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Old 12-06-2008, 10:59 PM
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quill Daily Prophet Filing Cabinet

This is where you can find the biographies of the IC Daily Prophet Staff.

Daily Prophet Admin

  • Ian Hoshino (Ama)
Managing Editor:
  • Sienna Itannia Knoll (Lockhartian)

Daily Prophet Staff

News Section
  • News section editor: S. Pepper Xiao (Antarctica!)
    • Emma-Louise Flamel (Harron Peasley)
    • (AmbiguouslyMe)
    • James Lucas Parker (Alexa Black)
    • Egypt Greenwood (Tomasina_Riddle)
    • Slytherin Fox (OOC)

Lifestyle Section
  • Lifestyle section editor: Jane Holland (Celandine)
    • Grace Hunter Bones (Cassirin)
    • Olliver Stratton (Hermione_Loves_Ron)
    • Calendula Dubuoi (Nymphadora_Moody)

Sports Section
  • Sports section editor: Daphne Jones (LeapFrog)
    • Lyric Damaris Brantt (Kaos.Doodles)
    • Caelan Lee (Ameh)
    • Coco Bell (Crayola)

Layout Editors
  • Layout section editor: Nathaniel Greenwood (noodles)
    • Tristan Aneirin Carwyn (Luna Laufghudd)
    • Loreali McCurry (Si)
    • (Yusrieee)
    • Iridesca D'Ann McMillan (LezleighD)

  • Advertising Section Editor: Ian Hoshino (Ama)
    • Sienna Itannia Knoll (Lockhartian)
    • Arjuna Dilini Fonseka (Obi-Wan K'Lari)
    • (cedricdiggory)
    • (Nymphadoraliz)
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Posts: 65,743

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Tahir Kovac Khatri
First Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Payton J. McNiven
Ama!Nabs IS NAMED MINHO & Is SO Black Panther Right Now

Ian Hoshino
Advertising Section Editor / Editor - in - Chief
Daily Prophet

Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 6'1"

Background: Ian Hoshino is the only son in Wizarding Technology Mogul Kiri Hoshino and French-Spanish Witch Socialite, Erica Leveque's now defunct marriage. Showered with attention to the point of symbolically drowning in it, Ian developed a superiority complex harmoniously balanced with a dry wit with a side of arrogant sneers. Ian keeps his cousins and younger relatives at a distance, not willing to be associated with the likes of them.

Hoshino attended Beauxbatons, diligently abiding with his mother's wishes despite his dislike for the school's teaching methods and bouillabaisse. A loner by choice, Ian devoted his free time to usually bypassed subjects such as History of Magic, Potions, Arithmancy, Ancient Runes and even including Muggle Studies. In his fifth year at Beauxbatons he was named Préfet for his unbending nature.

Graduating from Beauxbatons, Ian took a year off to travel the world, his camera as his only companion. He visited the Angel Falls in Venezuela, Madagascar, Philippines, Taiwan, Portugal and Germany. Tired of traveling (and his Father's pathetic pleas), he returned home where he worked several years under his father in the Department of Experimental Technology, creating new prototypes for the company.

Amongst his creations is the popular Super-massive Wallet, which, contrary to his name is actually quite average in size, at least upon appearance. The wallet is charmed with a space distortion spell that allows the owner to stow away large items in a dimensional pocket for later use and retrieval.

This nifty gadget is very popular amongst those Wizarding pack rats.

Yet, the work soon became boring and Ian Hoshino found himself looking for a way out of the hole he had found himself in. Finding inspiration in the newly staffed Director of the Daily Prophet, he bid his trinkets and father goodbye in place for his camera. Getting an interview was easy, landing the job was another.

Hoshino had developed a notorious reputation of being an arrogant, insensitive leader while he worked for his father. His disgruntled employees (who often left running and in tears) had spread the news of their mistreatment far and wide and the Daily Prophet was doubtful over the correct decision. With a few well placed grins (and threats), Ian was begrudgingly shoved in the slot of a Photojournalist.

Currently Ian is content with capturing the worst side of the Politicians and remarking about his coworkers incompetence.

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Location: *hiss*
Posts: 12,142

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Tabitha Broadmoor
Sixth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Samson T. Blake
Magical Games & Sports

Ministry RPG Name:
Józsua Istvan
Magical Creatures
Yeahhh, Mr White! Yeah science!

Nathaniel (Nathan) Greenwood

Daily Prophet Position: Layout Editor
Age and Date of Birth: 29 / July 21st
Star sign: Cancer
Nationality: Scottish
Heritage: Pureblood
School Attended & House: Durmstrang / Drachen (Equivalent of Gryffindor)
Strongest Subject: Care of Magical Creatures
Weakest Subject: Arithmancy
Patronus: Wolf
Wand: Oak, unicorn tail-hair, 11 1/3 inches

Nathan was born and raised in a wizarding village just outside of Edinburgh, Scotland. His mother and father are both of Scottish ancestry. He is the eldest of five children having four brothers and one sister.

Nathan was brought up with traditional pureblood values. When he turned fourteen he took it upon himself to find out the truth and visited the muggle world whenever he got the opportunity to do so. He soon came to realise that he was more at ease there and among it's people. He made up his mind that when he was old enough he was going to live there permanently.

At the age of only seventeen years his mother was killed, hit by a muggle car whilst on her lunch break from the Ministry of Magic. She was pronounced dead at the scene. It broke Nathan's heart – his mother had been the only family member, aside from his sister, he could truly relate to. She was a kind and sensitive, beautiful individual. She always managed to keep his father grounded. After her death Emmanuel (Nathan's father) lost it completely, seeking revenge on the muggle who had caused her death and almost killing him. Emmanuel was sentenced to five years in Azkaban. He was released after serving just two years.

During Emmanuel's time in prison, Nathan was left with the responsibility of looking after his siblings. As soon as his father was home, he left, with the clothes on his back and a glint in his eye, choosing rather to sleep rough on the streets of London than stay with his bully of a father any longer.

He eventually managed to pull himself up out of the gutter, getting casual work in bars and saving as much as he could. He used what little money he made to go travelling. He spent two whole wonderful years travelling the globe, spending time in both the magical and muggle worlds, working in menial jobs along the way to fund himself. When he got to Romania, he spent ‘some of the best days of his life’ doing voluntary work with his best mate in the Dragon Reserve there.

After two years, he returned home, getting his lucky break in the Ministry of Magic MLES Department. The job was a godsend and Nathan lived comfortably on his small salary in a rather rough area of muggle London. It was on just his first day at the Ministry that he met the love of his life and future bride to be, Egypt Riddle.

He spent ten years in the MLES before applying for a job at the Daily Prophet as Layout Editor, a job which was much more suited to his skills and personality than that of crime fighting.

