a dramatic/poetic flare
- Mumbles to herself when she's thinking
- Paces when she's nervous

Victoria Budge
Model: Angela Lindvall
Font color: #00B2EE

Text Cut: Victoria
Name: Victoria Antonella Budge
Nickname: Vicky
Date of Birth: 1 April 2066
Blood Status:
Marital Status: Single
Amortentia: scented candles, roses, freshly baked gingerbread cookies, feeling sand between your toes
Boggart: Seeing herself become a ghost like moaning myrtle

Eye Color: sky blue
Hair Color: blonde
Height: 175

Important People:

Pets: 20 kneazles



Originally Posted by from PM and the mind of Nordic Witch
Excellent communicator
Practical skills
Overthinking things
Stress easy
Highly emotional
Independent to a fault
Drinking tea
Keeping fit by jogging
Reading gossip magazines and romance novels
Watching old movies
Hanging out with friends and especially Girl's nights out
Cooking because she is dead awful at it. She evens burns toast
Gardening can't keep a plant alive if her life depended on it
Broken promises
Guy's that don't pull down the toilet seat
Listening to sports on the radio or watching quidditch
People who are rude and arrogant
Personality type: Campaigner, ENFP-A/ENFP-T

Has a tendency to fight for many causes, the more lost the better and its primarily creature related
In her youth she had a tendency to have very short fuse and pick fights but that has gone away with age and maturity.
She likes physical activities like jogging and doing yoga but she has never been into quidditch she preferred the muggle football if any particular sport.
Has always been unable to hide her emotions and her face is like an open and honest book. No truth potion needed.
Was very popular in school and it has continued since she has a large circle of friends
Personal history and family background:
Vicky comes from a pureblooded family. Her great ansector Zugmunt Budge was an accomplished potioneers from the 1500's who wrote the book of potions.

Vicky's mother is from her England and father is from Italy. Her upbringing was full of love and steady. Her mother is a retired baker and her father was journalist for the daily prophet when he lived. She is now a 35ish serial dating, foreign relations officer who lives in Manchester in a big flat with her 20 kneazles. She is curious, enthusiastic and friendly to everyone she meet's unless they give her reason not to.
Extras and fun stuff:
Is a serial dater
A creature rights activist in secret
Own's 20 kneazles since she is a licensed breeder on the side
Speaks both Italian and English

Zodiac sign: Aries
Name meaning Victoria come from the name Victor and the goddess of victory.
Laterality: right, but a little ambidextreous too since she can write and use scissors with both hands
Clothing style: Very feminie and proessional. Wears a lot of dresses, skirts and suits. Outside of work she usually likes a casual pair of jeans and a blouse but she likes to dress for the occassion. Has a giant shoe collection and tons of makeup stuff.
Tattoos: A kneazle on her right arm and a pair of eyes at the back of her neck to appear as if she is ever observant
Date of birth: 2066.03.01 (born on April Fools Day)
Former Hogwarts house: Gryffindor (class of 2084?)
Former occupation: Pest removal officer
Amortentia: scented candles, roses, freshly baked gingerbread cookies, feeling sand between your toes
Boggart: Seeing herself become a ghost like moaning myrtle

Existing Characters

Gracelyn Abbott-Daniau
Model: Zhenya Kotova
Font color: =#B272A6

Text Cut: Gracelyn
Name: Gracelyn Salome Abbott-Daniau
Nicknames: Gracelyn, Grace, Star
Age: 11
Birthdate: 17 March 2088
Place of Birth: London, England
Blood/Lineage: Halfblood
Wand: soon!
Favorite subjects: tbd
Worst Subjects: tbd
Patronus: tbd
Boggart: tbd
Amortentia: tbd

Height: 4'8" (1.42 m)
Weight: 82 lbs (37.19 kg)
Hair Color: light brown
Eye Color: brown

Eli Lake Abbott-Daniau
James Timothy Abbott-Daniau
Other Family:
Eliana Ruth Abbott: birth mother/aunt
Eveline Agathe (Abbott) Armstrong: aunt
Aurélien Hadley Armstrong: uncle
Brennan Terry Abbott: grandfather
Karyna Adrianna Owens: grandmother
Pets: tba


Don't let the fear keep you from climbing. And if you fall to the ground just keep trying

Head up in the clouds, never looking down. Nothing's gonna stop us this time round

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Drewett Percy Gunter
Sixth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Katrina Marie Belrose
Environmental Protection

Ministry RPG Name:
Andrea "Anya" Gonzales
Slytherin's Baby!Keeper • Opossum • All Growed Up • Kimoji •❅ice ice baby

Kimothy's Heliopaths

Dirigible Plums: Through the Spectrespecs
Text Cut: Mohan Dayal
Originally Posted by Received from PM
An easily alarmed 29 year old man, only child, who was homeschooled his entire educational career by an overly protective mother. He still lives at home with his parents, who now insist that he must find his own place by the time he’s 30. He’s very “in touch” with his feelings and is known to cry at the drop of a hat. He sometimes talks to himself in the third person and has extensive knowledge of obscure trivia. He’s afraid to fly but likes watching quidditch and is employed as a magical custodian cleaning quidditch stadiums. Enjoys pickled cornish pixie eggs.

Mohan Dayal

I hope some day I'll make it out of here
___[ B A S I C S ]
Name: Mohan Dayal
Nickname: Mo
Date of Birth: 22 May 2070
Place of Birth: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Current Residences: Birmingham, England and Mumbai, India
Blood Status: Halfblood
Relationship Status: Still single, thanks to my amma
Education: Homeschooled
Even if it takes all night or a hundred years
___[ A P P E A R A N C E ]
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Dark brown
Skin tone: Almond
Height: 6'1"
Face Claim: Arjun Gupta
Need a place to hide, but I can't find one near
___[ F A M I L Y ]
Father: Arun Dayal †
Mother: Jaya Thakur née Chaudhary
Stepfather: Aadesh Thakur
Maternal grandmother: Anuja Chaudhary née Agrawal (Indian national team coach)
Maternal grandfather: Rajesh Chaudhary
Wanna feel alive, outside I can fight my fear
___[ P E R S O N A L I T Y ]
Likes: Watching Quidditch, face masks, pickled cornish eggs, curry, random trivia nights, whenever nani (grandmother) sides with him instead of amma (mother), Taylor Swift songs
Dislikes: Playing Quidditch, cleaning up vom in the stadiums, catching quidditch fans doing things in public bathrooms, being told to grow up by his mother and stepfather (he is convinced that he is very much grown up), Taylor Swift songs when they get stuck in his head
Tidbits: Only child. Homeschooled. Raised and taught by overprotective mother. "In touch" with his feelings. Talks in third person at times. Blurts out random trivia. His grandmother wishes he'd just fly.
Walkin' out of town, lookin' for a better place
___[ E X T R A S ]
Wand: TBA
Patronus: TBA
Boggart: TBA
Amortentia: Pickled cornish eggs, nani's curry, coconut
Best Subject/s: TBA
Worst Subject: TBA
Post Colour: Cadet Blue
Something's on my mind, always in my headspace
___[ H I S T O R Y ]
Text Cut: The Makings of Mohan
Anuja Agrawal and Rajesh Chaudhary met through mutual friends. Anuja was a chaser for one of the Indian league teams, while Rajesh was researcher and part-time lecturer for wizarding archaeology in the Wizarding University of Mumbai. The couple married at the peak of Anuja’s Quidditch career for the India national team, in the year 2049 when the former was twenty-three and the latter twenty-six. They had three children together: Jaya (2050), Noor (2054), and Ravi (2059). With Anuja’s fame and Rajesh’s reputation in the academe, their life was highly publicized and often talked about in Indian tabloids.

Keeping up with such a life had proved to be difficult for the Chaudhary family, especially when their first-born, Jaya, was revealed to be pregnant to her then-boyfriend’s, Arun Dayal, child just a few months leading to their graduation from their seventh year of magical education. It was an issue that the family tried to keep secret, but tabloids began speculating soon enough when they noticed changes in Jaya’s physical appearance and way of dressing. Anuja had to threaten and pay major newspaper lines for their silence to protect Jaya and her boyfriend. While that did not stop people from talking, it had at least offered an opportunity to shift the spotlight and headlines elsewhere. On the twenty-second of May 2070, Jaya gave birth to a boy while on a family vacation to Bangladesh and named him Mohan, her favourite character in one of her favourite books. Arun, while initially hesitant about taking on his fatherly duty, decided to recognize and care for his son.

Jaya juggled life as a mother and a university student majoring in primary magical education. Mohan was raised by his mother and his maternal grandparents when they weren’t busy, and would sometimes stay in his father’s home with his paternal grandparents. During the summer, he would enjoy being told stories by his aunt Noor and uncle Ravi about magic school. Anuja would try to coax Mohan into riding a broom and becoming a Quidditch player, but it proved to be fruitless given his fear of heights. However, it wasn’t long until Arun died when Mohan was only four years old due to a potion gone wrong while under the apprenticeship of a famous Indian potioneer. Jaya was heartbroken at the loss of her boyfriend, but she handled it better than anyone expected. It only made one thing clear to her, and that was the start of Jaya’s overprotectiveness for her son even to the point of personally teaching him up to his seventh year of education. She never allowed Mohan to go to school with kids his age. He had tried to convince his mother, but he eventually learned to accept that there was not much he can do. This would later be the reason why he never chose to leave his family home in his adult years. On his fourth year, Jaya reconnected with and eventually married Aadesh Thakur, a former classmate from university, and he became Mohan’s stepfather.

Mohan’s only childhood friends were his neighbors, the kids that his mother would teach in preschool, his cousins, and children of Anuja’s team mates in the Indian team. He grew to enjoy watching matches to support his grandmother, but he could never muster the courage to join her out on the pitch.

