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Old 07-16-2005, 01:35 PM
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Post More Fan Reviews for Harry Potter 6 (minor spoilers)

In response to our contest, we have received 6 reviews before the 2pm GMT deadline (10 minutes ago).

Kurisuchiina was the first (and wins an SS tee-shirt!). You can read her review here. She also wrote a very intertaining story about her experience getting the book (including pics and video clips)!

The next 5 winners will all win special forum tags and titles as well as recognition that they are the official SS speed-readers!

Congratulations to...

~Ashlie * L'Homme~
Baby Norbert

Now on to the reviews!!

Originally Posted by Ashlie*L'Homme
Im not sure that a Review could properly suffice the newest installment of Harry Potter. So long we’ve all waited for the Half-Blood Prince, to learn of his identity. For a year now, we’ve all been waiting to see what ships come out, to see more maturity, to see the war, to learn the truths. JK sure doesn’t cut anyone short in the newest book.

There was something quite awe filling about taking the book out of its bag and glancing over its cover. Already we see something ominous to come, with the Dark Mark shining in the stars of the back cover in the US Edition. We can already predict at least one death, with the book being the sixth and the beginning of the War.

The first few chapters are as suspenseful as the wait for the book. I remember sitting here and just waiting, just waiting until I could get further, wanting already to be at the middle and then to the end. We find ourselves in a world where Darkness has taken its toll. The war waging means that its more difficult to trust and harder to be trusted.

I was quite thankful that the Harry I discovered was not the one I left off with. I had a fear of an angsty, moody, snappy boy, wallowing in the loss of his Godfather. Instead, I see a boy that seems to have grown up in the last few weeks, taken a look at himself. At sixteen years of age, Harry has most definetly been changing from the shy, awkward boy we first met.

I couldn’t help but squeal throughout the book. For those who have been waiting to see romance get involved, you have yourself a nice order. There are moments that you wish to squeal with joy, and then times where you feel that you need to strangle someone. It is just like watching your best friend go through their first dates, and you find yourself sharing some of the emotions of these characters. A talent of which JK should most definetly be proud of.

It was lovely to find so much information though. Where the Order of the Phoenix built up to this, the Half-Blood Prince has most definetly done us justice. We look at more characters than just Harry, we travel to places JK hasn’t yet taken us. We examine people and meet ones that we’ve not yet heard of. The world around Harry is building out around just Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and its lovely to meet such new characters as well as mention of old.

I just love though, that JK manages a darkness in her books while still humoring us on the sides. Where the Socerer’s Stone was a quaint children’s book, setting up for this very book, the OotP has definetly done its justice. I found that I couldn’t even set down the book, let alone stay on one page. It’s definetly been worth the wait, and JK has once again out done herself.
Originally Posted by HBPFan2011
After reading this chapter in the Harry Potter series, I felt that I could tell what things from the other books played a major part, and what parts were juss there for that book.

As you may know, someone very important dies in this book, but you'll have to read the book to find out who it. We also find out that someone is actually a traitor to the wizarding world, someone you might not of expected. Harry also finds that someone who was important to him in the last 3 books (3-5) leaves him a lot of things, including, a building *hint-hint*.

Some of the rumors were indeed true, but I am not going to say which ones. There are some romances going on in this book. Someone from one of the previous book is engaged. Some very "unexpected" romances happen, but I shall not say any more.

It took me about 3 hours to read this book, I went back over it a few times so I was sure about what I was talking about in this review.

Every now and then people downstairs would hear me scream "NO WAY THAT HAPPENED!" and occasionally a normal scream in which my dad almost called the cops because he was so scared.

We also hear more from Fred and George and about their shop in Diagon Alley, which you should know about if you read the last book.

Some one becomes poisoned, someone is the new Quidditch Captain for a certain team, Lockhart is mentioned at least once *hint hint* and I would just like to say one more thing He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named makes an appearance as Tom Riddle again.
Originally Posted by Baby Norbert
Once I had started reading I couldn’t put the book down, and I (several times) cured my bladder as it prevented me from reading.

As we were told we do not see or hear much of the Dursleys. Yet again Hogwarts has got a new teacher, but he does not teach (as I thought) ‘defence against the dark arts’. The new teacher seems to take an interest in Harry or as he’s now called ‘the chosen one’ (the daily prophet). Ron and Hermione are still bickering as usual but after a while it gets old and you cannot help but think get over it!

Harry has some interesting lesson and he seems to have matured over the summer. But that does not mean that he can keep his curiosity to himself and he starts to obsess over Draco Malfoy’s behaviour, which is as disturbing as before, but Harry is more determent than ever to find out what he is up to.
And through out the book or until the ending I was going crazy as I could not seem to figure out who was the half-blood prince and all of the ideas I’ve previously had was completely wrong and I was shocked when I found out and a bit disappointed that I haven’t even though of it.

