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Janus Thickey Ward Has your role-play been affected by numerous spells and ran its course? If so, it will be kept here for permanent care.

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Old 02-28-2009, 02:10 AM
D.A Forever D.A Forever is offline
Default The Traditional-.. Uh-oh.

Thanks very much to Nattie (nymphadora_nat) for the lovely banner!

Once upon a time many years ago, there was a group of professors pondering over ideas together, not one of them from the same school. They needed something to reward the older, hardworking students. It was to be special, yet still educational somehow. That's when it happened, one wizard offered the idea of a trip to take place during winter break meant for those of whom want to stay at school; a younger witch added on, suggesting why not give the kids an opportunity to meet other witches and wizards their age from schools all around the world. From there, the ideas kept coming and soon a tradition was started.

The traditional holiday vacation trip lives on as strong as ever; never once was it skipped or canceled from the point it started hundreds of years ago. To this day professors still escort their students to the snowy mountains, and this is where we begin, in the winter of 2003.

The snow covered mountains are absolutely breathtaking to look at, however. . . be warned, there's been rumours flying around about-. . . well, you'll have to see for yourself.

Bwahah. Sorry, there's alot more to the plot obviously, but I can't tell! You know as much as you need to at this point. We don't want to ruin the surprises to come for everyone else, that wouldn't be any fun . I do have to ask one thing now, when we say "please go along with this," PLEASE do, it means we're trying to lead the plotline in the right direction without giving everything away at once. Now, you've probably noticed I said "we" above. This role-play will not only be run by me, but by Dani (Kaos.Doodles) and one of my fellow K.A mods, Steph (MUSTANG SALLY). Those two are geniuses and came up with most of the plotline . While I did say kids from all over the world, we would really appreciate everyone sticking to either Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Durmstrang Institute or Beauxbatons Academy of Magic for plot related reasons. Dani and Steph have come up with houses for the other two schools as well, to make it a little more fun. I'll leave information on that in the following spoiler boxes:

SPOILER!!: Beauxbatons; by Dani
The founders of the school, each named after the founders: Benoît Durante (male), Adelaïde Ferdinand (female) and Firmin Clotilde (male).

Students of Durante: are known for being calm, patient and understanding. They're also usually very creative, each in their own way.

Students of Ferdinand: are commonly incredibly daring, as well as brave; you won't see one of them just sitting by and watching a disaster in the making. Their high level of smarts help keep them balanced.

Students of Clotilde: are firm, quite destructive at times and as ironic as it seems, they're most likely to become famous.

SPOILER!!: Durmstrang; by Steph
The four houses: Maple, Hybrid, Dahlia, Black Thorn.

Students of Maple: Students of Maple are, in so many words, the kids that didn't fit in with any of the other houses. Their smart kids - but not as smart as Dahlia's; Maples are generally the reserved type, but most have big hearts and are some of the nices people you'll ever talk to; it just takes alot to find that out.

Students of Hybrid: Hybrid students are brave and reckless, their not the brightest students but nonetheless they know what they want and know how to get it. They're loud and can be obnoxious when they want; these students tend to be maybe a little TOO proud of their wands, and their hair.

Students of Dahlia: They're very well known for being the top students of the entire school; they're intelligent and they know it. They tend to think they are better than everybody else because of how smart they are, and don't care much about looks - just brains.

Students of Black Thorn: They're most often than not rather conceited, and get their way by looks. They are stuck up and can pretty much get away with anything at Durmstrang.

Note (I failed to mention before?! *headdesk*): 5th to 7th year characters only pleeease.

Professor Escorts:
D.A Forever: Emilia Flutwich -- Hogwarts
MUSTANG SALLY: Katherine Rossi & her equally scary owl: Spice -- Durmstrang
Kaos.Doodles: Claude Satou -- Beauxbatons

** NOTE: No more Professors are needed. **

Hogwarts Students:
D.A Forever: Angelina Brenin [Hufflepuff]
hazydazy012: Fey Thompson [Hufflepuff]
Loki: Kendra Hamrlik [Hufflepuff]
D.A Forever: Agatha DuBois [Gryffindor]
Lily Lupin: Ashley Gomez [Gryffindor]
Lily Lupin: Jasper King [Gryffindor]
Oesed: Marshall Howe [Gryffindor]
phoenix_tears: Hansi Franke [Gryffindor]
phoenix_tears: Adrianna Franke [Gryffindor]
Phonascus: Layla Shaspas [Gryffindor]
Tex: Brock Andrus [Gryffindor]
Oesed: Fiorella Bostwick [Ravenclaw]
Potter101: Blake StJames [Ravenclaw]
Kaos.Doodles: Nancy Giordano [Slytherin]
Riverlynn: Tristan McKay [Slytherin]

Durmstrang Students:
MUSTANG SALLY: Carl Johnson [Maple]
KatieTessa: Natasha Romanov [Maple]
Granger1814: Enrico Vasquez [Maple]
lomadia: Hannah Mclaney [Black Thorn]
Potter101: Preston Winters [Black Thorn]
moonyroxs: Katie Flint [Black Thorn]
Monkey Princess: Liara Henkly [Hybrid]
accio.brain: Grigor Sobolev [Hybrid]
KatieTessa: Dominick Romanov [Hybrid]
EquestrianGal88: Leonie Drashel [Dahlia]
kaZombie: Gabrielle Nyx [?]

Beauxbatons Students:
Potter101: Anya Jacksynn [Ferdinand]
TishTash: Larissa Alonso [Ferdinand]
Kaos.Doodles: Scarlett Giordano [Clotilde]
DanialRadFAN01: Jack Muceir [Clotilde]
MsMorgan: Meloria D'Aubigne [Clotilde]
Esme: Amelie Beauford [Clotilde]
Tex: Ari Delafuenté [Clotilde]
Loki: Mélissandre Lavande [Durante]
BeccaBear: Steph Génial [Durante]
Riverlynn: Dominique Stone [Durante]
dingDong: Camille Hurst [Durante]
kaZombie: Alexandra Nyx [?]

** We will be playing students as well, I fail to remember everyones names though so I'll add them later.

Some simple rules & guidlines to follow;
1. All SS & KA rules apply, always. ♥
2. NO OOCs unless necessary, use the PM system guys!
3. You may double if you wish to, with as many characters as you like - As long as you can handle it!
4. No oneliners. afew every now and then are fine but please but a little effort into it, pleeease! I/we adore you all to bits, but it's hard to reply to them.
5. Because Gracie has to have organization and doesn't like clutter, Steph and Dani have allowed her to make this rule: PLEASE, I beg of you if you like me at all, do NOT post asking to join -- you can either just post a bio, or PM/IM me and I will gladly approve!
6. Because Steph and Dani are currently quite busy and it gives others plenty of time to join and post a bio, we're going to wait two weeks from the day I put this up before starting this role-play. And yes, I will PM everyone when it starts. <3
7. If you have ANY questions or suggestions at all, please don't hesitate to PM me. I apologize for the many rules, and for not giving more of the plot - it's worth the wait though; So for the seventh rule: HAVE FUN! or Dani will bite you.

Originally Posted by Announcement
Hello there, your thread has qualified into our forum and you can now begin RP'ing as soon as you get some players. We would like to remind you of a few links which are here for your reference:

KA Rules & Guidelines.
Roleplaying Questions
How To RP

For all Roleplay discussion, chat, or meeting other Rolplayers please use our current : Knockturn Alley Cafe (RP Chat)

Thank you and have fun roleplaying.
Steph & The Knockturn Alley Moderators
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I love this plot! Can I play a female student from Drumstrang in Black Thorn?