In 2096, Mohan met a woman named Usharani Iyer, an art history graduate, during a pub trivia night. It started out as what one would consider a fling, but he eventually grew attached to her and he had enjoyed Usharani’s company. Until she was gone. She never showed up and made any form of communication with him. In hopes of surprising her, Mohan went to visit the V&A Museum, where Usharani said she worked, only to find out that it was a big lie. Nobody named Usharani Iyer worked in the said museum. Deceived, it took months of wallowing in his emotions to get over the woman, but sometimes he’d still wonder about her and who she really was, out of curiosity, even though the memory of her stung. He’d rather pretend no such thing existed because honestly? It sucked. Simple as that.

Now, only recently turning twenty-nine, Mohan’s parents insist the he must find his own place to stay when he turns thirty. He works as a magical custodian in quidditch stadiums, particularly those where his grandmother holds practices, and is a frequent in various muggle and magical pubs for trivia nights.
Nargles: Switching Spells: Character Swapmeet
Text Cut: Percivale Claustic
Originally Posted by Received from PM and created by Slytherin Fox
Introducing Percivale Claustic. He is a former Ravenclaw, now employed teaching obscure languages (Pig Latin being his favourite!), aged between 30-35. He resembles Ed Sheeran, and his appearance can be described as having dark reddish hair that is somewhat reminiscent of a clown, very young and innocent appearance . Want to know more?

SPOILER!!: More information
A loyal friend
Determined if they really want something
Always willing to try something different.
Often chickens out of things he commits to.
Constantly surrounded by acute confusion.
Commits to things he doesn’t follow through with.
Muggle fried chicken from a mysterious Muggle restaurant caked simply KFC.
People who either entertain him or who he can entertain.
All his family and friends.
People who try to distract him while he is eating.
Recurring nightmares about being chased by a giant chicken.
Finding one of these KFC places and discovering it is closed permanently.

They are a Gemini, known to be the most changeable of signs. Moon sign is Cancer, the moodiest sign.

Personal history and family background:
Comes from a long magical background who are non-supremist and actually love the Muggles. Always looking to meet a new potential friend.

Extras and fun stuff:

Quote -
Life is but a bowl of cherries so let’s dig in!

Percivale Claustic

The sunset's longer where I am from
___[ B A S I C S ]
Name: Percivale Claustic
Nickname: Clown boy Ed Sheeran (by close friends)
Date of Birth: 2 January 2069
Place of Birth: Dublin, Northern Ireland
Current Residence: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Blood Status: Pureblood
Relationship Status: Lmao
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Swallow nostalgia, chase it with lime
___[ A P P E A R A N C E ]
Hair colour: Red
Eye colour: Blue
Skin tone: Pale
Build: Muscular
Height: 6'0
Face Claim: Kevin Adrian
There's so much history in these streets
___[ F A M I L Y ]
Father: TBA
Mother: TBA
Pet: A parrot that hums his favourite tunes and chants 'KFC' on his bad days
Have you heard me on the radio, did you turn it up?
___[ P E R S O N A L I T Y ]
Likes: KFC, fried chicken, fried chicken from KFC, being entertained, family and friends, KFC gravy, did we mention KFC's fried chicken?
Dislikes: Being distracted while eating (especially KFC fried chicken), nightmares about being chased by an elephant-sized chicken, finding out at KFC outlets have been permanently closed (how?!)
Strengths: Loyal, determined, willing to try something different, quiet but already wants you as a friend
Weaknesses: Is also a bit of a chicken himself (what a coincidence!), usually confused, commitment issues
Could be playing hide and seek from home
___[ E X T R A S ]
Wand: TBA
Patronus: TBA
Boggart: TBA
Amortentia: TBA
Best Subject/s: TBA
Worst Subject: TBA
Post Colour: TBA
Catch phrase: Life is but a bowl of cherries so let's dig in!
It seems I'm never letting go of suburbia
___[ H I S T O R Y ]
Text Cut: Claustic Chronicles
ohai there.
Existing Characters
Text Cut: Roma Leigh Bracken

Roma Leigh Bracken

This town's too small for a girl like me
___[ B A S I C S ]
Full Name: Roma Leigh Bracken
Nicknames: No.
Date of Birth: 18 December 2088
Place of Birth: London, England
Current Residence: London, England
Blood Status: TBA
Relationship Status: No.
Education: St. Woboldo's Primary School
Hogwarts House: Unsorted (starts first year in 2100)
But do you ever wonder about the kid wonder?
___[ A P P E A R A N C E ]
Hair colour: Dark Brown
Eye colour: Brown
Skin tone: Fair
Build: No.
Height: 4'4"
Model: Mabel Chee
If only you knew it was me
___[ F A M I L Y & F R I E N D S ]
Father: Abel John Bracken
Mother: Naomi Bracken née Larson
Brother: Adam John Bracken
Sister: Amara May Bracken
Cousins: Lucy Bracken, Finlay Bracken, Malia Fenwick, Louis Bracken
Friends: Coby Rider-Mae, Autumn Low
Pets: A kitty named Salem
I'm the kid wonder
___[ P E R S O N A L I T Y ]
Likes: Her family, being papa's girl, her kitty Salem, nail polish, getting watch she wants, pastel colours
Dislikes: Dirty nails, being forced to interact with others
Tidbits: Sassy. Drama queen. Nail art enthusiast. Dancer. Papa's girl. Magical princess.
I was lost, now I'm found___________________________________________

____________________I put my hands in the air, and my knees to the ground

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Cecelia Elizabeth Summers
First Year

x12 x7

Ministry RPG Name:
Emilia Espinosa
Law Enforcement

Ministry RPG Name:
Mariana Medina
Environmental Protection
elephant-astic•wanderlust•stay in the ninedaaays the original Taco Belle•look at the flowers✿

| Nargles: Switching Spells: Character Swapmeet |

SPOILER!!: Bio Coming Soon!
In Progress..

| Existing Characters |

SPOILER!!: Cecelia Summers

Graphic by iBeJenn

| This is real | This is me |

Given Name: Cecelia Elizabeth Summers
Nicknames: Cece
D.O.B: 21st July 2088
Relationship Status Noah Mordaunt is my boyfriend (I think)
Wand: TBD

|I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now|

Early Schooling: Stark School (brain child of Isidora Stark)
Current School Hogwarts Bound!
House TBD
Year: Soon to be First Year!
Favourite Subject(s): TBD
Least Favourite Subject(s): TBD
Extracurricular Activities: TBD

|Gonna let the light shine on me|

Hair: Blonde and wavy
Eyes: Blue/green, one more than the other depending on what she's wearing
Height: 4' 7"
Weight: 80 lbs

| Now I've found who I am |

Father: Alec Summers (Yes, THE Alec Summers!)
Mother: Ella Summers (née Bishop)
Brother: Samuel Summers (3rd January 2091)

| There's no way to hold it in |

SPOILER!!: History
Coming Soon

| No more hiding who I wanna be |

SPOILER!!: Hogwarts Years
Coming Soon

| This is me |

Likes: QUIDDITCH, pillow fights, dramatic play acting, fort building, sweets, warm days, belly laughs, rolling in the grass, unicorns, dragons, family & friends
Dislikes: Bullies, being B O R E D, Sammy tears, fighting with friends, waiting for things to happen

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Patrick Dooley
Seventh Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Nathaniel Flannagan
Games & Sports

Diagon Alley Employee:
Victoria Martin
Madam Malkin's
Default Work in progress
Stealthy Ninja Queen | Snake For Life | waddling baker | binge royalty ♚

Siriusblackliveson's heliopaths

Dirigible Plums: Switching Spells - Character Swapmeet
Text Cut: Luca Anton Cavallo
name: Luca Antoni Cavallo
age: 13
date of birth: may 13
appearance: brown eyes, brown hair—almost black, pretty tall for thirteen.
fc: Marcel Ruiz
post color: #9A0909

Much to his mothers dislike he can eat the most food possible when in a competition. More attractive than someone his age should be, in a very refined way. Look out if you cook him a home cooked meal he may just sing about it and he’s no slouch when he sings. He likes to rough house… that is until his hair might get ruined. Just like the nice hair, he likes to look sharp for the ladies. He’s way too sure of himself and when he doesn’t get his way, he's more likely to whine than throw a fit.

He’s the baby of the family which means that often he gets his way and does nothing wrong, especially in the eyes of his mother. Which in turn makes him want to be the center of attention, always. But don’t call him a mamas boy because he may fly off the handle and get very very angry.

family history:
He’s the youngest of six siblings. Three of them sisters, the kind that were always doting in him as a baby and still trying to do so at thirteen. Being the baby his mama lets him get away with everything and treats him like a proper prince in the house. But his dad is harder on him, making sure that he knows how to be a good man, and know when to concede to the women in the house. But that is usually a quiet lesson after he gets home from a long day at work. But occasionally the ruckus of a large family gets the better of his father and he loses his temper. Usually his mama is the one who can be louder and calm him down and smooth things over with the other kids.

Spectrespecs: Goody Goody Gum—Stop!
Text Cut: Charlotte Rivers
Name: Charlotte Rivers
Age: Dec. 31, 2088
Nickname: Charlie
Post ColorE99936

Blood Status: Mixed
Wand: none yet
Hair color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
FC: bailee madison or Breanna Yde

Charlotte is a bubbly, loud, and bright character. She loves to look pretty in dresses and bows in her hair. She loves being big sister and loves anything bright and sweet.


