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Bazinga 02-07-2018 03:38 AM

Conference Room
A spacious room awaits you for Level-wide and division-specific meetings. A long, polished wood table sits in the middle of the room, surrounded by comfortable chairs. The chic decor is enhanced by the several framed posters of Quidditch and Gobstones players alike hung on the walls. If a meeting has been called, this is the place to assemble with plenty of elbow room for everyone.

Bazinga 03-19-2018 12:33 AM

Quidditch Division meeting
There was business to attend to and now that the season was finishing up the team had tons to do. If anyone ever thought the quidditch division got an easy moment once the season was over was greatly mistaken. She needed updates on all the contract finalizations, the regulations, and any fines that were still outstanding.

Moving into the conference room Victoria took a seat and opened her folder pulling out the papers she had been looking over from the coverage and list of players and salaries. It seemed last years ticket sales were down and that meant they would have to be very cautious of what they did for this year to come.

She would see what the team had come up with though before they started cutting too much.

Birchwoodmom 03-19-2018 03:42 AM

West had been quietly working at his desk for a while, trying to keep an eye on the clock. They had a meeting scheduled that day and he was determined to be on time. His to do stack had been growing at an alarming rate the past few weeks, and he needed to make a dent in the pile before more was added.

Noticing the time on the clock, he jumped up, grabbed his notepad, and headed into the conference room. “Good day, Victoria” he greeted his boss with a nod and a smile before taking a seat along the side of the conference room table. After putting his notepad and pencil on the table, he gently leaned back in the plush chair and waited for the rest of the team to arrive.

natekka 03-21-2018 07:13 PM

Every few minutes, Bliss Ryans glanced up at the clock. As soon as it started approaching the time of her meeting with the Quidditch Division, she neatened up her desk. She clipped files together and made notes of what tasks she needed to do next, then slung her bag over her shoulder and stood up. She made her way to the Conference Room.

Bliss beamed when she entered the room. "Hey, everyone!" Her boss, Victoria, and West. Another West that she knew, hmm. She took a seat and waited for others to turn up and the meeting to start.

FearlessLeader19 03-22-2018 11:31 PM

No, he wasn't being fashionably late or anything of the sort. It was just that there had been some paperwork that needed his attention promptly. He had just finished reading them with great care. All that had been required afterward was his signature and sending it out via owl post. This was completed on his way to the conference room.

Feeling accomplished and on top of things, the Division Head stepped into the room. "Hi, everyone,'' he said by way of greeting. So far only Victoria, West and Bliss were there but he expected the others to show up soon.

Bazinga 03-26-2018 01:35 PM

Looking at her watch she couldn't help but frown with not seeing two of her people their yet, but the meeting needed to get started. "Hello everyone. So now that Quidditch is winding down I was hoping we could look at these changes in player contracts this year. " Pulling out her papers she looked around at the others. "I hope everything has been running smoothly and players, as well as teams, are cooperating with fines and paperwork." She knew that was not an easy task, but she had faith in them all.

"Now with our contracts owners would like to cut sick time as well as decrease the bonuses that players would get, they saying player prices have just gotten too out of hand, is that what we are seeing in our records?" Victoria had been around long enough to know that every year things got more expensive and it wasn't easy to keep up on quidditch stadiums, players pay, ticket prices, and everything else that went into the contracts, but she wasn't fully sure this was the way to go either. Moments like this were why she liked being the manager and not the full department head.

Looking up at the division she waited for their feedback on everything.

FearlessLeader19 03-26-2018 11:46 PM

Everyone wasn't there as yet but they couldn't keep the meeting back. They had their individual tasks to get back to, after all. Lucas turned his attention fully to Victoria now. Yes, so far he was having the cooperation he needed from the Division, thank mercy. It was a trend he hoped and aimed to have continuing. But the more pressing matter was the rising prices of all things Quidditch.

Of this, Lucas could vouch for.