Nathan had the ability to do well at school but tended to be lazy in subject areas which were of little interest to him, or he felt were pointless. He failed Astronomy, Arithmancy and Divination abysmally. His report card often carried the words ‘Could. Do. Better’. He excelled, however, in Charms, Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures. All other grades were average or below.

Nathan is a quietly spoken man with a soft Edinburgh accent. Down to earth, humorous, independent, loves to meet new people. Social and communicative - is extremely comfortable in his own skin, but lacks confidence when it comes to his abilities. Somewhat cultured due to his travelling. Slightly paranoid – Spends far too much of his time worrying when he should be getting on with the job in hand.

He is a gentle man and would not resort to using offensive spells unless absolutely necessary. Enjoys socialising in the Leaky Cauldron in his spare time and has aspirations of opening his own pub on Diagon Alley upon retirement.



Despite not looking after himself, Nathan's skin is enviously flawless, aside from a scar on his chin from a incident involving a dragon. His features are fantastic, but viewed individually, they aren’t that attractive; his nose is oddly shaped; his lips are too womanly; the permanent dark circles under his eyes sort of spoil the pretty boy look - always looks as if he's been on the firewhiskey non-stop for three days and is about to pass out on the spot. Yet put it together and it’s all rather appealing!
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Hair colour: Dark Brown almost black
  • Eye colour: Emerald Green
  • Complexion: Fair

His wife
His children
Muggle movies
His hair
Muggle London
His piano

Pureblood mania
His father
Ghanaian cuisine
Oompa Loompas (eeek!)

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Special Services to the School
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Maya 'Fiera' Saylen
♪ Golden Badger ♥ clawdia & taylour ♥ Huffie Cappytain ♫

Awesomeness graphic by noodles aka Katie!

Layout Editor

Name: Tristan Aneirin Carwyn
Age: 24
D.O.B: 23rd September
Hair: Dark brown, almost black Dark Blonde. Full and wavy.
Eyes: Sky Blue
Height: 6'1" (OR 185 cm hehe)
Heritage: Half-and-half

Tristan is a very laid back but highly ambitious guy. He was a Prefect and later Head Boy in his Hogwarts days but that didn't stop him from pulling a few pranks with his friends. Although he's always lending a helping hand to those who need it, he is no pushover and will let you know when his line has been crossed. Confrontation is something he will avoid, but he wont keep his mouth shut if he feels there's something to be said.
As a Libra he is fair and easy going. His friends are very important to him and holds them close to his heart. You confide something to him and he will most certainly not spread it around.
Tristan's creativity got him to apply for a job at the Daily Prophet when he was younger. Surprised that he had been accepted as a Layout Editor, travelling was put on hold as he prepared to enter this new enviroment. He enjoys working on his own, but he co-operates well with others aswell.

Tristan is not overly preoccupied by his looks but he cleans up nicely.

Tristan was born in Dublin and raised, by his rather depressed and absent Brazilian mother. This made his grandparents take over most of his upbringing. Having a very good relationship with them, Tristan was especially close to his grandfather, Aneirin Oscar Carwyn, whom was like a father figure to him. There's no room in Tristans thoughts for his father anymore, since he left when Tristan was very little.
His motto is that it's a waste of time missing something you never had.
When his grandparents died the year after his Hogwarts graduation, Tristan was left a very large sum of money by his grandfather. This was left to him only if he would spend it in whatever he wanted or needed. Being the logical man that he is, the inheritance is safely stored at Gringotts.

However, the money came to good use when he spent several years travelling around the world, escaping, you could say, the little world he lived in, exploring and also learning alot. Being able to communicate without barriers is a wonderful thing to him, which is why he took time to learn several languages during his journeys.

Cute girls
Sweet things ; )

Lies and liars
Stupid people
When things go wrong
Thinking about the past
Being still for far too long
The nervous way he gets when talking to women
The dorky way he gets when talking to women
The stupidity that comes out of his mouth when talking to women

  • Has got a scar on his left cheek...from? It's a mystery. ; )
  • Does not like flying. Therefor he doesn't care much for Quidditch.
  • Is an outdoorsy person (He go, make fire, yes.)
  • Uses eyeglasses when reading
  • Has a pet Owl named Shanti
  • Makes sure to toast his granfather with FireWhisky whenever he has the opportunity to
  • Does not like FireWhisky or any alcoholic beverage. Besides Butterbeer...
  • Feels very lucky to have a good friend in his colleague and fellow Layout editor Nathan Greenwood. (Bromance for the win.)

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Ashton P. Walker
First Year

x11 x11
Eagle Eye [⅓ Badger Trio] Felon & Kafka ♥ Gilderoy Lockhart <3 [TEAM 947!]

Sienna Itannia Knoll

Managing Editor / Photojournalist
Daily Prophet

P.O.B. San Francisco, California
D.O.B. February 20th, 2039 (not-so-much a Pisces, though)
Age. 31
Blood status. Pureblood

Wand: 12 1/2 inches, Phoenix feather, Rowan

Eyes. Sky blue
Hair. Sandy blond
Height. 5'7''

The Persona.
Miss Knoll lives in the moment, she's spontaneous, a little aggressive and her reactions can be unexpected sometimes. She's always digging deep inside to the real meaning of things and discover the truth hidden beneath layers of distraction. She tends to jealousy and is passionate about the things she cares about. Sienna really loves people, simply because they represent a diversity of meanings for her to interpret. Regardless her bold nature, she's often secretive, especially with her personal things, for she will not share her life story with anyone she meets.

Very smart, astute and discerning. She's the one for antiques, and has eccentric tastes. Good thing her family is well placed within the Wizarding Community, so money is not an issue.

She values freedom of choice above all else, unless others get in her way.

The Background.
The Knoll-Aspen family. Sienna comes from an ancient American pure bloodline, and she's the third child of an amazing union, and has 1 younger brother as well, which means there are four related Knolls, but she's remained in touch with just one of them.

It’s worth mentioning that she's the only daughter of Britannia and Phillip Knoll, therefore, she grew up as the princess in the house. Being daddy's little girl she always got what she wanted. Something that still happens.
She didn't struggle much while growing up. Attending to a prestigious and private Wizarding school was simply spectacular to her. Being sort of unique was something she enjoyed very much. Probably an issue that stuck with her for being the only daughter.

As the independent person she was, and still is, she decided to pursue her Photography career, which got her into places she never thought she'll be seeing ever in her whole life. From unknown dungeons to the fiery skies, she realized she was missing something. And started to write.

Soon enough, or not-so-soon, she decided to leave America for good and head to England. The rest is history.

No, really, it is. All you will know is that she works for the Daily Prophet now.