Family History:
Her mother is a muggle who went to university to become a archeologist. Charlottes husband met her mom by accident when he was working on a ministry job at one of her dig sites. They quickly fell in love and along came Charlotte. Then four years later her younger sister.

existing characters
Text Cut: Nathaniel Flannigan
Name: Nathaniel Flannagan
Face Claim: Michael Gray Gubler
Post Color:#20556b

Nickname: Nate, Nathan, Too Tall
Relationship status: Single
D.O.B: February 29, 2063
Blood Status: Half Blood
Physical Description: Nathaniel stands at 6’ 1” with brown hair and chocolate eyes. He has a slim build but has gained muscle through playing Baseball. He often wears his hair at varying lengths depending on how busy he is.
Distinguishing Features: His big bold smile
Pet(s): Black Cat Named Salem
Patronus: Otter

Text Cut: other info
Job Title: Public Relations
Employment Date: February 2097
Job Description: Responsible for the creation and distribution of: league schedules, individual programmes, ticket prices, player trading cards, press accreditation passes. Also issuing official statements regarding league news to various media outlets. Also works with the Quidditch Mascot Department when organizing public events involving team mascots.

Always the quiet one, Nathaniel was almost always overlooked for his twin brother Nigel. Nathaniel never had to crack a book when he was studying. His natural talent exceeded further with his talent for sports. His personality in athletics tended to be more outgoing than when he was away. Although he is a man of few words he can go non stop about academics and athletics spouting many topics information. Nathaniel is very friendly once you get past his quiet exterior.

May 2080 - Graduated from Ilvermorny
September 2080 - Enrolled at University of Indiana
December 2084 - Graduated University of Indiana
May 2085 - Graduated University of Kentucky MBA program

February 2085 - Professional Baseball career
October 2086 - Professional Baseball Career Ended
2086-2090 - Chatanooga Lookouts Marketing
2090-2097 - Created his own Marketing Firm
2097- Began working at the Ministry

Former Occupation(s):
Professional Athlete
Marketing professional

Earned a degree in Business at Indiana University, a Masters of Business at University of Kentucky

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Gunnar McCarthy
Sixth Year

x12 x5

Ministry RPG Name:
Kendra Jordan-Durand

Ministry RPG Name:
Milo Jordan
Games & Sports
Default **work in progress**
Unforgivably Cursed

Dirigible Plums: Through the Spectrespecs
SPOILER!!: Marina Meléndez

Marina Meléndez
FC: Gina Torres

A 58 year old female wrock star from South America. Attended Castelobruxo, but had she attended Hogwarts would have been a Gryffindor. She's got a fear of friends discovering she can't sleep. Her greatest aspirations are to be a fishmonger. Always carries toothpaste.
{basic information}
Full name: Marina Isabel Meléndez
Date of birth: 3 Aug 2041
Place of birth: Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela
Current residence: Caracas, Venezuela
Eye color: brown
Hair color: black
Height: 5' 10"
Other defining characteristics:
Former spouse:
{magical characteristics}
Blood status:
Amortentia: fresh fish, smoked cedar, peppermint
Education -

Nargles: Switching Spells - Character Swapmeet
SPOILER!!: Hero Benjamin Ramsey

coming soon!

SPOILER!!: Charles Friendly
also coming soon!

Existing Characters:
SPOILER!!: Morgan McCarthy
Morgan McCarthy
Face claim: Ethan Cutkosky/Peer Baartz
Post color: red
Full name: Morgan Finn McCarthy
Date of birth: 28 Aug 2088
Place of birth: Heidelberg, Germany
Current residence: Heidelberg, Germany
Blood status: mixed
Eye color: green
Hair color: brown
Current height: 4’ 7”
Father: Ethan McCarthy
Mother: Minerva McCarthy (née Wheatborn)
Siblings: Gunnar, Chloe, Aidan

SPOILER!!: Milo Jordan
Milo Jordan
Model: Michael B. Jordan
Post color: teal
Full name: Milo Lee Jordan
Date of birth: 2062
Place of birth: London, England
Current residence: London, England
Blood status: mixed blood
Former Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

SPOILER!!: Xanthe Walker

Name: Xanthe Walker
FC: Billie Eilish
Age: 15
Hogwarts House/year: Ravenclaw fifth year

SPOILER!!: Greyson Andres
coming soon

SPOILER!!: Tashina Youngbird

Name: Tashina Youngbird
FC: Amber Midthunder
Date of Birth: 9 April 2080
Place of Birth: South Dakota, USA
Current Residence: London, UK

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Reese C. Prichard
Second Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Braedon James Lorkin
Games & Sports
1 of 4 Amigos Don't underestimate me!

Jakob Christianssen

Age: 26

Blood Status:Muggle born

Occupation: Chef

House while at school: Hufflepuff
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Ministry RPG Name:
Albert Magnus Morgenstern
Magical Creatures
Jedi Master•General Iroh•Java Junkie• King ♛ Stefan •Mycroft Holmes•Dragon Lord•Druid Boy

[ Existing Characters: ]

Text Cut: Noah Mordaunt

►basic information
Given Name: Noah Alexander Mordaunt
Nickname(s): Noah
Date of Birth: 31 December 2088
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Place of Birth: Gloucestershire, England
Current Residence: Gloucestershire, England
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown

►magical characteristics

Blood Status: Half-Blood
Wand: TBA
Patronus: TBA
Amortentia: TBA
Boggart: TBA

►health record

Gender: Male
Height: 5’0
Weight: 80 lbs
Blood Type: *shrugs*
Allergies: None
Dragon Pox Marks: None
Vaccinations: Dragon Pox


Father: Mordred Alexander Mordaunt
Occupation: Senior Dragonologist
Mother: Sophie Delilah Mordaunt née Campbell
Occupation: Housewife
Sibling(s): Catherine Rae Mordaunt, Scarlett Leonor Mordaunt, Mackenzie Alistair Mordaunt

►background details

Primary and Secondary Education:
  • Wycliffe School (Fall 2093 – Summer 2100)
  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Fall 2100 – Summer 2107)

►ooc notes

Face Claim: Fabio Colombo
Font Color: DarkRed
Font Face: None
Twitter: @NoahSays_


Text Cut: Mackenzie Mordaunt

►basic information

Given Name: Mackenzie Alistaire Mordaunt
Nickname(s): Enzo, Kenzie, Nugget
Date of Birth: 31 August 2095
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Place of Birth: Gloucestershire, England
Current Residence: Gloucestershire, England
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown

►magical characteristics

Blood Status: Half-Blood
Wand: TBA
Patronus: TBA
Amortentia: TBA
Boggart: TBA

►health record

Gender: Male
Height: *too small to know*
Weight: *too young to know*
Blood Type: *shrugs*
Allergies: None
Dragon Pox Marks: None
Vaccinations: Dragon Pox


Father: Mordred Alexander Mordaunt
Occupation: Senior Dragonologist
Mother: Sophie Delilah Mordaunt née Campbell
Occupation: Housewife
Sibling(s): Noah Alexander Mordaunt, Catherine Rae Mordaunt, Scarlett Leonor Mordaunt

►background details

Primary and Secondary Education:
  • Wycliffe School (Fall 2099 – Summer 2107)
  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Fall 2107 – Summer 2114)

►ooc notes

Face Claim: Jorge Benito
Font Color: Olive
Font Face: None
Twitter: @WhatEnzoSaid

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Mark Hollis Gunter
Third Year
x7 x8

Ministry RPG Name:
Stuart Creed
Law Enforcement

Ministry RPG Name:
Major Zhu
Easily A'MOOSE'D☰Straw Hat Pirate Hufflepuffection☰Roll for Initiative

Dirigible Plums: Through the Spectrespecs
A 52 year old selfish and self-centered former Slytherin woman, living in the prime of her life! She owns and runs a florist shop, but her specialty is growing carnivorous flowers. Tends to wear elegant clothing, but normally only in all black. Not a music fan, or really any noise in general, prefers white noise during her daily meditations (naps). Likes prune danishes.
FC-Lucy Liu Post Color- Sea Green

Doctor Percephone Daiyu-Seymour
The Black Jade of Hades’ Flower Garden
DoB: May 14th 2047
PoB: Plymouth, England
PoR: London, England
Heritage: Pureblood
Height: 5’3
Body Type: Slender
Hair: Black
Eyes: Grey
Wand: 12 ½ inch Ash w/Unicorn Hair (swishy)
Patronus: Praying Mantis
Boggart: Flames Eating away at her precious Snargaluff Stump
Amortentia: Sea Air, Fresh Picked Strawberries, and Elderflower Wine
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Slytherin
Edinburgh Wizarding University
Masters Degree in Herbology
Doctorate Degree in Potions

Father: William Daiyu
Mother: Mae Daiyu
Ex-Husband: Rick Seymour
Ex-Step-Daughter: Ellen Seymour

Nargles: Switching Spells - Character Swapmeet
Text Cut: TBA
Characters Go Here

Existing Characters:
Text Cut: The Primeaux Twins

Joshua Khari Primeaux
DoB: July 20th 2088
PoB: London England
PoR: London England
Height:Tall for his Age
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
St.Woboldo's Primary School
Father: Saul Primeaux X
Mother: Charlotte Primeaux née Anderson
Sister: Kendi Primeaux
Brother: Isaiah Primeaux
He is gentle and bright, but can also be very selfish and a bit sneaky.


Isaiah Kato Primeaux
DoB: July 20th 2088
PoB: London England
PoR: London England
Height: Tall for his Age
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
St.Woboldo's Primary School
Father: Saule Primeaux X
Mother: Charlotte Primeaux née Anderson
Sister: Kendi Primeaux
Brother: Joshua Primeaux
He is inspiring and brave, but can also be very standoffish and a bit unintelligent


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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Phoebe James
First Year

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Ministry RPG Name:
Genevieve James
Law Enforcement

Ministry RPG Name:
Carrigan Howard
Accidents & Catastrophes
Made of Awesome | Ern-la the Best-wa | TZ's Apogee

Switching Spells - Character Swapmeet

SPOILER!!: Jeremiah Stewart

Bio: Former Durmstrang Wolverine in his young 20s (born between 2070-2079). Very loyal and protective of his family, particularly his sister. Speaks German and English fluently. Personality-wise, he tends to be emotionally withdrawn.