SPOILER!!: Drumstrang Student; Hannah McLaney
Name: Hannah Mclaney
Age/Birthday: 17 / 25th July 1986
Year: Seventh
School/House: Drumstrang/Black Thorn
Strongest subject: Charms, Transfiguration
Weakest subject: Potions, Runes
Wand: Beech, 10 inches, with dragon heartstring core.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’4”
Build: Slim, but curvy
Skin tone: Fair
Personality: Sassy and fierce Hannah knows she looks good, and uses it fully to her own advantage. She’s an outrageous flirt, and can get most guys to do things for her so she doesn’t have to. She can be mean and devious when she wants to, but is great at putting on a nice girl front. She is the typical student from Drumstrang, only looking out for herself, although she does have some close friends.
Family/History: Hannah is eldest of three daughters. Her parents don’t care much for their children, just as long as they do not mar the Mclaney name. Hannah is fully expected of her parents to marry into a rich family, and this is one of Hannah’s aims in life. She has twin younger siblings, Laurie and Danielle, who are at 7 years old, too young to attend her school thankfully. Hannah does not get along with them so well.
All Credit To: BanaBatGirl at The Badger Den
"There Are No Stupid Questions. Just Stupid People."

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Fortress of Brilliance ღ Mommy Quad

^^ Thankyou! And yes you may, mah dear just edit/post a bio.

Here are my character bios Not all of them are complete, I'm still working on finishing them.

SPOILER!!: Hogwarts Professor; Emilia Flutwich
Name: Emilia Flutwich
Age/Birthdate: Twenty-nine. {July 4th, 1974}
Position: Teaches Ancient Runes at Hogwarts; Gryffindor HoH.
Strongest Subject(s): Ancient Runes
Weakest Subject(s): Flying


Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Slightly tanned
Build: SMALL
Height: 4'0"

Family -
Parents: Avery (Gurdin) & Logan Flutwich
Siblings: None

Personality -
Being an only child, Emilia is use to having her way at all times. However, that began to change when she started school, as did her attitude. She's grown up alot since her school years, and is now very pleased to be on her sixth term of teaching at the beloved old castle she attended earlier on. Emilia has had problems dealing with her height throughout her life, but it's rarely an issue now after so long. She is very strict, she believes in respect; treat others how you wish to be treated. Emi, on the rare occasion she comes "out of her shell" can be very warm and friendly, whether her students know it or not she does have a fondness for them. Do not make a rude remark about her height, or anything of that nature unless you are prepared for the consequences.

History -
Emilia was raised by Logan and Avery Flutwich in london, england; being the only child, Emilia became rather spoiled. She could often be found at her grandmothers, while her parents were at work. Somewhere far down her fathers family history there's goblin blood, which somehow skipped several generations and came back when she was born; being the reason of her height.

SPOILER!!: Hogwarts student; Angelina Brenin
Name: Angelina Brenin
Age/Birthdate: Sixteen. {June 6th, 1987}
Year: Sixth
School/House: Hogwarts {Hufflepuff}
Strongest Subject(s): Flying, CoMC
Weakest Subject(s): Divination


Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Hazel
Skin tone: Fair
Build: Athletic
Height: 5'9

Family -
Parents: - Insert names later - XD
Siblings: None

Personality -
Angie loves, above all else, to have fun. Unlike others, her feathers aren't ruffled by chaos. Infact, she quite enjoys craziness; random, loud, fun. Angelina can appear fearless, but that doesn't mean she always feels that way on the inside. She's daring and brave, willing to do absolutely anything for the ones she cares about. Whether your messing with a friend, or a complete stranger to her - Angelina will not stand to see someone being picked on, let alone anything beyond that. She also has a great love for all creatures, magical and non-magical.

History -
I fail. Uhh.. I'll try fixing this later, for now it's blank. *sigh*

SPOILER!!: Hogwarts student; Agatha DuBois
Name: Agatha DuBois
Age/Birthdate: Sixteen. {February 17th, 1987}
Year: Sixth
School/House: Hogwarts {Gryffindor}
Strongest Subject(s): Divination
Weakest Subject(s): Flying


Hair: Red
Eyes: Dark brown
Skin tone: Pale
Build: Almost petite but not quite
Height: 5'4

Family -
Parents: - Insert soon -
Siblings: - Insert soon -

Personality -
Agatha, or more commonly known as Agie, is a quiet one. She's not shy, but reserved simply because she likes to be that way. Unlike her dear friend Angelina, she doesn't care for being amongst crowds, especially loud ones. However, since she usually doesn't have a choice in being around chaos more than often Agie is just fine as long as she can blend in with the background. She's quite calm on any normal day, but has a low patience level when it comes to certain things and certain people. Dramatic and obnoxious people tend to give her headaches.

History -
Same as the history above.
Dream. Try. Do Good.
I love you all,
Class dismissed.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
William Ramsay
Sixth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Meredith Ramsay
Magical Transportation
GLEE!!! *some obsessions are healthy* | | Mrs. Dr.Spencer Reid <3

Ok here are my bios!!!

SPOILER!!: Beauxbatons student; Anya Jacksynn
Name: Anya Jacksynn
Age/Birthdate: Sixteen. {April 21, 1987}
Year: Sixth
School/House: Beauxbatons {Ferdinand}
Strongest Subject(s): Charms, Arithmancy
Weakest Subject(s): Flying


Hair: Brunnette
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Lightly Tan
Build: Athletic
Height: 5'6"

Parents: Brennon & Issabelle Jacksynn
Siblings: Memory Jacksynn (9)

Anya is very intellegent. She doens't let anything get in her way. Alot of people call her stubborn at times, and this very well may be true, but once she has her mind set, no one can change it. She is also brave, she is willing to do what ever it takes to get somethign that she believes in done. Anya is very honest and loyal. She can be kind of shy, but once she makes friends she will never turn her back on them. No matter what. She can also be considered a bit of an over achiever, but when has that ever hurt anyone.

SPOILER!!: Hogwarts student; Blake StJames
Name: Blake StJamesAge/Birthdate: Sixteen. {Dec 4, 1986}
Year: Sixth
School/House: Hogwarts {Ravenclaw}
Strongest Subject(s): DADA
Weakest Subject(s): COMC


Hair: Redish/Brown
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Fair
Build: Slim/Athletic
Height: 5'7"

Parents: John & Clair StJames
Siblings: none

Blake is very smart, extremely for that matter. She has brains and beauty. She can be extrememly shy, but once she warms up to you will easily talk your ear off. Everyone can pretty much guess that she's smart seeing as how she was placed in Ravenclaw. But she does not go around flaunting that around. She also has a passion for drawing, and sketching. You will always see her doodling on something and she is proud of that talent.

