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Level 6 Department of Magical Transportation

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Old 11-12-2018, 03:30 PM
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Default Apparition Classroom

[apparition classroom]

Missed the testing at Hogwarts? Were you just a SMIDGE under the age requirement to get your license when Level Six was holding in-school lessons? Never fear! You can simply take a condensed lesson here at the Ministry and before you know it, you'll have your license and be apparating around London in no time!

OOC: Anyone who arrives for Apparition testing MUST be checked in at the Waiting Area before posting in this thread! Please see the Apparition Testing Guidelines for more information on what your character must do in order to be issued an Apparition license at the Ministry.
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Jeez, what a sour grape! One would think that, as a boss herself (er, she assumed this was the boss of the DMT), the lady would appreciate the little detail of her not blowing her own boss (because of course a coach was the boss of a Quidditch player) off. However, Ms. Golshiri was much warmer and seemed to understand, thankfully. Not that any of this had any affect on Archer's mood. She still had a smile on her face.

Ah, so that's what they had to do with their forms. She wondered if she could-nope, there was that question answered. No getting the boyfriend to sign it, or going to his level, even. Pbbbbt. Maybe after the test, when she officially had her license then.

Taking a deep breath, she focused deeply on the inside of one of the hoops. Breathe Archer, you can do this. She took hold of her wand, turned where she was almost like a ballerina and temporarily disappeared before reappearing, fully intact, in the center of one of the hoops. That was the first part of the test nailed. Next was the slightly harder part, especially since she wasn't at all familiar with the Ministry. So, instead she focused on going one level away from where she currently was, held on to her wand and turned on the spot again, disappearing from the room again.
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Grae's eyes flickered around the room at the plethora of students who had come to take their apparition license exams. Because of the predicament at Hogwarts last term, the young witch had expected a good turnout for today, and she was surely not disappointed. Most looked like recent graduates, and she was happy to see at least two older wizards in the classroom. As Kendra had said to Victor, you're never too old to get your apparition license.

Leaning casually against the wall on the side of the room, Grae decided to keep quiet and let Kendra and Yassi take the reigns. After all, this was their area of expertise, and as a relatively new member of the department, she didn't want to overstep her boundaries.

The lesson had barely started before Grae detected a nervous energy emanating from several of the students in the room. Sure, testing for your apparition license could be stressful, but she wished she could reassure them that there wasn't much to worry about. Anxiety only made apparition more difficult. She settled for a pleasant smile and a sincere, "Good luck," directed to the group, after Yassi finished relaying the practical instructions. "We'll see you in the Atrium!" Hopefully. Grae gave the group a nod and headed off to meet them at the Golden Gates.
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Daisy breathed deeply for a moment in order to calm her nerves and collect her thoughts. After all, she was very determined to not fail. She looked at the other end of the room where the hoops were and focused. Holding her wand, Daisy turned on the spot and disappeared for a moment. She reappeared right in the centre of one of the hoops. Daisy was very relieved to discover that she had not splinched herself at all.

Daisy then focused on apparating to the lobby located at Level One. She pictured the destination in her mind, held onto her wand and turned on the spot, vanishing from the room.
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Natalie had been focusing so hard on the actual, inevitable, practical portion of her apparition exam, that she hadn't really been paying attention to much of what the instructors had been saying. THANKFULLY, this wasn't her first rodeo (it was, in fact, the... twelfth lesson she had?), so she knew the logistics of it. And the LOGISTICS, yeah, those were fine!!! It all made sense! She had the theory down. It was the actual APPARATING that was scary as all get out.

Sure, Natalie's magical skills had improved a little bit since she had left Hogwarts, but even on a good day it was possible for her to blow up the tea kettle instead of just getting it to boil. But she NEEDED to bite the bullet and do this. She needed this level of independence. IT WAS TIME.

Taking a deep breath following the instructions, Natalie looked across the room and focused on the hoop in her line of sight. 'Okay,' she thought to herself, 'you got this.' And then, after a LONG ten seconds of IMMENSE focus, Natalie closed her eyes and successfully disapparated into the hoop.

With a sigh of relief and a proud smile, she then focused for another LONG ten seconds... and disapparated again. Hopefully to the right place.