Likes: combat, defensive stuff, quidditch his family, German food
Dislikes: I'll tell you when he tells me

Existing Characters

SPOILER!!: Phoebe James
  • Nickname: Fee, Fifi
  • Birthdate: 31 October 2087
  • Birthplace: Riverwalk Cottage
  • Meyers-Briggs: ESFP-A

  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Height: 5'3"

Bio Thingy: Phoebe Skylar James is the daughter of Auror Genevieve Branxton James and educator Maximus James, and granddaughter of former Headmistress Cassandra Rae-Branxton, former Potions Professor and Headmaster Doyle Branxton, and Quidditch professional Erin James. She and her twin brother Theodore Maddox were born 31 October 2087 and have a younger sister Kinsay Cassandra.
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Trinetta Gladin
Fifth Year
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Ministry RPG Name:
Royland Gladin
Minister's Office
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Nargles: Switching Spells - Character Swapmeet

SPOILER!!: Calcifer

Calcifer Bryden Melrose

"The Cowardly Lion"

Name: Calcifer Bryden Melrose
Age: 16
House: Gryffindor supposedly
Birthday: November 30th, 2082
Wand: 11 in, Sturdy Oak, Powdered Griffin Claw
Patronus: Puh-lease, like he's faced a boggart long enough without fainting to come up with a patronus
Boggart: Death (quite literally his dead self)
Blood Type: Pureblood
Face Claim: Daniel Meador

Calcifer comes from a long line of Gryffindors, so when the Sorting Hat asked him where he wanted to go - he naturally suggested Gryffindor. Not ONCE did he think the hat would actually LISTEN to him. He was 100% certain he was headed to Hufflepuff. For one thing, he's scared of his own shadow. Running off and doing daring things? No thank you. Every terrifying event that has taken place in the castle during his stay there, he has spent in the safety of his dorm room - with an Impenetrable Charm cast around his bed, just in case. The only daring thing he has ever done? Getting a giant tattoo of a lion on his back from a back alley dark wizard. Did he think the tattoo would make him feel closer to his house? Maybe. Did he faint a few times while doing it? Also maybe.

Both of his parents are Aurors, and since he is an old child, this only put more pressure on him to make sure he was a lion - despite his parents both insisting they didn't care where he went.

Calcifer constantly switches back and forth between embracing his "wrong" sorting and having constant anxiety over it. He tries really hard to try and show courage sometimes - and other times his gut instinct kicks in and he just turns tail and runs. Usually this has to do with him analyzing the situation at lightning speed and figuring out which option gives him the highest chance for survival. He has quick wit and usually has something to say about everything.

In his spare time, he loves to read, specifically stories about anti-heros. In his spare time he is in the drama club and hopes to get in to WADA someday to study theater - but if he has to do Shakespeare, he may just drop the whole thing entirely. He also enjoys magic and sleight-of-hand illusions, which he uses in his performances sometimes.

When it comes to his friends, he is a friend for life. He is fiercely loyal and will do anything for the people he is close to. A N Y T H I N G. In fact, he might be a bit possessive at times - but he is trying to get better about that. Part of it steams from the fact that he feels the closer his friends are to him, the more accepting of him they are, and the fact that he is an awful Gryffindor.

Existing Characters:

SPOILER!!: Jimmy Gladin

Maurice James "Jimmy" Gladin
[St. Mungos Healer]
Model: Dacre Montgomery
Post Color: #587b74

Name: Maurice James Gladin
Goes By: Jimmy
DOB: July 4th 2076
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue (and his best feature according to him)
School: Beauxbatons
University: WU London - Pre-Healer Studies
House: Ombrelune
Wand: Willow, Veela Hair Core, 10 inches
Boggart: The plague
Patronus: A raccoon

Named after his grandfather, Maurice James Gladin was born on a hot July day in London, England, to Belinda and Lawrence Gladin. Both of Jimmy's parents are French born and were living in London while working as healers. When Jimmy was eight they moved back to Paris.

Jimmy always hated his birth name, and his parents were never a fan either, naming him more out of obligation than anything else. So they began to call him by his middle name, and it just stuck. Jimmy has an older brother named Royland and a younger sister named Noel.

At the age of 11, Jimmy went off to Beauxbatons and was sorted into Ombrelune, the same house that his parents had been sorted in when they went to school. Jimmy immediately took a liking to Charms and Potions, and joined the Future Healers of Tomorrow club while at school. He felt a calling toward the "family business" at a young age, and during the summer of 2091 he was given an internship at St. Mungos in his hometown of London. While there, he met and began a relationship with Scarlett Reynolds, who was a patient on the level he was interning on. Someday Jimmy hopes to become Chief of Staff at St. Mungos, specializing in spell and potion reversal.

In the fall of 2094, he began school at WU London, majoring in Pre-Healer Studies. He was able to graduate early and is now a fully licensed healer working in the potions wing of St. Mungos. His family followed him to England during his second year of university, although he travels to France to visit his grandmother every summer with his family.

-Is overly confident in himself most of the time, having been told he's handsome and charming his whole life
-Would like to invent a spell someday to keep beard hair at the exact right length all the time to eliminate the need to shave
-Plays Quidditch as a Seeker, would not turn down a professional contract if offered
-His parents recently finalized their divorce. He lives with his mother, but plans to move out to his own place this summer.
-Loves to eat. He's like a garbage disposal, but doesn't seem to need to work out at all to keep up his athletic figure
-Huge fan of fantasy novels, including muggle literature. Game of Thrones is his favorite book series
-Is 1/8 Veela on his mother's side

SPOILER!!: Ryan Bennigan

Ryan Alexander Bennigan [One Shady Dude]
| My job? Pssh. Please | Widower | Javi's Best Bro
Model: Tom Cavanaugh
Post Color: #7b586e

Name: Ryan Bennigan
Age: Excuse u?
Birthday: That's need to know, and you don't need to know
Occupation: Pssh, please.
House: Wampus
Country of Origin: USA
Relationship Status: Widower
Children: Calloway and Elsa, twins - current 5th years

Quick Bio:
Ryan Bennigan used to be your typical MACUSA worker, employed in the charms division of their California offices. However, when his wife died, Ryan found himself unable to make ends meet on a single father's salary. He ended up quitting and taking on a number of "odd jobs" (read: illegal) and moved his family all across the globe to pursue lucrative business deals. Currently he resides in London with his two children, and has found lots of work in Knockturn Alley. He also takes small jobs here and there to put on a more "normal" persona - as of Summer 2099, he is working as shop clerk in Diagon Alley
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Carsyn Rose
Fourth Year

x12 x8

Ministry RPG Name:
Chloe Michelle Adara

Ministry RPG Name:
Louise Hamilton
International Cooperation
YesJess! | Captain Goggles | Eva's SoulSister | BigBadSis | SlytherPuff

Dirigible Plums: Through the Spectrespecs
SPOILER!!: Adrian Quinn

Originally Posted by From PM
A rebellious 19 year old male, former Slytherin who dropped out in his sixth year. Likes karaoke but is a terrible singer, he’s easily distracted and gets lost easily. He works as a cashier at a wizarding version of Hot Topic, is GREAT at making change. Claims to have an invisible dog.
Details are being worked out!! Watch this space

Nargles: Switching Spells: Character Swapmeet
SPOILER!!: Moira Tate; pink

Originally Posted by From the PM
Introducing Moira Tate, sometimes they also go by Mimi. {Middle name is up to the player. Moira is named after her grandmother, from a long line naming people after previous generations} They are an unsorted student who is a rising first year! Her mother is a Muggle and her father was privately educated, so there's no house bias. If the preference is for a Beauxbatons or Durmstrang, that's fine. They resemble an 11-year-old, duh. Moira is tall for her age and probably disarmingly angelic looking. She has long blond hair and extensive collection of ribbons. She's kept very tidy and always looks a bit spit-shined..

Existing Characters
SPOILER!!: Apollo Grimm Adara-Stark; DeepSkyBlue

Name: Apollo Grimm Adara-Stark
Age/Date of Birth: 7 ; 23 April 2092
Physical Appearance:
Personality: Hyper.
Background/History: Son of Chloe Adara and Archer Stark.

