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South Side From Gringotts Wizarding Bank to Madam Primpernelle's, there are numerous shops to visit and places to socialise.

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Old 09-23-2018, 06:00 PM
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Default Espresso Patronum

Located on the South side of Diagon Alley in London, past a number of other shops you notice a quaint building. It is a café in this fairly busy part of section. What makes this different from the other shops? Their logo for one, resembling a wispy stag that moves every now and then in the window, illuminating from a quite distance in the evenings. One can't help but chance a glance as they pass by.

Approaching the café you get a large sense of security as a warm haze falls over you upon entry. There were tables outside the place, where diners could have their meals and chat among themselves as well as indoors. Heading on the inside you are greeted with the sight of many Patronuses floating throughout the walls behind the other stag logos of the café. The flooring a pleasant velvet red, further emphasizing the pleasant warmth one would experience whether for a quick stop or a romantic scenery.

Floating around you see the wispy forms moving around the walls featuring creatures such as phoenixes, zebras, otters, horses and many other magical creatures. Perhaps your own will join the walls if you stay long enough? The tables are compact and decorated with candles that automatically light up keeping the darkness at bay. Along with additional small booths near the back for more privacy. The Menu illuminates right behind the counter as you approach to order. As soon as you sit, you can't help but feel as if you're right at home.

Text Cut: Inventory
Breakium Emendo
*items served all day
- Apple & Berry Bircher Muesli - 11 Sickles
- Cheese / Chocolate Twist - 12 Sickles
- Croissant - 13 Sickles
- Fruit Salad - 14 Sickles
- Porridge - 12 Sickles
- Yoghurt - 13 Sickles, 10 Knuts

Deluminating Delights
*side choice of chips/crisps/rice
- Bacon, Brie & Cranberry Panini - 1 Galleon, 2 Sickles
- Dragon Feast Handcrafted Panini - 1 Galleon, 2 Sickles
- Ham & Chimera Spiced Chutney Sandwich - 1 Galleon, 5 Sickles
- Pigs on Blankets Totalus Melt - 1 Galleon
- Veggie Fidelius Flatbread - 1 Galleon

Felix Felicis
*choice of cream/sugar/milk
- Cappucino - 11 Sickles
- Caramelatte - 13 Sickles
- Cortado - 12 Sickles
- Espresso - 12 Sickles
- Hot Chocolate - 10 Sickles
- Latte - 11 Sickles
- Mocha - 11 Sickles
- White Chocolate Mocha - 12 Sickles, 1 Knut

Salvio Sweets
*choice of sprinkle/syrup topping
- Lemon Posset - 13 Sickles, 9 Knuts
- Mince Pie - 16 Sickles, 5 Knuts
- Salted Caramel Cake - 14 Sickles, 6 Knuts
- Salted Caramel and Hazelnut Brownie - 14 Sickles
- Tiramisu - 15 Sickles
- Torte - 14 Sickles
This shop is NOT STAFFED and has a NPC shopkeeper.
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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

The only member of his family, included extended, was his precious peach of a daughter. Though his granddaughter did follow in her mum's footsteps as far as craftiness was concerned. Though his grandson wasn't awful either when he wanted to apply himself - he had SEEN the necklace he had performed a bit of metal charming to create for that lovely girlfriend of his.

"ONE! Oh what a glorious age. So many milestones! I hope you were able to experience one or two while spending time with him." Charles missed babies, which was likely why he made a grand spectacle out of any employee who happened to let slip in his presence that there was a pregnancy. He could argue that it was all for population purposes, but no one would ever believe that.

Taking a sip of his own coffee - MERLIN, why was it so sweet? - and then a bite of his danish, he brushed a few crumbs that had caught in his beard. "I've found that workaholics fall into one of four categories, if I may be so bold as to suggest. Motivational, Cognitive, Emotional, and Behavioral. Motivational being of the sort that work because they feel compelled to by internal pressures and do not necessarily enjoy their work. Typically...these sorts do not. Cognitive are those who find it difficult, perhaps impossible, to mentally disengage from work. Emotional, for those who experience negative feelings and thoughts when they are not working...anxieties, guilt, sadness...and Behavioral, where it is a reflex to work well beyond what any organization will expect. I feel I can safely rule three of these out easily for you, Victoria. After all, you have said it yourself that this job, the department, the work got you through many tough times." His analysis was not meant as a reprimand nor was he intending to perform some sort of grandfather lecture on his own employee, on his friend. His words were sincere and from the heart - though it was likely a bit difficult to take everything he said seriously with the bits of danish still clinging to his scruffy looking beard. "They do say that workaholism relates to feeling more guilt, anxiety, anger, and disappointment...either from the workplace itself of in private matters of the home." Which went without saying, truly. He gingerly reached across the table to rest a hand atop hers. "I am not ridiculing you for your work effort, Victoria. It is more that I worry for you, especially in light of what has happened with your family. So if a step away is what you believe is right for you, then you have my support. As your friend and as your Minister."
She sat listening to him talk and finishing up her pastry. She could fully imagine him with his family, an adoring father, and grandfather, probably singing Christmas carols and playing with the grandkids. Though if they were a bit older maybe they didn't play with him the way she was picturing, but she liked the picture and soon her mind was wandering off to the vision of Charles, the family man, at Christmas time. It was a pleasant picture playing in her head, but his voice brought her back and she sipped her coffee again.

"Oh yes, I do enjoy spending time with him. Bart and Cinna have done a great job with both children. Such loving souls to adopt. We couldn't be more blessed by the two boys." She loved her grandchildren so. "I hated leaving them to go to Brazil, but the girls needed to get away and recharge. Elisa is still blaming herself for not protecting her nephew and Alana still struggles with being a squib and this, it just sorts of got to her when he was missing and she wasn't even at the same school to help." It had always been a struggle, but Vic thought she had gotten passed some of it. She had been doing so well at her school, the swim team, even had a very sweet muggle boyfriend.

Listening to his explanation of workaholics and his analysis of her she couldn't deny that she felt she might fit about three of those if she was fully honest with herself. "With a team like mine you can't help but be proud that they can help out with so many things. I started the ministry after moving back from Australia after my first husband left me, I had nothing when I got here and had to start over. This department helped me start over, then again it showed me how great it could be when I had issues with the twins, then with my divorce and illness just a few years ago." She couldn't help but smile, this group of people that worked under her really didn't work under her, they worked beside her. She knew they could run the place without her, but she didn't want to ever think of herself not there. When his hand went to her she looked down at it as something pulled within her.

"I had from my problems with my work. It's probably part of the reason my second marriage didn't work." No, she was lying to herself, it wasn't the reason, but she felt it could be part of it, "But I would be lying to you if I would just agree that losing Tad was my reasons behind my thoughts." Her eyes went back to his hand again as she felt the words in her throat, but she wasn't sure how to bring them out. "I think if I was honest with myself I'm afraid of change more than anything and I feel a change going on that I'm not sure how to react to and I'm afraid that if I step forward with the change I'd be crossing a professional line and possibly be rejected for it." Her hand slipped from him to pick up her coffee and take a sip hoping to swallow the words with her drink.
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