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MunchyBubbles 06-19-2019 03:09 AM

The Kennedy Manor : The Adventures Of Tristalen
Image Credit: Suziella

Kalen Kennedy and Tristan Wayland had been best friends since they were students at Hogwarts. Though their lives lead them in separate directions, they always stayed in touch. When Kalen’s wife died, Tristan was there for him. When Tristan went through the worst break up in his life with his ex-fiancée, Kalen was there to pick up the pieces. Though they hadn’t seen each other in a few years, they were pulled back together when they became Professors at Hogwarts in the 2092-93 term. They were as close as they had always been.

Neither of them realized, however, that more than just friendship was brewing between them. After a stressful term with a Cult trying to infiltrate the school and Kalen being hurt, Tristan started to realize then what Kalen had realized long before that incident, that feelings were coming to the surface. When the Inferi attack happened in 2096, they finally divulged their feelings to each other and have been together ever since.

After a couple more very difficult terms, Kalen and Tristan decided that they wanted to leave Hogwarts. It could be a dangerous place and they had both almost lost each other too many times. They just wanted to be happy together. The newly engaged couple stepped down after the 2097-98 term, and are now living together at Kennedy Manor. Kalen is working at the Muggle University of Cambridge as a Professor and head of the Astronomy department, and Tristan is the head Magizoologist at the Magical Wildlife Sanctuary of Wales. The two are as happy as ever, but what will their adventures bring?

Manor Pictures: Note these are the main rooms that will be used for RP purposes. There are many guest rooms in this huge house, we just wanted to highlight specific areas.

The Manor
Living Room
Dining Room
Tristalen's Bedroom
Tristalen's Bathroom
Kalen's Library
Tristan's Study
Entertainment Room
Indoor Pool

Overview: This is a closed RP for Kalen, Tristan and any of their family members or friends. Guest characters will be added to the list as the RP continues.

Main Characters:

Kalen Kennedy – MunchyBubbles
Tristan Wayland – Suziella

Guest Characters:

Kamryn Keighley – MunchyBubbles
Sebastian De Luca – Suziella

First Scene: Kalen and Tristan get a surprise visit from two former students.

Suziella 06-19-2019 04:17 AM

Scene One: It's a few days after Christmas, and the Manor grounds are covered in snow. Tristan and Kalen are about to receive some unexpected guests. Unexpected in more ways than one...

Tristan was comfortably lounging across the couch, pretending to read the Daily Prophet in Kalen's library. Yes, it was Kalen's because none of the books in this room were his, and he wouldn't have decorated it they way his fiance had. But that was just him. Not his books. Not his style. Besides...he had his own study in a different part of the house that was completely him. The reason he was here was well...he just liked watching Kalen work.

Kalen was ridiculously intelligent and watching him prepare for his next semester of classes was always interesting. Plus, staring at his handsome fiance, with the goofiest grin possible, without him even realizing it was always fun. He was so ridiculously happy living here with not only his best friend, but the love of his life. Nothing could make him happier.

Little did he know someone was lurking outside of the manor that could change his life forever.

------------------ Outside of the front door ------------------

Oh, Merlin this was gonna be weird! Sebastian was internally freaking out, and externally....well he was definitely paler than normal. Hopefully Kam wouldn't notice too much.

As he trudged up the steps, he had the sudden urge to bolt back to the road and get as far away from here as he could. "Kam....," he said before taking a deep breath. He wasn't even sure he could speak let alone breath...or ring the freaking door bell!

He was only 14, for Dumbledor's sake, how was he supposed to deal with something like this!? He started shaking...and not because it was cold outside. He was pretty sure he was on the verge of an anxiety attack. Oh, why had he wanted to do this? He looked over at his best friend with frantic eyes, "I dunno if I can do this," he said with a whisper.

MunchyBubbles 06-19-2019 04:44 AM

Kalen was sitting at his desk, trying to plan his lessons for the next semester as well as try and read a letter from his niece. “Azura is at the London Symphony Orchestra now, and she send us tickets, would you like to go see her sometime?” Kalen said as he looked up and couldn’t help but smile as he met Tristan’s eyes.