SPOILER!!: Willow Reagan Wakefield

Name: Willow Reagan Wakefield
Age/Date of Birth: 11; 30 September 2087
Physical Appearance: Tentatively FC is Kara Haywood
Mother: Renee Isobel Wakefield (nee Reed)
Uncle: River Reed
Starts Hogwarts September 2099
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Ayana Sissay
x4 x2

Ministry RPG Name:
Benzi Rider
Law Enforcement

Ministry RPG Name:
Bambi Ackerly
Accidents & Catastrophes
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Nargles: Switching Spells - Character Swapmeet
spell cast by siriusblackliveson

Text Cut: James Dickerson

post colour: fire opal #e95c4b | face claim: kaya scodelario | twitter handle: @tbd

cheat sheet;
Name: Jameson Parker Dickerson
Date of Birth: October 29th, 2083
Hometown: Gloucester, England
Blood Status: Mixed blood
Hogwarts house: Slytherin
Graduating class: Hogwarts, 2102
Relationship Status: looking! hi! hello!
Defining Characteristics: idealist, kissing enthusiast, the best potioneer in her year ask ANYONE, big blue eyes, likes being liked, wants to be liked, please like her.

bit more;
Birthplace: East Newark, New Jersey
Nationality: British, American
Boggart: herself, an old woman, all alone
Amortentia: isn't sure, it often changes
Patronus: who knows.
Average grade: Exceeds Expectations

family is important;
Father: Charles Dickerson
Mother: Adriana Dickerson née Sousa
Older brother: Grayson Zion Dickerson

appearances too;
Height: 1.66m
Build: slim, waiting for her growth spurt, hoping it doesn't make her taller than boys
Eye colour: bright blue
Hair colour: brown
Skin tone: very pale
Style: tries to be stylish; wears cheap clothes and jewelry and the best imitations she can get her hands on, attempts to appear wealthier than she is (which is not wealthy at all).
Piercings and tattoos: Ears. Might get tattoos soon.

personality traits, some quirks and miscellaneous;
Particular skills: Scrapbooking - has three entire books devoted to her wedding day, potions, kissing, maintaining her physical flexibility (might have been a gymnast had she had the drive)
Likes: kissing, falling in love, boys falling in love with her, relationships, when other people are jealous of her, cute dresses with matching summery shoes, summer, tights and oversized shirts, brewing alone.
Dislikes: being poor, jealous of other people, dirt, any creepy crawlies at all, not being attended to, bad fashion choices, Gray when he's annoying (read: when he's dishing out a serving of real truth), any person who's ever dumped her ever
Strengths: Ambitious, vivacious, adaptable
Weaknesses: Dishonest, childish, envious
Languages spoken: English, Brazilian Portuguese
Quidditch team: the Brazilian national team
Pet: the family owl, Sonny.

Existing Characters
All mini bios are listed here and here.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Lucas Sebastian Dakest
Fourth Year

x11 x11

Ministry RPG Name:
Grayson Douglas Whitlock
Accidents & Catastrophes

Ministry RPG Name:
Lilian Botros
International Cooperation
Magikarp #3 | Pat's Strong Confident Other Half | Pees Like a Champion Unicorn Racehorse

A 45 year old woman, former Ravenclaw, who is a confectioner of magical sweets. However, she’s not as nice and innocent as she seems, and is hiding a dark secret that would ruin her if it got out. She dresses quite fashionably and is obsessed with horoscopes. She tries to use “hip lingo” to stay current and is a big flirt, though some may call her a cougar as she prefers men in their 20s.

Zora Ioanna Argyris
Model: Missy Rayder
Post colour: #FE6F5E

Text Cut:
[ B A S I C S ]
NAME: Zora Ioanna Argyris
NICKNAMES: That's up to you, sweetheart
GENDER: Female
AGE: 45
DATE OF BIRTH: 09 November 2053
PLACE OF BIRTH: Patras, Greece
FLUENT IN: English, Greek, Hebrew

[ A P P E A R A N C E ]
HEIGHT: 5'6"

[ F A M I L Y ]
FATHER: Ennis Argyris
MOTHER: Christina Argyris (nee Hart)
BROTHER: Elias Argyris (squib)
DAUGHTER: Adara Argyris
NEICE: Sofiya Argyris
NEPHEW: Cyril Argyris
PETS: A single Persian cat that her daughter adores

[ M A G I C A L[]I N F O ]
HERITAGE: Mixed-blood
WAND: 10 1/2" reasonably supple Hawthorn wand with a Dragon Heartstring core
AMORTENTIA: Jasmine, eucalyptus, the small of one of her favourite concoctions involving pink grapefruit, rosemary

[ E D U C A T I O N[]&[]O C C U P A T I O N ]
PRIMARY: Arsakeio Primary School of Patras; St Woboldo's
SECONDARY: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
HOUSE: Ravenclaw
POST-SECONDARY: Took two years out to obtain A-levels in Business Studies, Economics, and Maths
UNIVERSITY: University of Leeds (Business Management)
FORMER OCCUPATION(S): Retail job: working for a muggle sweet shop, and then for a very small magical one; Management roles: became assistant-manager of the latter and helped manage its income
CURRENT OCCUPATION: Manager of her own confectionary company,

[ H I S T O R Y ]
Zora was born to proud parents Ennis and Christina in the early hours of the 09th of November. She is the youngest child and only girl, resulting in a lot of devotion and attention that she happily preened at from a young age. She was always a bubbly girl with an intense love for sweets and sugary concoctions. This love was only worsened by the fact that her late grandfather, whom she adored, would consistently gift her treats every time he happened to see her.

It was at the age of seven that a surprise occurred in the form of magical abilities within the young girl. However, this raised a few problems for the parents themselves: while Zora had been raised on English and Greek, there were very restricted choices for her to go in terms of wizarding school. Learning French or Russian wasn't an option, and therefore, the family decided to leave the idyllic city of Patras and move to the colder city of Brighton. The change to a city with a shore was done in hopes of giving the children a sense of familiarity in a different city, but that did little to suppress the feelings of homesickness that both children experienced.

Finally, in the summer after her eleventh birthday, Zora received a letter from Hogwarts, telling her of her admittance to the school. The parents had mixed feelings about Hogwarts in general but didn't pass on these worries to their daughter, who was glad to be going to a wizarding school. She was soon sorted into Ravenclaw for her sharp mind and even sharper tongue. At Hogwarts, she found herself under no parental supervision and so, her imagination grew, particularly in terms of sweets and confectionaries. It was only into her third year that she snuck a cauldron into her dorm room and started experimenting in there. Most resulted in odd bangs and fizzles and, often, odd scents coming from the room itself. Halfway through her sixth year, the Ravenclaw even started selling her goods and making extra pocket money out of it - at least the ones that were edible, that is.

After graduating Hogwarts, Zora decided that magical education wasn't for her anymore. So, she decided to take two years out to take A Levels in Business Studies, Economics and Maths in a muggle college. This then led her to go to the University of Leeds to study Business Management, all while she continued to experiment in her dorm room. Odd bangs and fizzles were now denied and blamed on the other roommates' imaginations skewing out of control.

With her degree in one hand and her experiments in the other, Zora sought out a job where she could fully utilise her experiences and the degree she worked tirelessly for. So, she ended up with a retail job. Her displeasure and disdain for this job showed and she found that she wasn't getting as much out of the shop as she would've liked, despite the fact that it helped to pay the rent. One dreary day, a heated argument ensued with her boss and she ended up leaving the job entirely. This left her in an incredibly perilous situation, but at least she was out of a job she hated, right?

Soon afterwards, the former Ravenclaw ended up working for a small magical sweets shop, much smaller than the likes of Honeydukes but just as beloved. It was still a retail job, yes, but her love for experimenting with her confectionaries was only honed instead of harnessed in a place like this. In fact, some of her own experiments made their way onto the shelf, with part of the payment going directly to her pocket. It was a stark reminder that as much as she had needed the muggle training, she had sincerely missed the use of her magical abilities. Her muggle training did come in handy when she climbed the ladder of success and became an assistant manager within the store.

Amongst all the potions and confectionaries, a secret love affair was also bubbling between Zora and a fellow employee, Andreas. It was an enthralling experience for the woman, who almost felt giddy with excitement at the idea of harbouring a relationship that was almost forbidden. Both talked at lengths about their dreams of owning their own store, with little to no restrictions placed on them. It was only during a particularly happy night that both had decided to leave their jobs and do just that: start their own magical confectionary store.

However, this sweet relationship soon turned sour and, with it, Zora grew resentful towards her former partner. News of her pregnancy had caused Andreas to leave her, claiming that this was only going to hinder his progression towards success. Enraged, Zora snuck into his room one day and stole a few important documents and notes in regards to the store they owned. Any and all mentions of him being the co-owner were erased, and she decided to use the notes he'd made on his sweets for her own purpose. They are still selling to this very day, in fact, but the public doesn't know who's the real brains behind half of the sweets.

Things turned truly rancid when Andreas figured out her plans and filed a law suit against her. At the date of the court case, Zora had already given birth to a beautiful baby girl, Adara, whom she brought along to the court case. She appealed her case, claimed that he was about to steal her ideas and hurt her and her baby if she didn't go with his plans. A fake sobbing session ensued, in which she told her story of needing to run away if she wanted to protect her and her child. Andreas was enraged and tried to prove that she was simply twisting his tale to suit her needs. However, the jury had decided against his appeals, as innocent as he was, and claimed that he owed Zora money in return.

Satisfied, Zora went on to care for her daughter alone while running a sweets shop to the best of her abilities. She's started using hip lingo in an attempt to try and get closer to her daughter as she has started growing up. However, this hip lingo has also become useful in attracting the attention of young adults, particularly those in their 20s, who saw her as a very hot mother with a charming personality to boot.

[ P E R S O N A L I T Y ]
Zora is, and has always been, a charming woman. She comes across as being incredibly nice and sweeter than the confectionaries she concocts - a line she uses to her advantage. Her flirtatious nature includes an odd sense of innocence, one that she uses amongst the twenty-something year olds who love to teach her about the hip lingo she so desperately tries to use - and she lets them.

Cougar? She doesn't think so.

She's exceptionally bright, often not being afraid to go out of her way to make something - usually, one of her experiments - work. But what's the point of being clever if you can't utilise it to the best of your abilities? While she might come across as being nice and innocent, she's far from those things. In fact, judgement and shrewd are more accurate terms for her personality - if you ever got the chance to see her real self. However, those who know her real side have conveniently been taken out of her life with little to no remorse.

After all, there's no fury like that of a woman scorned.

