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Old 07-11-2007, 09:01 AM
katiebell katiebell is offline
Post SnitchSeeker Order of the Phoenix review #2 (spoilers only if you choose them)

Sser cursedkatie and I, along with Raadhika and Diana from our partner site, drove up to the front gate of Warner Brothers film studio last week to see an advanced preview of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The guard yelled at us for blocking other cars when we stopped to take a picture of its famous water tower. Ah well, he still let us in and gave us our press passes.

After check in, our purses were searched and our bodies wanded (for hidden recording equipment). We then entered a private screening room with about 250 others, found seats in the dead center, and watched the film.

Be forewarned, THERE ARE HIDDEN SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW. If you don't want to know anything specific, don't click on the "show" buttons.

David Yates

For someone who has never directed a huge blockbuster of this type, Harry Potter newbie David Yates took this film in hand and delivered startling images and a dark nightmarish feel as he took us along with Harry on an emotional journey of self-doubt and eventual self-assurance. I have to applaud David Yates as a true “actors” director. The performances of Dan, Emma and Rupert have improved tremendously, although Dan’s, perhaps due to more screen time, was absolutely outstanding. And I’m thrilled that Yates will be returning to direct Half-Blood Prince.

The beginning

The film starts out with a very depressed Harry, dealing with nightmares over Cedric Diggory’s death, separation anxiety from his friends, taunts from Dudley – what a bully he is in this film – and then, when he loses his temper with his horrid cousin and is seemingly at his lowest point, things get worse. Two dementors
SPOILER!!: ...
which are freaking cool looking by the way with their skeletal frames wrapped in black see-through mummy-like fabric
swoop down and well, do what dementors do best.

Luna Lovegood

Everything you’ve heard about Evanna Lynch being perfect for the part of Luna Lovegood is absolutely 100 percent true. She was appropriately “dreamy” throughout the entire film – and played Luna as very wise beyond her years, albeit odd - exactly how Luna should be. Luna is instrumental in pulling Harry out of his funk. You will love her. I promise.

Severus Snape

The most interesting comment from Snape came during Occlumency lessons when
SPOILER!!: ...
Snape compares Harry to Voldemort, calling them both "children whining about their pasts."

Sirius Black

Gary Oldman is back with a vengeance as Sirius Black and put to good use this time with many intense scenes instead of his ridiculously brief cameo appearance in Goblet of Fire. Unfortunately
SPOILER!!: ...
his death scene is way too quick, leaving viewers with almost no time to feel the loss. And there was nary a veil in site – just an archway.

Dolores Umbridge

I’ll be blunt. Dolores Umbridge scared the crap out of me. The scene in her office when she caught Harry, tied him up and
SPOILER!!: ...
and slapped him hard across the face made me jump. And know this when you see it, Imelda really did slap Dan. We asked her about it at the premiere.

Bellatrix Lestrange

Bellatrix Lestrange – what a nut ... and mean. She's exactly as Jo wrote her. Well done, Helena. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Bella in the next two films.


The Thestrals were awesome, just as Jo describes them in the book. The centaurs were amazing, although their scene was way too brief. Hagrid’s giant brother Grawp was quite touching and humorous, albeit
SPOILER!!: ...
completely unnecessary to the storyline. Kreacher's two appearances aren't even worth mentioning - he was obviously an afterthought.

The kiss

The kiss between Harry and Cho was sweet. Eh, kind of schmaltzy with
SPOILER!!: ...
the mistletoe growing out of nowhere, but – hey - it is the Room of Requirement after all. The best part is actually the following scene where Harry, Ron and Hermione discuss the kiss and can’t stop laughing. It almost feels like it’s Dan, Rupert and Emma hanging out, shooting the breeze. It’s all very natural and feels real.

The possession

This scene was truly breathtaking.
SPOILER!!: ..."
Harry tells Voldemort, "You’ll never know love or friendship and I feel sorry for you." And he’s not yelling it at him, he genuinely means it. This scene came the closest to making me cry, but the audience was whisked away too quickly so, alas, no time for tears.

What I loved
SPOILER!!: ...

- Sirius sucker punching Lucius Malfoy dead in the face.
- Crookshanks attacking Fred and George’s extendable ear.
- Rock music in the Gryffindor Common Room.
- Neville’s Mimbulus Mimbletonia which moved and purred.
- Umbridge’s creepy giggling and her equally creepy mewing kitten plates.
- The sounds the Thestrals made – like whale song.
- The goat running out the back door of the Hogs Head, behind Aberforth Dumbledore.
- Harry's warning from the Ministry for his use of underage magic – it was reminiscent of a Howler.
- Umbridge’s choice of textbook for the Defense Against the Dark Arts class – you’ll see what I mean.
- The "CherriOwls" cereal boxes during breakfast in the Great Hall.

