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Krel Ansell 02-20-2018 10:40 PM

Conference Room

Smaller and more intimate then the Adult Classroom, this area is used for division meetings, department meetings, interviews, investigations, and anything else that level five need to have an nice please to meet. A wall of windows facing the lobby makes it easy for the employees see if visitors are coming or if appointments have shown up early, but the room itself is soundproof so that the outside noise will not disturb them from hearing and focusing on what is going on.

Krel Ansell 03-16-2018 06:21 PM

Conley believed in deadlines, time-frames, and being the first person to arrive for things that he organized; like a staff meeting. He had attempted to meet most of his staff and had been successful in talking with most of them, but now having been in the department for a few weeks, he was having his first staff meeting.

He had arranged for coffee, tea, and some cookies which was laid out on a small counter to the left of the conference table. He snagged a chocolate chip cookie as he walked into the conference room with a handful of files and made himself comfortable at the head of the table. Was he nervous? Sure, who wouldn't be. Facilitating meetings was always a bit nerve wracking, especially when he was still getting to know everyone.

So, he taking a deep breath, he leaned back in his chair and ate his cookie as he waited for his staff to arrive.

Kimothy 03-18-2018 10:54 AM

This was going to be interesting, considering it was their first ever staff meeting with the new department head. Sure, Rani had been able to catch a glimpse of him a couple of times and even greeted whenever he passed by her work area. Aside from that, they've never really met properly and officially. After making sure her desk was decluttered from paperwork, the brunette went for the conference room.

And, even more interesting, she was the first employee to arrive. It was only Mr. Phora in attendance so far. "Good day, sir," she greeted with a smile, closing the door behind. "I'm Rani Malhotra, foreign relations division head." All for the formalities, of course, and just in case he wasn't familiar with her. As for the pastries in store for them, she opted simply for a cup of coffee. That will suffice.

DuckyLinJi 03-18-2018 07:08 PM

Victoria was checking her hair every few steps as she walked towards the first meeting of the year. Cutting it shorter, shoulder length had probably been a big mistake. The natural curl of her hair made it stick out a bit and she could not get it to stay flat. Wearing a hat was unprofessional, no time for another appointment nor did she want to try it herself and accidentally ruin her hair even more.

putting her hand mirror back in her pocket as she reached the conference, the woman opened the door and was glad she wasn't the first. "Good day you two" she said as she placed her bag on the table.

Crayola 03-20-2018 06:37 PM

Call her a workaholic, a nerd, an ambitious fool; she didn't care. Department meetings with definitely her favourite kind of meetings. Especially when there was a new department head and things could be changing. Leaving all unnecessary things at her desk, Violetta made her way swiftly to the conference room, a bit miffed that people were already there. Couldn't shake the feeling that that meant she was late, even if she wasn't.

Her trusty black notebook and her self-inking quill in hand, she opened the door and walked in, curling her lips into a small smile to her boss and colleagues. "Good day, Sir." A little, respectful nod towards his boss. "Rani, Victoria. I trust two are well." It still felt weird to call people by their first name; her upbringing had made sure politeness and manners were etched firmly into her fiber of her being but -- first names seemed to be the policy of the Ministry and she really didn't want to stick out like a sore thumb. Pushing her blonde hair over her shoulders, she grabbed herself a cup of tea before taking a seat at the table, ready to start taking notes.

Krel Ansell 03-20-2018 09:49 PM

He finished his cookie as people started walking. He dusted his shirt, to make sure that he wasn’t covered in crumbs as he silently wished that he had a cup of tea. ”Hello Rani,” he put on a big smile. From the looks of things, the few people walking in looked happy. That was always a good sign. ”How are you today?”

”Greetings Victoria,” He smiled swivling her way. Good people were helping themselves to food. There were few things he liked less than wasted food. He hadn’t come from a rich family and he knew how hard it had been for them to put food on the table.

”Very well, Violetta,” he said folding his hands together in his lap. Apparently it was going to be a slow starting meeting. He’d give people a few more minutes to show up, and then he would begin. With or without them. And if it was without them, they would have to come see him or their supervisors for their assignments and updates.