The Extra.
Quidditch is a no-no for her. She never understood how such a thing could be called a sport. Ha.

Fashion is inevitable. The muggles are quite inventive when it comes to it.

Her camera is as important as her wand. Even more important, actually.

Sweets are forbidden. Unless donuts are somewhere around.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. But so is water.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Jenny Ann Coral
First Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Julia K. Riley
Disco Duck Leader of the Spork Rebellion


Name: Addie Renae Carlisle (Real name Adeline, but she hates that)
Age: 23
DOB: July 9, 2044
Eyes: A dark, muddy brown. Soulful, deep, cliches like that.
Hair: Long and messy, also a dark brown. Usually worn up in a ponytail.
Height: 5'6
Weight: 110 lbs.
Marital Status: Single, though she's kinda sorta dating Kris Atkins
Personality: Addie was a true Ravenclaw, smart, studious, the works. When she graduated, a close friend told her that she could have been a little more outgoing. Addie then decided she was going to be exciting. She was really wild, going through a rebellious stage for a while...until about a year ago, when her sister died. She is now calm, cool, and collected, but she's still searching for that perfect balance.
History: When her sister died, she had to calm down. That came as a major shock to her, as she had to take care of seven children at the tender age of only twenty. Addie had to settle down a bit. She is close to her oldest niece Hannah Leigh the most, as they are very similar-both have their heads in the clouds a bit.
Before the accident, Addie had had a boyfriend named Gregory Jette. Just before she got an owl telling her of their deaths, he dumped her. She was in a funk and that reflected on the children. For the month after their parents died, they were depressed because of her. She came to her senses though, and is now quite optimistic. She met Kris, and feels quite comfortable around him.

Ghost Siggies made by Amberlina

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
CC Beryl

x12 x12

Ministry RPG Name:
Rustin Killick
Accidents & Catastrophes

Ministry RPG Name:
Angelo Toussaint
Law Enforcement

Diagon Alley Employee:
Ramiel Isaak Skeres
Ollivanders Wand Shop
lives in a hobbit hole || Ern and Touz's Nuzzle || roflysst || looking at a seed packet

Name: Jane Holland
Height: 5'8"
Weight: Generous!
Daily Prophet Position: Lifestyle Editor
Age: 24
Star sign: Pisces
Nationality: Australian
Heritage: Muggleborn
School Attended & House: AIWW (Australian Institute of Witchcraft and Wizardry)
Strongest Subjects: Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, History of Magic
Weakest Subjects: Defence Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Transfiguration
Patronus: Hippopotamus
Wand: 9 ¾ inch Hazel Antipodean Opaleye heartstring core.

Ancient Runes - O
Arithmancy- O
Care of Magical Creatures- A
Charms - A
Defense against the Dark Arts - P
Divination - A
Herbology - A
History of Magic- O
Muggle Studies- O
Transfiguration - P

Ancient Runes - O
Arithmancy- O
Charms - A
Defense against the Dark Arts - A
Herbology - A
History of Magic- O
Muggle Studies- O

About Jane
Jane is bubbly and friendly, sweet-natured and compassionate, sensitive and idealistic. She’s easily misled and alternates supreme self-confidence with extreme vulnerability. On most days she likes herself, or at least she does when she looks at herself as an independent thing and not as a comparison to others.

She attracts completely the wrong sort of men, often incredibly good-looking but also complete jerks who treat her terribly or discard her at whim. Because she's young and idealistic, she finds herself in that situation quite often. She's been in England since she graduated school and decided to move on to see the world. She got stuck in London, which was her first stop.

She is quite lonely and her closest friends are her former co-workers, who are all close to retirement. Her forms of entertainment include knitting and friday night Bingo, otherwise she'll stay at home and read a book or something. On occassion she sucks it up and will dress up and go out to a pub or something on a saturday night. Usually this is where she is picked up and picked out as a target. She is a hopeless romantic but attempts to pretend indifference.

She was, when she was a little girl, very close to her father. He used to call her Baby Jane even through her teen years. She has younger siblings, none of them yet at school and since they were born she has become more and more distant from her father who seems to feel his work is done with Jane. It just makes it easier that she's not in the same country now.
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S. Pepper Xiao
News Section
Daily Prophet

Age: 47
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark brown
Height: 1.78m (5'8")

If it hadn't been for his magic, Pepper would never have left the little village he'd been born in, tucked away in a corner of Sichuan in western China. But he did, when he was twelve years old, to receive an education at the Wushu Institute for Excellence in Paranormal Abilities in Beijing.

Pepper took to the school easily enough, but the gigantic city proved to be an almost impossibly overwhelming experience. Tall skyscrapers and broad motorways, glinting technology, a multitude of languages and cultures... He'd been raised, as it were, on a farm and local superstitions. In an effort to make sense of things, Pepper began to chronicle the globalised world's many odd and confusing happenings in a notebook he was carrying around with him. He soon discovered that, while this did not help him understand anything any better, his bafflement sounded much better on paper.

A teacher at the Institute agreed. After graduation, Pepper, with the teacher's support, applied at the Chinese offices of a British wizarding magazine, which is where he worked for the next fifteen years, settling into a relatively comfortable lifestyle, even marrying. Eventually, the magazine was sold. Its new editorial angle - presenting Muggle inventions to interested but clueless witches and wizards - clashed with Pepper's old inability to figure out how things worked, and so he resigned. (He subsequently subscribed to the magazine.)
When his wife announced she'd accepted a job in London, they moved to Europe, both of them feeling uncharacteristically adventurous. Finding work in a variety of publications, Pepper gradually climbed higher on the ladder of reputable newspapers, finally joining the Daily Prophet.

Pepper has the instinct for writing that he's lacking in much of the rest of his life:
He was born Xiao Qiangwei, but decided before first travelling to Beijing that his name would be too difficult to pronounce. So he'd set about finding something more... suitable. Flipping through a batch of old records his parents had given him, he'd chosen one that, to him, sounded robustly cosmopolitan: Sergeant Pepper Xiao.
When he had found out what his name meant, he'd removed the first part but declared that the second "really oscillated with me, you know... That is how you say it, right?"

For a journalist, he has a surprisingly poor grasp on spoken language sometimes.
He's clueless about a lot of social and cultural conventions. The prospect of using a knife and fork makes him nervous. When confronted with something too complicated for him, such as an elevator button, he will invariably sigh and comment good-naturedly on the simpler life he'd enjoyed - well, experienced - growing up.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Józef Dominik Kowalski
Fourth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Dalton Nicholas Fletcher
Accidents & Catastrophes

Ministry RPG Name:
Harper Lirael Ward
International Cooperation
Mind = Blown | Lanthanum Uranium Radium | Pacey's Creek | testing the bounds of reality

Emma-Louise Flamel
News Reporter
The Daily Prophet

Name: Emma-Louise Flamel (goes by Emma).
Age: 22
D.O.B:1st September 2049

Hair: Almost-black, short.
Eyes: Brown.