What I didn’t like
SPOILER!!: ...

- Dudley teased Harry, not the other way around.
- Mrs. Figg was way too calm about the whole Dementor attack. She didn’t look nervous or upset.
- No Mundugus Fletcher.
- No portrait of Sirius' mother, screaming or otherwise.
- The brevity of the Marauders scene
- Far too much use of "Stupefy" by the kids in the Dept. of Mysteries battle.

The ending

I have to say I was a bit disappointed with the end of the film.
SPOILER!!: ...
The scene between Dumbledore and Harry reconciling was short and about as unfilled with emotion as is possible. Harry didn’t yell or throw things … Dumbledore didn’t explain much of anything … and it was over in about six lines.
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I'm so excited! I have to wait until Friday...but I can manage
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Old 07-11-2007, 04:41 PM   #27 (permalink)
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A few spoilers wouldn't hurt me. I get to see it tomorrow!
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Old 07-11-2007, 04:44 PM   #28 (permalink)
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COOL im gonna watch it tommorow cant watch it today man
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Old 07-11-2007, 06:37 PM   #29 (permalink)

Tom's Peagreen Cuteness
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I loved it.
The kiss scene was a tiny bit too long.
Helena as Bellatrix was amazing.
Matthew's performance of Neville was great.
Daniel has improved in his acting loads.
The chemistry between Rupert and Emma was amazing and all the references to R/Hr were great.
Also the references to Ginny's powers as to (in brief scenes) Ginny liking Harry. Just notice when you watch the film.
I love the fight between Dumbledore and Voldemort.
Loved the fighting scene.
Loved it when Bellatrix said 'I killed Sirius', Yeah I might sound mean. But the way she said it. She sounded like a nutcake. haha.
I loved Isaacs performance of Lucius once again.
Way to little Draco in my opinion. Hello, the next film he has to have lots of screentime and by the look of this, it'll be a shock for the audience.
Evanna was absolutely amazing. Luna was portrayed great. And I love how they thought about the little things, like her holding the magazine upside down and the nargels.
And little sentences like 'You're just as sane as I am' and 'Just because you have the emotional range of a teaspoon'. And parts that belonged to that.
I loved it!!
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It was just really awesome
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Old 07-11-2007, 07:48 PM   #31 (permalink)
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Arteest Extraordinaire

i thought it was great, but as you said, too brief in the parts where it counted most.
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Old 07-11-2007, 08:58 PM   #32 (permalink)
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I really enjoyed it. Helena Bonham Carter was just awesome!! I loved Staunton too, what an evil woman!!! I agree, some of our favorite characters had way too little screen time. I did notice the hints of Ginny/Harry.....did Arthur have a hair implant or something? The movie had an entirely different feel...but then so did the book, so I was delighted for the most part.
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Old 07-11-2007, 09:47 PM   #33 (permalink)
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Hogwarts RPG Name:

I saw the movie at midnight. I totally agree with the review!
OotP was great, I loved the movie! OotP is my fave HP movie now!
It's difficult to make a movie out of a book with more than 700 pages. That's why the ending is a bit short. The ending could have been better, with Harry trashing things in Dumbledore's office and so on. Alas, no anger in this scene... Maybe the only thing I didn't like about OotP. And I still miss Richard Harris as Dumbledore... But that's another issue.

I hope David Yates will return for DH after filming HBP! He's a great director and fit to direct more than 2 HP movies!
'Harry Potter forever!'
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Old 07-11-2007, 10:07 PM   #34 (permalink)
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I totally, absolutely agree with this review; I just came back from seeing it and was a bit disappointed at parts, but the film was pretty good.
On hiatus.
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Old 07-11-2007, 11:30 PM   #35 (permalink)
Je t'aime
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I think the directors all hate Quidditch. They only showed the beginning of the World Cup, and they didnt show the scene where Harry and George (I think) decked Malfoy and got banned. And they didnt have 'Weasley is our King'!! But the fireworks scene was awesome. I just wish everything could've been fit in.
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Old 07-12-2007, 01:49 AM   #36 (permalink)
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Hogwarts RPG Name:

I am completely in agreement with your assesment. I just saw the IMAX version and for the most part the special affects were awesome. However, there are so many things that seemed rushed. Your assesment of the ending was strait on and really distracted from the entire film. Still it was entertaining and I would go again but it does and never could compare to the books.
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Jellybean, David Yates has mentioned he's tired of Quidditch and may not even put it in HBP which will be stupid as a lot of the book was about quidditch.