LIKES: Fruity and floral confectionaries, vegan options, dressing well, horoscopes, romantic comedies, attention
DISLIKES: Fluctuations in her concoctions, obnoxious tattoos, terrible colour blocking, intense (and often awkward) levels of quiet, lack of attention
HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Mostly making niche sweet treats for her shop

Introducing Cedar-Amina Tulsi. She is a Ilvermorny student who is 17 and ready to graduate. She resembles Sirena Warren (or perhaps Mariana Barcelos, Maeve Whalen, Briggs Rudder, or Tanya Kizko). Her appearance can be described as short. she is 5'4, with wide hips and thin, short legs. She has very few scars but has managed to keep one- it is above her kneecap, a souvenir from the one fight she ever got into. Has naturally curly hair, sometimes she straightens it out but mostly she can't be much bothered. Cedar greatly resembles her father (Richard Tulsi), who in his youth was considered quite handsome (though weak chinned). She has very little of her mother's appearance, a shame since Margaret Tulsi (previously Johnson) has the sweetest of smiles. Want to know more?

SPOILER!!: More information
Incredible Flyer (Hates Quidditch).
Finding Things.
Has a great affinity for the water.
Fast Learner.
Great Penmanship.
Good under pressure.
Survival instincts.
Bad Listener.
Understanding others and their motives.
Fre magic.
Will never admit to being wrong, not ever.
chocolate bars.
the beach.
the moon.
Curling up in big cushy chairs to read.
Being paid attention to.
Being treated like a grownup.
B(e)I(n)G W(r)ON(G).
B.E.I.N.G. W.R.O.N.G.

A professional whiner. nothing is ever good enough for them, they could be receiving an order of merlin first-class from Albus Dumbledore himself and they would still find something to grumble about.




self-serving, but capable of love.

annoyingly bright.


Friendly when she wants to be.

Friends are very important. the few they have (HIGH STANDARDS) are regarded as precious. would take on a horde of dementors for their friends.

.... but only if they /knew/ they could get out alive, otherwise.... said friend is on their own.

Personal history and family background:
Was a prefect.

Did not get head girl. big pity party ensued.

Was nearly eaten by a Banshee in her Third Year, managed to fight her off along with her then best friend José
Feliciano. she & jose are no longer friends.

parents: father is a squib but comes from a family of half-blood wizards, he owns a small cafe. mother is an okay witch (she's muggle-born), she works a desk job at an wiz-insurance company.

Never been kissed. VERY HIGH STANDARDS

Extras and fun stuff:
chocolate bars for breakfast.

spaghetti (always) for dinner. if they don’t get spaghetti they get angry.

has been in exactly one fight. still retains the scar above their left kneecap.


allergic to bees.

believes the wealthy to be lizard people.

believes the poor to be lazy.

believes aliens are a ruse created by the ministry to cover up muggle-wizard experiments.

believes spontaneous combustion to be very real, which is why they’re SOOOOOOO GOOD AT WATER MAGIC.

sun sign: Aries.

moon sign: Aquarius.

pronouns: she/her, them/they.

favorite colors: ivory, celadon, cranberry.

patronus : unable to cast but it would be a llama.

wand : brittle. dragon heartstring. 7 inches. walnut.

Born & Raised in : Boulder, Colorado.

Switching spell cast by: nicole black

Cedar-Amina Tulsi
Model: Tanya Kizko
Post colour: #87D38B

Text Cut:
[ B A S I C S ]
NAME: Cedar-Amina Tulsi
NICKNAMES: None. Don't bother coming up with one
GENDER: Female (she/her, they/them)
AGE: 17
DATE OF BIRTH: 05 April 2082
PLACE OF BIRTH: Boulder, Colorado, USA
FLUENT IN: English and Arabic
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: And it's your business how?

[ A P P E A R A N C E ]
HEIGHT: 5'4"
HAIR COLOUR: Dirty blonde
OTHER NOTABLE FEATURES: A scar above her left kneecap from the one fight she's gotten into

[ F A M I L Y ]
FATHER: Richard Tulsi
MOTHER: Margaret Tulsi (nee, Johnson)

[ M A G I C A L[]I N F O ]
HERITAGE: Mixed-blood
WAND: 7" brittle Walnut wand with a Dragon Heartstring core
PATRONUS: Llama (unable to cast)
BOGGART: You don't need to know
AMORTENTIA: Cranberries, the salty smell of open water,

[ E D U C A T I O N ]
PRIMARY: A muggle primary school in Colorado
SECONDARY: Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
YEAR: Seventh
HOUSE: Horned Serpent
STRONGEST SUBJECTS: Charms (particularly water-based spells), Transfiguration
WEAKEST SUBJECTS: Don't see how that's any of your business
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Prefect, duh. It'll be Head Girl soon, just mark my words

[ H I S T O R Y ]
Cedar-Amina was born to parents Richard and Margaret after a very long labour on the 5th of April. Richard is a squib, who comes from a family of half-blood wizards. However, due to his nature, he's been forced to work retail jobs, eventually going on to becoming the manager of a small café with a steady income. Margaret is a mediocre witch of muggle-born descent who works a desk job at a wiz-insurance company. She is of an Arabic-American descent, however, takes after her father, who in his youth, was considered to be quite handsome (but weak chinned). It's a shame, since Margaret Tulsi has a sweet smile and a sweeter nature to match.

It was a result of the two's history and general demeanour that Cedar-Amina grew up with the idea of striving for the best, no matter what field it happened to be in. Her parents had very high expectations, ones that they passed onto their only daughter.

After months of wondering if she was going to end up being a squib like her father, Cedar-Amina finally started showing signs of magic well after her eighth birthday. It was then that she was enrolled into a magical primary school in the hopes that she would harness her abilities and not accidentally break the International Statute of Secrecy, something that was bound to happen what with her random bursts of magical abilities. In fact, after this point, her parents insisted on not letting her go out to play with the very little friends she had, lest they all get into trouble for a little mistake she made.

As she was growing up, and had many a-questions about magic, her parents made sure to tell her how special she was, especially her father. That this magical ability put her above those who couldn't express theirs, or those who didn't possess any in the first place. As a result of this, Cedar-Amina became acknowledged to thinking that she was, in fact, better than other people. That only those who met her own high standards were allowed in her inner circle.

There was someone who entered that inner circle when she went off to Ilvermorny: José Feliciano. She was amongst her peers, some of her equals, and it was easier to enter her inner circle but she found a friend in José, who was sweet and charming, even at a young age. The two hit it off immediately, and she soon found herself becoming best friends with him, even writing to him during the holidays and growing oddly jealous if anyone else dared to get close to him.

Their friendship managed to sustain a particularly dreadful third year, one that included almost being eaten alive by a Banshee. She managed to fight it off alongside José, and the two survived the incident despite a leg injury that left Cedar-Amina in the hospital for long periods of time. José cared for her during these times, even bringing her spaghetti and chocolate because she couldn't live without the two.

However, her leg injury wasn't the worse of it. After she was let out, with a crutch to manage her, José found himself growing bored of her and hanging out more and more with a different crowd entirely: one full of boys who made terrible jokes and not-so-witty remarks. Cedar-Amina grew frustrated with this new company, and with the lack of attention that José was giving her, which eventually led to many arguments between her and José and his new crew. Eventually, she decided to ignore his presence and didn't bother patching things up. If he wanted to be her friend, he would be the one to come to her and apologise for his actions. She wasn't letting her guard down.

This idea was implemented into many areas of her life: friendships, comradeship, and, yes, romantic relationships. It's because of this reason that Cedar-Amina hasn't had a relationship, and hasn't so much as had a kiss in her life. Though, of course, this is something she would highly deny for fear of being looked down upon by those she is currently close to.

Before the start of her fifth year, Cedar-Amina was granted a special gift in her letter from Ilvermorny: a Prefect badge. Unsurprisingly, the girl was ecstatic, believing that this enabled her to have greater power over those in her house. She was slightly disgusted that José was granted a Prefect badge as well, but this is a fact she conveniently chose to ignore - and forget anytime someone brought it up.

But her sights don't stop there: being a Prefect was all good and fine, but she had her eyes on something bigger. Being Head Girl was next on her list of achievements, and she was sure she was going to achieve that role as well. After all, she had good grades, much to the annoyance of her peers and some of her teachers, and she had excellent leadership qualities. There was no way she wasn't going to achieve that badge.


[ P E R S O N A L I T Y ]
Cedar-Amina is often described as having a strong personality. She comes across as being quite bossy, but this is something she would cleverly rebrand as having 'good leadership skills' and insist that she had to be if she was going to be a Prefect. A sense of stubbornness has settled inside of her from a young age, believing that her way is the best way because she was just that much smarter than those around her. She would insist on going down her route, almost to the point of being pushy. It's almost an annoying trait, especially when you consider the fact that she is, in fact, very bright. Annoyingly bright, even.

Her nature and general demeanour has led her to become extremely talkative, as she is one who likes the sound of her own voice. While this means that she could be outed or laughed at if she was wrong about a decision, she's so sure of her way of thinking that she could not, and would not, be wrong. At all. Ever.

But she uses her voice for more than simply talking for the sake of it. Nothing is ever good enough for her, as she is someone who believes that there's always room for improvement. It's because of this that she often whines and gossips, always somehow managing to find something to complain about. When she's not complaining or whining, she's talking about her many, many conspiracy theories, which are often things she thinks about when she's bored of the mundane topics of conversation around her. Such theories include believing the rich are lizard people, believing the poor to be lazy - a theory that has led to many a-arguments - believing aliens to be a ruse created by the ministry to cover up muggle-wizard experiments and, lastly, believing spontaneous combustion to be a very real, and very dangerous, threat.

Some would call her foolish, others would call her selfish or self-serving, she would simply claim that she has exceptionally high standards.

However, she is known to be friendly when she wants to be. In her eyes and from her experience, friends are very important. But mix this with her ridiculous standards and you won't be surprised to find that she has very little friends in her inner circle. She considers them to be precious and would do almost anything for them - granted she can come out alive and better for it.

But be warned, she will ditch you if her own life is in danger.