“Yes, can I help you with something? ” He asked with a wink as he titled his head a bit, his green eyes sparkling as he looked at his best friend. “Or am I just that amazing to watch? ” He said with a soft chuckle as he balled up a piece of spare parchment and threw it at the blonde man lounging on the couch.

It was so nice to be at the manor, snow covering everything outside and having normal job, where their lives were threatened, not to mention actually being well liked and having his students listen to him in his classes was incredible. Who knew teaching could be a dream?

He didn’t.. not until this job!


Kamryn was actually grateful to be here right now, she was waking next to Bast, freezing her toes off and holding his hand as they marched up the steps. She was grateful because it gave her something else to concentrate on then her mess of a life right now.

Things at Hogwarts had slowly spiraled out of control.. mostly due to her luck. And now she found herself with two crushes. Both of whom she had no shot with.. and a mind full of whirling thoughts that was preventing her from getting enough rest or food.

She was pulled from her thoughts though as she looked up at her best friend and smiled softly.

“Bast.. ” She put her hands on his shoulder.. “You can do this, I’m right here next to you.. and if you need something to distract you.. I can do that too.” she knew he was freaking out.. and that was okay.

She would probably be terrified as well.

Suziella 06-19-2019 05:07 AM

Tristan grinned as Kalen talked to him while looking at the parchment in front of him. That grin turned to a smile as those emerald eyes made their way to his mismatched ones. Were those butterflies ever going to go away or would they always be there the second that man looked at him? He wouldn't mind if they stayed with him forever.

He chuckled, quickly dropping the newspaper to catch the parchment ball. "You always help me by just being in the room, and yes you are that amazing to watch. Just don't let your head get any bigger by knowing that fact." He said before rolling his eyes with a grin, and tossing the paper back at Kalen. Heavens he loved that man too much!

"And yes, I'd love to see her play again. Anytime works for me. I have plenty of people to handle the sanctuary for me." He had a full staff right now so he really didn't have to be there unless there was an emergency. Plus, he always loved hearing Azura play. She was incredibly talented and being part of the LSO was a huge accomplishment.


Sebastian's anxiety was getting the best of him. He needed to calm down. Why hadn't he brought that calming drought like his mother suggested? So incredibly stupid of him to think he could handle this without one.

But as soon as Kam's hand landed on his shoulder it was like the stress was slowly being pulled out of him. It made him remember all of the things she had gone through with her family and the heartbreak she had been through recently. Knowing Professor Wayland as he did...he had a feeling this wasn't going to go as bad as he was imagining it to be.

Sebastian looked into Kam's eyes and found the comfort and safety of his best friend. He took a deep breath and exhaled with a smile. "You're right. Just...overthinking...the usual. Thank you...for coming with me." He knew he couldn't do this without her.

He took another shaky breath. "Should I knock?" He asked before looking over at the gigantor door in front of them. Why in the world would Professor Kennedy even want to be a Professor if he had the money to own a place like THIS?

MunchyBubbles 06-19-2019 09:24 PM

A soft smirk appeared on Kalens mouth as he shook his head at his blonde fiancé. “Get to my head? Never. ” He teased him back as he caught the parchment ball that had been thrown back at him.

For a moment Kalen’s eyes grew soft as they regarded Tristan.. it was still such a miracle to him that they were together, and he would thank Merlin every day he got to wake up next to such an amazing man.

“I’d return the compliment, but we have to make sure your ego will fit through the door. ” He said with a soft laugh as he tossed the ball of parchment up in the air.

“Perfect, maybe next week? We could get dinner afterwards and make an evening out of it? ” He asked. Classes weren’t starting up for a few weeks, and he didn’t have any meetings for awhile.. Christmas break was lovely.. just getting to sit and relax and be with Tris and his family.


Was Kamryn all ready to kiss her friend and distract him from what was going on?

Yes.. yes she was. Mostly because she knew it would really distract him, and then he’d be thinking up ways to let her down gently instead of meeting his new father.

However, it seemed her hand on his shoulder was all it took to bring him back to reality and she gently rubbed his arm for a minute as she looked up at him. It was probably good not to try and kiss her best friends. It would just end up with her heart getting broken.. Like it had with Maeve and Ansel.