Famliy and Background:

Mother - Rachel Flamel, Muggle
Father – Edward Flamel, Wizard 9 (Deceased)
Sister – Laura Flamel (12), Witch

Emma grew up in a Muggle suburb just outside of Liverpool, in a house hidden from the non-magical people surrounding it. At the age of eighteen, just before her graduation from Hogwarts, her family moved to a small forest on the outside of London, due to the fact that their house burnt down with Fiendfyre.

Emma’s dad was a Slytherin, as were all of her aunts and uncles. However, they had no prejudice that is associated with the Slytherin house, as shown by the fact the her Father marrired a Muggle. She herself was in Ravenclaw, and she didn’t regret her time spent at Hogwarts.

In the summer just passed, Emmas’ father sadly passed away. Well, some would say sadly, but that probably wouldn’t include Emma or her sister. Although having treated Emma fairly well, he was cruel to Laura, and it was him that burnt the house down. He died in the fire, yet everyone was told that it was a heart attack.

Personality: Emma used to work at the Ministry, for the Department of Magical Education. Although she loved her job there, she has always wanted to write. She was very pleased when she was accepted at the Daily Prophet. Emma can act a little childish at times. However, she is very sensitive, and honest. She doesn't understand why people would want to lie, and physicly can't bring herself to. Due to her being very sensitive, when she feels strongly about something, she can't control her emotions.

_________________ 4 Privet Drive SnitchSeeker Book Club __________________

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Takeru Asakura
Third Year

x5 x7

Ministry RPG Name:
Legend Chosen
Magical Law Enforcement
★ BabyQuad ★ PERRY THE PLATYPUS ★ Ern's Fave ★ dangerous with brooms ★

Name: Lyric Damaris Brantt
Age: 28 (but tecchnically she's 7 figure that out)
DOB: February 29th 2044
Blood Status: Pureblood
Born: Teresina, Brazil
Lives: Athens, Greece
Marital Status: Single

i. Hair: a mix between dark and light brown, long
ii. Eye Color: Dark Brown
iii. Height: 5’8

Lyric was born in Brazil on February 29th 2044 to
Purebloods Pamela Brantt and Clifford Brantt.
By the time she was seven Lyric had already
been to ten different countries and learned
several different languages.

Her father Clifford had always been the main reason for
their constant moving. When he was younger he had joined
a group of dark wizards that had planned to over throw the
Brazilian Ministry. Clifford however had pulled out of the
operation last minute and caused the plan to fail horribly.
Most of the people he worked with had ended up in jail.
However there were still a few who vowed to get their
revenge on him and his family. So because of this every
time one of the members found them they would pack up
and travel to a new country.

Growing up she was always a big fan of Quidditch. Not
because of the sport itself but mostly people getting injured
was a entertaining thing to watch. She played on the school
team when she was younger as a Beater, but stepped
back to try something new. Commentating. Which she
soon found out was even more fun than actually playing.
Even though she has been to many countries in the
world she only goes back to America, England, Greece, India and Brazil.

Since she was an only child and pampered to death,
Lyric is extremely narrow minded and bratty. Her attitude has
always turned people away, and she has never had any real friends.
Expect for João Rocha her best friend and current roommate.

When she was younger Lyric had often, been labeled as
“the loner” because of the fact she was moved around so
much. Most people think she is still like that. Quite, shy
and keeps to herself. That is not the case. Lyric is loud,
snobby and really, really rude. If you’re lucky enough
to say on her good side for a while then you probably can
avoid her attitude. However sadly that has never happened
to anyone before. Lyric smiling is a really rare thing.

Likes: ?
Dislikes: People asking her what she likes (For real, I'm serious)

{act like you know me, but you never will}__{but there's one thing that I know for sure}

{i'll show you}

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Tristan Holmes
Third Year
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Name: Edward Anthony Kim
D.O.B: March 18, 2045
Age: 23
Born: Seoul, South Korea
Lives: London, England
Marital status: Single

Family: Joseph Kim (father), Demetria Kim (nee Hathaway, mother), Alice and Isabella Kim (twin younger sisters)

Appearance: With black eyes, short black hair and a typical Asian star babyish face, Edward was the subject of many wooing (and swooning, too) coming from his female schoolmates everywhere he attended in Korea. He stands at 5’11’’, and his figure is slightly muscular – he have only taken up trips to the gym recently. If you asked any of his fan girls about why they kept falling for him, they will definitely say that it is his million dollar, dazzling smile. He used to wear earrings but took them off once he saw the disdained look on some people’s faces, who were probably thinking something along the line of “What is with that guy?”.

History/Background: Born to Demetria (nee Hathaway) and Joseph Kim, both belonging to pure-blood families in England and Korea respectively, and partly named after the fictional character Edward Cullen in one of his mother’s crazy Twilight fangirling rampage. Even though he lives in the elite social of the purebloods, he has a vast knowledge about Muggle-related things because his parents did not spoiled him, and they also taught him not to be stuck-up because of his blood status. At the age of 11, his family received a pigeon from the Seoul Academy of Magic, which disappointed his mother greatly because she wanted her son to attend Hogwarts of all places. At school, he paid great attention to studying, ignoring the mesmerised fangirls around, and participating as Seeker in the Quidditch team.

Upon graduating, he took up a job as a Muggle hardware store assistant in Incheon, Seoul. However the store was raided one night by robbers, and so its owner broke down in poverty. Upon being discharged from that occupation, his mother persuaded her son to try for a chance in London. So he followed her advice - Edward applied for a Sports Journalist position in the Daily Prophet, then almost fell out of his computer chair in surprise upon receiving the acceptance owl.

Personality: He cares little for making money because his family had plenty. For Edward, what truly matters is that he gets to work, to dream and to be someone he wants to be in life. He puts 110% of his guts into everything he does, and is not interested in competition at all. The guy once said that if he hadn’t been dragged by the ear by his mother to London, he would have taken up acting in dramas just because that was another dream of his since younger times, apart from being a journalist of course. Upon looking at him, you would get the impression that he is a very optimistic, all smiley-faced guy… not. That is just his appearance to the world, in order to mask what he feels inside (often negative).

- Sensitivity
- Self-sacrifice
- Altruism
- Friendliness
- Caring

- Escapism
- Negative moods

- Quidditch above all
- Acting
- Singing
- People who are friendly to him
- KFC & McDonald’s, yum!
- Golfing
- Coffee and tea
- Travelling (has been to Taiwan, Japan, China, Vietnam, France, U.S… yada yada yada.)