In an effort to keep a happy look on his face, he continued with the small talk. ”How is everyone today?”

MadMadamMalfoy 03-21-2018 05:51 AM

Katja checked her diamond watch... looked like she was going to be fashionably on-time. Good, she was a little worried. She'd been tied up in a chat with one of her associates back in Denmark, and the conversation took a bit longer than expected. How mortifying would it be to greet a new department head by being late to the first meeting? Gracious, she didn't think she could handle that kind of humiliation!

The blonde Danish woman took a quick moment to adjust her fascinator before she sauntered into the conference room, looking resplendent in blue and magenta as usual. She was slightly disappointed to see that the old decor was still Okay, time to win over another department head! What was this - the third one since she joined the Ministry? "Good morning, Mr. Phora," she greeted the department head with her most charming smile. "I'm Katja Westergaard, Immigration division head," she added, just in case he didn't remember her (as if that was possible!)

Her smile grew as she noticed the drinks and cookies. She helped herself to a cup of tea and a lemon cookies, daintily nibbling it as she took her seat."Thank you for the refreshments, sir," she said. A little etiquette could go a long way!

The other people at the table (Rani, Victoria, and Violetta) each received a polite nod of acknowledgement. "Good morning, ladies. How are you?" she greeted.

Kimothy 03-21-2018 03:50 PM

Her day was faring well, thankfully. "Doing great," Rani replied to her new boss with a smile of her own. Perhaps he was pretty okay for someone so new to the ministry. "How about you, sir?" Small talk didn't hurt to get things rolling before the meeting, but it wasn't the reason they were gathered her in the first place.

It was good to know that her fellow employees were beginning to fill the conference room up. "Good day, Victoria," Rani greeted the next woman who came in after her. And... even more people. "Well, indeed, Violetta. I hope you are, too," she offered polite smile. She was quite glad she had this formal adulting thing going well for her. Work was work, after all, even when they were simply in a meeting.

"Very well, thank you," Rani replied to Katja as she entered and joined in the conference. "And you?" The exchange of formalities kept Rani pleased. It was her thing. But still, she waited for the real meeting to start... and maybe for their other slacking co-workers to arrive. Have they got any sense of time?

Krel Ansell 04-01-2018 11:25 PM


Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy (Post 12316591)
"Good morning, Mr. Phora," she greeted the department head with her most charming smile. "I'm Katja Westergaard, Immigration division head," she added, just in case he didn't remember her (as if that was possible!)

Her smile grew as she noticed the drinks and cookies. She helped herself to a cup of tea and a lemon cookies, daintily nibbling it as she took her seat."Thank you for the refreshments, sir," she said. A little etiquette could go a long way!

”Good morning Katja,” he said with a smile. He had read the young lady’s name a few times and had silently wondered how it was pronounced. So he was grateful that the young lady had introduced herself and he hadn’t had the chance to embarrass himself. ”You’re quite welcome,” he replied when she mentioned the refreshments. ”I always find that nibbles help make meetings a bit less boring.”

Originally Posted by Kimothy (Post 12316642)
Her day was faring well, thankfully. "Doing great," Rani replied to her new boss with a smile of her own. Perhaps he was pretty okay for someone so new to the ministry. "How about you, sir?" Small talk didn't hurt to get things rolling before the meeting, but it wasn't the reason they were gathered her in the first place.

”It is going well,” he replied to Rani. At least so far it was. He hoped that the IMC staff would be easy to work with, and at least for the week or two he had been in and around the department, they had seemed amiable. So far anyways. He knew that the best way to acclimate himself into the environment was to move slowly. Observed and make small changes here and there. Over turning the applecart first thing was never a good idea. ”Lots to learn,” he added with a rather confident smile. He mostly meant about his staff, but he was certain there was plenty for them to teach him as well.

And so he waited a few more minutes as people chatted around the room, grabbed a cup of coffee or tea, perhaps a cookie or muffin, and then settles themselves around the table.

