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WhittyBitty 12-16-2015 06:28 AM

50 Ficlets for Sherlock Holmes and Ariel - Sa 13+
*Image credit to DinosaursOnASpaceship

Hello! I'm Whit. This is my first time writing ficlets, and me and Jess (Jessiqua) thought that it would be fun to do a joint thread. These stories will cover our RP characters Lux Carrington and Theodore Burton and their growing friendship.

We hope that you enjoy them.

DISCLAIMER: The world of Harry Potter belongs to its creator, J.K. Rowling.
List of Prompts:

1. Accio 2. Avada Kedavra 3. Bluebell Flames 4. Blasting Curse 5. Colloportus 6. Crucio 7. Confundus 8. Diffindo 9. Disapparate 10. Engorgio 11. Expecto Patronum 12. Furnunculus 13. Flagrate 14. Glisseo 15. Hurling Hex 16. Impedimenta 17. Imperio 18. Incarcerous 19. Jelly Legs 20. Knitting Charm 21. Langlock 22. Legilimens 23. Levicorpus 24. Lumos 25. Mobilicorpus 26. Morsmordre 27. Muffliato 28. Nox 29. Obliviate 30. Oppugno 31. Orchideous 32. Peskipiksi Pesternomi 33. Petrificus Totalus 34. Point Me 35. Quietus 36. Reducto 37. Relashio 38. Rictusempra 39. Riddikulus 40. Sectumsempra 41. Scourgify 42. Silencio 43. Specialis Revelio 44. Stupefy 45. Tarantallegra 46. Twitchy Ears Hex 47. Undetectable Extension Charm 48. Unbreakable Vow 49. Wingardium Leviosa 50. Waddiwasi

11. Expecto Patronum

Lux wasn't sure exactly how they had gotten onto the topic of Patronuses, but that was how a lot of her conversations with Teddy went. They always seemed to drift from topic to topic as there were so many interesting things to discuss.

"You can cast a corporeal Patronus?" the twelve year old asked, obviously impressed. His eyes were wide because he knew just how hard it was to be able to do that.

Lux found herself turning slightly red, mostly out of excitement because she liked thinking about the moment she had seen her lion Patronus for the first time. It had been incredible.

After a moment she nodded. "It's more than merely pointing your wand and saying 'EXPECTO PATRONUM' while thinking about something that makes you happy... It also helps to think of the person who makes you feel safest." That was what she had done and it had WORKED.

Jessiqua 12-19-2015 05:07 AM

34. Point Me

“Point me,” Teddy said, his wand in his hand. It shifted slightly. “This way.” Tugging his deerstalker down, securing it, he led the way, Lux’s red hair billowing behind her.

“Where are we going?” she whispered.
“North. It’s where Hogwarts is,” he whispered back.

After twenty minutes of walking, they still couldn’t see the castle. “Point me,” he repeated, wand in his hand. It shifted again, pointing behind them.
“Is it faulty?” Lux asked.
Teddy shook his head, “No, it couldn’t be.” But it wasn’t acting normal. They HAD been walking north, and now it wanted them to walk the other way?
“I just want to get out of the forest, Teddy.” There was a note of panic in her voice.
“I… I don’t think there are any spiders left after what happened,” he said, unsure.
“Then what’s Aragog doing behind you?”
Teddy spun around so quickly his wand flew out of his hand. “Aragog! But but you’re… you’re DEAD! You’re LONG dead.”
He could sense the spider smiling, laughing, as it came closer… until its pincers came towards Teddy’s face… he woke up screaming, but thankful Lux wasn’t actually facing the acromantulas again.

WhittyBitty 12-19-2015 05:32 AM

47. Undetectable Extention Charm

"Now where did I put it?"

Biting her lip, Lux rummaged in her purse while Teddy waited patiently. Looking up, she flashed him a smile before getting back to the task at hand. Since she was having no luck, she began to remove items one at a time and placed them on the table.

There was: a bunch of chocolate frogs, some DVDs, a few boxes of tea, a few notebooks, pens, pencils, a Flounder plush, and her curling iron among other things. Basically everything besides the kitchen sink.

And Teddy's Christmas present.

Well, wasn't she just a terrible friend for not even packing something this important. "I'm really sorry, Teddy. You must think I'm pretty terrible right now." She frowned.