And yes ah romance… there is a bit more in this one I do not think it was to much, it felt natural as Harry is 16 years old now there is bound to be more romance than when he was 11.
I couldn’t believe the ending; I had not expected that even though others might have. I haven’t ever cried as much over a book in my life and I do have a knack for crying when I read. I’m glad I was reading in the middle of the night because it would be embarrassing if someone heard, my eyes were really puffy… the looked huge and I had big red spots on my cheeks and my books has been stained with tears (I really hope it wont ruin it!).

From the beginning the tone is darker, not like the graveyard scene or in the department of mysteries but the way death is described in an almost casual way. I would not call HBP a children’s book at all, but I’ve been against the labelling of Harry Potter as (only) children’s books for a very long time.
And as I read I could not help but anticipate and dread the climax at the same time. I did not want the book to end but my fingers were itching for answers. I did get answers, but also several new questions (no big surprise there) and I wonder if I can get all the answers form the last book… but I hope I will (dear god please!!!). Like when I read all the past books I had no idea what was coming and am now desperate to find clues hidden… and I am planning on reading the book again (and all six of them… I need to figure some things out)… I may not start today, as I haven’t slept for nearly 16 hours. So I should probably get some sleep… but I’m wide-awake trying to put the last pieces of this puzzle together!

By: Baby Norbert
Originally Posted by Leeana
First of… WOAH! This book truly out did itself. It was so worth the wait. I have found this book to be the best and most well written of all of the Harry Potter series so far… The fact that there were twists and connections were a fabulous embellishment to the story, and the character developments were nothing short of impressive.

From the beginning of the story we find that a lot of theories and such that everyone was holding out on were either squashed or confirmed, the brilliant part though is that these were added to with developments that were neither expected nor unwelcome, no matter how great or distressing. Because of this the book became such a page turner that you simply have to know what happens next, who else has gone missing, been arrested or murdered.

Yup, that’s right…. With Lord Voldemort out in the open again due to the ending of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix the Ministry of Magic have taken on some responsibility and alerted the wizarding world of what to do, but they need not have been told this due to all of the dark marks and such floating around, leaving this book with the highest death rate thus far.

Despite being so grim with all of the deaths, JK Rowling was really impressive as I was in stitches in a lot of the book, with many humorous circumstances, revolving around the 3 main characters and the Order of the Phoenix.

I found this book to be much more of a page turner than its predecessor as the characters have matured, and the story line moves along a lot smoothly and isn’t so long winded. The characters’ stories despite being separate were pulled in together really well to complement each other. The identity of the Half Blood Prince remained a mystery all the way along the story, as did the death of a main character.

I found that there were many surprises along the way, and prepare for tears… keep those tissues at the ready…. That’s right, I think even the guys out there will get a bit teary…

However, I do believe that this book was fantastic, and one of the best I have read in awhile. You would do well to read it, you wont be disappointed.
Thank you to you all!

Your prizes will be arranged shortly.
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well done to all six of you! i just finished teh book right there, ansd i suffer from back and neck strain now ha ha!

your reviews were great well done again
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^I agree,This book was absoulty amaing and I can belive how good it was,How could she though????

I started the book at half 12 on friday nite and I finished the book bought 20 mins ago and it took me about 15-20 hours to read.

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Old 07-17-2005, 03:26 PM   #28 (permalink)
Posts: n/a

Great Reviews! I just finished the book for the second time (I read it through overnight and then thought I may have missed some things) and all I can say is OMG!
I can't believe _____ died and _______ did it. I don't think that the whole situation is as black and white and Harry thinks. Don't you think the whole conversation before it happened was alittle out of character? Since when would _____ beg?
I can't wait for 7!!!

btw did anyone else get the Harry Potter Scene It game? They were selling it at the midnight party but I didn't think it released for a few more weeks. It has some nice GOF pics.
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i only have one word to say about this book- wow.
I was so surprised, and i couldnt stop crying through the last 4 or so chapters it was just so sad. *tear*

** I don't want these feelings, but I can't help what's in my heart **
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Old 07-19-2005, 07:28 PM   #30 (permalink)
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This is the best book so far but I dont like the romance seens which JK has put many times into this book. The ending............sighs yet again
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Old 08-03-2006, 12:31 AM   #31 (permalink)
Aurora Filine
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I read HBP a while ago and I seriously loved it soo much that I read it 3 more times. And even though I knew what was going to happen it still managed to surprise me somehow. I still can't believe who betrayed who and who the killer was. Well, actually, I thought all along that the person who killed ---- was who they were. If you read the other books carefully, they give hints as to who might be the killer. I cannot wait till the 7th book comes out. Apparently it's supposed to come out on July 7th 2007. Cause of J.K.'s whole 7 thing. I really do hope that she write's a 2nd series to it, cause these are really good books. I love them!
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wicked i like their revieiws
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Old 09-01-2010, 07:53 AM   #33 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Dumbledore View Post
In response to our contest, we have received 6 reviews before the 2pm GMT deadline (10 minutes ago).

Kurisuchiina was the first (and wins an SS tee-shirt!). You can read her review here. She also wrote a very intertaining story about her experience getting the book (including pics and video clips)!

The next 5 winners will all win special forum tags and titles as well as recognition that they are the official SS speed-readers!

Congratulations to...


Such a very amazing link!
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