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Potions Learn how to "bottle fame, brew glory, and put a stopper in death..."

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Old 06-11-2019, 11:40 PM
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Default Potions Lesson 1

It had turned snowy outside, and the walk along the potions corridor to the first class after Christmas was a little nippy. Inside the classroom it was a tad warmer, Noble having already lit his burner at the front of the class to try and take the chilly edge off the room. Thankfully today's class was a practical one, as evidenced by the trays of ingredients on the side bench, and the room would soon warm up once they started the brewing proper.

Noble lent against the front of his desk, sipping a strong, dark coffee from the new travel mug his daughter had gifted him for Christmas. His gaze moved to the door and the students entering. "Hurry up and come in...let's try keep some of the heat in the room, shall we?" Any other day he would have them turn on their burners early whilst they were covering the theory, but that hardly seemed a wise idea with the initial experiment they'd be performing today.

Lesson progression:
Greetings and first question
Replies and second question
Replies and trying to brew with impaired sight
Moving on to brewing the Oculus potion
Brewing step 2
Brewing step 3
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Avalon's furrowed her brow at Professor Noble's tone as he responded to her question. She didn't think it was too odd of a question to ask. She recalled that several potions could be salvaged if you made a mistake. And goodness, she had just stirred the wrong way one time. Why did it matter which direction she stirred, anyway? It's not like she added an extra teaspoon of an ingredient or set her cauldron on fire. But alas, she didn't want to cause a scene, so she nodded politely. "Thank you," she said as he vanished her cauldron.

She suppressed a sigh as she measured out another cup of murtlap essence and brought it to a simmer. Taking extra care to measure her gingko and eyebright precisely, she peered at the board, which now showed all the directions. After stirring clockwise twice (she would not mess this up again), Avalon watched her cauldron and her wristwatch like a hawk for the next five minutes. Thankfully, her potion turned a beautiful lavender color.

It still seemed a bit weird to add a cucumber to an eyesight potion. However, she had often heard of Muggles placing cucumbers on their eyes when they wanted to relax, so perhaps there was some sort of relationship there. The liquid in the cauldron darkened into a royal purple hue. Moving right along! She took her moly flower, which she had placed at the corner of her workstation in the mean time, and dropped it gingerly into the brew. Then, it was back to the wristwatch to time the simmering. At exactly three minutes and thirty seconds, she flipped off her burner. And now to wait again, she thought to herself as she dipped her thermometer into the cauldron.
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Daisy carefully listened to Professor Noble's instructions and waited to continue her potion making. Within moments, the timer sounded to notify that the five minutes had elapsed.

Daisy looked at her potion which was a nice shade of lavender and added her grated cucumber. After cleaning her stirring rod, Daisy stirred the potion twice in an anti-clockwise direction which resulted in the potion turning royal purple in colour. She then cleaned her stirring rod.

Carefully grabbing her moly flower, Daisy dropped it in the centre of her cauldron before she set her time for three and a half minutes so her potion could simmer. Once the timer went off, Daisy turned off the burner.

She then cleaned her thermometer and placed it in the cauldron and waited for it to register 24°C. Once the right temperature had been reached, Daisy removed the thermometer and magically cleaned it. She then added the 5ml of moondew sap and used her stirring rod to stir the potion in a figure eight motion.

As Daisy let the potion cool, she cleaned any equipment that she had finished using and wrote the potion recipe in her notebook. As her potion began to cool down, the shade was fading to a sort of lilac colour.

Originally Posted by Potions Notebook

Oculus Potion

Restores the drinker's eyesight. Counters the conjunctivitis curse.
Administer directly into the eye with a dropper tool if possible.

This potion does not heal eyesight beyond that which you normally have - there's another recently developed potion for that.

1 cup murtlap essence
5g dried ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba)
5g dried eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis)
50g grated cucumber
1 moly flower
5ml moondew sap


1. Bring the murtlap essence to a low simmer, and sprinkle in the ginkgo and eyebright. Stir twice clockwise and leave to simmer for five minutes. Meanwhile, grate the cucumber.
2. Once the potion has turned pale lavender, add the cucumber. Stir twice anti-clockwise. The potion should turn a royal purple.
3. Drop the moly flower in the centre of the cauldron. Simmer for exactly three and a half minutes before turning off the heat.
4. Once the temperature has dropped to 24°C, stir in the moondew sap with a figure of eight motion. Leave to fully cool before using, by which time the purple should have faded to lilac.
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Tina thought she had done alright with the simple potion, especially considering the fact that she was working blind, but when she removed her goggles, she saw her potion was bright orange instead of the periwinkle blue Noble said it should be. Wait, what? How in Merlin's socks had that happened? Without her sight, the measurements were bound to be inexact, but surely having slightly wrong amounts of the right ingredients wouldn't cause that drastic a difference in color, right? Then she found the problem… fish eyes. She'd been so preoccupied that she misremembered the directions and added fish eyes instead of beetle eyes. Ugh! How could she be so stupid?! She hadn't added the wrong ingredients to a potion since she was a second year back at Beauxbatons.

Tina was so frustrated, she wanted to scream! She angrily vanished the evidence of her failure from her mortar and pestle, then gave them, her spoon, *and the rest of her station a thorough cleaning. Could she please just forget about this lesson and go back to her dorm? Or maybe to the art room or quidditch pitch to blow off steam? She'd lost all interest in attempting the oculus potion. Knowing her, she'd probably find a way to mess that up too! But she knew she could expect a reprimand from Noble if she didn't at least try, and in her current mood, she was liable to go off if that happened.

This time, Tina was determined not to make any more embarrassing mistakes! She paid careful attention to Noble's demonstration, jotting down the directions in her notes and cross referencing with her textbook to make sure she had it 100% correct. She measured out one cup of murtlap essence, double checking her measuring cup to make sure the liquid stopped exactly at the 1 cup line. After adding the murtlap to her cauldron, she lit the burner with a quick incendio, taking a moment to calm herself before casting so her anger wouldn't turn what was supposed to be a low simmer into a raging inferno. She peeked into her cauldron and, satisfied that it was beginning to simmer as it should, went to the side bench for ginko and eyebright.

Tina measured exactly 5 grams each of ginko and eyebright. weighting them twice to make absolutely sure she had the correct amounts. Once she got back to her station, she checked her potion again. It had arrived at a low simmer; now it was time to add the ginko and eyebright. She carefully sprinkled the ingredients then stirred clockwise once… and twice. So far, so good. When she'd finished stirring, she picked up her timer and set it for exactly five minutes.

Now it was back to the side bench for cucumber. Tina alternated grating and weighing the cucumber until she had precisely 50 grams. Setting the cucumber aside for now, she removed a moly flower from her potion kit, taking extra care not to jostle the delicate petals. Before long, the timer dinged, and Tina inspected the contents of her cauldron. The potion was definitely pale lavender, but she was a little worried it might be too pale or not pale enough. She was pleased to see that after she added her cucumber and gave two anticlockwise stirs, her potion turned the same shade of royal purple that Professor Noble's had in the demonstration.

Tina eyed her cauldron to find the exact center spot to drop her moly flower. Once the flower was added, she set her timer again for three and a half minutes. When the timer went off again, she extinguished the burner and gently stuck her thermometer in the cauldron, never once taking her eyes off it as she watched the temperature drop. 27, 26, 25… finally, 24 degrees exactly! Tina measured out 5 ml of moon dew sap and added it to the potion, stirring it in with a figure 8 motion. As her potion cooled, she watched it gradually change from its purple shade to lilac and awaited further instructions.
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