- Rainy days
- Liars
- Hypocrites
- People who calls him ‘Eddie’ (Ed is OK with him)
- Destructive criticism
- Broken computer soft/hardware, most annoyed with jammed printers and photocopiers
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Hence, I may be on the side of the angels, but don't even think for one second that I am one of them.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Atticus Cornridge
Second Year
ll Achmed's 2nd Keeper ll Team Jacob l l Otaku ll

Name: Arjuna Dilini Fonseka
Age: 26
DOB: 6th August 2044
Gender: Female
Nationality: Sri Lankan
Blood Status: Muggleborn

General Appearance:
Hair color & style: Black; long (up to waist) and with side bangs.
Eye colour: Green
Height: 5ft, 2 inches (approx. 1m 55cm)
Weight: 53 Kgs
Model: Maria Colombage

Background: Arjuna is from, Tangalle, a coastal community in Sri Lanka. She has two brothers and a sister who are all younger than her and possess no magical talent. Her father worked as an accountant and as a result, the Fonsekas were one of the more well off families in the town. Her parents are very traditional, and despite the times, they still take to preserving conservative SL principals. Her relatives are mostly based in Sri Lanka, however she has an aunt living in London who she often visits.

History: Having come from a strictly muggle family line, Arjuna gained her fundamental muggle education at Tangalle Primary school. When she turned ten in August, she began to notice her magical ability showing through in the strange occurrences happening around her. Naturally, she hid her oddities as much as possible from her parents and everyone she knew, fearing that they would call her a witch and maybe even burn her at the stake. She received her acceptance letter in August of the next year on her eleventh birthday, which explained to her that she was, to her whole family's horror, a witch. Not daring to believe it at first, they did not send the acceptance of the letter and were hounded by letters found in the most unusual ways. Eventually, and in good time, Arjuna and her parents accepted what she is and decided to send her to school. She managed to enroll at Gagan Magical Academy in India that September. She graduated at seventeen with NEWTs in several subjects including Potions and Magic Law. During her third year, she received her first camera as a gift from a close friend. She then took some time off to study for and write her A-Levels in English(Second Language), Sinhalese(First Language) and Mathematics in order to allow her an opportunity to work in the muggle world. After this, she went to a muggle photography school, based in Sri Lanka, NAPSL. Here she purchased a more vintage camera in order to produce the best greyscale photos she could. She has, and uses, both cameras to this day. After she graduated from NAPSL, she used a mail order magic photography course to learn about the appropriate potions and such to use. She spent two years afterwards working as a free lance photographer for several small scale and large newspapers alike. This also included one magic-related newspaper in India.

Cirriculum Vitae/Resume attached
[to be edited in]

Daily Prophet ID
[to be edited in]

1. Canon EOS 7D digital SLR
2. Nagel, Librette 16, c1930
3. Haking, Halina AI, c1960
1. Movement Ability Potion
2. Sharpening/Cleaning Potion
3. Magical Effects Potion

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Felix Greenwood
First Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Blake Madden
Accidents & Catastrophes
DivaDivaDiva ||Candy Cane Mama||

Name: Egypt Riddle-Greenwood

Date of Birth: November 25

Age: 25

School Attended/House: Arcane Magical Academy

Background: She is one of 12 daughters, the second youngest, born of two pure blood wizards. All of her sisters are named after countries, or continents. Don't ask Her grandfather is a famous wandmaker in Africa. Her mother is the Minister of Magic in Ghana. Her father owns the largest broom and carpet company in Africa. Riddle Broom and Carpet.

She is not a very technical witch, and not a very good potion maker, but she is a true artist with charm work. She is a expertly trained hit wizard.

The wizards in Africa have closed themselves off from the rest of the world in walled cities. Their fireplaces aren't even hooked up to the floo network. So she and her sisters grew up never meeting a half and half wizard let alone a muggle born. She was taught to believe in the purity of magic, and that magic is might. For most of her life she believed that this was right and that muggles needed to be ruled by wizards.

Most of her sisters still believe in that. Only herself, Tommy, and her sister India have transcended their thought to take everyone for who they are. A human being that deserves as much respect as a witch or wizard.

She left with her sisters in hopes of making a better life living in harmony with other people. She was in the park with her sisters waiting on an owl about her application at the Ministry. Her and her sisters' laughter caused a nearby wizard to glance in their direction. One look at his emerald green eyes and Egypt was hooked. She followed him as he left to explain that they weren't laughing at him. And the rest was history.

Their first daughter Paris was born a year later and they were married a few weeks after that. 9 months after Paris was born Willow came along. 4 years later she gave birth to their first son Lucas. She got a job in the Wizengamot in the British Ministry and she was a respected judge. Always fair and lenient when warranted. And 3 years after that their first set of twins were born Joseph (JoJo) and Dillon (Diggy). After their birth she was appointed the Head of Magical Maintenance and Security. She loved her new position even if it did separate her and Nathan. They learned to cope. She became pregnant again with another set of twins, but this pregnancy was high risk. And she had to resign her post, her last day at work her water broke more than 4 months early and she was rushed to the hospital. Benjamin and Devon were born and had to stay in the hospital for 2 months, and Egypt stayed with them the whole time.

After her recovery she got a job as a news reporter at the Daily Prophet. And the family currently live in Surry at Uptown Court.

Personality: Egypt was not the troublemaker most of her sisters were. She followed all the rules and never rocked the boat. She is quiet and reserved, although she can be passionate when the times call for it. She has a sixth sense about what people are feeling and she can usually put them at ease with just a small smile. She is enormously generous she would give someone the dress of her back if they only asked for it. Like her mother and all of her sisters, she loves clothes, muggle and wizards clothes alike. She is bubbly and utter joy to be around. She is soft spoken but when she gets going its a done deal. She is very sociable loving to have parties are the Greenwood Manor. She wears her heart on her sleeve and she wouldn't be able to hide her emotions if she wanted to.

Physical Description: She is 4ft 8in tall, with black hair. She has a small mole above her left eye. Her skin tone is a deep honey brown. She has brown eyes. She has curves in all the right places and was blessed with a tiny waist and small hips. Like her mother and all of her sisters, she loves clothes, muggle and wizards clothes alike.

her husband
her children
bacon cheeseburgers


pureblood mania
rude people
nasty people
her mother
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
November {Noe} Franze
First Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Grayson {Noel} Corner
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Looks like Landon Pigg

I'll be fine
Even though I’m not always right
I can count on the sun to shine
The dedication takes a lifetime
But dreams only last for a night

  • Hey! My name is Olliver Felix Golden Stratton.
    You can call me Ollie. That’s about it, too.
    I am twenty-one years old.
    I was born on December 31.
    I was born unto a wizard and a witch. “Pureblood”
    In Hogwarts, I was in the Hufflepuff House
    You can see that I am a male.
    My DP staff position is up Lifestyle Writer.