She was lucky she had never kissed Frankie.. those four rejections were enough from him. She couldn’t blame people for not wanting her.. heck her own family didn’t.

She shook her head to try and clear her thoughts! This wasn’t even remotely about her!

“I’m always here for you, you know that. ” She said softly as she looked at the door and took a step back from him.

“Well, knocking would be good.. I could do it? ” She said as she looked up at the door.

Suziella 06-20-2019 02:20 AM

Tristan's grin quickly shifted to a smile. That man. How insufferably adorable he was. It was ridiculous. He shouldn't be allowed to be that cute. Merlin was he lucky to be in the same room with this man.

That comment got a chuckle and an eye roll. He didn't have a big ego...he was just...confident. "Oh, don't worry about that love...I'll just widen the doors," he said with a slow smirk creeping across his face, as he watched Kalen toss the parchment ball in the air.

Tristan folded up the newspaper and sat it down on the table before swiftly standing up and slowly making his way towards Kalen's desk. He walked around to the side Kalen was sitting on and leaned against it, folding his arms across his chest. "Sounds perfect to me, darling," He said taking hold of the other man's unoccupied hand. "Of course, we will have to bring Az and her little family with us. Make it a little reunion dinner of sorts," he suggested gently. It had been awhile since they had spent time with Kalen's family. He wasn't completely sure why, though he knew there were a lot of issues there. But Azura was different...she was his favorite niece after all.


Sebastian took another deep breath and exhaled. Kam's gentle voice was helping him to calm down. She was right. He could do this. He had to do this. It wasn't fair that Professor Wayland didn't know. Or should he call him dad? Or maybe just Tristan. UGH this was so weird!

He looked over at Kam when she made that comment. "I know. I can't tell you how much it means to me that your here. This is the...weirdest thing ever and I knew I couldn't do it alone." He pulled her in for a quick hug, and gave her a small kiss on the top of her head. She was the best friend he could have ever asked for.

Looking at how huge this place was...and not knowing whether or not the place was staffed or if it was just the two of them in the house...they could seriously be anywhere and probably wouldn't hear him knock. "Uh...actually might be better to ring the bell. Have you seen this place?" He said throwing his arms out wide and turning around to look at her. "It's freaking huge and they could be literally anywhere." He said dropping his arms.

He turned towards the door and stared at the bell for a minute. "I...," he sighed. This was the hardest part. Actually ringing the bell. "No...I have to do this." He said more to himself than to Kam. Taking a deep breath and exhaling, he took a step forward placing his finger over the button and pushed.


MunchyBubbles 06-20-2019 08:06 PM

Kalen chuckled as Tristan spoke and he regarded the man lovingly. “Widen all the doors? This is an incredibly big house, that might take some time.” He said with a small smirk as Tris stood up and came to sit on the edge of his desk.

Kalen instantly reached for his hand and brought it to his mouth as he brushed a soft kiss over the other man’s knuckles.

“She would love that, I’ll make sure to let her and Chris know, maybe we can drag Leon and Juno away from the babies to join us? Maybe Chase and Kya too? ” He suggested lightly.

Sure Azura and Leon had been here for Christmas, and had teased Tristan mercilessly about being their “uncle” and when the wedding was and they playfully fought over who was going to be best man, but he knew Tristan was still worried about how Kalens family was taking.. them.

He needn’t be worried.. but it was what it was..


Kamryn smiled at her friend and she gave him a quick hug back. She was here for moral support! After all it wasn’t everyday that one told someone he was their father! “Of course. I’m always here. ” She said with a soft smile as she squeezed his hand and looked around.

“Maybe they are in an underground school and won’t be able to hear us. ” She teased him back as he rang the bell.

She was pretty much hanging on his arm to make sure he wasn’t going to turn tail and run!

Suziella 06-21-2019 03:42 AM

Tristan chuckled at that comment, "Too true. Maybe I will just extend them when I go through them that way I don't have to do them all at once." He said with a grin. Their playful banter always made him happy.

Tris bit at his lower lip as Kalen's lips brushed of his knuckles. There were those butterflies again. He would never get used to them...but he always wanted them to be there. It was the absolute best feeling in the world.

