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Bazinga 07-10-2019 10:27 PM

The Blaze Family

On the countryside, there is a story of an old run-down mansion that no one goes near. The story that is told to all the children is that the Mansion had a curse and anyone who steps foot on the soil will have nightmares or worse death. While some of that might be true no one can really say per se, that is unless you are a Blaze.

The mansion might look like a run-down place to the outside, but to the Blaze family it is fully intact and the doors open to a beautiful home that has been part of their family for generations. With its multiple bedrooms, pool, and oversized living room you would think that elegant people would be hosting many social gathers, but unfortunately, the only thing ever hosted at this mansion is business meetings among the adults.

RP Scene:

It's summer which means the Hogwarts students are back and it is business as usual, though Fredrick as been gone for six months now you wouldn't know it. Owls keep coming and jobs keep being done, but who is calling the shots and who is the head of the Blaze business now? The family has been called to the mansion by Brooke Blaze, one of the many faces to the families very secret group, she is not one of the meanest and isn't comfortable calling these meetings. The thought of having every member in one place gives her anxiety, but the meeting needed to be called, there has come an issue that needs to be addressed and only the family could do that. While the adults are meeting the children are playing out at the pool.


Brooke Blaze, Eddie Blaze, Anthony Blaze- Bazinga
Claudine Blaze Fearlessleader
Lynn Blaze, Dahlia SarcasticStrawberry
Eivan Blaze emjay
Camden Blaze MuggleDionsaur

*I do have a few open Blaze members if anyone would like a new character!

emjay 07-15-2019 11:45 PM

Eivan would be seventeen is just over a month. Therefore he considered himself an adult and would not be hanging out with the children in the pool. In fact, he had been slowly integrating himself into the family business over the past few year, learning the ins and outs, and making himself useful where he could. He had been furious to be stuck at Hogwarts with no way of even owl communication and now he was considering to immerse himself fully into the business when he turned seventeen, and not complete his last year of school.

Once inside the meeting room, Eivan took his seat and waited for everyone else to arrive and for their business to be discussed.

FearlessLeader19 07-20-2019 12:23 AM

Claudine Blaze
Model: Bailee Madison
Post Colour: GoldenRod

SPOILER!!: Click Me!

The Basics:
Name: Claudine Blaze
Nicknames: Despises nicknames.
Date of Birth: July 31st, 2086
Place of Residency:
Place of Birth:

Height: 56.7" (144 cm)
Weight: 81.5 lb (36.9 kg)
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Complexion: Fair
Build: Slim

- Primary Wizarding School (Class of 2099)
- Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry
Boggart: TBA
Amortentia: TBA
Likes: Her own company,
Dislikes: Loud noises, being in a crowd

Mother: Bethany Blaze ('deceased')
Father: Camdon Blaze (MuggleDinosaur)
Sister: Florence Blaze
Aunt: Lynn (SarcasticStrawberry), Kristen
Uncle: Robert (Symphora)
Cousins: Dahlia (SarcasticStrawberry)
Grandparents: Fredrick (Bazinga), Scarlet (SneakehCat)
Extended Family: Gabby (Bazinga), Edward (Devina Wellheart), Miranda (Devina Wellheart), Eddie (Bazinga), Eivan (emjay), Jordan (JennMarie), Minerva Wheatborn- McCarthy (Bazinga)

About Claudine:
Claudine hails from a large family and shares the members' views on blood status. The reason for this is because of how she was raised and what was taught to her. Despite this, she would rarely point out that one of the reasons she was distant from others was because of their said blood status. Regardless of the status, Claudine prefers to be in her own company, purposely engaging in conversation only when necessary.

More to be added as I figure her out.

Claudine missed everyone when they were away and usually longed for them to return to the Mansion. Her primary school education had now come to an end as she would be turning eleven soon and that meant she would be attending Hogwarts come September first. The girl was looking forward to it. What she was not looking forward to, however, was the interaction with other students. You see, Claudine preferred her own company and was usually a loner. Not that she didn’t interact with anyone at primary school; she only did this when needed. But Hogwarts meant a huge change was about to happen in her life. She would have to adjust to this.

Now that the others were home, Claudine wished they were away again. She wanted the quiet, the peace, the times when it was only the adults around. They usually let her be and she in turn kept out of their ways.

Claudine was supposed to be out at the pool with the others as per normal but she was feeling restless. And she was curious. She cast one more look at the pool. Everyone was too observed in their own fun to notice her there much less notice her quietly and quickly making her way back to the Mansion.

Bazinga 07-21-2019 02:12 AM

Brooke had fixed up the office again after the attack, it just felt so wrong with it looking the way it did. Fredrick would have never approved of it sitting as it had, but no one was brave enough to touch his stuff or at least that's how she felt about touching it. Her Aunt still in hiding she had stepped in a few times and now she was there once more, she didn't like the feeling of stepping in though, she thought about her family that she kept hidden from all of this, this world they lived. She couldn't be in charge it would put her son in danger.