And while yes the ending wasn't the best it was the beginning that was awful to me. All the way until the order was flying Harry to #12 was ghastly. I literly wanted to be sick with Dudley's performance. The beginning is suppose to be the best, get the audience drawn in but it just didn't do that this time.
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Originally Posted by -jellybean- View Post
I think the directors all hate Quidditch. They only showed the beginning of the World Cup, and they didnt show the scene where Harry and George (I think) decked Malfoy and got banned. And they didnt have 'Weasley is our King'!! But the fireworks scene was awesome. I just wish everything could've been fit in.

well you have to think about how difficult it must be to shoot quidditch scenes.
besides there was alot more in this movie to be squeezed in
[although i myself would not mind sitting in for a three or four hour HP movie ;3]
but the scene in the beginning when they fly to Grimmauld place was very nicely done, i thought.
although i too would have loved to see Black's mother.

ALSO i loved teenage snape.
especially sitting all emo in the corner XD
him and harry are actually very much alike at times.
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I really enjoyed this review. I feel that we both agree on a lot of the things that you loved and hated. But I would just like to add that I heard on the television that David wanted to take Kreatcher out of the film, but J.K. Rowling refused, saying that his appearance would be vital come book 7. I was just wondering what are your thoughts on this?
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Yep, I agree with pretty much everything you said. I had tears in my eyes after Sirius's death and the possession scene but Fudge's lines just made me laugh and didn't let me cry *pokes the film-makers*
As for the Cho/Harry scene.. Well... er... I didn't see it
I'm just sad that the film moved too quickly. It should have been a tiny little bit longer in my opinion but hey, we can't have everything *shruggs*
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Overall I really enjoyed the movie. But, and this is just my own personal opinion, they left out way too much stuff. Now, I know they have to leave out many things or else we'd all be sitting in the movie theatre for a few days, but they left out things of vital importance and I think that if I had never read the books it wouldn't have made that much sense to me. Just my point of view. However, I did love the movie! Bellatrix...she's awsome!! All of them are awsome!! But poor poor Sirius
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Great job!! Cool, pic and scan of watertower and pass... haha nice.

I agree, the dementors were really cool!!! Altho I felt the alleyway was the weirdest one I'd ever seen...

I didn't hear the Snape comment... I need to watch the movie again

Yes I agree, Sirius' death scene was not very good at all.
SPOILER!!: Because...
The curtain did not exist, the "veil" was more like a mass of moving blob, and he just sort of became one with the wall and faded away, NOT a proper death for Sirius. If, indeed, he was killed by the Avada Kedavra curse as you are told in the movie, then why did he not react to it as Cedric had? Cedric flew back and landed surprised, Sirius stood there, and just fell backwards slowly, disappearing out of sight.
The Lupin/Harry scene just after this made me laugh, because of who I was watching the movie with. She's horrible like that.

Grawp WAS necessary to the story line: because if he wasn't there, then you wouldn't understand what Harry and Hermione were leading Umbridge too when the centaur scene started.

The kiss, umm.. yeah, mistletoe coming from nowhere... the feeling that they both really liked each other wasn't really there. I thought the kiss was weird
SPOILER!!: considering
that moments before they had been talking about Cedric's death, that "Cedric was good, but... Voldemort was better" and then they kiss, with a moving picture of Cho's dead-ex-boyfriend behind them.
That whole thing just made me think it was too weird.

The possession scene was funny with who I was sitting with. My friend Emma looked over and whispered, "Harry's really good at writhing" and I couldn't stop laughing. That made others in the theater turn around and look at me like I was a freak... haha.

Loved: Sirius punching Lucius, those kitten plates creeped me out too... haha yeah, the textboks... I didn't notice the CherriOwls tho... haha. And Hermione's "Just because you have the emotional range of a teaspoon," comment to Ron.

I also didn't like: Mrs. Figg, she didn't act at all like she should have in the book, no portrait of Sirius' mommy, yes the Marauders penseive scene was far too quick as well. It's like the spell they were best at was Stupefy, which doesn't do a whole lot of good against Death Eaters. and I HATED how they left out everything Quidditch yet again.

Yes, the ending was... not very good, really, and I was looking forward to Harry trashing Dubmbledore's office, he didn't even seem sad about Sirius, either. Not really.

The 3 scenes I had most been looking forward to:
Sirius' death scene.
Umbridge getting carried off by Centaurs.
Twins' escape.

The 3 scenes I was most disappointed in:
Sirius' death scene.
The ending in Dumbledore's office.
The Marauders' scene.
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awesome reaview!!
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i am sure it is a gr8 movie in all and i look forward to seeing it, there is some of the best actors playing roles in this movie i will have nothing to complain aboutxxxx
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kewl review i loved the movie!!
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Best movie so far.............I loved it.........But I was disappointed that Rupert didnt have much scenes...........
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This movie was great! I really enjoyed it.