Though that next thought scared the dickens out of him. That was a lot of people, and though he didn't mind he wasn't so sure how that would go. "That sounds like fun, but I think we should just have a night with Az and Chris. It's her special night, and I know the others would love to come out too but one on one time with them would be more special," he said in his gentle manner, hoping Kalen wouldn't get the clue that being around his brother at the moment kind of freaked him out.

Next thing he knew the door bell was ringing. He turned to look back towards where the front door was. "Huh. Were you expecting anyone?" Tristan asked turning back towards his fiance.


"And I am always here for you." Sebastian said back with a wink and a grin while simultaneously giving her hand a squeeze back. "Plus, bringing mom would not be a good idea I'm sure. She broke him." His eyes went huge thinking about what happened.

Sebastian barked out a laugh at that comment. "I mean it's extremely possible. Look at this place. You could train anyone in any subject at this place. Imagine how many rooms are in there!" He gave her a big grin before taking his finger off of the bell and stepping back from the door.

There was no chance he was going to run...mostly because Kam was using her body weight to keep him where he was...not that she was hard to pick up the skinny little thing that she was. But...he knew he needed to do this.

Though waiting was agony.....

MunchyBubbles 06-21-2019 10:30 PM

All of Kalen’s thoughts flew right out the window as he heard the doorbell ring and a frown came to his lips. “No. not at all. ” He said softly as he quickly kissed his fiancé before he rose out of his chair and made his way down the long hallway to the door.

He was wondering who it could be, and he ran a hand through his hair to make sure it was presentable as he opened the door..

And then blinked.

Huh.. why were there two Hogwarts students on his doorstep? Did it finally burn down and this was all that was left?

The idle thought left as he smiled. “Hello Mr. De Luca, Miss Keighley, what can I help you with? ” He asked them, his green eyes soft.

Kamryn squeezed Bast’s hand as they heard footsteps and she smiled as Professor Kennedy opened the door. He looked nice, and she liked the bright green slippers he was wearing.

“Hello Professor Kennedy. ” She said politely as she looked at Bast, hoping he would take over.

Suziella 06-22-2019 03:28 AM

Tristan grinned at the quick peck and just as quickly gave a very large pout because...not enough kissing. The thought quickly went away as Kalen was cantering down the hallway to get to the front door.

Barefoot as he was, he made his way quickly down the hall, only to hear Kalen say hello to two names he didn't think he would hear for a very long time, if ever again. Happy surprise slipped over his face as he slid into view of their two former students.

"Sebastian! Kamryn! What a pleasure it is to see you again. What on earth are you doing here of all places?" He said with a chuckle on that last bit. He was happy and confused all at the same time. They hadn't been at Hogwarts for almost 6 months now. Some days it made him sad but mostly...he was just happy to not be dealing with the craziness that was Hogwarts anymore.

"Hello Professor, is--...," the Hufflepuff was just about to ask if Professor, (ugh he was going to really have to figure that out), was home when the Magizoologist literally slid into the door way barefoot. He had to be cold because it was snowing and the man didn't even have shoes on.

But of course...Magic. Duh. Anyway...

"Um....," Sebastian was tongue tied, his hazel eyes glittering as he stared into the man's mismatched ones. He took a deep breath and looked over at Kamryn. He knew he had to do this, so he gave her hand a gentle squeeze and looked back at the two men in the doorway. "Actually, we came to see you both, more specifically, I need to speak with Professor Wayland...and you might want to be there Professor Kennedy. It's kind of...," for lack of a better word, "important." Because he didn't want to say life altering and freak them both out.

MunchyBubbles 06-23-2019 01:10 AM

Kalen laughed softly as his barefoot fiancé legit slid into view and he rested his hand on Tristan’s shoulders as the man greeted the students who stood at their door.

Kalen’s green eyes looked at Sebastian as he started to speak, and one of his eyebrows raised as he said that he needed to talk to Tristan and that he should be present for it.

“Well, Let’s head inside shall we? No use standing out here freezing. ” He said as he stood back and held out an arm to invite them in. “We can head to my study. ” He said softly as he looked at everyone. “And I’ll get some tea for us all. Chai here for Tris.. and what kind would you two like? We have literally every kind you can think of. ”

They did too. Kalen had a tea closet that he kept well stocked.

