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Leaky Cauldron Stop by for a quick drink or a place to stay the night. This famous pub and inn would be more than happy to serve you.

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Old 09-23-2018, 06:00 PM
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Default Pub Seating

Here at the Leaky Cauldron things can get pretty busy, and, for Lucy, this is exactly the case. For this purpose, a few changes have been made and now customers may come to the counter to place their orders, so as to keep the chaos down and keep things less hectic for the busy workers and their customers.

In the center of the room sits the baby of the Leaky Cauldron - baby grand piano that is. It is not unusual to enter the Leaky Cauldron and see costumers playing away at the piano. However, this piano is widely special, even for the Wizarding World. Years ago, Ryoma, former owner Harley's partner, built it by hand and therefore as one plays each key the ivory gives off a little puff of colored smoke that rises up into the air and form shapes that begin to tell a story to the music.

Off to the side of the room, a cozy fireplace and seating area can be found for those looking to relax a bit before heading off to the busy shops of Diagon Alley. At various times throughout the day, Lucy will drop by with a tray of assorted snacks for those sitting by the fireplace to enjoy.

OOC: Please do NOT RP for Lucy. Doing so will cause your post to be edited or deleted depending on the severity. The piano is free for all to use so have fun with that and enjoy yourself. Also, please remember that Lucy does NOT take orders at the tables. You must go the Bar and Service Counter for that.

And a very IMPORTANT warning. Please please PLEASE make sure you have read all SS rules - especially those involving drinking. There will be a zero tolerance policy in regards to this rule.
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*randomly tagged*

Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
Ahh the food had come and Zita's eyes shifted to the server just as the frown happened so she didn't notice and by the time she turned her attention back to him a smile on her lips, "I've done a little. I love to sketch things, have since I was little. My father owns a tea company, you've probably heard of Valla Teas." They were pretty popular, "so I have been able to get my hands on many things." Though in the last year most of it had been taken from her by her own doing. "Oh, I haven't asked Bentley about sets, I'm just so grateful that he brought me on at all, really he was a lifesaver." She might not have made it at the beginning of the last year if it wasn't for that job and things to focus on.

Sitting back and listening to him talk about all the jobs he had was so interesting, "and you did these all since becoming of age? What skills you have learned." Z was really impressed and wondered if he had done them all in different countries or once he was done with his traveling, but she wasn't going to interrupt to ask. She just nodded a few times until she realized he probably wasn't seeing the nods, "Wow that is so cool, I mean I've only ever really worked maybe one or two jobs but I've gotten to travel a little because of my family. We weren't originally from here, but I've been here since I was eight." So the accent was German, she had a thought, but didn't want to put her finger on it just yet.

"So you work with potions, what are the best experiment and the worst you've come across with potions?" The conversation was going well in her eyes and the awkward silence that happened at times didn't seem to be coming anytime soon, plus she couldn't help but think that it was ironic all her past thoughts about guys didn't relate to him since he couldn't see well. This evening felt like it was going well, she hoped he thought so too.

He wanted to talk about design well that was a topic she enjoyed. "I think designs can make whatever you want them to make. You want something cozy, pick warm colors, art that makes you feel good." She had ideas for all areas, "Like this place, I think bringing in some more blues and even a hint of yellow could lighten up the sitting room for when families come in, relax some that get anxious in busy places, and just a fun design for a public area." She took a bite of her food while she thought about the next question, "I like getting inspiration from other's designs, but I don't really know until I see the area what I want to go with." She hoped that was what he was asking.
He wasn’t familiar with Valla Teas. Perhaps it was a British brand. Adam gave a grateful nod to the waitress before looking down at his plate. A few seconds of staring at it brought he dish into focus and he was able to take an educated guess as to where the fish, versus the chips were. He’d have to be a little more careful with the wine glass though. He was still listening though as he picked up a chip. Thankfully he didn’t smell any vinegar as he popped it into his mouth. He was curious about why she had needed saving, but it really wasn’t his place to ask. If she wanted to tell him, she would. And if she didn’t want to tell him, well, that was her right.

”Patience,” he said with a goofy smile. What else had he learned from all those jobs? ”Lots of Patience. But mostly I learned vhat I did not like. Und,” he waved another chips around for emphasis. ”How to make a Zalted Caramel Chocolate Tart.” Adam was a pretty good cook and baker. In fact, had he not found the potioneer’s job at the ministry, he might very well have gone back to the bakery in Turkey to learn more. Maybe opened his own little shop somewhere.

Well, that was a loaded question. He chewed on a bite of fish as he thought it over. Oddly, the answer to her question was the same. ”Das best vould be that I get to help peoples..” He reached out and carefully found the glass of wine. ”There was zis one potion, I worked on for months, I cannot tell how many times it blew up in Mein face. Mein hair was lined with pink anne blue for months.” He brought the wine glass to his lips, sipping slowly. " But when it finally worked? It was Das most exciting feeling.” He put his wine glass down, shifting forward in this seat. ”I feel like, das reward izt worth das possible side effects...because vat i do helps people.” He had the feeling she could understand. What she wanted to do was similar, even if it was with space and objects, verses a potion. ”Vat you want to do, it izt similar nein? Helping people be more happy - more...comfortable.”

He couldn’t really see the complete aspects of the room they were in, but he could agree that the place could use some more color, if just to brighten it up. He listened quietly, nodding along when he agreed as he ate his food. He was mostly following her, but he had no eye for design. Never had even before his accident. ”Sounds like you have eh guud eye for things. Makes me wonder vat you vould tink of mein place.” The words were out before he thought them through, because Adam was the type of guy was simply that innocent of things. He became quiet for a moment as he realized that what he had said might be taken the wrong way. Then flushing pink in the cheeks, he quickly went on to add. ” Nein thaht I am saying we have eh lot of plants.” he finished lamely looking off to the side.
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Dark Force Defense League

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this member will self-destruct in 3... 2... 1... 💥💥 nickleback 💥💥

Q. had entertained a long, but productive day. He'd picked out a color wave for the shop, ordered several new, and rare species of succulent to cultivate and sell, hired on an accountant and spoken to a copyright lawyer, and lastly- but least(ly)- replied to all his mail.

So yes, he believed he deserved this glass of Bordeaux. Quentin had never seen the appeal of wine until this last year when it's calming presence and complex flavor had been introduced to him at a dinner party held by some very affluent friends- and now? it was his only drink of choice, Many of his friends considered this snobbery, especially from someone under the age of 25 but Q brushed it all off. He liked what he liked. Humming to himself as he swirled his glass of red, Quentin found himself gravitating toward the piano. He had learned to play in his youth, would his fingers still know the way?

with a wry grin, the young man- still standing- tickled an ivory.
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Henrietta stood right in the middle of the street, simply staring up at the cloudy sky for a long moment. She had quite enjoyed walking the streets of Diagon Alley after what felt like forever but it was definitely going to rain soon so she decided to grab a drink before heading back home.

She entered the familiar pub nearby, immediately taking off her jacket because it really was quite warm inside. Draping it over the back of a chair, the twenty-one year old headed towards the bar to order, completely oblivious to her surroundings. Hmm.. what did she want? She studied the menu intently, humming a tune.

Look at the stars, look how they shine for you.
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