SPOILER!!: Dumstrang student; Preston Winters
Name: Preston Winters
Age/Birthdate: seventeen {Feb. 28 1986}
Year: Seventh
School/House: Durmstrang {Black Thorn}
Strongest Subject(s): Flying
Weakest Subject(s): Ancient Runes


Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: Tan
Build: Althletic
Height: 6'1"

Parents: Peter & Elizabeth Winters
Siblings: Jacob (11) Jenni (7) Gavin (3)

Seeing as how he is in Black Thorn you would think that he is conceded. And that is true, Preston can be a bit egotistic at times, but then again can't most guys. He puts on a front, and he is a lot more down to earth once you get to know him. It takes alot to see that side of him though. As for what he acts like on the outside. Well he knows that everyone likes him and he tries to keep it that way.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Ava James
First Year
Facinelli<3 RP Sweetheart

Hey, I'd like to be a girl and boy from Hogwarts... Let me know if you want me to change anything. XDD

Name: Ashley Gomez
NickName: Ash,
School: Hogwarts (Gryffindor)
DOB: October 4
Age: 16
Year: 6

Personality: Ashley is quite confident and if she doesn't know you she will have no trouble in introducing herself. She can also be quite stubborn and times though and does have a temper, but once you do get to know her she is really kind and sweet. Ash can often be considered ‘one of the boys’ and doesn't usually act very girly at all. Ashley can be quite flirty at times even if she doesn't seem like it.

Nationality: British
Blood: Pure
Background: shley has an 18-year-old brother called Jack; Ash loves Jack and he is a great older brother to her... he is always there when she needs him and is really good to talk to. She also has a cousin called Jasper who is like a brother to her, although they are generally bickering with each other lot and Ash finds him very arrogant and dense... which is true. Ashley's brother Jack has graduated from hogwarts but they still spend quite a bit of time with each other and he is one of her best friends in a brotherly sort of way. Ashley and Jasper may bicker quite a bit and although he can seem quite obnoxious Jasper knows Ash in a way that most people don't.

Name: Jasper King
NickNames: Jass, Jazz
School: Hogwarts (Gryffindor)
DOB: April 4
Age: 16
Year: 6

Personality: Jasper's a mix between a lot of things, but mostly unless your used to him he's a very hard person to be around, even then he'll still drive you up the wall. He has good qualities but just as much that are bad. He's attractive, funny, you'll never get bored around him and he surprisingly is really intelligent and has great marks in school. Admittedly, he is obnoxious, arrogant, sarcastic, a trouble maker and he can drive nearly anyone insane by being with them for five minutes. In his opinion he's incredibly handsome and if there's any girl that says she doesn't fancy him they're just denying their true feelings. Jazz is actually incredibly dense as well, he barely ever takes any notice of what other people are thinking and feeling, he will always speak his mind and be honest and is usually quite blunt and mean. Although he's more of a think now act later type of person.

Nationality: British
Blood: Pure
History: Jazz is used to being pampered and well looked after to the extent that he has everything he wants. His parents are rich and he is given a lot of money. Jasper's cousin Ashley has the same sort of lifestyle as him except he reacts to it in a very different way. Jasper enjoys getting everything done for him and is very lazy where as his cousin doesn't like to show weakness or to be looked after, she also doesn't care that much about all her money. Jazz also finds Ash funny to be around because they're both really stubborn and Jasper is so annoyingly obnoxious that it drives her insane even though she is mildly used to him.
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So you know I just had to join

SPOILER!!: Liara
Name: Liara Henkly
Age/Birthday: 16/ June 23, 1986
Year: Sixth
School/House: Drumstrang/Hybrid
Strongest subject: DADA, Transfiguration
Weakest subject: Runes, Astronomy
Wand: beech, 13in, pheonix feather


Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Skin tone: Tan
Build: Average
Height: 5'7

Parents: Jan and Martin Henkly
Siblings: Kevin (6), Dia(2)

Personality: Liara is a free spirit. She's bubbly and free, able to do pretty much anything she wants too. You'll never find her in a bad mood, often laughing at the smallest things and not caring what other people think. Her time at Durmstrang has taught her to be cheerful all the time, strange things happening around her and she's still grinning.

History: Liara has a strange past. Little is known of her family; her mother Jan taught her magic until she was old enough to begin her training at Durmstrang, while her father, a once reverberated Hit Wizard had lost his job and soon found himself unable to care for his family. When Liara was ten he left, a letter left for her which she has still to read. These hardships have only made her stronger, and she lives by her own rules.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Nerissa M. Tate
Sixth Year


Ministry RPG Name:
Brighton H. Brown

As I already told you on MSN, Gracie dear, I am joining. BUT, since I really appreciate the little sanity I have left, I will only be RPing two characters. -nods- I would go insane if I had more than two, and there's a possibility I would not be able to keep up either. So, here are my bios.

SPOILER!!: Hogwarts Student

[ Marshall Charles Howe ]

Credit goes to Dot. =)

Nickname/Aliases: Marshallie. His nanny calls him like that, and he hates it. None.
Age: 16
Date of Birth: May 7, 1987
House: Gryffindor [Hogwarts]
Year: Sixth
Height: 5’11”
Hair: Soft, but wavy dark brown hair.
Eyes: Chocolate Brown.
Strongest subject: Muggle Studies
Weakes subject: . . . the rest of the subjects that are taught at Hogwarts? Marshall struggles with school due to he has a short attention span, so he doesn't really pay much attention in classes.

Personality: Extremely clumsy, not afraid of admitting his love for comic books, and having a fixation with his soft dark hair, Marshall often has a quizzical look on his face, when the topic is not comic books or video games related.

A typical sixteen year old in many ways, Marshall finds it extremely hard to talk to the opposite sex. Women for him are mysterious, mesmerizing, yet intimidating creatures that are plotting against him, for the few times he has spoken to any of them, the experiences can’t be qualified as pleasant.

Ironically enough, though, his best friend is a girl, and the second most important person in his life is also a woman: his nanny.

History: As the muggleborn he is, Marshall didn’t have the faintest idea of the existence of Hogwarts, until he got his letter of acceptance.
Son of a very well known lawyer, Marshall grew up in a rather wealthy Irish Muggle family.

Because he's an only son, Marshall's father expects quite a lot from him. And he, being the insecure kid that he is, is afraid of letting him down.

Family: His father. Marshall’s mother died when he was born, thus leaving him as his father’s only child.

Extra: He’s afraid of the dark.

Pets: None. Marshall is allergic to a lot of things, most animals included.

SPOILER!!: Hogwarts student, number two

[ Fiorella Camilla Bostwick ]

Nicknames/Aliases : Cammykins. Do NOT call her like that, though. Her father, and her best friend are the only ones allowed to call her like that, and she hates it.
Age : 16
Date of birth : July 1, 1987
Group : Human
House : Ravenclaw [Hogwarts]
Height: 5'3"
Build: Fiorella is 5'3, with a lean, almost thin figure. Her skin is rather pale, whether from lack of sunlight or inheritance still remains to be seen. Her brown, hair hangs mid-back like a sleek cascade of chocolate
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Sapphire blue
Strongest subject: Charms
Weakest Subject: Arithmancy

Personality: If you were to ask Fiorella to describe herself in one words, she would give you a shy smile, and then simply walk away. The reason why she should would do such a thing is because she couldn't find one good word to describe herself.

A very independent person, Fiorella is proud in the fact that she can take care of herself, and is also the kind of person that is not into arguing/fighting; she prefers being the bigger person and walk away.

Very outgoing, she's far from being shy and a wallflower. She does have a very competitive side to her and she loves winning and being the best at whatever she does.

: Fiorella Camila Bostiwck was born to Leon and Charlotte Bostiwck on July the second in her mother's birthplace; Rome, Italy. She can't honestly recall living there since she was only two when the moved, because both of her parents parents accepted better job offers. Since both jobs were located around and in the area of London, the family quickly packed their things and moved. Ending that way. the first chapter of her life.