    That guy over there, the one who looks like he might be a clean-cut hobo? Yeah, that’s the one. Meet Olliver Stratton. It’s not that he’s unhygienic – don’t get us wrong. By nature, Ollie is an artist, and silly things like well kept hair and tidy clothing is rather trivial in his eyes, often. Long and moppy, Ollie’s sandy brown hair reaches his shoulders at its longest. His fringe falls into his eyes, often tangled into his lashes and obscuring his vision. At the longest, it curls round his face to his chin. From there, the hair tapers over his ears and down passed the nape of his neck. Often, his hair is smooshed on one end, stands up or sticks out – he has the tendency to roll out of bed and just go. Besides that, he has a habit of running his fingers through his hair or tugging at locks when he is frustrated/angsting/anxiety-ridden/excited/scared/guilt-tripped/lost in thought. The hair itself is rather light and fluffy. His chocolate-brown eyes are often rimmed in dark rings, because he doesn’t often sleep a lot, or rather, he sleeps very little.

    His body could be viewed as frail by some. Tall and lanky, he stands at 6’3” inches. Because of that, his slender frame seems exaggerated, and the baggy clothing he wears does not help to deter from his “skeletal” appearance. The clothes he wears, while often loose on him, tend to be splattered with pain or clay – usually both. His fingers seem perpetually stained with colors and rarely will you find them purely cleaned. Laces tend not to be tied on his shoes and he will wear anything threadbare until it falls apart, despite coming from a family of wealth. But, despite looking haggard and somewhat hobo-like, he tends to wear a rather dreamy look on his face at nearly all times.
    Olliver is an idealist. During his days in Hogwarts, he was well-known for his dreamer life-style. Ollie has a manner of living in his own world – reality clashes harshly with the fantasy of his mind, and he very easily finds himself caught up in his realm of fiction. More of a thinker than a speaker, this makes sense. He presents himself through art – be it painted, sculpted, molded, or written – and he may be floral of the tongue and come off as pretentious or overly-elaborate. Colors and scents are incredibly impressionable upon him. Nothing is strictly blue or orange – it is painted of robin’s egg and speckled with cobalt, flaked with the ocean and smeared into wild tangerine with a swirl of cheddar yellow. For Olliver, everything is far more elaborate than it really is

    As stated, he is a hopeless romantic. Olliver is quite possibly more in love with the idea of love than he is whoever he thinks he loves. Though he’s had many girlfriends, many have also broke his heart, because he comes off as too sappy, too simple, too Prince Charming. When he is in love, or even when he thinks he is, everything is wonderful. Butterflies dance in the sky, clouds are fluffy, the sun is charming, birds are singing. When he’s down, though, he is DOWN and morose and nothing is fine. Blue skies are grey and fluffy clouds bear rain. He is melodramatic, over the top, and quite simply, silly. Though he knows it, he’s not always AWARE of it.

    He’s a fun guy, though, even if he’s quiet and has a habit of sulking and pouting. His charming nature is full of flattery and sweet nothings, and he certainly knows how to get along with people. As a non-confrontational guy, he’s more likely to be passive-aggressive, let people plow over him, and go with the flow. Ollie would much rather do something he doesn’t much care for than to confront someone about an issue. But he’s not really easily angered, so this is all usually for good. Agreeable, gullible and silly, all in all, Olliver Stratton is loyal and dedicated and he’s pretty happy with who he is.
    I'm super fond of books, poetry, paint, canvas, painting, clay, sculpting, pottery, charcoal, sketching, colors, scents, vibrancy, clouds, the outside, sunsets, beauty, dogs, writing, pretty girls, gentle music, the ocean, travel, people.

    But I do not care for aggression, antagonism, beets, cucumbers, melons, ice, reptiles, moss, spider webs, failure, being a pushover, peanuts (but he likes peanut butter), vampires, trashy novels, lack o f integrity, washing dishes.

    Some of my aspirations include
    + Own his own place/home.
    + Complete and publish a novel.
    + Finally get married, or at least have a relationship longer than two months.

    A few fears sometimes get in the way
    + Being alone for the rest of his life.
    + Going blind and never being able to work on his art again.
    + Snakes. They scare the bejeezus out of him.
  • History
    In Hogwarts, Ollie was a solitary little Hufflepuff. During his first year, Mozzie and her infamous crew of hoodlums took him in, against his will. The young boy was quite content to spend his time on his own but she refused to let it be. Thus, he began his friendship with her and her friends. While at Hogwarts, he dated a total of thirteen girls, all who broke his heart after no more than two months. His mother and father went through a few bouts of hard times while he was at Hogwarts, but to his immense relief, all has worked out.

    He is the second youngest child in a family of four, and the only male. His older sisters were the ones who taught him to treat women with utmost care and he passed on his art to his younger sister. Aslain and he get along well, probably because the age gap between them is only a year, where Vivian is three years older than him and Cadencia is older than him by five years.

    My family is close-knit.
    + Felix Golden Stratton, father, 48
    + Bernadette Haynes-Stratton,mother, 46
    + Cadencia Stratton-Logan, 26
    + Vivian Stratton, 24
    + Aslain Stratton, 20
    + his pet owl Cecily

  • Coding © Hermione_loves_Ron
    Graphics © Hermione_loves_Ron
    Lyrics © "Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last for the Night) - All Time Low
'Cause out of all the people I've known, the places I've been, the songs that I have sung,
The wonders I've seen, now that the dreams are all coming true, who is the one that leads me on through?


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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Luke Ellingson
Second Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Calendula Dubuoi
Where's my quill!?

|| For reasons unknown ||

[B]You should search me up on Google as:[/B ]Calendula Dubuoi (Due Boy)
I know Im short but Im: Twenty three years old
I was born on: February 23rd
My parents are both: Muggles
I was born in: Metz, France
I attended: FFWS (France's Finest Wizarding School)

|| Smile like you mean it ||

Brown, long curly hair
Stands at 5 ft
Petite figure with straight back
Round brown eyes
Eyebrows give surprised expression

|| Read my mind ||

Calendula is a quick witted and organized young woman. She loves to write, whether its writing on napkins or in big fancy newspapers like the DP, it doesnt matter to her. She is ambitious and will not back down quickly. As a natural cook, Calendula is always creating elegant and creative looking food. She has a natural gift with music too. She plays the violin and can get hard to stop playing once she starts.