"I would say it's true,'' he spoke up and looking around at the others for their confirmation or denial of this. "The better a player, the more their prices. In my opinion, there should be some sort of threshold that helps us to regulate the prices.''

natekka 03-27-2018 12:49 PM

Bliss nodded along with what Victoria was saying. Things had been running fairly smoothly for her, with only the occasional hiccup or problem. It wasn't always the easiest, most stress-free job, but it was going quite well. Hm, yeah, it would seem that player prices were getting out of hand. Nothing Bliss had seen would suggest otherwise. Then Lucas spoke. "I agree," Bliss said. Tap, tap, tap. She tapped the end of her pen against the desk.

Birchwoodmom 03-27-2018 11:59 PM

He sat quietly for a bit as the others shared their opinions. He wasn’t sure how he felt about a cap on wages. Sure, it was a game, but the players gave up a lot to travel with teams and they risked injury to please the fans. “An across the board threshold doesn’t feel right to me. The better teams bring in more money, therefore should get paid more. If it weren’t for those outstanding players, the fans wouldn’t pay to watch the games.”

He knew first hand what a star player meant to the fans. “One player could potentially bring in the majority of the fans. Shouldn’t that player be paid a nice bonus for that?” He shook his head. Far too many times he had to fight with an owner to get his players paid for their hard work. Now that he was on the Ministry side, it felt so strange. He had to look at it a completely different way.

A solution? He knew he needed to offer up some sort of solution. “Just brainstorming, but what if there was a maximum percentage of ticket sales for player wages? Then a ticket price cap could be put in place with no more than a specific percentage of those sales going towards player salaries and bonuses. That would allow those teams that are doing well, and getting fans in the seats, to be able to pay their players more. Incentive for the players to do better too.”

He looked around the room and waited to see if they all either thought his idea was good or if he had completely lost his mind. Either one of those was a real possibility and he could roll with it either way.

Bazinga 03-30-2018 08:36 PM

So it seemed, for the most part, everyone was settling in nicely and everyone, well almost everyone, was in agreeance to some of the changes. Sigh, players, they always thought of their wallets it seemed. "I agree to an extent with your thoughts about a player that is better should get paid, but the years I have spent here contradicts your theory on one player can bring in the fans. Not every fan will love the same player and if tickets get to a certain price people aren't going to care to come to matches no matter how much they love the players. So much has to be thought about here when it comes to pricing. In the past five years fan attendance to matches has dropped and with that fewer ticket sales some owners in talks of selling teams, which could hurt not help our league." She was worried about that as well, but right now it was player contracts they were concentrating on.

Looking at her paperwork again she jotted a few things down. "I do think a cap needs to be set to the max amount a player can make. Now, do we do that based on teams or just one lump number? As was stated some teams do make more and based on season, standings, and things like that it can change from year to year. A very popular team can fall at any moment depending on the season they have." This was something they really needed to look at. The thing she did have a problem with was the last bit he said, "I do hear you on that, but I don't feel that is fair to players that are very talented but on a less favorable team. Those teams deserve a chance to have good players and those players deserve to get paid just the same as any other player. What do you all think about that?" She wasn't sure she liked it nor did she think teams would like that if they weren't the top liked teams.

"Ticket prices fluctuate for many reasons, I think we are going to have to look at raising prices this year which could push fans, even more, to not come, something I am trying to really avoid going into this season which makes these contract changes even more important." She looked back at her notes again, [b] "Now it's been about nine years since fines raised and I think we might need to raise them by fifteen to twenty percent again. Some players still seem like it is just spare change to pay a fine and is not fixing some of the safety issues that started are fine raise, to begin with. What are your thoughts on that as well?"[/]b

Birchwoodmom 03-30-2018 11:07 PM

His pencil moved feverishly as he jotted down notes, circling key words and underlining things to look up after the meeting. It was all still very new to him and he didn’t want to push his opinion too hard from the get go. He was quite aware that his only experience had been from the players side.

“So, let’s say we make an equal salary cap across the board. Would that allow bonuses to be given to winning teams? Maybe a sort of pool available to be taken from to reward players for a good season. The pool would grow with each win over the season with a limit of a certain amount max bonus per team.” That seemed fair to him. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt their base pay if they had a poor year and it would encourage players to go out for any of the teams, not just the top paying teams.