After her parents' divorce, Bostwick's life was filled with nothing but different time zones and flights. Life with her mother never predictable, as her mother's job forced her to travel all over the world, which means that Fiorella traveled, too, whenever she was with her mother. When she was with her father, in the other hand, everything was just. . . planned. Strictly planned, as a matter of fact (school, ballet lessons, dinner at some restaurant, homework. . . ). So planned that it became dull. However, she endured it quietly, and reminding herself that other people had it worst than her.

Just a month after her eleventh birthday something unexplainable and strange happened; Fiorella received an acceptance letter to a school that she had never heard of before and a letter explaining that she was a witch. Surprisingly, her mother called her father and they had a conversation about what they should do with something like this. In the end, both of them agree that it would be for the best to let her attend to Hogwarts.

And so the second chapter of her life began.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Nikolaus Callaghan
First Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Kasandra Tonks
Magical Creatures
Toothpick Disappearer * Likes her 'figgies' * Mmm... Bagels!

Oh exicting. Can I be a drumstang and beaubaxton student.

Full Name: Alexandra Christine Nyx
Nicknames(s): Alexi, Alexis, Nyx
Age: Sixteen
Year: 6

DOB: October 29
POB: London, England
Lives: Home in London

Mother: Christine Nyx
Father: Diereses Nyx
Sibling(s): Gabrielle Jeremiah Nyx

Blood Line: Pure-blood
Wand: 11 inches redwood Phoenix feather core

Hair: Shoulder; Black; Partially dreaded
Complexion: Fair- Ivory
Eyes: Light Blue
Height: 5"6
Build: Average
Appearance: Fair skinned and dark hair. Very feminine features. Picture above

Personality: She is very curios and loves adventure. Often she will wander off by herself- not knowing what danger could be out. Sometimes gullible- but very intelligent. Doesn't trust people easily. Can seem odd, and thoughtful. Imaginative. Very loud- speaks her mind. Blunt at times

History: Alexandra was born in London. She has lived there her entire life. When it was time to go to school, she was sent to beaubaxtons, and her brother drumstrang.

Extra Info:

Pet(s): Albino Rar; Elijah
Favorite(s): She enjoys drawing, reading, and the outdoors at night
Dislike(s): Being cooped up

Full Name: Gabrielle Jeremiah Nyx
Nicknames(s): Gabe, Jerry
Age: Sixteen
Year: 6

DOB: October 29
POB: London, England
Lives: Home in London

Mother: Christine Nyx
Father: Diereses Nyx
Sibling(s): Alexandra Christine Nyx

Blood Line: Pure-blood
Wand: 11 inches willow Phoenix feather core

Hair: Dark brown; Black
Complexion: Fair- Ivory
Eyes: Light Blue
Height: 6"0
Build: Average
Appearance: Dresses in very casual plain clothes. When not it uniform often a plain black shirt and jeans. Picture above

Personality: Unlike his twin sister Gabe is very quiet. He talks to very few people and often keeps to himself. He enjoys staying in his head. He is artistic. Has a mysterious side to him.

History: See Alexi's

Extra Info:

Pet(s): N/A
Favorite(s): Enjoys the outdoors, the night, art
Dislike(s): Snakes

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Hogwarts RPG Name:


Ministry RPG Name:
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Can i be a boy student from Beuxbatons?

Name: Jack Muceir
Age: 16
Year: 6
School: Beuxbatons
House: Clotilde
Strongest Subjects: Transfiguration, Flying
Weakest Subject: Potions

SPOILER!!: Picture

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Grey
Build: Atheltic
Height: 6'0''

Personality: jack comes from a pampered, and wealthy family. He is used to girls falling over him at Beuxbatons Academy. He is extremely smart and is a very good Quidditch player. He can be a good friend once you get to know him.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Gunnar McCarthy
Sixth Year

x12 x5

Ministry RPG Name:
Kendra Jordan-Durand

Ministry RPG Name:
Milo Jordan
Games & Sports
Unforgivably Cursed

SPOILER!!: Meloria D'Aubigne/Beauxbatons student
Name: Meloria D'Aubigne
Age/Birthdate: 17/October 30, 1986
Year: Sixth
School/House:: Beauxbatons/Clotilde
Strongest Subject(s): Flying, Potions
Weakest Subject(s): Transfiguration, Ancient Runes

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Skin tone: Fair
Build: Athletic
Height: 5'7

Family -
Noémi Delacroix (deceased) and Guillaume D'Aubigne
Siblings: Two sisters - Madeleine age 21, Marie-Élise age 13

History/Personality: Meloria is the middle of three girls being raised by their widowed father as her mother died mysteriously two years ago. Her father, once a chaser for the Quiberon Quidditch team in France, is now retired, being quite wealthy as the only heir to a modest, but reputable broom-making company located in Southeast France.

Being raised in a relatively wealthy family has resulted in a very spoiled Meloria. She's used to getting what she wants and will often employ her money or looks to getting her way. She can be very flirtatious, but she usually has an ulterior motive when giving someone that kind of attention. The girl is exceedingly arrogant and primarily only looks out for herself but can be extremely loyal to the few friends she has

Because her father is obsessed with Quidditch being a one-time professional player, that interest has carried on to Meloria and her two sisters as he trains them to be exceptional chasers. Because of this, Quidditch has become the 16 year old's passion, followed closely by her hair, and then cute boys. Her studies aren't really a priority, just a necessity until she finishes school.

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Takeru Asakura
Third Year

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*sneaks in* Okay here I am!

SPOILER!!: Beauxbatons Professor; Claude Satou

Name: Claude Satou
Age/DOB: 36, May 24 1968
School: Beauxbatons
Position: Durante Head of House and Muggle Studies Professor
Strongest Subject: Muggle Studies
Weakest Subject: Flying


i. Hair Color: Black
ii. Eye Color: Dark Brown
iii. Height: 6’1
iv. Weight: 170

Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Gaston (Age Unknown), Jules (27)

Personality- Claude at first glance is someone who you would expect to be serious and uptight. This is definitely not what he is. He likes to look on the bright side of things and is a thoughtful person. He speaks out a lot, sometimes randomly about things that may not make sense at the moment but somehow later on they do. He is also irritatingly calm.

History- Little is known about Claude’s past. What is for sure is that he comes from a very small village in northern France.

SPOILER!!: Beauxbatons Student; Scarlett Giordano

Name: Scarlett Giordano
Age/DOB: 17, October 8th 1986
Year: Sixth
House: Clotilde
Strongest Subject: Potions
Weakest Subject: Muggle Studies


i. Hair Color: Light Brown
ii. Eye Color: Hazel
iii. Height: 5’6
iv. Weight: 115

Parents: Ettore and Pansy Giordano
Siblings: Two; Esta (18), Nancy (16)

Personality- Scarlett is the type of person who is manipulative, mean, and overly conceited. However she isn’t too bright. Still, the best idea would be to stay on her good side because once you make her mad you are in for a life time of ridicule. She likes everything to go her way and to be the center of attention. She doesn’t listen to teachers or anyone else who tells her to do things, the only person she has ever listened to is her older sister Esta.