"I'll never think you're terrible," he assured her. "You can always give it to me later." Wasn't too surprising seeing as she had so much packed into a tiny purse.

Jessiqua 12-19-2015 02:26 PM

50. Waddiwasi

“I need more stuffing, Teddy can you pass me some?” Lux asked, having just put the last of her stuffing into one the Christmas ornament they had been making.
“Sure,” he said, picking up a big handful of the cotton wool and throwing it towards Lux. It didn’t go very far, and they both giggled.
“Come on Teddy that was a lame throw,” Lux teased.
He picked the wad of stuffing up and threw it with all of his might, but it only went as far as his outstretched legs.
“It won’t go far,” he said with a giggle.
“If you were of age you could just use your wand.”
“Yeah, but I’m not,” he said standing up and walking it to her.
The thirteen-year-old knew how to use Wingardium Leviosa, of course. “How?” he asked.
Lux picked up her wand and pointed it at the wad of cotton wool, “Waddiwasi,” she said, sending it right at Teddy. The soft wad hit him in the face.
“That’s a cool spell!”
“I know, it’s good for a few things. I’ll teach it to you when you’re seventeen!”

Teddy sighed knowing he had a long time to wait.

WhittyBitty 12-19-2015 04:00 PM

3. Bluebell Flames

There was something really special about stargazing. No matter how often she did it, Lux never got tired of looking into space. She had bought a telescope a few years ago, and while it wasn't as snazzy as the ones in the observatory, she thought it was almost as good.

While she mostly wanted to watch the stars with her boyfriend, tonight she was enjoying them with Teddy. It was early October so there was a chill in the evening air. Thank Merlin they had insulated blankets because otherwise she'd freeze despite the fact that there was hot chocolate.

"Look at this, Teddy!" Lux exclaimed as she moved away from the telescope so that he could get a look. "I found a comet!" She had never seen one before, so this was rather exciting. Teddy was clearly as impressed as she was. She giggled as he said "wow."

They were both such nerds and she loved it.

Smiling, Lux felt really happy. There was only one thing that would make the night more perfect... Reaching into her bag, she pulled out a jar. Soon it was full of beautiful blue flames. She liked to think this was how galaxies looked.

Jessiqua 12-19-2015 05:51 PM

20. Knitting Charm

Teddy was excited. First to be back home, second because it was only three days before Christmas, and third because LUX was in his house. Granted she was visiting Zhenya, but still!
“Here’s your hot chocolate,” Teddy said, handing it to Lux.
“Thanks,” she said, reaching for it and taking a sip. “Mmmm.”
“Zhenya made it. I can’t take credit for it.” He admitted. “That’s cool,” he said, indicating the knitting. “I didn’t know it could do that.”
Lux smiled “Thanks! It’s a knitting charm. I wanted to knit some Christmas ornaments and then stuff when with cotton wool.”
“Oh that’s creative. Did… you want any help?” he asked.
“With the knitting? That’s okay, my wand is doing all of the work. And besides, you’re only thirteen.”
“I know,” he said, pulling a face at her, “I meant with the stuffing. I don’t need a wand for that do I?”
“Oh! Yes, absolutely. I have some stuffing, actually.” She reached for her small bag, and Teddy watched, amazed, as she pulled out a giant bag of stuffing from the tiny bag.
“How did you-?” he asked, his mouth slightly open.
“Extension charm.”
“Oh yeah!”
He totally forgot bags did that.

WhittyBitty 12-20-2015 06:51 AM

41. Scourgify

Tomorrow was Zhenya's birthday and that meant only one thing: a cauldron shaped cake.

Teddy had already gotten his as well as his birthday present, so he seemed to be in a VERY good mood. Bless him, that was so cute. Lux smiled at him before turning her attention back to the task at hand.

"I've never used a handheld mixer before," she warned her friend. This could go badly because she was used to the ones that moved by themselves. "Here goes nothing..." After a moment she turned the machine on and dipped it into the bowl so that it would mix the ingredients together.


Batter hit the cabinets.


More batter hit Teddy.

Seeing what had happened, Lux quickly turned off the machine. "I'm really sorry, Teddy." She knew that he didn't like getting dirty and hoped that he wasn't mad at her. "I can fix the mess with Scourgify!"