Standing in the office she turned as Eivan had come in, "How you have grown so quickly."Brooke was one of the least Blazy of the Blaze and her heart ached for Eivan and his siblings with their mother gone. So many of their family gone, why did they still do what they did.

"Have you seen any of the others?"

It was his birthday if anyone cared!

He was being drugged to the mansion on his birthday and honestly, Anthony was not happy. It was always the same, whenever they got an owl it was off to the mansion and this nine-year-old thought it was a waste of time. His cousins were mainly girls that were his age and the older cousins he wanted to hang with never wanted him around. Why were his parents torturing him on his birthday?

Once they got there he was quickly sent towards the pool, the only upside to going there in the summer, but along the way he noticed one of his cousins. What was she up to? He watched Claudine seeming like she was leaving before the party even got started.


He had jumped out in front of her right before she headed in.

FearlessLeader19 07-28-2019 12:25 AM

Claudine made it back to the interior of the Mansion but not without being seen. This did not bother her as she smoothly passed it off with an innocent smile or under the pretense of returning to her vast and spacious room to pick up her favourite towel when questioned by anyone. She halted when she came close to the room where the meetings were usually held. From afar she watched Eivan step into it. “Of course,’’ she thought. “Eivan is now old enough.’’ The realisation hit Claudine, seemingly with the force of the Hogwarts Express.

Shrewd eyes studied the layout of the corridor. There was a huge blue and white vase close to the room’s door. She could hide behind it and attempt to eavesdr-

Claudine was startled. So startled that her hands reached up to clamp over her mouth. When she regained composure, she saw that it was only Anthony. She rolled her eyes. “What, Anthony?'' the girl asked and lowering her hands. "What do you want?’’

emjay 08-08-2019 09:25 PM

Wrackspurt 12: You must include a palindrome of some kind in your post.
Brooke's heart might have ached for him, but Eivan's heart had grown cold and hard in the days since his mother was killed. He still believed it was his father's fault and he would not rest until he and Eddie got their revenge. "Murder for a jar of red rum," he muttered to himself as the thought filtered back through his mind. But speaking of Eddie, he was surprised not to see his older brother in the meeting room already, though he was sure he'd be along shortly.

His cold steel eyes turned towards his cousin Brooke as she addressed him, though he ignored the part about him growing up. He was nearly an adult and didn't need to be coddled. But he shook his head at the question, his voice not as sharp as it was to outsiders. "No, not yet. But they'll be here." He was sure of it.

"I've come to a decision."

Bazinga 08-19-2019 01:34 AM

"What are you doing here? You know we aren't supposed to be. Plus you should be swimming Come on Cuz, let's go." He grabbed her by the arm and started to move away from the room. If he was going to be stuck with his family he at least wanted to have some fun.

"You know it's my birthday so you better have gotten me something.'

She wanted to sigh watching him, the family got to him or maybe she was just not the family. She hated the thoughts, years of feeling like an outsider with her thoughts. She'd like to go back in time and speak to Vic see what she was thinking when she had left. She knew no one spoke of that member, but she wondered if she might have been more like her then her own mother.

That was a thought that wasn't going to go anywhere, Vic was dead along with the others and this, this was her life. She'd have to figure things out and not let on anything but the Blaze way. 'Yes, you are probably right. They wouldn't miss a meeting." She hesitated with the thought of what the meeting might do to the group. The letter she held it was something she was sure had to be a mistake.

"Oh what is that?" Looking up at him she wondered what he was deciding on.

He had slipped in as the conversation was going and he did hear his brother make a comment about a decision, but he figured it would be told since Brooke asked what it was so Eddie just took a seat and stayed quiet as always. He had things to do and potions to make, plus Farah was expecting him later. He'd be gone for a few days to head towards her college.

FearlessLeader19 08-20-2019 11:47 PM

Challenge 40: Invent a magical illness and describe its symptoms in your post.


How awfully distracting and annoying they could be. Claudine turned a cool gaze towards the entrance of the room where she yearned to eavesdrop before returning an icy look upon Anthony. She immediately wrenched her arm out of his hands. This girl loathed to be touched. She also knew that getting angry would not help in this situation so what did she opt for? To be cunning and convincing. “I remember, Anthony. I’ve got you the coolest present ever but here’s the thing. I’m not feeling well at the moment. I er, think I have... Kneazle’s Foot. Yeah, Kneazle’s Foot. Owww.’’ Claudine balanced herself on her right foot by lifting her left one slightly off the ground. “This left one’s throbbing and my toenails feel funny. Like there are things wriggling under them. Plus they feel as though they’re on fire. You go back outside while I go to my room to get the remedy to this. I’ll bring your present once I’m done. Believe me, you should go. This thing is contagious.’’

Claudine desperately hoped this would convince the little monster to leave her alone. Merlin knew what she was missing from that meeting. Definitely not Eddie entering the room at that moment.

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