History- Scarlett was born the second child to two purebloods. She was born in Italy and has lived there all her life. She first started her Magical career in Hogwarts and like the rest of her family ending up in Slytherin. Despite her much complaining however she started the same year as her younger sister Nancy because her birthday was just outside the deadline. During her fourth year an incident happened at the Hogwarts which she was blamed for thus causing her to be expelled from the school. Not dwelling on the past she quickly fought her way up to become one of the most hated people in Beauxbatons.

SPOILER!!: Hogwarts Student; Nancy Giordano

Name: Nancy Giordano
Age/DOB: 16, July 19th 1987
School: Hogwarts
Year: Sixth
House: Slytherin
Strongest Subject: Defense Against the Dark Arts
Weakest Subject: Ancient Runes


i. Hair Color: Black
ii. Eye Color: Copper
iii. Height: 5’7
iv. Weight: 120

Parents: Ettore and Pansy Giordano
Siblings: Two; Esta (18), Scarlett (17)

Personality- Nancy is unlike her sisters in many ways. She may be a true Slytherin but she is more on the quite type. She usually doesn’t speak unless she has something important to say; most of the time however it may not be nice. She wouldn’t be considered one of the coolest Slytherin’s because of the fact that she has other friends in other houses. The one thing that annoys her the most is when people insult someone because of their blood status.

History- Nancy was born the third and last child to an insane pure blood family. Growing up in Italy for all her life she can speak both English and Italian. She was the first out of her two sisters to show her magical abilities even though she was the youngest. She often is the outcast in her family because of her views on life and the magical world.

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Asher Fawley
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Franklin Paton
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Ministry RPG Name:
Dante Zabini
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The Official Handbook for Understanding
Your Local Grigor Veritus Sobolev

Name: Grigor Veritus Sobolev.
Age/Birth Date: Seventeen, January 18th.
Year: Seventh.
School/House: Durmstrang, Hybrid.
Strongest Subject(s): Dark Arts, Study of Magical Beasts.
Weakest Subject(s): Philosophy of Magic.
Hair: Of shorter length, and of a dark brown, almost black color, he likes to keep it in a specifically combed fashion that resembles old fashion movie stars.
Eyes: Nothing special here. His eyes are but a muddy brown color with a splash of gold, just as his mothers eyes are.
Voice: Especially for a boy of only seventeen, his voice is exceedingly deep. It is just like his fathers voice; one low note, like a baritone.
Build: His build is typical, and he might have been able to play Quidditch for school if he had been interested in interacting with those sorts of people.
Weight/Height: 152 pounds and 6 feet.
Portrait: Say ‘cheese’!
Nationality: Bulgarian.
Blood Type: Pureblood.
Parents: Baldur Sobolev, Brigita Sobolev.
Siblings: None.
Personality & History: Grigor Veritus Sobolev is hardly ever what anybody anticipates; he’s a young man from a scarcely fraught background in which he has gained more than he has suffered, only experiencing the loss of a pet or two. There was his turtle, Todd, who seemed to run away, and though tragic at the time, the loss never could match to those of a child missing a father or grandparent. Therefore, his decision to distance himself wholly from Baldur and Brigita whilst he was a mere child paid off in the end and helped him realize that forming relationships, true relationships, is setting one’s self up for utter failure. With just this information at ones disposal, even Grigor himself couldn't blame a soul for thinking that he'd be a regular wet weekend – a lad, living on his own, surrounded by nobody but self absorbed purebloods set solely on bossing him about and controlling every single aspect of his life? Of course, to think this about Grigor Sobolev would be to think very erroneously – he is no wet weekend. In fact, he likes to imagine of himself as a regular beaming Monday; if there’s one thing he takes pride in doing, it’s to toss away all the gloominess on his shoulders and jump back to the top with a grin on his face. Granted, it can take him some time to essentially resist said gloom, but isn’t this customary? Everybody has their instances of needing a calm sit down in a murky place, and Grigor is no special exception. He has his high-quality days and his awful days, but they want to get over himself and chortle at everything even indistinctly amusing is usually still there within him. This is a want that has been with him since a young age, and to lose the will to smile would be a great tragedy.

As well as (typically) sanguine, Grigor is a very laid-back kind of guy. With all that's happened in such a very short space of time, one might anticipate that he’d be overwrought and relentlessly on edge, but Sobolev is an astonishingly melodious person. He takes verbal abuse and spiteful comments in stride and seldom ever troubles himself into an inclusive state. Grigor takes pleasure in sitting back with an uncomplicated read and a cup of something warm, letting the world pass him by as he sips and reads, entirely ignorant to everything else in the world. It’s not that he doesn’t mind or that he’s tactless, no. It’s more ... it’s more a coping device. The world the broad-spectrum that it is, is too much for one person to bear, and to agonize over each little thing would mean a definite, self-induced end. To continue away from this jeopardy, Grigor has turned himself into a bouncing board. Grigor also has problems with legitimacy. He can’t take it well, and – as lying is something he detests – he basically runs away from a circumstance if he feels that the truth would wound too much. That said, though, he’s got one heck of a mouth on him, and dishes out frank sincerity to approximately everybody he meets without realizing he is doing so. If Grigor is asked for his judgment, he won’t lie just to make the asker feel better; no matter how acidic the truth, he’ll declare it. And he’ll almost certainly spill a few secrets in the doing so; Sobolev doesn’t have an exceedingly taut grip on his tongue, and this lack of control means that he isn’t the greatest of secret keepers.

Unlike his parents, Baldur and Brigita, Grigor enjoys keeping himself as down to Earth as achievable. By temperament, he truly isn’t a dreamer, but more of a realist and spending precious, coveted time in a daydream to flee the bona fide real world in actuality doesn’t appeal to him. Instead of lolling back in a chair, imagining a sun-drenched beach or a great residence, he desires to keep those wishes at bay by keeping vigorous and essentially working towards his goals. Books are, of course, the observable exemption to this rule, but Grigor just can’t help that – who, in all truthfulness, can rebuff a well-written novel? Aside from these differences to his parents, Grigor can’t help but act like them sometimes. By nature, he can be conceited and single minded. He likes attention and has his own opinion on just about anything, and believe me, he has no problem voicing said opinion. Also, from being raised in such a household as his own, it is in his nature to know his manners. He knows when to hold his tongue and how to treat elders, as well as remaining polite even in the most heated of debates. His gentleness with women is also a remarkable feat learned from the lifestyle of his father. As much as he hates these traits of his own at times, he uses them to his advantage. You see, growing up in a certain environment for ones entire life usually means something will rub off on you, and those are just a few of the many Grigor has become accustomed to.
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SPOILER!!: Drumstrang Professor, Katherine Rossi
Name: Professor K. Rossi
Age: Ask her. I dare you.
Birthday: January 26, ????
School: Drumstrang
Position: Head of Black Thorn house and Transfiguration Professor.
Blood: Full Blood.
Wand: 13-inch Willow, Dragon heartstring core.
Pet(s): Eagle Owl by the name of Spice. Beware she bites.


Hair color: Silky silver.
Eye Color: Amber
Height: 5”4’ (without heels) 5”7’ (with heels)
Weight: 120
Skin Color: Light colored skin.

Personality: Professor Rossi can be summed up in one word, Scary. She is very intimidating and hates when children, act like children! She has a very stern voice, and isn’t afraid to make a first year cry, or any other year for that matter. If she doesn’t like what you are doing, she will tell you to cease doing it immediately. Very high maintenance, this woman is. Not a hair is ever out of place, and she will never be seen without her cherry red lipstick on her lips. Smiling was a sign of weakness; so don’t count on seeing her pearly white teeth any time soon. Watch out. She plays favorites.