And then he looked at the clock and it was time for the meeting to start. He cleared his throat gently, to get everyone’s attention. ”So, we are going to get started,” He said smoothly. ”Those that come in later, can meet with me afterwards to catch up. I understand,” he said looking around the room. ”That in our line of work, sometimes our job duties interrupt our scheduled appointments, so as long as it isn’t a habit to be late or miss meetings entirely.” He hoped his smile relayed his sincerity.

He shuffled a few of the papers around in front of him. ”I’d like to start by assuring everyone that I have no intention of changing things, at least right away. But I have read some of the reports and files on recent events the department has encountered, and I think that we, as a department, need to be a bit more proactive. So, with that in mind, I’d like to get to my first order of business. Visas.”

He paused a moment to see if anyone had anything to day. ”I'd like to start with an Immigrations audit,” he said passing the small pile of files in his hands over to Katja. The audit was not a reflection on the way Katja was running things and he hoped that she did not take it that way. It was merely a way to make sure that the Ministry was doing a proper job of keeping tabs on those who were not UK citizens. ”Please arrange meetings with with those in the country whose Visas are about to expire or whose have expired. This may take some time and those employed by the ministry should be our first focus.”

Krel Ansell 07-25-2018 03:31 PM

Conley had a headache. A headache that wouldn’t go away with a draft or an elixir and now he had to head up a department meeting. He sighed as he entered the room, happy to see that coffee, tea, and cake(s) had been set out. He helped himself to a cup of tea with cream and then grabbed a tea cake before taking his seat at the head of the table.

Hopefully this meeting wouldn't take took long. Just a quick update on departmental projects, some tea, small chat, and then off they would go to do their usually daily routines. Conley tried very hard not to interfere in the daily goings on in the department, unless it seemed like his presence or expertise was needed. Which, thankfully it usually wasn't. It meant he had a good team about him.

Leaning back in his chair, he sipped at his tea and waited for his staff to arrive.

FearlessLeader19 07-31-2018 09:35 PM

Sachin was really going to crash this meeting.

Yes, he happened to know about it thanks to some information he had received. It seemed like a good idea to get Conley's attention; not to mention the others of the Department. This was too important for the entire Department to be aware of, this news that he had to share.

Sachin Mahendra Singh was dressed in one of his best yet not so formal suits. The dark jacket was richly embroided with designs. It was one of those suits that he had bought while in India a few days ago. "Conley,'' he said with a wide smile by way of greeting when he arrived at the Conference room. "Nice to see you again. Am I too early for your meeting?''

Krel Ansell 08-02-2018 01:43 AM

Conley had been mid-bit of his tea cake when Sachin walked in. Conley coughed, nearly choking on his snack in surprise. It wasn't every day that one of the Ministry's ambassadors walked into the department to join in a staff meeting. Perhaps it was for the best that none of his staff had arrived yet. Wiping his mouth with a napkin, Conley motioned for the man to sit down. "Not..." Cough. "At all." He took a sip of his tea. "Please help yourself to some coffee, tea, cakes." Someone after all, might as well enjoy them.'

While Sachin made himself at home, Conley asked, "What brings you to London?"

FearlessLeader19 08-04-2018 03:35 PM

Choking...Conley was choking.

“Oh bhagavaan,’’ Sachin exclaimed in partial Hindi. Did he just manage to sentence the man to death? The ambassador hurried over, quite prepared to bang on Conley’s back if necessary. Fortunately, that was not necessary which made him breathe a sigh of relief.

“Thank you. I just think I will.’’ Sachin busied himself with making a strong cup of flavoured tea. What brought him here? “The British Minister of Magic.’’ He took a seat at the table, stirring his tea with a spoon though his eyes were keenly fixed upon Conley. “His...behaviour. Has it ever caused concerned you lot about his eccentric manner?’’

'bhagavaan'= 'God'

Krel Ansell 08-07-2018 07:57 PM

Conley advantage of Sachin’s getting some refreshments to clean up the crumbs that fell on his shirt as he had coughed. A subtle wave of his wand and he was clean, a few wrinkles were gone from his shirt and his hair had a bit more poof. He pushed his empty plate away and sat up straighter in his chair as Sachin spoke. Nickles behavior…odd? HA! That was the understatement of the century. Memories of Conleys’ interaction with the man around Christmas flooded Conley’s mind and he had to suppress a shudder. Nickles belonged in St. Mungo’s under 24 hour observational care, not running the Ministry.