Then it came to raising ticket prices. Overall, he knew it was needed, but he felt for the less fortunate families. Tickets were already expensive and upping the prices might exclude a large part of the fan-base. “Would there be a way to offer discount tickets for the low income families, at least for a certain number of games? I do feel raising ticket prices would be beneficial overall, but I hate to exclude those that simply can’t afford to purchase tickets for their families.” That might create a nightmare for ticket sales, trying to determine who qualified and who didn’t. “Or, maybe even have a small section of each stadium sectioned off for lottery tickets. Families could come and apply for the ticket lottery. Half price tickets if they are chosen. The money for the discount could come from the increased fines.”

“I am in complete agreement with you on fines needing to be increased.” The thought of some of the illegal moves his own players would make made him cringe. They didn’t care about the small fines, it was a drop in the bucket to them, and they were more than happy to pay them to get a win.

He looked around to see what everyone else thought, especially Victoria. He was used to brainstorming out loud and wasn't sure if that's how they liked to do it on level 7.

FearlessLeader19 04-05-2018 11:53 PM

Lucas was inclined to agree with Victoria about a player brining in fans. "It also has to do with other factors not limited to a player's fitness, the way they perform at times. For example, not every player performs at their maximum at every match and if a player has a negative streak for a season, chances are that the fans may loose faith in him or her.'' He nodded a moment later, further agreeing with Victoria. Like players, even a team has their winning or loosing streak.

He leaned forward, resting his right arm on the table before them. He was considering now about the cap and bonuses. "Both you and Victoria bring up excellent points, West.'' His glance went from one to the other. "I'm all for a player cap but the bonuses should be available to each one of the players based on their performance. In my opinion, that would serve as a motivation for them to always want to perform their best.''
The mention of raised ticket prices had him shaking his head. "It wouldn't be fair to those who can't afford tickets. Another idea in addition to West's is that we offer discounts. Lower income families present some sort of proof as to why they need discounts and if applicable they secure it.

"Victoria, how many of these changes are you looking to make within a certain period of time? The ticket price issue might take some time to fine tune.''

Bazinga 04-10-2018 03:57 PM

Alright so this seemed to be going in circles which were alright since they were brainstorming and things but she knew they all had things to do today. She listened to the men in the room and wondered again where her other employees were. She would have to check up on them once they were done here.

" We will have to look at the books to see what money has come in and what hasn't before talking bonus. We are trying to cut some cost to help with stadium cost. Another idea I have is raising merchandise, again, it could make people not buy, but it's an option we can think about." She did truly hate this all, but her hands were tied at this point and cuts had to happen.

"Another part of the contract is sick leave for injuries or just illness. Right now through the scheduled seven months, October since practices start that month through the end of the season players have a schedule of twenty days and then can also schedule short term and long term leave for minor and major injuries. I would like to take this number down to 15 and for the leave they would need to schedule an appointment with the ministry appointed healer to check them over to approve this or not." She knew quidditch was a dangerous sport, but they had to protect themselves from having anyone use the leave in a way they shouldn't, not that she had come across that in recent years.

"I don't want to jump on ticket sales just yet, let's see what we can do with this contract first. The tickets hopefully can stay the same, though I do like some games having a discount, especially if there are matches that aren't sold out, maybe in the day or two before the match we can offer a discount or something."

She glanced at Lucas and back at the paperwork, "Contracts change every five years, this is a change year. Last year I started looking at our records, something you will be moving into for the next go round. With the records, we have to look at what we can cut to save money, what we can add to help the teams and players, but this year we are coming up short, so changes and cuts need to be the first thing we look at, second will be raising prices where needed. We don't want to lose our fan base, but we want to make sure our teams have quality stadiums, safety, and equipment. We also have to be able to pay our refs, medical bills, and workers that keep those stadiums up to date." The process was a lot when you really looked into it.