History: Professor Rossi attended Drumstrang back in her day and was in Black Thorn. Graduated as a Black Thorn. Applied as Transfiguration professor three years later, and was hired. Two years later was asked to be Head of House, and she accepted it. Has worked there every since. And no, she will not tell you how long she has worked there.

SPOILER!!: Drumstrang Student, Carl L. Johnson
Name: Carl Leon Johnson
Age: 16
Birthday: August 17, 1987
School: Drumstrang
House: Maple
Blood: Full
Wand: 12 inch Chestnut, Unicorn hair core.
Siblings: Only child.


Hair color: Brown
Eye Color: Ocean blue.
Height: 6”1’
Weight: 127
Skin Color: Light tan.

Personality: Carl is a passive kind of guy. Very mature for his age, unlike a lot of the boys that went to his school. He usually keeps to himself but can be provoked into talking when the conversation seems lively. One thing he enjoyed more than anything, was a good book by the firelight. Just like any other guy, he had a passion for quidditch. But he refuses to play for the team, because the guys on the team are all rude and Carl doesn’t associate himself with rude people. Carl was very polite and was raised to be a gentleman.

History: Carl is just Carl. If you want to know, ask him.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Kimberly Bessette
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Ministry RPG Name:
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Name: Mélissandre J. Lavande
Age/DOB: 15, April 1st 1988
School: Beauxbaton
Year: Fifth
School/House: Beauxbatons {Durante}
Strongest Subject: Charms & COMC
Weakest Subject: Flying & Arithmancy

Nationality: French.
Blood Type: Half-Half.
Parents: Joséphine C. Lavande, Leonard E. Lavande
Siblings: None.

Personality & History: Mélissandre is the shy quiet type. At a very young age she almost lost her sight on her right eye. A little experimentation that her mother did that went wrong. It would be within her right to be mad at her mother but never did a single once of anger for that event even cross her mind. She's the kind of girl that can't put two step in front without trippin'. She's not the more vocal girl in the school and sometimes she afraid to speak up. The sign that would betrayed her shyness is always bitten lips and unable to look anyone straight in the eyes. A confrontation would be the last thing to do since she doesn't like to defend herself. When she do open up she's very easy to talk to. She doesn't have any outburst of emotions and rather keep it to herself. She's deathly scared of flying and nothing in the world would make her go on a broom and hover just a tiny bits.

Bonus: She loved animals above anything else.

Name: Kendra V. Hamrlik
Age/DOB: 17, July 30th 1986
School: Hogwarts {Hufflepuff}
Year: Seventh
Strongest Subject: Flying, COMC & Herbology
Weakest Subject: Divination & Muggle Studdies

Nationality: British.
Blood Type: Pureblood.
Parents: Natalia Hamrlik & Hendrik Harmlik
Siblings: Four. Angie {19}, Jeremiah {12}, Auston {8} & Summers {3}

Personality & History: Kendra is a bubbly/cuddly kind of girl. She always take any situation positively. Her motto is life is too short to waste it by crying. She's always the first to jump on the occasion to do something new and she's not afraid of anything. She's an outdoors person and nothing excited her more than feeling the wind against her hair. The freedom she feel is the best feeling she ever experience.

ooc: I feel lame with my bios lately *growls*

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Jacklyn Gold
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okies, so Im joining, like I said on MSN

SPOILER!!: Steph/Beauxbatons
Name: Steph Féroce Génial
Age: 15
Birthday: May 31
Height: 5’6”
School: Beauxbatons (Durante)
Year: 5
Wand: Maple, Unicorn hair core, 7 ½ inches
Blood: Pure Blood

Steph is a shy when you first meet her. She seems to keep to herself more, and won’t be the first one to approach somebody. But once you get to know her you can tell she is very outgoing, and energetic. She is really smart, always making sure to study for any test, and doing all her homework. She is the type to freak out if she gets anything below an Outstanding. She is also great in very stressful situations, she stays calm and will help come up with a plan.

Jacklyn Gold ♥

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Cole Vance
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Ministry RPG Name:
Laurel Vance-Rose

Ministry RPG Name:
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I want to join with two Durmstrang students and one Beauxbatons student. I'll post bios when i get home from my friends.

SPOILER!!: Natasha Romanov, Durmstrang student

Age/DOB: 16, April 23rd 1987
School: Durmstrang
Year: Sixth
House: Maple
Strongest subject: Transfiguration & Divination
Weakest subject: Potions, Charms

Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: slightly tanned
Build: athletic
Height: 5'7

Parents: Alexander and Julia
Siblings: Dominick (twin)
Personality: Smart, observant, but a bit reserved. If you get to know her she is a very good and kindhearted person. Natasha loves quidditch and reading books. All though she might not appear it Natasha is inside a daring girl who doesn't leave a friend in a tight spot even though she isn't exactly the best at handling chaotic situations.

History: Natasha was born to Alexander and Julia Romanov on a chilly spring day in April along with her 4 minutes older brother. The Romanov clan is a wealthy family. They aren't poor, but not by any means rich. They have enough money to live a good life. Growing up Natasha and Dominick had their squabbles and fights, but they love each other all though they at times can hate each other.

At the age of eleven Natasha got her acceptance letter to Durmstrang institute of magic and was sorted into Maple house. As she learned to fly well, Natasha joined her house quidditch team as chaser. Now she is entering her sixth year at Durmstrang.

Rp color: DarkOliveGreen

SPOILER!!: Dominick Romanov, Durmstrang student

Age/DOB: April 23rd 1987
School: Durmstrang
Year: Sixth
House: Hybrid
Strongest subject: Dark arts, potions
Weakest subject: Divination, Herbology

Hair: dark brown
Eyes: Blue
Skin tone: tanned
Build: athletic and strong
Height: 5'8

Parents: Alexander & Julia Romanov
Siblings: Natasha (twin)
Personality: Nick is a detemined boy who has many goals and he knows how to acheive them. He is a boy who likes pranks, hanging out with friends and duelling. Nick is in some ways his sister's opposite. All though he can be a bit obnoxious and laud at times like the most of his house mates he keeps his head cool in chaotic situations. In tense situations he is at his best. Nick is also loyal, but might come off a bit egotistical others.

History: Dominick was born on a chilly spring as the oldest of the two Romanov siblings if only by 4 minutes. During his upbrining Nick wasn't really thinking of someone else other then himself which Natasha scolded him for. Through the years he did though learn to judge a little when it was okay to think only of himself and not others. Nick got his acceptance letter at the same time as his sister and was sorted into Hybrid house. His current goal for his sixth year at Durmstrang is to win the duelling tournament. Nick is a bad flier and is therefore not part of his quidditch team.

Rp color: Darkslategrey

I'm not going to play a beauxbaton character too..

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x1 x2

Ministry RPG Name:
Dmitry Konstantinov
International Cooperation

Ministry RPG Name:
Joshua Falsworth
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Ok this is my charries bio and I'm just assuming it's okay that I join. Can't wait for this RP to begin.