I just wish Remus was in it more.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:

I saw it at a staff showing three days before it was released in the UK. I don't really like the films, but they got a lot of stuff right. Upon first seeing the actress for Luna I was a bit disapointed in apperance, because it wasn't how I imagined her looking, but you have to expect that, but she did an awesome job in personality and Umbridge was really well played too =D
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Thumbs up

Well, I just loved the movie.

We just got home from seeing it again. I can't remember another movie I've EVER seen twice at the movies. This one was really worth it.

It's so fantastic to think that the director stuck to the book quite well (better than the last two, I thought).

I thought it was too short (but then I could watch a 7 HOUR movie of HP, quite happily... So that's no real surprise), but I thought it really left out a lot of scenes I'd been hanging out for.

Overall it's bloody brilliant. No doubt it's my favourite HP Movie so far. Absolutely wonderful.

When's the next one? hehe

Here's my breakdown:
(I'm sure I'll think of more but this is it for now)

The things it left out are:
SPOILER!!: left out:

Marietta is missing entirely, I was looking forward to the 'snitch' boils!
There was no mention AT ALL of the mysterious locket.
There was not enough done inside Grimmauld place. I wanted to see Mrs Black's painting yelling!
They didn't go through the room of time, I was really hanging out to see the ever-hatching bird!!!
There was no Rita Skeeter, or no Quibbler interview! Also no Valentines day outing for Harry and Cho. But mainly the quibbler interview, I thought this was a big one to leave out.
No visit to St Mungos. I was looking forward to that. Also, that means no visit to Lockhart (no great loss), but, it left out the trio seeing Bode being delivered the plant of doom, and missed out on meeting Neville's parents.
But, worst of all, they left out THE SWAMP! No Weasley Swamp. I was SO looking forward to that

The things I thought were odd were:
SPOILER!!: odd bods:

Filch removing the paintings, where did that come from, and what did it achieve?
No Firenze. Trelawney was sacked, but not replaced! how odd.

Things I thought shouldn't have been done:
SPOILER!!: eeek!:

Cho taking the fall for dobbing the DA in (even if it later turned out it was done under veritaserum).

The things I wish were different are:
SPOILER!!: different:

The veil room *should* look like an amphitheatre, with seating around the edges and the archway on a platform. Not like a cave with rocks, all dark and scary.
There was nowhere near enough of Kreacher. And Buckbeak was missing (although this didn't make any difference to the story, I just think he's really cool!)
The Centaurs didn't talk enough (or at all, I don't think). They need to have had a go at Umbridge for calling them half-breeds.
There was no discussion of the "Dumbledore's Army" name, and how it came about. It just appeared on the parchment...

Did you notice:
SPOILER!!: notice:

The "M" logo for the Ministry of magic is the exact same lettering as the "W" logo for the Weasley twins' business? Only upside down!!! Really making the statement that they're the opposition to the ministry!

What I didn't like:
SPOILER!!: yuk:

Not much, actually. DEFINATELY not enough of Ginny. Her scenes were ridiculously lacking. Ditto Lupin.
Dudley's speech. What's the story with that? He's 'unattractive' enough without help! Dudley's supposed to be a big meanie, a little on the dull side, but this just made him look like he needed to be institutionalised!
Also, Uncle Vernon looked ill. I know he's a big guy, and hey, I used to weigh more than he does (not anymore thank goodness) but, he really, seriously, looked ill.

The Sexy Beasties award goes to:
SPOILER!!: woo hoo!:

Definately Sirius and Remus.
Sirius is looking just totally sexy in this movie. Love the scene at Xmas in the kitchen at Grimmauld Place. Gosh he looks gorgeous standing in the doorway.
Remus has put on some weight and it looks great on him.
Tonks was gorgeous. Just how I imagined her. Very nice.
Oh, and, all of the trio are looking great, although, being not much older than my kids, I'll refrain from comment or adding them to the 'sexy' list.

The best bits were:
SPOILER!!: Best bits:

Harry and Sirius fighting alongside each other. A bit moving when Sirius called Harry "James" just before he died... (It was mumbled, did you hear it?)
The end scene fight between Dumbledore and Voldemort. The Glass shatterring into DD's Patronus was amazing.
Oh, and, when Dumbledore disappeared with Fawkes after the DA was discovered, that was sooooo cool!

That's it. Hope someone liked my roundup!

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I'm so proud of myself for not clicking the spoilers!! I think Luna will be the best character in OoTP. Yey for Sirius!! I really can't wait to watch the movie and see Grawp and the centaurs!
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