FearlessLeader19 04-14-2018 02:52 AM

Lucas knew exactly how Victoria was feeling, like him, she was hesitant and most likely loathed the climbing prices. Though more expensive merchandise was something he wasn't too hesitant about. "That's one of the options we should go with,'' he said firmly. "Merchandise will continue to sell, believe me. I've seen this during matches overseas.'' Brasil, mainly.

"Appointed Healers make sense.'' The scheduling part didn't bother Lucas and he didn't see the need to put any input through. Not that he had any. He nodded, sweeping the ticket sales topic away for now. Somehow they were slowly agreeing that discounts most likely would be needed.

The next go round.

Granted, Lucas had been a part of the Department for a number of years now but he didn't know every detail of his new job. He was still undergoing a bit of training from Victoria. "Then we need to make decisions quickly but thoughtfully. There are a lot of pressing issues but we need to prioritise them.''

Birchwoodmom 04-14-2018 05:11 AM

He methodically drummed his pencil on the desk as the meeting went on. His body was too used to movement to sit still throughout a meeting and this one was challenging to say the least. He nodded his head in agreement with Victoria “I also feel raising merchandise prices would be a great place to start. It doesn’t hinder the lower income families from attending matches, and those with the money will still buy it to support their teams.” He was much happier about those costs going up than ticket prices.

“A big yes to a ministry appointed healer. Not only could one be assigned that was unbiased, but it will also make sure owners and managers aren’t pressuring the return of players that really shouldn’t be playing. Plus, keeping players honest in their time off would benefit the teams.” He had seen that far too many times. With an impartial third party making the call, it would be much harder to argue with the diagnosis. “I’m also in agreement with lowering the days from twenty to fifteen.”

West stopped his pencil from thumping on the table to jot some notes. There was still so much to be done and a good number of his fellow employees hadn’t been able to make it to the meeting. “How can I help get these items implemented?” He was still so new to the department that he wasn’t exactly sure what he should be automatically taking care of and which things he might be stepping on toes if he took them over.

Bazinga 04-18-2018 02:49 PM

Well this was going as expected and she knew she would have to do some meeting with owners and coaches before everything was fully done, but for now she felt this was a start. She nodded at them both as they brought some ideas to the table and glanced at the others present to see if they had any input. "I know once I talk to owners there will be some stir about the cap for pay and bonus, but we might have to put a bonus freeze for a year or two." She hated doing it, but it might just have to happen if they didn't get other things in order.

She chuckled as West thought the appointed healer was a good idea, "You would think, but mark my word some will say the ministry is trying to be controlling and appoint healers that will say it's not bad and push the players to work under difficult and stressful times." She had seen it happen before so she knew it was a possibility.

She looked at them both with an amused grin on her face, "If only it was that easy. Now we need to write these all in a document as a proposal, once the proposal is done we can meet with owners and then with the rest of the teams. It will be discussed before the final draft is written up and made into new contracts going forward. For now we continue to collect the rest of the fines from last season, get ourselves ready for trades and retirement. Once I have a meeting scheduled with the owners I will let you know so we can all meet with them."

shuffling her papers into a neater pile she slipped them in her bag getting ready to be done unless they had anything else.

FearlessLeader19 04-19-2018 11:51 PM

Lucas sighed. Victoria was right- there were bound to be some who thought they were trying to control everything. "No matter what we do, we'll have critics,'' he said. "But hopefully in due course they'll see exactly that the changes are all for everyone's benefits.'' The man leaned back in his chair, listening to the rest of the meeting, making notes and mulling over suggestions.

When it was wrapping up, he nodded to Victoria. "I look forward to that. As long as we can have a productive one, that is.'' Merlin knew how argumentative a meeting could be when there were so many opinions to air. Lucas stood up. "Time to get back to work. I'll see you people around.''

Birchwoodmom 04-20-2018 04:29 PM

He knew that there wasn't a single change being made that all of the teams would agree with. He just hoped that the majority would see the valid reasons behind the changes. Things couldn't continue on like they were. All of the owners and managers had to see that.