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Text Cut: Mercy
Originally Posted by oh its Erik ok View Post
A small smile graced Mercy's face when she saw Philippa had arrived and cut the line to stand with her. Completely on brand and expected from the Von Brandt. Fashionable Late but more just on time. "Hey, i think im more nervous for this than owls" Which might not be true come when this was over but right now it was a million percent true. More more deep breathe and they were apparently starting. Wow really just on time Philippa. Both ladies where part of the Department.

Didnt explain the man over there tho.

Paperwork she could do. Paperwork and tests on paper are what she is good at.Did they have to mention something because Mercy would rather stay quiet and let everyone else answer. It was easier that way and wait did someone say something about losing eyebrows????

"Destination, Determination and Deliberation"

She said though not loud but well whenever has she ever been loud

Philippa quickly filled in the relevant paperwork, very accustomed to standing and writing while listening at the same time. "Don't be, you'll do great. We've practiced, we can do this," she said to her friend with a smile. The seventeen year old was oozing confidence as she finished up with the clipboard, knowing she had this firmly in the bag. The lack of exams in sixth year meant that she had devoted almost all of her time to studying for her apparition license. It had been a welcome distraction from the mist situation at school, and a welcome distraction in general.

She offered up her own nugget of apparition knowledge ("Attempting to apparate over a larger distance can increase the chances of splinching") and watched their examiners walk around the room. She quite liked the look of Golshiri, she seemed like a nice person. Philippa suddenly wondered if anyone had ever looked at her and thought the same. Probably not. She looked like she was out for blood all the time, with her resting features being what they were. Photographers liked that about her. And anyway, she wasn't a nice person. Being nice was just so overrated at seventeen.

But, not the point now. She tuned her mind back into the discussion at hand. No splinching, yada yada yada, yes, Philippa knew all of this. She looked at the end of the room, and then at the hoops, and listened carefully to the list of locations. She was most familiar with the lobby on Level 5, as her father had spent quite some time in the DIMC, accompanied by a younger yours truly. It had been a while ago, but she was confident. She really needed this license already, and that was her strongest motivator.

"Come on, let's get this over with and then apparate to my place for a drink to celebrate," she said to Mercy before turning on the spot and going over to the end of the room. Right. Deliberation, destination and determination. She could do this. Adjusting the strap of her bag, scratching a spot on her knee, wiggling her toes in her heels, she was ready. Envision yourself in that hoop, Philippa. Her wand was gripped tightly in her hand and a moment later, with a softer pop than most, she had apparated dead center of the requested hoop.

She lifted her head and looked around with the biggest, most satisfied grin, making sure the nice lady named Golshiri had seen, as well as the Transportation department head, Kendra Jordan-Durand. They all needed to see that she had disapparated expertly and still looked entirely fabulous in this hoop. Did they see? Wonderful.

Now, Level Five. The professional model - you can tell right? Can tell she's a pro model, you've seen her face in Hexagon Alley, surely, she's quite well known - once again adjusted herself, her mind going into that special place of concentration she reserved only for important things, like difficult spellwork or chess. Here we go, she's ready. Three, two, one and Philippa was off, disappeared from the room with an elegant half turn. Two out of three, done.
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Kaiser was not really lacking in confidence. At least, not in his ability to apparate. He was just, you know, in a mumbling mood. Had been for months, though, so it was nothing personal. He was, frankly, eager to get this whole thing started, because the sooner it began, the sooner it was over, and the sooner he could go back to shutting himself away in his room.

Listen. Kaiser didn't really particularly care about getting his licence, as breaking the law with a little unlicenced apparition didn't faze him in the slightest. At the same time, he was willing to give it a try, because - who knew - might be he'd manage it.

Once they were given the go ahead to get started with the test - just like that - Kaiser tucked his clipboard under his arm and made his way to the end of the classroom opposite the hoops. Hoping very much that he wasn't about to try and apparate into the same hoop as someone else (what... exactly occurred when two people apparated to the same spot simultaneously anyway? it surely couldn't be pretty), Kaiser gripped the handle of his wand, focused hard on the centre of that one hoop, and turned on the spot. He put all of his will into getting to that hoop, and tried channeling his ~magical energies~ or whatever, and there was that uncomfortable squeezing sensation that pushed him right to the brink of anxiety due to the fact that it only ever reminded him of being trapped.

When he opened his eyes (because he'd closed them at some point, perhaps right before turning on the spot - it was a habit of his), Kaiser found himself on the opposite side of the room to where he'd just been standing, in the centre of his hoop and (thankfully) not sharing it with anyone else. He gave himself a quick pat down to ensure his entire self had made the trip - though he was fairly sure he'd have felt it if he'd splinched - and determined that the first step had gone to plan.