”His behavior?” Conley asked slowly hoping that evidence of his own opinion wasn’t noticeable in his tone or on his face. ”What exactly about it?” Conly prompted hoping that Sachine would proffer the information. Whatever Conley felt, he had to be careful. After all, the man was still his boss.

FearlessLeader19 08-11-2018 06:41 PM

Sachin, tea cup in right hand, paused mid-way to his mouth. He surveyed Conley over the brim of said cup. Did Conley mean what in particular about Nickels’s behaviour? Because as far as he could tell the Minister was quite the lunatic. Who decided he would make a good leader for an entire Ministry when he could practically be telling Muggles about the Wizarding World’s existence?

Sachin took his mouthful of tea before carefully setting his cup then. He’d need to get this out of his way before the employees turn up for their meeting. “Nickels... is just Nickels.’’ Did that help? Surely he didn’t need to elaborate more? “Has it ever crossed anyone’s mind that with an er, outgoing personality like that he might one day slip up? Accidentally reveal some tidbit about our world?’’

Krel Ansell 08-19-2018 05:11 PM

"The thought has crossed my mind," Conley said with an audible sigh. He really hoped that the conference room wasn't bugged. Perhaps he should sweep the offices weekly and made a mental note to put that on his to-do list. Perhaps Conley was a bit paranoid, but one didn't work long-term in the anti-dark magic field without being at least a little paranoid. And the last thing he needed was for sensitive information to leak out of this level. "And I have attempted to express my concerns to my peers. However," Conley pulled his wand out, waved it, and transfigured his empty plate into a piece of parchment. He pulled a self-inking quill out of his breast pocket and then leaned forward to scribble something down. Perhaps, he thought. With official concern from another country, the issue might be given full credence. "Can I ask," Conley said putting his quill down. "Have you come baring an official complaint from our colleagues in India? Or is this an concerned citizen call? "

FearlessLeader19 08-20-2018 11:36 PM

Of course the thought has crossed Coney’s mind. How could it not. What a stupid question Sachin had asked. Anyone who had seen how Nickels operated would be worried and not trust the man with an inkling of their life. He gulped down more tea. “They pay no attention to your words?’’ he questioned in utter disbelief, his Indian accent becoming very pronounced then. Was the British Ministry completely insane? Well, perhaps they were... the Minister himself proved it in Sachin’s opinion.

Tea finished, he busied himself in making another cup. Yes, he like most Indians had a great weakness for the hot liquid. “Official complaint. A few have them have interacted with Nickels... they saw what he’s like.’’

Krel Ansell 08-22-2018 01:16 PM

An official complain. ”Excellent.” The comment was muttered aloud, but Conley didn’t realize he had spoken. An official complaint would help make some serious noise. He wondered if any of his other ambassadors had similar concerns. He would need to send out some owls later in inquiry His self-inking quill make scratching noises as he wrote a few notes down on the parchment. It was a moment or two until he spoke again. ”Thank you for bringing your concerns to me in person,” He set the quill down and gave Sachin his full attention again. He would be bringing the complaint up in his meeting with Ms. Bones later this afternoon. ”I hope we will have a…” he searched for the diplomatic words to express his hope. ”Solution to the problem shortly. “ His personal solution included sending Nickels to St. Mungo’s under 24-7 observational care.

Yes he was certainly aware of how cryptic he sounded, but sometimes, the boss needed to keep information to himself. Ms. Bones had called for a departmental head meeting this afternoon and now, he had some fuel to add to the flames, not that Nickles’ own actions hadn’t fanned the flames enough themselves. First with that weird orientation, then the animal fiasco, not to mention his public antics and just overall weird behavior.

Trying to be personable, and not completely work-obsessed, Conley asked, ”Will you be in London long? Perhaps the man was taking advantage of the trip here to visit friends or family or to site-see. Conley also wondered if he would have to send a follow up owl – or if he could arrange for Sachin to stop by later for a follow up. He would hate to send the male back to India without evidence that they were taking the complaint seriously.