"Well, we can just do our best to talk up the positives and hope for cooperation." He finished jotting down some notes before gathering up his things. It appeared the meeting was coming to a close and there was now a lot of work to be done. "Victoria, Lucas, Bliss" he glanced to each of his fellow meeting attenders, "it was a pleasure."

Bazinga 04-25-2018 12:53 AM

Good, good it seemed everyone was on the same page. Whether or not they fully agreed with everything it was settled and that was all that mattered for now. She wrote down a few more things before standing and putting her folder in her bag. [b] "Like I said as soon as I schedule a meeting I will let you all know. [b] "We will, I've worked with many of the owners and managers for many years.

"Thank you for coming, Lucas can you check in with the other members and see what was going on." Why hadn't they shown for the meeting was certainly a good question.

"If you need me I will be at my desk." With that she headed out.

Bazinga 07-25-2018 01:53 AM

How had the months flown by already and summer was right around the corner. As things kept moving, Victoria had been very busy. She had been handling many different projects and the biggest one was the upcoming charity event that she was very excited about. Muggle things had something close to her lately and with Adam being a very good friend and a close coworker for the past decade it was only common sense to have the charity involve Stemp House.

Coming into the meeting she had many things on the agenda and she hoped all would be present. The agenda of events for the fundraiser was laid out in packets for all of them. Food stands would have muggle delights and muggle candy, the face painting and carnival games she knew would be a big hit, even the dunk tank that she was hoping to get some professional players to get involved and be part of was a go, everything was looking great, but there were a few things to finish up on the planning.

Harron Peasley 07-25-2018 02:40 AM

"Victoria!" Adam greeted with a grin as he entered the meeting room, ruffling the back of his hair with one hand and swinging his briefcase with the other. "I'm really looking forward to this. Lor and I, and the kids, we just want to thank you, again." For what was probably the seventy fourth time.

They would be presenting her with a gift at the event, but that was something he was keeping under wraps for now - didn't want to ruin the element of surprise.

Taking a seat to Victoria's left, the father of ten undid his suit jack and pulled a notepad and pen from his briefcase before putting it on the floor. The Muggle theme was being taken wholeheartedly, especially if they could somehow get football involved. Everyone knew it was Adams not-so-guilty pleasure.

Birchwoodmom 07-25-2018 03:54 AM

The weather was far too perfect to be stuck in a meeting all day, so West entered the conference room ready to go. "Good day, Victoria, Adam." He stated simply as he took his seat at the large table. The large packet was already set before him so he placed his notepad and pen to the side and glanced over the cover and flipping through the first few pages.

"Are there any muggle treats for us to sample today? You know, first hand recommendations to get more people excited." Or it could have been because he was starving and sampling almost anything would have been good with him. He flashed Victoria a grin, hoping she knew he wasn't being serious, before taking a sip of his tea.

FearlessLeader19 07-25-2018 09:24 PM

"Good day, good day, everyone!''

Lucas was all in an extra good mood because of all the things that would be happening this year; not just at work but in his personal life as well. But the latter was for another day for now there was a meeting to focus on.

The Quidditch Division Manager took up a seat beside West then pulled the packet before him closer. There certainly were a lot of interesting stuff in there.

Ginevra 07-26-2018 04:19 AM

Janis entered the room and quickly sat down. "Hello, everyone!" the young woman greeted with her trademark smile. She had her notebook and self-inking quill ready to take any notes, something that was instilled in her when she was at school. Her eyes caught sight of the packets in front of her but she wasn't going to grab anything until she was permitted to.

Nordic Witch 07-26-2018 11:02 AM

Jacob entered the conference room with his notepad under his arm and writing utensils, humming happily to himself when he noticed all the people already seated around the table. Quieting he paused on the doorstep for a moment to take in who was already there; Victoria, Adam, West, Lucas and their new colleague Janis. Was he late? It didn’t appear so. Pulling a hand through his sandy blond hair he murmured "Good day everyone!" as he walked over to take a seat next to Janis at the conference table.

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