Disclaimer: This information is provided as a guide so that you can further enjoy the SS School RPG. This information is subject to changes as more information about the characters is revealed in the story. Also, please remember that some of this information may not be known to your character "IC".

Welcome to the official SnitchSeeker Hogwarts, A History website. Within these pages you will find an accounting of the SnitchSeeker Hogwarts school terms. You may use the links in the left-hand margin to navigate through the various pages. Some of the information contained in these pages may be vague or incomplete as this is a work in perpetual progress. We hope to improve this site with more detailed information of the professors and plots once we’ve got the basics finished and polished up.

The timeline is meant to be used as a quick reference to the various terms and some important events in the lives of some of our professors.

Hogwarts, A History is a detailed overview of the events that occurred in each term. These pages are summaries, explanations, or news articles which explain the happenings which occurred in each of the SS Hogwarts School Terms. Some accounts may be more detailed than others. There are vague, conflicting, or confusing accounts of the first three terms so, there may be errors. If you see something that is out of place or remember something which happened in one of the first three terms (assuming there are any of you left out there), please feel free to PM Charely Potter with these accounts/details. There is no guarantee that they will be included in the history but, any help you would like to give is appreciated.

The Staff List is a list of the staff from each term, including character and usernames for each position. Again, some of this information may be incomplete.

The Current Staff section is a more detailed list of the current staff, complete with little doll figures to give you a general idea of what the characters look like, as well as some basic information about each professor or staff member.

The Former Staff section is a more detailed list of some of the previous staff characters. Not all of the previous staff has been included since not all of the previous staff had as detailed character profiles as we currently have in the school.

The Other Characters section is a list of the other characters that have popped up in the story over the various terms. Extra information may or may not be given about them.

And finally, there is a link back to the School section on SnitchSeeker.