Kamryn smiled warmly at Professor Wayland as he appeared. “Hello Professor. ” She said softly as she looked up at him and then over at Bast, hoping to give him enough moral support.

Tea sounded nice actually and as she stepped into the warm manor she said, “I’ll have some raspberry tea.”

Suziella 06-23-2019 02:08 AM

Tristan grinned and winked at his fiance. Could they tell he was so much happier here than at Hogwarts? Probably. But how could he not be? He was with the person he loved most in this world and working at one of his favorite places. He was completely happy.

But as Sebastian began to speak, his worry crease began to show up between his brows. What could this possibly be about? Had something happened at Hogwarts that they needed him to fix it? There were far more capable witches and wizards at the school now, he was sure.

"Yes, please come in. Don't want you to freeze." Tristan said with a grin. He hoped they hadn't been outside in the snow for too long. It was absolutely freezing outside. "Chai would be perfect, darling, thank you." He said with a wink and a small smile. "Shall I walk you to the 'study' that is more like a library?" He said with a chuckle. "Follow me." He said giving them a wink before turning and walking down the hall, a thousand thoughts racing through his mind.

Sebastian's nervousness seemed to ebb a little as the professor's seemed receptive to them and even invited them in to their home. He hadn't failed to noticed how much more happy and light hearted they seemed to be now. At Hogwarts there were so...serious and maybe even a touch on the sad side.

Chai? That's right...another thing they had in common. "Um...Chai for me as well, please." He said with a nervous smile as they walked inside of the manor. It was an amazing place. It was classic yet modern and masculine. He liked it.

He nodded when Professor SIGH. He was really going to have to figure that out! Anyway. He nodded and followed the man down the hallway, pulling Kam along with him. "You and Professor Kennedy have a very lovely home." He said with a gentleness that was not at all normal for him.

MunchyBubbles 06-23-2019 08:18 PM

“Two Chai’s and a raspberry tea coming up. ” Kalen said with a smile as he headed off to the kitchen.

Kamryn was walking along side Bast and she was looking around at the house rather wide eyed, it was so very big! And so nice inside! She never really knew how to imagine the inside of Professor’s houses, but they were really good decorators!

“It is so lovely. And so big! ” She said with a soft smile. Goodness was one of them really well off? Cause..


Suziella 06-24-2019 05:11 AM

Tristan's mind raced as he walked their former students down the hallway to Kalen's study. It was strange having Sebastian and Kamryn in their a little piece of Hogwarts that just wouldn't let go of them. Though it did make him happy that whatever they needed help with they needed him and Kalen for it.

He grinned when Sebastian asked for Chai as well. Someone after his own heart when it came to tea. It always made him happy when someone liked Chai as well because he could prove to Kalen that it was indeed a good, dare he say, great tea flavor.

The blonde hair man turned with a smile at the compliments on the house."Oh, well, thank you. Kalen inherited Kennedy Manor from his parents when they passed. I'm not sure what his brother's got, but Kalen definitely got a great place here. We are in the midst of redecorating some rooms at the moment. Everything else is pretty much finished though." Tristan wasn't sure if he would ever get used to being in such a large estate. He grew up in a lovely cottage in Wales with his Aunt and Uncle. There was only one time he had a home of his own and well...that didn't last long.

Tristan stopped at an open door, "After you. Have a seat on one of the couches." Hopefully Kalen wasn't going to be too much longer. He was a very efficient and quick tea maker.

The distraction of talking about the Manor helped Sebastian to calm down a little. He listened with a polite grin on his face. So it was Professor Kennedy with the money. Somehow he wasn't surprised, especially when thinking about how the furniture in his office at Hogwarts was very luxurious and expensive. "Do you have your own study as well?" Sebastian asked curiously.

He turned to look at Kam with an appreciative grin and a wink. He literally wouldn't be walking down this hallway right now if she hadn't been holding his hand through this.

When the former professor pointed them into a room, Sebastian stopped in his tracks and looked around. They were literally standing in a two story library. "Holy...," he turned to Kam with big eyes full of wonder wishing to touch all the books.

MunchyBubbles 06-24-2019 08:30 PM

Kamryn was mostly quiet as Professor Wayland spoke and led them to the study. It was a little odd learning about her old Professors like this, but now she knew why Professor Kennedy had the house!