Talkative, yet she is. Once she is on a topic that she finds really interesting, she can not be shut up. Optimistic and crafty though. Not one bad thought, or wrong deed can mess up her day. She is always thinking of ways to improve her writing skills, and is a precise note taker. She is modest though, and hates it to have everyone's attention on herself.

|| When you were young ||

Calendula was born into a large family of rambunctious boys. A house of only boys. Her mother had died giving birth to Calendula, and before she had passed away, had wished to her father for the baby to be named Calendula. The house was always jumping with excitement, youth, and annoying boys, making Calendula hide away in her bedroom for most of her youth.

She was accepted to the FFWS, and was more than happy to get out of the hell-hole. Her life at the FFWS was enjoyable, as Calendula had many friends, and was gifted with being a Prefect in her 5th year, and Head Girl in her 7th. Many boys in her school had liked her, though Calendula didnt care much for that. She showed more interest in her academics than she did on popularity and relationships. She wowed her father with the number of O's on her Newts and Owls, which happened to be the main letter on the both of them.

My list of good things:
When people push doors that are meant to be pulled
The awkward moment when people cant tell if someone is a boy or a girl

My list of bad things:
Chicken Fingers
Having people take pictures of her
Fake flowers
Taking medicine
Accidentally breaking dishes
Long words

Alexander Dubuoi || Father
Amelie Lorex - Dubuoi || Deaseased Mother
Charles Dubuoi || Older Brother
Ian Dubuoi || Older Brother
Damian Dubuoi || Older Brother
Dominic Dubuoi || Older Brother
Lucas Dubuoi || Older Brother
Danielle Dubuoi || Younger half-Sister

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Special Services to the School
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Everleigh Tris Annesley
Fifth Year
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Name: Iridesca D'Ann McMillan
Age: 27
Eyes: Deep Blue (well, today atleast...they change with her moods)
Hair: Middle of the back and Deep Blue (Same as eyes, she can change it at will or with her's something that's been passed down in her family)
Height: 5'3
Weight: 120
Job: Layouts

History: Iridesca is a half blood. Her mother is a muggle and father is a wizard. She grew up in England and attended Hogwarts. She is a very talented wizard with an extensive knowledge in potions, DADA, and transfiguration. She was an excellent student at Hogwarts receiving high praise from her professors and serving as Prefect for her house, Ravenclaw. After graduation, she was hired at Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes as a Sales and Promotion Manager. She traveled around the world doing resets and opening new stores. She was a Department Head in the Magical Office of Law for about a year but it wasn't eventful enough for her so she applied at the DP where she could use her artistic talents and be in the middle of the action.

Personality: She believes in having fun, but also knows when to get business done. She is a very optimistic and spontaneous person, who's personality infects those around her. Iridesca believes in giving 100% and then some in every endeavor. She absolutely loves planning things. She has minor Metamorphmagus talents with her hair and eyes which she inherited from her family. Iridesca believes in being eclectic and thinking outside of the box. Iridesca is very smart and doesn't like to put up with drama around her.

Allergies: Licorice Wands (Iridesca and her niece, Satine, ate too many a couple of summers ago so this is a new allergy that she quite often forgets about having because she loves licorice wands.)

Patronus: Tan Siberian Husky
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♥Dunkin | Pixie's Precious Pea | kpop goddess | sneaky sounder | forever slytherin♥

Full Name:: Caelan James Lee
Date of Birth:: 5 July 2048
Blood Status:: Pureblood
Gender:: Quite decidedly male.
Born In:: London, England
Lives:: London, England. We never left.
Graduated From:: Beauxbatons. Class of 2065.
Occupation:: Sports Journalist, Daily Prophet.

The world focuses its eyes on our outward appearances.
Hair Colour:: Tricky question. Naturally a dark brown, however Caelan uses magic hair dye to make it fade from that colour in the back to blonde in the front.
Eye Colour:: Dark brown. Flecked with green.
Height:: 5'9"/175 cm
Weight:: Do I ask for yours?
Overall/Other:: Fairly thin, though quite solid. He's not about to get blown off by a breeze, that's for sure. Has the faintest, barely noticeable muscles that come naturally for someone of his build. Has a straight line of a scar across his upper arms, on the same spot on both of them. Also has a very inconspicuous scar on the left side of his neck, just below his ear. Right ear is pierced twice. Korean, in case you couldn't, you know, tell. By parentage, not by place of birth.

Without reason or rhyme: this is just who we are.
Things I Like::
Tea before bed
Quiet time when it's needed
Crowded places
Girls playing Quidditch
Things I Don't Like::
The smell of sour milk
Girls who giggle at things that aren't funny
Persons with egos bigger than I
Sweets that mix peppermint & chocolate
The colour orange
Being run into/knocked over
-especially while wearing nice clothing.
People who refuse to acknowledge when they're wrong
Muggle freeways
Shy, retiring women who accept everything
People who think the world can't be changed.

It all depends on the situation, man. Really. Caelan is as versatile as can be. Quiet when it's advisable, loud when it's necessary, and any of the many personalities on the docket in between those two. Ordinarily however, he is clever and quick-witted, with a sharp tongue readied for those who would oppose him. Hopefully they're not female though, because girls just so happen to be Caelan's biggest weakness. He can't help himself; obvious confidence is his biggest downfall, and a commanding attitude is quick to catch his attention. A pretty face is a pretty nice (and essential) addition to mix, as well. He love love loves it when women start squabbles with him. And that guy that you're with? Doesn't matter unless you're wearing a ring. ; )

Have you already forgotten the places you've been?
Caelan was born the first (and only) child to a wizard mother & father in London, England. His family has a fare stake in both the Muggle and Wizarding world, and Caelan stands to inherit both businesses, but not until the old man either up and croaks or retires, which could be quite a while off. A child of decent money, he grew up well and was quickly shipped off the Beauxbatons (his parents believed this the best way for him to learn the finesse that business requires) at the age of 11. Known for his rather large amount of girlfriends while in school, he nonetheless managed to avoid any major trouble or scandals until his graduation; since then he's simply floated through the world, spending his time doing any number of half-interesting things until finally deciding to get a job so he'd be able to stop living off the parents.