FearlessLeader19 08-24-2018 04:22 PM


The one word comment told Sachin that definitely Conley would be more than happy to report this. Sachin would say he was pleased too. The sooner this was brought to attention and taken seriously, the better for them all. "You're welcome. I do hope this report will be able to help in a big way.'' Perhaps in getting Nickels removed as soon as possible? He did not voice his thought out aloud though he gathered Conley felt the same.

The man downed even more tea. "Not for long. Possibly two days at most. I want to check in on my roommate as well as take a day or so to relax.'' He looked around at the Conference room. "All your employees are busy today?'' There hardly seemed to be anyone around.

Krel Ansell 06-24-2019 10:12 PM

Meeting Time
Here he was.
Another year, another meeting.
He signed internally, wishing he were back in India enjoying an iced drink and not worrying about anything to do with international affairs. The only thing on his mind being how they were going to redecorate his house noooo their house, once Sachin and Duke moved in.

But duty called. At least there was refreshments. Wallace had done a bang-up job and Conley made a mental note to praise the man when he arrived. Conley put down his notepad and pen before walking over to fix himself a cup of tea and grab a muffin. It would be nice to have someone else to take notes for him.

gritandgrace 06-25-2019 12:11 AM

Mai was excited. It had been interesting coming into her new job and this was her first official meeting in the new place. She was grateful for job, but she still didn’t know too many people. Well, Louise she knew, and she was very excited for the chance to maybe irk together in the future. But first things first for this meeting - a nice cup of tea!

Walking over she saw her boss grabbing one as well, “Hello Mr. Phora. How are you?”

Krel Ansell 06-25-2019 10:15 PM

Text Cut: Mai

Originally Posted by gritandgrace (Post 12417795)
Mai was excited. It had been interesting coming into her new job and this was her first official meeting in the new place. She was grateful for job, but she still didn’t know too many people. Well, Louise she knew, and she was very excited for the chance to maybe irk together in the future. But first things first for this meeting - a nice cup of tea!

Walking over she saw her boss grabbing one as well, “Hello Mr. Phora. How are you?”

Conley had just sat down with his teacup and muffin when Mai walked in. ”Ms. Ainsley,” he said with a smile. ”I’m well thank you.” Or at least he would be once this meeting was over. ”I hope you’re settling in well. Did you and Ms. Hamilton have fun at the alleys?” He hadn’t gotten much of a chance to chat with the two young women before he had been pulled off in other directions.

He took a sip of his tea and then sat the cup on the table as he flipped open his notepad. There were a few notes scribbled down, a couple of which had stars next to them. He hoped the rest of his team would arrive soon so they could get started. He was in a surprisingly good mood, considering the information he had just been presented with.

gritandgrace 06-26-2019 12:29 AM

Mai smiled, "Yes, thank you. It was surprisingly fun. Heads and all."

Settling down a couple seats from Conley she put her tea down and grabbed a notebook from her bag as well as her favorite, lucky pen. She always brings it with her to a new place. It helps. "How has it been, being back to work after the break?"

Krel Ansell 07-03-2019 12:27 AM

"Surprisingly busy," he said after taking a sip of his tea. He placed the cup back on the saucer, making a clanking noise. And lonely, but that wasn't something he should share with his employees. He just had to keep reminding himself that Sachin wasn't going to be in India for long - or ever. "And you? Did you have a good holiday?" New to the department she maybe, but Mai surely still celebrated.

He was going to give his employees a few more minutes and then he'd start. Surely his employees had a reason for being late. International business always had unusual hours. He really did have a few things he needed to discuss with the department.

gritandgrace 07-06-2019 09:21 PM

Mai was surprised no one else had shown up yet. Had they not seen the memo? she thought. Maybe they're just having a hard time getting away from work. she reasoned with herself. She didn't have much work on her own table yet, but that was alright. She was hoping maybe Conley would be able to introduce her to the representatives of Japan and France. That would be very helpful.

"It was lovely, thank you. I got to spend a couple days catching up with my parents back home, but I came back and got settled in quickly." Mai didn't want to appear as if she was slacking off, she wanted to make a good first impression. That was for sure.

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