LIKES: Spaghetti, chocolate bars, debates (especially ones that she wins), the beach, the moon, curling up in large chairs to read, attention, being treated like a grownup, winning, knowledge
DISLIKES: Being wrong, b.e.i.n.g. w.r.o.n.g, bees (allergies), did we mention bEING WRONG?
HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Calligraphy, swimming
STRENGTHS: Incredible Flyer (but don't talk about Quidditch, it's a silly game), leading, deciding, being ambidextrous, finding things, a great affinity for the water, fast learner, great penmanship, good under pressure, survival instincts
WEAKNESSES: Weaknesses in general, bad listener, self-indulgent, proud, computers, understanding others and their motives, fire magic, will never admit to being wrong, ever

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Finneas Schmoe
x10 x1

Ministry RPG Name:
James Draper
Magical Creatures

Ministry RPG Name:
Yasmin ‘Yassi’ Golshiri
doesn't proofread tweets|#wrongaboutcereal |ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ|plot twist|#thefloorislava

nargles: switching spells: Character swapmeet

Russell Pemberton
Introducing Russell Pemberton. He is a Hufflepuff who is fourteen. His appearance can be described as fair skinned, tans quickly in the sun, maybe freckles too, messy, unruly hair - if it gets too long, not afraid to just shave the lot off and so, the cycle repeats. Average height for his age but broad shouldered and stocky. Want to know more?
SPOILER!!: More Information
strengths: Fending for himself, Learning new skills obscenely fast - only practical, hands on stuff though, Remembering names and faces
weaknesses: Spelling and reading, Personal grooming and hygiene, Sticking to a routine
likes: Betsy the Blast-Ended Skrewt - she’s part of the menagerie and he helped raise her from a skrewtling (?) (who knows what a baby blast-ended skrewt is called, not me) Betsy enjoys having her suckers tickled, Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum - aaaaaalways has some on the go, only time he’s not seen chewing is in his sleep, Juggling and unicycling - can and will juggle with absolutely anything he can get his hands on
dislikes: House-elves - they’re creepy, Litterbugs - he will call you out if he catches you, Being by himself, Cold/wet weather

- extroverted
- optimist
- a typical charismatic cheeky chappy with the gift of the gab
holds no prejudice and can befriend literally ANYONE (except house-elves because creepy)
- doesn’t know the meaning of personal space
- competitive streak

Personal history and family background:
The Grand Pemberton Magical Menagerie and Circus (est.1910) has been captivating and astounding audiences across the continent for almost two centuries. Performances include but aren’t limited to: aerial acrobatics, a contortionist, tightrope walking and a wide array of magical beasts. Russel’s mother is Ringmaster and has a famous chimaera taming act. His father has fire and water manipulation acts.

Being on the move constantly made it difficult to have any kind of structured primary education and pre-Hogwarts, he was taught by his mum, dad and other performers - as a result, his spelling and reading skills are atrocious. He’s an only child but grew up with all the other performers and their kids and they’re basically a huge extended family.

During summer months, he can always be found lending a helping hand, be it setting/closing up, cleaning out and feeding the creatures or selling snacks to audience members. Does he resent that other kids his age get to hang out and doss around all summer? Perhaps a little.

The plan is to perform and have his own act in the show one day until, eventually, he takes over the circus completely. He’s still undecided as to whether this is what HE wants but it’s definitely what’s expected of him.

There’s been recent bad press and conspiracy theories surrounding the circus and how they come about the XXXX+ classified creatures in their menagerie. It’s a mystery.

Extras and fun stuff: Has a friendly, approachable feel about him
- Smiley
- Not supermodel handsome, more casual boy next door
This switching spell was cast by Waterloo
Picadilly Islington Pegasus
Introducing Picadilly Islington Pegasus, sometimes they also go by Peggy. She is a Ravenclaw who is 11-13 years old. She is absolutely first and middle named after train stations. Absolutely. Her appearance can be described as median height for her age, neither short nor tall. She has light blonde hair that presents itself as big and curly. (She loves her hair as she can hide behind it, but she hates taking care of it) Peggy's eyes are brown. Want to know more?
SPOILER!!: More Information
Personality: Peggy dresses up every year for Halloween as a peg legged pirate. She comes up with train related injuries for her peg leg too and has a bet with her fathers over how many people she can get to believe it. Peggy knows exactly which buttons to press to drive the underground trains that her fathers work on and has her own honorary uniform and badge. Peggy finds it difficult to make friends as she was privately schooled by her fathers until her Hogwarts letter arrived.

strengths: train knowledge, can tell you twenty ways to get to different stations on the london underground, free running, sniffing out chip shops, knowing exactly which brand of tea was used by the leaves/tea stains, chalk drawings on the floor,
weaknesses:has over 100 pairs of converse and cannot resist buying more, tries to save rats from the train lines and has been the reason that many trains have stopped in the tunnel because she's been saving them, cannot admit when someone else is wrong, CHEESE
likes: trains, running, cushions with corny phrases on, cheese, calligraphy, superglue on chairs, flip flops, all in one clothing, cheap chocolate, fluffy socks, puppies, heavy metal music,
dislikes:PINK, flowers, crop tops, shorts, photographs, jewellery, disney,

Peggy dresses up every year for Halloween as a peg legged pirate. She comes up with train related injuries for her peg leg too and has a bet with her fathers over how many people she can get to believe it. Peggy knows exactly which buttons to press to drive the underground trains that her fathers work on and has her own honorary uniform and badge. Peggy finds it difficult to make friends as she was privately schooled by her fathers until her Hogwarts letter arrived.

Personal history and family background: Peggy is an only child and both of her fathers are train drivers that met on the first day of their training twenty five years ago. They have fostered many children, but Peggy is their only biological child from a surrogate. They named her after train stations that were significant to their love story and brought her up every day on the trains. They're a very lowkey family and take trips to different countries with railway transport to inspect and spy on it. Her fathers are both muggles and her magical blood comes from the surrogate mother that she does not know personally and the family did not stay in contact with. They remember that her name was Roisanna Picklington.
This switching spell was cast by Shanners

existing characters: ariana's brain: A void
Zoryn Amari Spinnet
falmouth falcons - beater
hogwarts class of 2098 ▾ gryffindor
model: aerin creer post color:
SPOILER!!: zoryn spinnet, abridged
full name: zoryn amari spinnet
date of birth: march 21, 2080
place of birth: ottawa, canada
current residence: london

hogwarts house: gryffindor
currently: beater for the falmouth falcons quidditch team
relationship status: engaged to faith chosen

hair color: black
eye color: brown
height: 5’ 1”
model: aerin creer

magical lineage: half blood
wand: 11 inches redwood, hippogriff feather core
boggart: emotional vulnerability
amortentia: fame. rose water
being the center of attention, breaking fragile men, quidditch, being in control, kale salad, faith chosen, drama, witch weekly, & justine janvier (duh).
you (probably), being told what to do, being emotionally vulnerable, sylvie norcott, not being taken seriously by adults, being told what to do, homework, scare tactics, studying, anything that involves reading, anna meriwether, fashion violations, & excessive calories.
personality type: entp - the debater
moral alignment: chaotic neutral
she's loud. She's wild. She's bold.

Zoryn a. Spinnet has a hard time understanding where limits are drawn, or no, she does understand the boundaries but chooses to ignore them anyways. She likes to push things (and people) to their complete maximum, which lands her in a lot of trouble. At home she's used to being treated as mommy and daddy's little princess, which means everything needs to be about her 507% of the time. While she isn't a lier by nature, she does know how to get what she wants and is willing to twist the truth in order to do so. She's not really in touch with her own feelings, nor does she do a good job at considering the feelings of others. Don't get it wrong though, she cares a lot about her friends and always wants to know everyone she comes across. Her curiosity is endless and her favorite past time is engaging in nonsensical arguments.

Her moral compass is slightly wack and she has a hard time forming meaningful connections with others. Negative emotions are something she actively chooses to suppress, as her friends often show her that emotions have a tendency of controlling a person. Zoryn spinnet refuses to give up control. She’s always the one in control, fyi.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Fantine "Tina" Dantes
Seventh Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Gaston A.L. Marchand
Minister's Office

Ministry RPG Name:
Katja A. Westergaard
International Cooperation

Diagon Alley Employee:
Vitani Kama
Paradise Piercings and Tattoos
Rhibear ~ Madam Solo ~ Pirate Princess ~ Gryffinclaw ~ Fiery Phoenix

Existing Characters

Text Cut: Heathcliff Jones

Model: Dylan Schmid
Post color: new midnight blue (#00009C)

Full Name: Heathcliff Ellison Jones
Nickname: Heath
Date of birth: 19 September 2087
Place of birth: London, England
Current residence: London, England
Heritage: Halfblood (muggle father, witch mother)
Occupation: incoming Hogwarts student & aspiring actor

Hair: dark brown
Eyes: brown
Height: 5’1
Weight: 83 lbs
Laterality: right-handed
Distinguishing marks: none


Mother: Adelon Ryder-Jones
Father: Christopher Jones
Siblings: Fiyero Jones, Ariel Jones
Grandparents: Lionel & Sophonsiba Ryder; Ellison & Henrietta Jones
Aunts/Uncles: Adhemar & Emilia Ryder; Michelle Jones
Cousins: Stefan, Zira, Zarina, & Killian Ryder
Cousin-in-law: Sarabi Ryder
Second Cousin: Kiara Ryder

House: Don’t know yet, but hoping for Gryffindor
Wand: getting one soon!
Amortentia: what’s that?
Boggart: never seen one
Patronus: can’t produce one

Personality: timid, cautious, sensitive, creative, thoughtful, has a flair for the dramatic

Likes: theater/acting, sci fi books & movies, quiet, music (he's a big fan of WerewolfSnout), playing guitar, building models

Dislikes: his appearance, quidditch (he'll only watch a match if his brother is playing), small talk, bullies, heights, crowded places, stagefright, being compared to his siblings


The youngest child of Adelon Ryder-Jones and Christopher Jones (a St. Mungo’s healer and muggle magazine editor, respectively), Heathcliff differs drastically from his siblings in looks and personality. He is the only one of the Jones children with dark hair and brown eyes - he takes after his father while his brother and sister more closely resemble their mother - and he’s much less outgoing than his older siblings. Because of this, he feels like an outsider in his own family. He has a hard time relating to his more confident siblings (and vice versa) and is often compared to them. Of his relatives, he’s closest to his dad and his older cousin Zira, who share his passion for the arts.