...After that she could do something about the batter on his face.

Jessiqua 12-21-2015 09:24 AM

22. Legilimens

They were both on the couch, slumped down, reading. Well, Lux might have been reading, but Teddy was just staring at the words.
Lux closed her book with a soft thud, and plonked it back on the table. She pushed herself up and stared at Teddy.
“What’s wrong Teddy?”
Teddy’s eyes slowly shifted from the words to Lux’s face. “What do you mean?” At fifteen, he was just trying to find a place for himself. He was sure that was all it was.
Lux sighed empathetically, “I think everyone is worried. We know that something isn’t right inside here,” she said, gently tapping his head. “It’s like a light has gone out inside you.”
“What are you, a Legilimens?”
Lux dropped her hand. “No, I just know you Teddy. I know what you’re usually like, and I know what you’re like when you’re not happy. But this is different. It’s not just like something has made you upset, but I just know that something is wrong inside your mind. Like one of your layers has separated from the rest.”
Teddy looked away. “I can’t explain it. I don’t even know how to interpret what I’m feeling anymore.”

WhittyBitty 12-21-2015 05:43 PM

7. Confundus

At this point Lux didn't know what to do to help Teddy since she didn't really know what was wrong. He apparently didn't know either.

It was as if they had both been hit with a good dose of the Confundus Charm.

Sighing, she watched him as he looked away from her. He didn't know how to interpret how he felt anymore, and she really wished that she could help him figure it out. She would do anything that she could if it made her friend feel better. "You know that I care a lot about you, Teddy. You mean a lot to me and I will always be there for you."

Lux was going to be there for him through whatever was wrong...even if he didn't know WHAT was wrong in the first place.

He would get through it and she would be there for him while it happens.

Jessiqua 12-23-2015 03:24 PM

38. Rictusempra

“HAPPY SEVENTEENTH BIRTHDAY!” Lux said, giving him a big hug.
Teddy had even had to start shaving. That morning, in fact. Three little hairs were starting to grow on his chin, and Archer had given him a shaving blade.
“So! You’re of age now, what was the first spell you tried?”
“Uh I… I haven’t tried anything yet,” he said, getting two mugs from the cupboard and brewing a pot of tea for them.
“What? TEDDY! You’re of age. OF AGE! Come on, let me be here to see your first spell! What do you want to try? A summoning charm? Cleaning charm? Transfigure something?”
Ahh, he was about to make Ava very proud. “Uh well there was one spell I wanted to try,” he said, with a smirk.
“What one?” Lux replied, with a smile on her face.
“Rictusempra,” he said, pointing his wand at her.

Lux began giggling, swatting the air, and as much as Teddy was laughing at the sound of her laughter, he did feel terrible. It lasted about 10 seconds before he stopped the spell.

Uhhohh.. “I’m sorry Lux,” he said, his smile disappearing. “I just… couldn’t resist.” Oops.

WhittyBitty 12-29-2015 03:47 AM

31. Orchideous

A Sherlock Holmes exhibit had recently opened at the museum, so of course Lux and Teddy wanted to see it before it closed.

They had asked Zhenya if she wanted to come, but since she preferred the movies it hadn't really interested her. No matter because they would have more than enough fun on their own.

She could see how excited Teddy was to leave; he had shown up at her place with his eyes lit up in excitement. It warmed her heart to see how happy he was, and she giggled. It wasn't her fault that she was a girl and it took more than a few minutes for her to get ready.

"Just another minute."

This was something that Bay had to deal with too, so Teddy was not alone.

Smiling, Lux conjured a bouquet of white lilies. One went into her hair, and the others went into the vase on the table.

"Now we can go!"

Jessiqua 12-29-2015 07:34 AM

42. Silencio

Teddy was so excied that he and Lux were going to see the Sherlock Holmes Exhibition together. They caught the tube into London, walking to the museum. Teddy had looked up the directions just in case he needed them, but they seemed to walk along together, talking about Sherlock Holmes, until they surprisingly arrived at the Museum. None of them had been consciously leading.

They went through, up the stairs, and into the exhibit. Teddy was exuberant! Everything there was SHERLOCK. The old posters of books and movies around the world, costumes, information on the behind-the-scenes happenings, documents on the planning of how Sherlock works out everything he knew. It was incredible... until they got to the screening.