Now then, to a different floor. He arbitrarily decided that he would, for some reason, head all the way up to level one. But hey, it would be the closest he'd ever get to the actual Minister, right?

Putting his hand on the handle of his wand once again, Kaiser focused hard on the lobby on level one, tried to enact the three Ds without thinking too hard about them, turned on the spot, and disappeared with a POP.
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Tina had been looking forward to getting her Apparition license for a long time, but the events of last term made her even more determined to earn it. Never again would she allow herself to be trapped somewhere! She had to learn to apparate so she could get herself out of danger, should the need arise… not that it would’ve helped her much at Hogwarts last term. She knew about the anti-disapparition spells on the school, but that wasn’t the point. The point was that brooms, floo powder, and/or portkeys weren’t always available, so she couldn’t keep depending on them alone.

As such, Tina had kept up diligently with her apparition lessons until they were cancelled, and she’d arrived at the apparition classroom on time, confident and ready to go. Upon her arrival, she recognized a few students from Hogwarts, but she didn’t try to make conversation with anyone. She was here to learn, not socialize. Instead she busied herself filling out the forms with her name, address, and all other required information. She caught the fist of the question asked, as well as the others' answers, but by the time she finished her forms, all the important answers had already been said. The only thing she could think to add was the fact that apparation always made some sort of noise, ranging from a faint pop to a sound like that of a car backfiring, but she wasn't sure if that qualified as important information about apparition ... that and they were already moving on. Oh well, she'd have the chance to prove her knowledge on the written portion of the exam. Besides, talk was cheap; she preferred to let her magic do the talking.

And now was her chance! Come on, Tina! You've got this, she thought, taking a couple of deep breaths to calm her mind. She glanced across the room, focusing all her attention on the center of one of the hoops. A look of intense concentration crossed her face as she gripped her wand and turned on the spot - no fancy ballerina twirls for her, just enough to get the job done! She disappeared and…

reappeared a split second later in the middle of one of the hoops. She made it! Didn't she? Tina didn't feel much different, maybe a little queasy but not injured. Just in case, she felt to make sure everything was still there. Limbs? Check. Hair? Check. Nails? Check. Eyebrows? Check. No signs of splinching, thank Merlin!*

Now she had to apparate to another floor of the Ministry. The question was which one? Tina felt slightly nervous about this part. She had never been to any of the possible locations before, so visualizing her destination was going to be a lot harder! She considered the possibilities. She'd probably have an easier time visualizing a lobby than a cafe or a fitness room, and she knew her friend/father figure's boss was on level 1. She'd try that! The level 1 lobby couldn't look too much different from the one on this level, right? Visualizing a lobby in her mind's eye, she turned and vanished.
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Seventeen was nearly over for Patrick, but he had to wait until now to finally get his apparition license. With the mist, his whole term had basically been uprooted. He had gotten tips from his parents on his way to the classroom, and his brothers had all told him how easy it was... but no one told him just how nervous he would feel when seeing his friends enter the classroom for the same purpose as him.

He had tried to remember all of the things that he had learned up to this point, but he was also starting to get pretty nervous to make sure he did his stuff right. With the pen he had sitting on top of his journal he wrote down the three tasks he needed to do in order to pass his exam.
Originally Posted by notes
Don't splinch

1. Apparate into the center of the hoop in room.
2. Apparate to one of these locations:
Level One Lobby and Reception, Pets 'n Plants Café (Level Four), Level Five Lobby, Fitness Room (Level Seven)
3. Apparate to the Golden Gates in the Atrium.
He was ready to do this. Gripping his wand he watched a few of the other students go. His eyes followed Tina, one of his fellow classmates he recognized. She had her wand, turned, and moved across the room. Well he figured if most of the people who had gone before him had made it he could make it.

"Get it together Dooley" He mumbled to himself. He gripped and ungripped his wand in his hand, taking a deep breath or two. He held his wand spun on his left foot imagining the golden hoop at the other end of the room ready to land inside of it. The golden hoop in the floor across---

Opening his eyes he noticed that the view of the room looked.... different. He'd done it? Holy Merlin he had done it and he didn't splinch. His brothers were right he could do this. Now he just needed to go to the two other locations.
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