Name: Amelie Beauford
Mother: Chantal Beauford
Father: Christophe Beauford
Origins: French
Age/D.O.B: 16, March 26th 1987
Height: 5'8

School: Beauxbatons
House: Clotilde
Wand: 7 1/4 inches, Hawthorne with a Dragon heartstring core
Strongest Subject: Arithmancy
Weakest Subject: Ancient Runes

SPOILER!!: appearance

Personality: She can be shy but she is strong willed and will go to any lengths to get what she wants. Amelie is spoiled as she is an only child to two extremely wealthy parents. She knows that school is important so she studies however she doesn't think that it is the most important thing in the world. She likes Quidditch and thinks that it would be great to play it professionally. Amelie is most likely to be seen playing as a Beater, although she occasionally plays as a Chaser.

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Is it tooo late to join .. !

Bio edit!

Name: Larissa
Full Name:Larissa Jose Florey Alonso
Birthday:18 April
Place of Birth:At a very small cottage, by the sea,in spain, but she moved to France.

Description of Appearance:Lara has always been an attractive young women,she has brown hair that hangs down by her slender back.She has the most extrodinary brown eyes,deep and very they say so much,even if she doesnt.Shes not extremely tall or very small,shes average.She has very small freckles on her nose but there not visable unless your stood very close.Shes slim,with an athletic build,but she works for it.She does alot of muggle sports to keep a slender frame.She extremely beautiful but shes one who doesnt know of her beauty

Personality:Lara is an intelligent young women,she acts like a young women not like a little girl,but she still likes to have some fun every now and again.Shes loyal,hence being placed in Ferdinand.She speaks her mind,which makes her a good friend.She works hard and is a very approchable person.Shes easy to work with and easy to talk to,because she listens and unlike others,she doesnt like to judge,she doesnt think its fair to judge.Shes not spoilt or ignorant or arrogant or any of those things,though she can speak her mind without thinking,but she tries to reframe from doing so.Lara does overall have a big heart and she is one to give it to anyone.Lara has a passion for Spain,anything Spanish related,its her hobbie.

History:Lara has a very small family.Family of four.She,her little brother Fernando,mother Florence(French) and her father Paulo(Spanish), live in France , in a small city called Cannes.Her mother is a small time actress, and her father is a business man.Though Laras not interested in any of that.Her parents met in Spain,in Madrid,thats where they fell in love,and in about 2 years time got married.They decided to live in Spain until Lara was born,and Florence wanted Lara to go to Beauxbatons,like she did before.So they moved back to Florence's home town, Cannes. Her parents are in Cannes,and sos her little brother and herself.

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Charles Fitzgerald
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Ministry RPG Name:
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I'll join ..

Will post bios in a min ...

*Edit: Here are my bios..

2 Hogwarts students ..

Name: Hansi Franke

Nickname: Hanz, Frankie
Age: 17
Blood: Pureblood.
House: Gryffindor
Year: 7th

Personality: Hanz is your average teenage guy, he likes to have a laugh and fool around but he gets serious when needed. He's responsible and takes his studies seriously. He likes to spend most of his time with his friends, or to take a walk alone.
Background: Hanz is the eldest and only boy in his family. Apart from his twin sister he has a younger sister which is seven years old. His native country is Germany which he has spent most of his childhood in, when he was nine his family moved to England because of his father's job. They visit Germany every summer to visit their friends and relatives.
Other: He doesn't look like his twin sister much, but they're very alike in thinking and attitude.

Name: Adrianna Franke

Blood: Pureblood.
House: Gryffindor
Year: 7th

Personality: Deedee is a very outgoing girl, and doesn't like to keep quiet. She likes taking risks and doing whatever goes on her mind, when she sets her mind to do something no one can stop her. She likes reading, but she's not into studying much though she studies because her twin never stops nagging her.
Background: She comes from a German family and she spent most of her childhood there. She loves spending summers in Germany and would love to move back there but it's not possible now. She has a younger sister whose seven years old, she simply adores her.
Other: She loves her twin brother very much, but hates it when he's overprotective.

Palm trees, Ocean breeze ..
Salt air, Sun bleached hair ..
Endless Summer; Take me there .. ♥

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Ministry RPG Name:
Alice L. Sumner
Minister's Office
Baht-ley - The Sweetest - TEAM 947!

If it's okay with you guys I could play a girl from a school of your choice.

Okay, i'll do a girl from Durmstrang soooo here's my bio:

Name: Katie Flint
Blood Status: Pureblood
School: Durmstrang/Blackthorn
Strongest Subject: Flying/Potions
Weakest Subject: Dark arts


Hair: dark black
Eyes: brown
Body type: slim

Personality: She is pretty and knows it, but isn't that conceited. Katie has a great personality when she wants to, but when she doesn't she can be rather rude. she'll go to almost any lenght to get what she wants and is surprisingly smart about it. Most people either love her or hate her for this, but personally Katie doesn't care what most people think about her.

Family: Her entire family is filled with witches and wizards and Katie naturally is a witch as well. She is used to being an only child, but recently her mother had another kid. A girl named Faith, but Katie completely and totally dislikes the lack of attention and is determined to turn the afectuion back to her despite the fact that she loves her sister.

History: liked by many teachers and spoiled. Lives in London, England.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Bay Victoria Turner
Third Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Syndil Annabelle Rivers
Department of Mysteries
*Blue Jay* *Newbie Slytherpuff*

Name: Tristan Anthony McKay
Age: 17 [October 31, 1985]
Year: 7
House: Slytherin [Hogwarts]
Heritage: Pureblood
Strongest Subject(s): Transfiguration
Weakest Subject(s): Herbology


Hair: Dirty blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6’0’’

Parents: Fredrick and Dahlia McKay
Sibling: Carlisle McKay (Older brother)

Personality: Tristan is a pretty easy going guy. He can be pretty stubborn and obstinate when he wants to be. His temper is short and he is known to be a bit of a hot head but he really doesn't care. His reputation as the spoiled rich kid gets on his nerves, which is probably the reason for the temper. His track record with girls hasn't been so great but he is trying. Like any typical guy he has problems showing his emotions and feelings.

Background: Both his parents are high ranking officials at the Irish Branch of the Ministry. His entire family has been in Slytherin and takes pride in their pureblood status. Tristan's older brother Carlisle followed the family tradition and married another pureblood which with money. Tristan can't stand the ignorant views of his family, so he became the rebel. He was still sorted in Slytherin but tries to go against everything his family is for.
Hobbies: Drawing

Name: Dominique Stone
Age: 16 [May 11, 1986]
Year: 6
House: Durante [Beauxbatons]
Heritage: Pureblood
Strongest Subject(s): DADA, Charms

Weakest Subject(s): Potions, Muggle Studies

Hair: Raven black, shoulder length
Eyes: Smokey Grey
Height: 5’9’’
Body type: Willowy, but slightly defined musculature
Weight: N/A

Parents: Claudette (deceased) and Mouris Stone
Siblings: None/ Only Child

Personality: Dominique is a very calm, laid back, and serene individual. Her calm demeanor makes her very approachable, but some people wouldn’t prefer her company. She has a habit of saying what is on her mind, no matter the cost. Her honesty and integrity make her trustworthy; the trick is earning her trust. She is fiercely loyal to those that are her friends. She loves music and flying.