Heath started showing signs of magical ability at age three, much earlier than either of his siblings. This is a fact he’s rather proud of, as it’s the only time so far that he’s outshined his siblings at anything. Like all the Jones children, he attended a muggle primary school where he had trouble fitting in due to his magical abilities and shy, sensitive nature. In his early school years, he had his older sister Ariel to help him make friends and stand up for him, but when she left for Hogwarts, he was left alone and the bullying at school got worse. Hoping to boost his son’s confidence, Christopher enrolled Heath in a youth theater program, and there Heath discovered a passion for acting. So far, he’s been in a few local productions, and he hopes to one day be a professional actor.

Text Cut: Fantine (Tina) Dantes

Fantine (Tina) Dantes
Model: Michelle Branch
Post color: Medium aquamarine(#66CDAA)

Basic Info
Full Name: Fantine Sophie Dantes
Nickname: Just call her Tina!
Date of birth: 12 December 2081
Place of birth: Paris, France
Current residence: Château Croyance; Avignon, France (when not at Hogwarts)
Heritage: Halfblood
Languages: French, English
Relationship status: Not in one and not looking

Hair: dark brown
Eyes: black
Height: 5'7
Build: Gangly
Laterality: right-handed
Distinguishing features: 2 piercings on each ear

Magical Me
School: Beauxbatons Academy of Magic (2093-97); Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry(2097-)
House: Bellefeuille (2093-97); Ravenclaw (2097-)
Wand: 11 ½ in. hornbeam & dragon heartstrings, inflexible
Patronus: hasn't produced one yet
Amortentia: fresh air, violets, paint, nail polish
Boggart: a bottomless black hole (represents uncertainty)
Erised: her parents alive and happy

Guardian: Andre Evremonde & family
Father: Phillippe Dantes (deceased)
Mother: Madeline Dantes (nee Renault) (deceased)
Pet: black cat named Nemesis

Personality: INTJ-T

Tina is one angry little slice of pie! lololol Steven Universe reference! She’s been hurt a lot in her past, and she harbors resentment over it. She’s a curious,creative soul who uses her hobbies to channel her emotions, though there are still times when her temper gets the better of her. She doesn’t go looking for trouble, but she won’t put on a big fake smile and pretend to be nice to people she dislikes.Tina is 100% genuine; what you see is what you get.

Because of her past, Tina has a hard time opening up to people. She’s known to make snap judgements about others,and once she’s made up her mind about someone, she rarely changes it. She mostly keeps to herself, but when someone earns her trust, she’s loyal to the bitter end! She’s extremely protective of her friends and people/creatures who can’t defend themselves. On the flip side, if someone betrays her trust, no matter what the reason, she will never forgive or forget it!

Tina has her own code of honor. She seeks truth and justice for herself and others and tries to do what she feels is right, not what will make her popular. She generally distrusts authority figures, owing to an incident at Beauxbatons where she was wrongfully punished. She holds those in power to a high standard and will not blindly follow someone she believes to be wrong, regardless of their status

Best Qualities: practical, responsible, independent, determined, artistic, honest

Worst Qualities: standoffish, unforgiving, stubborn, worrywart, temperamental

Likes: order, routine, being right, painting, photography, writing, quidditch, flying, books of all kinds, stuffed animals, running, hiking, rock music, nail art

Dislikes: Power/popularity (and those who seek them), change, uncertainty, bullies, dishonesty, her mother, unanswered questions, conflicting information. frilly outfits, most kinds of junk food, pranks, Hogwarts, being in fear for her life

Extra Info
Motto: The only person you can count on is yourself.
Prized possession: her collection of stuffed animal
Greatest ambition: to use her talents to make the world a better place
Role Model: Leta Lestrange because she showed one can have a bad reputation and still be a good person
Never seen without: a purple butterfly somewhere on her person (e.g. hair clip, jewelry, nail art, etc.) (symbolism explained below)

Text Cut: Tina's history

Fantine Sophie Dantes was born in the wee hours of a cold December morning to Philllipe and Madeline Dantes, an Auror and a homemaker, respectively. As a toddler, she had trouble saying her name, so it was shortened to Tina and the nickname stuck. .Although her family never had much money, Tina’s early years were happy. She was a precocious child who learned to read at an early age. She had an especially close relationship with her father. Whenever he had to leave for a work assignment, he would bring her back a stuffed animal (hence her collection). But that all changed.

Shortly after Tina’s sixth birthday, her dad was killed in the line of duty. The loss of her dad meant a loss of stability, and Tina, despite being too young to fully understand what happened, had to grow up fast and take on more responsibility. She tried to help her mother around the house and make her happy again, but Mme. Dantes was ill-equipped to handle her husband’s death and a child with budding magical abilities. After the death of her mother three years later, Tina, having no other living relatives, was sent to Chateau Croyance, a home for orphaned French wizarding children run by Andre Evremonde (a former Beauxbatons professor) and his family. The loss of her parents and unstable home life instilled in Tina a deep-seated fear of uncertainty and an unwillingness to depend on others. She arrived at Chateau Croyance an angry child who lashed out at anyone who tried to get close to her, and for several months, she made little progress. The only person who could get her to open up was one of Chateau Croyance’s summer volunteers, a young Hogwarts professor named Gaston Marchand. Marchand became like a second father to her, and with his help, she began to overcome her anger issues.

Although the residents and staff of Chateau Croyance were never anything less than kind to her, Tina never felt she belonged there, so she was pleased when she was accepted to beauxbatons on her eleventh birthday. She looked forward to going to school, learning magic, and making friends. She was sorted into Bellefeuille and discovered a love for quidditch and a knack for classes involving wandwork, transfiguration and charms being among her best subjects (the latter of which she credits her success to her father figures Marchand and Evremonde, both former charms professors). She played Beater in her 2nd-4th years and hoped to one day make quidditch captain.. Although Tina never wanted popularity, her quidditch position made her feel important for the first time in her life… but all good things come to an end.

During her time at Beauxbatons, Tina met a boy named Cassius Rosier, who was two years ahead of her. Despite their different backgrounds, the pair became fast friends and were inseparable for three years. At the start of Tina’s fourth year, Cassius was made prefect, and she started to notice a change in her friend. Things came to a head at the end of the year when Tina learned of a prank Cassius and a few of the other student leaders had planned. She tried to stop them, but she was too late. The culprits ran, and Tina got blamed. She expected her friend to vouch for her, but instead Cassius claimed she was behind the prank; the others backed him up. When Tina confronted him about it, Cassius said he lied because taking the blame would hurt his chances of becoming Head Boy.Tina was stripped of her quidditch position as punishment for the prank. Having lost her friend, her good reputation, and her validation, she decided there was nothing left for her at Beauxbatons, and her father figures (one a former Beauxbatons professor, the other then deputy headmaster of Hogwarts) pulled some strings to get her transferred to Hogwarts.

It was only after the transfer was finalized that Tina learned Marchand would not be returning to Hogwarts alongside her. Between her bitterness over leaving Beauxbatons and anger over the circumstances of her father figure’s departure, she entered Hogwarts with a preconceived aversion, and her opinion of the school only grew worse with time. In her first year of Hogwarts (fifth year of school overall), she was sorted into Ravenclaw. The sorting hat almost put her in Gryffindor, but she begged it not to out of loyalty to Marchand. As another gesture of loyalty, she adopted a purple butterfly (the symbol for Papillonlisse, Marchand’s Beauxbatons house) as her personal symbol to honor her father figure.

That year, Tina tried out for quidditch but was disappointed when she only made reserve after 3 years playing at Beauxbatons. Having been warned of Hogwarts’s dangers, she spent most of the year keeping to herself and focusing on her upcoming OWL exams, and that warning (paired with her general aversion to anything out of the ordinary) saved her from turning into a mutant when dangerous pink furballs invaded the school. She was shaken to learn that Professor Dopple, who she initially disliked and regarded an unworthy successor to her father figure, had been eaten by the pink mutants, and she made a genuine effort to be kinder to Dopple’s ghost.

After a chaotic first term at Hogwarts, Tina was ambivalent about returning for her sixth year but did so to honor her father figures’ wishes that she continue her education. Her sixth year started off with several changes. She dropped a few classes from her course load and elected not to try out for quidditch to spare herself the humiliation of being relegated to reserve again, but the most discouraging change was the departure of almost all the professors she’d come to trust the previous term. The term got off to a fairly normal start, which Tina was pleased to see.As the term went on, a mysterious mist appeared on the school grounds. Although she was never caught in the mist herself, she wasn’t spared from it affecting her life. The more the mist spread, the more it infringed upon Tina’s freedom; first trapping her inside the castle, then confining her to the upper floor, and finally forcing a merge of Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. Tina became increasingly frustrated with the lack of personal space, but it was the lack of information given about the two students who’d gone missing (and about the situation in general) that caused her anger to reach a fever pitch. She ended the term even more distrustful of Hogwarts than ever, and she faced a difficult choice whether or not to return for her final year.
* What if I'm trying but then I close my eyes and then I'm right back lost in that last goodbye?*

* What if time doesn't do what it's supposed to do? What if I never get over you?*

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