Mother:: Ophelia Elizabeth Staunton-Lee, born 2024 (47)
Father:: James Lee, born 2017 (54)
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Back To Basics:
How you doin' my name is: Loreali McCurry (lor-eal-ee)
My first breath happened on: March 28th 2048
Which makes me: 23 years young
My blood is: half and half
I am obviously a: female
My hometown is: Cape Town, South Africa
Currently I live in: London, England
I graduated from: South Cape Academy
My Job is: Layout Editor
She's got the looks:
tl;dr version: I look like crazy Claire and her squirrel baby Emilie De Ravin
My hair is: blonde
My eyes are: blue
This is how tall I am: 5'3"
I weigh: as much as I do. I would prefer not to tell you.
Here's some other stuff: Although she has a small frame, Loreali is not weak. Her small frame is due to her participation in ballet since the age of four. Still trying to practice it daily in London is a bit of a problem since she can't seem to find an instructor that will stick with her like the ones in Cape Town did. Sometimes she develops a tan during the summer months but don't expect it to happen too often. Too much sun makes her look like a lobster.
Take me now I'm in too far:
Me me me me: Loreali is an optimist and nothing you say will change her mind about that. When she attended South Cape Academy her friends often referred to her as a "stubborn sweetheart" since Loreali always shot down a pessimistic viewpoint with her own optimistic views and nothing anyone said could ever change her viewpoint. Often a blabbermouth, Loreali often got into major trouble in her classes for talking so much. Her professors eventually grew tired of sending her to detention after detention for talking in class so they gave her extra homework to prove that she was actually paying attention while talking so much. Loreali will never turn down any challenge that comes her way no matter how gross or insane the challenge may be.

She has a weakness for putting herself into situations where she has to prove herself to be the best of the best. If she gets second best in anything, it hurts her self-esteem greatly. Her competitive nature often gets her into some very interesting situations. She lives for those interesting situations where her abilities are truly put to the test. Loreali does not believe in luck because she was taught from birth that if you work hard and be kind, amazing things will happen.

If anything she does puts you off, she will immediately shower you with apologies until you either forgive her or just ignore her completely. Beware, though, if you do choose to ignore her she will send you gift baskets of your favorite things until you go up to her and forgive her. Told you she was stubborn. She is a very laid back individual when she's not being provoked into being competitive.

When it comes to members of the opposite gender, Loreali has encountered and dated a fair many in her 23 year lifespan. She is not actively seeking out that mister perfect right now so don't even try it. However if you're a nice guy she may just give you a look and decide to get to know you. Just don't come off extremely arrogant and cocky because the last thing Loreali needs in her life is a male who would constantly try to prove her to be inferior to him.

Things I like:
Athletic boys with nice attitudes
Gossip columns
Crossword puzzles
Things I hate:
Pine trees
London rain
Bad eyebrows
False sweetness
I won't let you smother it:
History: Loreali was born in Cape Town, South Africa to Fallon McCurry, a Muggle Entrepreneur who owned a company that sold boats and Rachael Shepherd, a witch who was the head of the Department Of Mysteries at the South African Authority, the equivalent to the Ministry Of Magic. She was raised in the area of Bloubergstrand which provided her with the environment she needed in order to get into many sports. She got into surfing thanks to her father who gave her lessons at the age of four. It was also at the age she discovered her other big passion, ballet. She has not dropped either of these things since the age of four.

When she was old enough, Loreali attended South Cape Academy where she excelled in Transfiguration and Charms and was terrible in Astronomy and Divination. She picked up Quidditch at her school but she rarely chose to play for her school because she enjoyed taking pictures at the games over playing the game itself. After she graduated she picked up her passion for Photography again and decided to do some traveling with money she had saved from working various odd jobs over summers at home. Once she interned for the South African Times, she wanted to find a newspaper away from home to work at. It just so happened that the Daily Prophet in England was hiring so once Loreali got the blessing from her family to go, she moved to England and is now working as a Layout Editor. She still calls her parents every week to check in with them and she is fairly homesick for The Cape.
you've got me loosening up my grip on the plot.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Lucas L. Rodemiere
Third Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Carven Artemis Cooper
Department of Mysteries

back to the basics.

what to call me? James.
graced the world on: 19th of April
blood: It couldn't possibly matter
hometown: Montreal, Canada
currently terrorising: London, England.
alive for: 26 years
metres off the ground: 1.87
looking at the world through: Green eyes
weighing the world down at: 89kg
educated at: Warsaw University of Communication and Journalism, Yokohoma Magical School for Warlocks, Perth Institute of Magic, Merlin Academy of Vienna to name a few.
animalia: A dog called Hyper[bole]

to know the past is to fix the future.

James was born in Montreal while his parents were living there on a sabbatical. As freelance photographers, life was never very still and placid for the Parkers. Moving around the world James spent his life in boxes with little possessions and an eye for the curious. By the time he finished school, he'd lived in Austria, Finland, Poland, Mexico, Spain, America and Australia periodically, going to school's wherever his parents could place him. Andrew and Juliette managed to raise a well-rounded boy despite the frequent flyer points he'd accumilated who went on to study in Poland for a degree in muggle journalism where he passed with flying colours. After completing this, James went on to a internship at The Independant in England which he found utterly tiresome and boring. Afterall, talking about flying cars and politicians under the cut was old news compared with inner-ministry scandals and such. So when the Daily Prophet was offering jobs - he applied and happened to get it.

looking on the inside.

What you see isn't quite what you get with James. A handsome, dark haired, green eyed man with a constant look of puzzlement on his face that looks adorably innocent is the depiction of most people but James is hardly innocent. A well-rounded, incredibly astute and smart man he uses every asset he's got to get a good story. His year's of travelling made him curious and inquisitive and the thirst for the truth is still burning strong. At times a little obtuse and pointed James takes his job seriously. With the youth on his side, he uses his looks and charm to get his way at whatever cost. With gorgeous green eyes on his side - who could blame him? But he's amicable and social but when it comes down to time to work, he's punctual and pressing going to any lengths to deliver his work.

He's cheeky and can be extremely sly but overall he has a good heart albeit a slightly too large work commitment. Flirty and overall a good co-worker, he's always one for taking it for the team. An extremely competitive guy, James has a huge ego which takes a hit when things don't go his way. Mainly he feels a huge pressure to prove himself (mainly to himself) but to the world to show he isn't just James Parker - the Parker's kid. With famous parents it comes with the territory.

James despises sports and team activities. He prefers to work on his own and complete things at his own pace. He doesn't like being weighed down by other people's commitments as he feels it wastes their time and his. He can be slightly selfish with his approach but who cares when the story get's done either way?

like me?
  • Coffee
  • His work
  • Flings
  • Winter
  • Travelling
  • A good story
  • Tolstoy
  • Jazz
  • January
  • Chocolate
  • Muggle food i.e hamburgers, fish and chips etc etc etc
  • Dogs

likes me not..

  • Bludgers
  • Poor grammar
  • Sweet tea
  • Arrogance
  • Disloyalty
  • Tabloid magazines with excessive use of superlatives.
  • Naughty children
  • Sugared coffee
  • Summer
  • The colour yellow.
  • Pea soup
  • Politicians
  • The Ministry
  • Quills
  • Wizarding food

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