Background: Mouris is one of the worlds most renowned broom makers. He not only makes certain models but specializes in making brooms tailored to the rider. Claudette had a knack for business, so naturally they became very well off. When Dominique was 9 Claudette was in a terrible accident involving muggle cars, which has since made Dominique loath anything and everything muggle. Her father now works to simply work. He has since ignored his only child, leaving Dominique to fend for herself. Her devotion to her father has not wavered however; she hired an assist to help with the books and to make sure he eats while she is away at school. Over the years, her father has softened in regards to his daughter even making her a special broom, but he still finds it hard to look at her as she looks so much like her mother.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Rayna C. Thorne
Third Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Astara S. Hornebolt (Ash)
Environmental Protection
♥My Very 1st Tag | ~Filofax:Forever~ | ~Evil Slythie~ | Chris' Caretaker♥

Hey there, just jumpin' in so I can RP as well. I'll be playing Leonie Drashel, (Durmstrang - Dahlia)

Name: Leonie F. Drashel
Age/DOB: 17, December 12th 1985
School: Durmstrang
Year: Seventh
School/House: Durmstrang - (Dahlia)
Strongest Subject: All
Weakest Subject: None

Wand: 12 1/4" Holly, Dragon Heartstring core; Loose trigger
Patronus: Great-blue heron

Nationality: German / Lithuanian / Austrian
Blood Type: Pureblood
Parents: Senne T. Drashel (father), Irene S. Drashel (mother) Maiden Name; Shalley
Siblings: None

Personality: Leonie is, intelligent, slightly paranoid, loyal, loving and honest, never making a promise she cannot keep. She enjoys long hours spent alone so that she is able to study and write in her journal. Also, Leonie is fairly easy to get along with, and is always up for a good conversation...even if she tends to get a bit silly every once and a while. Watch out though, because in the rare occasion that she is proven wrong, Leonie becomes very snippy and difficult to be around. Overall, she is one of the best friends a person can ask for, and dependable until the very end.

Favorite Color: Sea Green
Favorite Food: Waffles

Appearance: Leonie is tall, about 5’ 10", with very long and slightly wavy dark golden blonde hair. Her eyes are a teal, blue-green with long eyelashes and her skin is surprisingly pale. She likes to keep fit and because of this often climbs trees in her free time with a good book to read.

History: There isn’t much that Leonie has told people, since she likes to keep to herself. However, she has been known to have had a bit of a temperament issue when things don’t go her way, or when she is ignored. Leonie is from a fairly large family, although she has no siblings, (her mother became pregnant four years ago but suffered a miscarriage). Her family lives in secrecy and do not allow visitors into their home, out of fear for their safety.
Her father, Senne, is a renown author and researcher for potions using anything dragon related. Irene once worked as a bed and breakfast owner on the Russian border, but once she was married to Senne, she settled down to raise their daughter.
Leonie one day wants to work on her own, possibly following in her fathers footsteps or starting her own medical practice around where she currently lives.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Lola Jones
Sixth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Rainbow "Rain" Boogie
Environmental Protection
1/2 of the Poo Brigade MAN!BUGG<33

Like I said last night, I am sooooo entering this RP Here's my biography for a Beauxbaton girl.

SPOILER!!: Camille Ella Hurst

Name: Camille Ella Hurst
Nicknames/Aliases: Millie [NEVER call her this]
Year: 5th year
Age: 15
DoB: February 23
Height: 5’4”
Hair: Blonde
Eye: Black
Build: Too weak for her own, petite and skinny.

School/House: Beauxbaton/Durante
Strongest Subject: Herbology, Charms
Weakest Subject: Flying, Arithmancy
Wand: Swishy, 12 1/2 inches, holly wood wand with a Griffin's feather as a core

Siblings: Only child in the family
Pet: One cat; Turkish Van named Valerie

Camille is such a girly girl, she will go after any cute boy she finds and will not let go of them without at least giving them a smooch. She’s overprotective over herself since if she gets all sweaty and all running then her make-up won’t come out as perfection. Perfection perfection perfection. The most important word, the most important phrase, the most important everything. She thinks she’s best at everything and can often show off to everyone and tell them lies that would make them jealous.

However beneath all of that tried perfection, Camille could be a nice person too in some circumstances. In some really odd circumstances in which she can’t really do anything else than be nice.


Being born into an average family—well, not that average, Camille was born into a family full of wizards which makes her a pureblood. From about a few years of age, she went to several parties especially her parent’s friend’s party. With those parties she got several gifts herself and one of those was a lip gloss. A lip gloss and a mirror. After that became her obsession with looking beautiful even at that small little age. With beauty came into passion. She had a lot of passion.

Camille’s parents decided to move to France when she turned 7 years old and she liked it even more in France than where she lived before. It had more products. More lip gloss, eyeliners, glitters, everything that she loved.

She eventually went to Beauxbatons and went to Durante despite the fact that she isn’t that much of a calm and patient person if you see her at first. Most of the times she would be the person you want to call with if you want to look good, like some fashion diva if you say so. Now in her 5th year, she’s hoping to get even more beautiful with her new lip-gloss and lip-stick and other girly fashion products.
______________________________________________lola jones currently in america
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Autumn Lefevre
Fifth Year
Department of Mysteries

I hope there is still room to join!

Name: Fey Thompson
Nickname(s): None
School: Gryffindor
Age/Year: 16/6th
Birthdate: January 19th, 1987
Place of Birth: London, England
House: Hufflepuff

-- Hair: Long, wavy brown
--Eyes: Hazel
--Height: 5'6''
--Skin Tone: Pale Caucasion
--Body Type: Slim/Slender

Personality: Fey can probably be summed up in a few adjectives. She is clumsy beyond belief. She trips and falls flat on her face on a daily basis. People seriously wonder how she is still alive. Her awkward, inept feet are going to be the death of her. Fey is also surprisingly good-natured. She can laugh at herself over everything. One downfall is she hardly ever takes anything seriously. She is great at comforting and reassuring people. She has a lot of advice to give, but be warned, it’s not always the best. She tries, and that’s all you can ask for. Fey can be extremely amusing to some when she is found in an unpleasant situation. She will keep talking and talking, slowly getting louder until she is practically yelling at you. Inside she is secretly praying you will stop her babbling and say something. She’s not the sharpest tool in the shed or the prettiest girl out there, but she is fun and loving and the best friend you could ask for.

History: Fey was born in the lovely city of London, England. Her family is very far from your average folks. Her mother is crazy, most literally. Jeanne Thompson thinks she is twenty still and can often embarrass Fey during family outings. Fey has learned to accept the fact and she loves and depends on her mom more than anyone in the world. Her dad died when she was only a baby during a tragic skiing accident. She is still very hurt and sad that she never truly got to meet him, but she still loves her step-father Dan. Her five older sisters and brothers are all very unique and bizarrely strange, just like Fey. She loves them all to death and would do most anything for them. When she was eleven and received her Hogwarts letter, her family all took it oddly well. They didn’t mind in the least, even though she was the first in the family to actually have magic powers. (Although Fey suspects her mother believes she does as well.) The Thompson family is amazingly funny and wild and though some don’t accept them, everyone would have a great time with them.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Rana Musaeus
First Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Lana Musaeus
Magical Education

Is there still room?

Name: Layla Shaspas
Age: 16
School/House: Hogwarts/Gryffindor
Year: Sixth
Strongest Subject: DADA, Transfiguration
Weakest Subject: Arithmancy

Nationality: English.
Blood Type: Half-Half. (Father was a muggle)

Personality: Layla is quick witted. She loves meeting new people. She loves doing magic, so she may get into trouble sometimes, but nothing that a flash of a smile and a smart reply doesn't get her out of.

Physical Appearance: Layla has long dark brown hair, and brown eyes. She is slender, but short, only standing about 5'5".

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