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Old 07-11-2007, 09:01 AM
katiebell katiebell is offline
Post SnitchSeeker Order of the Phoenix review #2 (spoilers only if you choose them)

Sser cursedkatie and I, along with Raadhika and Diana from our partner site, drove up to the front gate of Warner Brothers film studio last week to see an advanced preview of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The guard yelled at us for blocking other cars when we stopped to take a picture of its famous water tower. Ah well, he still let us in and gave us our press passes.

After check in, our purses were searched and our bodies wanded (for hidden recording equipment). We then entered a private screening room with about 250 others, found seats in the dead center, and watched the film.

Be forewarned, THERE ARE HIDDEN SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW. If you don't want to know anything specific, don't click on the "show" buttons.

David Yates

For someone who has never directed a huge blockbuster of this type, Harry Potter newbie David Yates took this film in hand and delivered startling images and a dark nightmarish feel as he took us along with Harry on an emotional journey of self-doubt and eventual self-assurance. I have to applaud David Yates as a true “actors” director. The performances of Dan, Emma and Rupert have improved tremendously, although Dan’s, perhaps due to more screen time, was absolutely outstanding. And I’m thrilled that Yates will be returning to direct Half-Blood Prince.

The beginning

The film starts out with a very depressed Harry, dealing with nightmares over Cedric Diggory’s death, separation anxiety from his friends, taunts from Dudley – what a bully he is in this film – and then, when he loses his temper with his horrid cousin and is seemingly at his lowest point, things get worse. Two dementors
SPOILER!!: ...
which are freaking cool looking by the way with their skeletal frames wrapped in black see-through mummy-like fabric
swoop down and well, do what dementors do best.

Luna Lovegood

Everything you’ve heard about Evanna Lynch being perfect for the part of Luna Lovegood is absolutely 100 percent true. She was appropriately “dreamy” throughout the entire film – and played Luna as very wise beyond her years, albeit odd - exactly how Luna should be. Luna is instrumental in pulling Harry out of his funk. You will love her. I promise.

Severus Snape

The most interesting comment from Snape came during Occlumency lessons when
SPOILER!!: ...
Snape compares Harry to Voldemort, calling them both "children whining about their pasts."

Sirius Black

Gary Oldman is back with a vengeance as Sirius Black and put to good use this time with many intense scenes instead of his ridiculously brief cameo appearance in Goblet of Fire. Unfortunately
SPOILER!!: ...
his death scene is way too quick, leaving viewers with almost no time to feel the loss. And there was nary a veil in site – just an archway.

Dolores Umbridge

I’ll be blunt. Dolores Umbridge scared the crap out of me. The scene in her office when she caught Harry, tied him up and
SPOILER!!: ...
and slapped him hard across the face made me jump. And know this when you see it, Imelda really did slap Dan. We asked her about it at the premiere.

Bellatrix Lestrange

Bellatrix Lestrange – what a nut ... and mean. She's exactly as Jo wrote her. Well done, Helena. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Bella in the next two films.


The Thestrals were awesome, just as Jo describes them in the book. The centaurs were amazing, although their scene was way too brief. Hagrid’s giant brother Grawp was quite touching and humorous, albeit
SPOILER!!: ...
completely unnecessary to the storyline. Kreacher's two appearances aren't even worth mentioning - he was obviously an afterthought.

The kiss

The kiss between Harry and Cho was sweet. Eh, kind of schmaltzy with
SPOILER!!: ...
the mistletoe growing out of nowhere, but – hey - it is the Room of Requirement after all. The best part is actually the following scene where Harry, Ron and Hermione discuss the kiss and can’t stop laughing. It almost feels like it’s Dan, Rupert and Emma hanging out, shooting the breeze. It’s all very natural and feels real.

The possession

This scene was truly breathtaking.
SPOILER!!: ..."
Harry tells Voldemort, "You’ll never know love or friendship and I feel sorry for you." And he’s not yelling it at him, he genuinely means it. This scene came the closest to making me cry, but the audience was whisked away too quickly so, alas, no time for tears.

What I loved
SPOILER!!: ...

- Sirius sucker punching Lucius Malfoy dead in the face.
- Crookshanks attacking Fred and George’s extendable ear.
- Rock music in the Gryffindor Common Room.
- Neville’s Mimbulus Mimbletonia which moved and purred.
- Umbridge’s creepy giggling and her equally creepy mewing kitten plates.
- The sounds the Thestrals made – like whale song.
- The goat running out the back door of the Hogs Head, behind Aberforth Dumbledore.
- Harry's warning from the Ministry for his use of underage magic – it was reminiscent of a Howler.
- Umbridge’s choice of textbook for the Defense Against the Dark Arts class – you’ll see what I mean.
- The "CherriOwls" cereal boxes during breakfast in the Great Hall.

What I didn’t like
SPOILER!!: ...

- Dudley teased Harry, not the other way around.
- Mrs. Figg was way too calm about the whole Dementor attack. She didn’t look nervous or upset.
- No Mundugus Fletcher.
- No portrait of Sirius' mother, screaming or otherwise.
- The brevity of the Marauders scene
- Far too much use of "Stupefy" by the kids in the Dept. of Mysteries battle.

The ending

I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the end of the film.
SPOILER!!: ...
The scene between Dumbledore and Harry reconciling was short and about as unfilled with emotion as is possible. Harry didn’t yell or throw things … Dumbledore didn’t explain much of anything … and it was over in about six lines.
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Old 07-18-2007, 02:12 AM   #51 (permalink)
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I'll wait and cast my own opinion.
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Old 07-22-2007, 03:26 PM   #52 (permalink)
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I watched in Thursday and I must admit I was TERRIBLY DISAPPOINTED!!!

I honestly expected to love the movie.

I ended up not even liking it.

I know I am in the minority but I really thought it was terrible.

Yes, the acting was for the most part very good. How could it not be with some of the UK's best actors involved?

What really sucked for me was the SUPERSPEED pace and how little each of the truly great actors were featured. Lucius Malfoy is just EXCELLENT and was hardly in it. Remus Lupin had, what, 2 lines? Molly was fantastic! Draco was quite bad. Even Ron and Hermione were only "ok" in this - which surprised me bevause they have both improved in each film until this one.

I blame David Yates.

It depresses me that he's directing HBP. I honestly don't know if I'll even bother watching it at this point.
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