She kept trialing Bast as they walked into the library and she watched him as he looked around and felt a moment of envy for his future life.

This might become his part time house, Kalen and Tristan his part time parents! If all went well of course! She felt like they would be great parents, and she sighed softly, wondering what it would be like to be part of a family that actually got along and was around and saw each other.

Ugh.. she pulled her thoughts from that sad track and sat down on the couch as Bast kept looking around.

Suziella 07-27-2019 05:09 AM

Tristan finally decided to sit down on the opposite couch that Kamryn had sat on that way they could converse easily. He looked over at the girl who seemed...sad almost? He wasn't quite sure. But he was quickly distracted by Sebastian's question.

"Oh, yes. It's in a different part of the house and has more music and musical instruments as well as books." It was one of his favorite rooms besides Kalen's study and their bedroom.

Tristan grinned at the young man's astonishment. It was a lot of books after all. Tristan had a lot of Vinyl records, CD's, and of course a ton of books but not nearly as many as Kale Chip had. Speaking of his Chip...where was that man? His nerves were getting the better of him...hence the crossing and uncrossing of his legs. He couldn't explain it, but something was up with these two and it was making him nervous.

Pulling himself out of his entranced stupor, he grinned at Kam...who was suddenly looking sad. He gave her a wink before taking off his coat and sitting down next to her, laying it across his lap.

"That sounds fantastic. I would love to see it. I play piano, guitar, and drums. And...I sing a little too." He said with a slight blush. Not many people knew he sung but it was fine. Kam knew...why would he be embarrassed. Maybe because he already know Professor Wayland played guitar and piano and he sang as well. So many things in common. It was funny because his mother wasn't musically inclined at all.

This was all so weird...he kinda hoped Professor Kennedy would come back so he could just tell them. This waiting game was making him even more nervous.

MunchyBubbles 09-02-2019 12:44 AM

Kalen returned not a few moments later with a tray in his hand that had on it, two cups of chai tea, one raspberry tea and one cup of earl grey for himself.. his usual.

There was also some small biscuits and various other little things for people to eat and he set the tray down on a small table by the couch and smiled at everyone.

“I hope I didn’t take to long.”

He said with a warm smile as he took the cups and handed them to their respective people.

“Is anyone hungry?” He asked as he settled in a small chair next to Tris’s end of the couch.

Suziella 10-04-2019 01:47 AM

"Well, maybe after this discussion that we are supposed to be having happens, I can take you out there and show you both." The former professor said with a grin. He loved showing off his 'study' to anyone that wanted to see it.

Tristan's smile lit up as soon as Kalen walked in the door. It was slightly ridiculous how happy that man made him. All he had to do was walk in a room and he was instantly happy. "It was an eternity...but you will be forgiven." He said with a wink and a smirk, before taking his cup of Chai from Kalen and a biscuit from the tray. "Thank you, love." He said quietly before turning back to the two students in front of them.

"Well, now that Professor Kennedy is here would you like to tell us why you are here?" He said with a pointed look at the young Sebastian. It was clearly him that needed to spill the beans about something. Though he didn't know at the time it would be something life changing.

"That would be amazing, Professor Wayland." The Hufflepuff's eyes lit up at the idea of seeing an entire room dedicated to music. He loved music with a passion...and obviously got it from the man sitting across from him...which would make this very interesting.

Then suddenly, Professor Kennedy was there passing them there drinks. "Thank you, sir." Sebastian said quietly. "I'll take a biscuit as well." He said with a grin before reaching over to the tray and grabbing one. He wasn't sure when or how to start this conversation so he took a big gulp of his Chai. It was perfectly made and so delicious. Professor Kennedy really knew what he was doing with tea!

Before he could dwell too much on the deliciousness of his drink, Professor Wayland brought the subject at hand to the forefront of the conversation. Sebastian took a deep breath, and as he shakily exhaled, his sat his tea down. "'s a bit of a long story you see." He sighed and ran a hand through his hair, taking a quick glance at Kam.

"I think it would just be easier to give you this letter." He fumbled through his jacket, pulling out two different letters, leaving one on his lap and handing the other over to the professors.

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