They sat down, eager to watch the short clip of the creating of Sherlock from page to screen, when the annoying teenagers behind them kept giggling and talking.
Teddy felt himself getting mad at them for ruinning everyone elses right to watch and listen to the film. And Lux sensed something was up...
"Want me to shut them up?" she whispered to him.
He chuckled. "How would you do that?"
"Silencio. The silencing charm. It's a good one for moments like these."

WhittyBitty 12-30-2015 12:40 AM

19. Jelly Legs

With wide eyes, Teddy listened as Lux explained to him what had happened to her in the Forbidden Forest. His sister had told him a little about it since she had attended Hogwarts at the time, but there was no way she could share EXACTLY what had happened.

He couldn't believe it.

"So you dropped your wand and were completely defenseless?" What a scary thought! He had no idea what he would do in that situation. Lux was really brave for being able to pull through. He was proud of her.

She nodded. "Yep, and they kept us in a huge web for what felt like forever. They kept giving us food, but I wouldn't eat most of it. I ended up being so very tired and weak." It had been awful, but she managed to lose weight and that helped make her less appetizing.

"Finally the search party came and rescued us. Adi cut me loose. I remember feeling as if I'd collapse if he didn't hold on to me; it was as if I was hit with the Jelly Legs Jinx!"

It had been awful.

Jessiqua 12-31-2015 08:11 AM

24. Lumos

"Isn't this really interesting? The Lumos charm wasn't invented until the 18th-century! Muggle light was invented only 100 years after they invented the Lumos charm. Can you imagine that? It only took the muggles a year to create what magical people could do." Teddy was amazed. This charms book was fascinating.

"Oh that is interesting," Lux said, peering over his shoulder.

Teddy wasn't quite sure if she was humouring him or if she really did find it interesting. It didn't matter, she never made him feel bad.

"What else does it say, Teddy?"
"Ummm... it was invented by a witch, Levina Monkstanley... some other German wizard lied and said he invented it. Why do people do that? Why do people always lie? It's wrong, it hurts people, and sometimes they do it for no reason! It's so frustrating."
Lux set down some hot chocolate in front of Teddy, sipping her own. "People lie for all different reasons. Fear... manipulation... pride. This German man might have wanted to boost his pride by making people think he had invented it."
Teddy nodded. They were wise words. His Lux always explained things to him when his brain got fixed on something.

WhittyBitty 12-31-2015 06:28 PM

21. Langlock

Lux had found Teddy's charm book so interesting, she had asked him if she could read some of it. Of course he didn't refuse her.

Excitedly she turned the pages, sharing any information that she thought he would find interesting.

"Did you know that Langlock was invented by Severus Snape? It must be THE Severus Snape. The one who was in love with Harry Potter's mother and played a double agent against Lord Voldemort. He seemed like a really sucky guy, but can you imagine being brave enough to do that?" Lux couldn't help but be slightly in awe of the man's courage even if he was a slime ball. It was such a Gryffindor thing to do, and that was her favourite House.

Teddy slid closer to her, probably to hear what else she had to tell him. She KNEW he would be fascinated by this stuff.

"What else can you tell me about it?"

Jessiqua 01-02-2016 11:51 AM

40. Sectumsempra

The girls heard a slam, followed by a thud as something dropped to the floor. They looked at each other and frowned, leaving the kitchen to investigate.

Standing in the hallway was Teddy, looking quite distressed, his backpack on the floor by his feet.
"Teddy, you're shaking," Zhenya said, going to him. She put an arm around him, but Teddy didn't move his gaze from the ground.

"I hate them," he said, venom in his voice.
Zhenya sighed. Not again. "Teddy, you go and sit on the lounge. Lux and I are going to have a word to these little gits."

Teddy nodded, heading to the loungeroom.
"What are we going to do?" Lux asked as they headed out of the house. "Do you know where they are?"
Zhenya was huffing with anger. "I have a pretty good idea."
She led Lux to the library, only a 10 minute walk from the house, and surprise surprise, there they were. Four of them. Zhenya was ready to storm over there, but Lux, sensing it, grabbed her arm.

"Wait! What are you going to do? Put your wand away, they're muggles."
"Well... I've heard sectumsempra is pretty good for using on enemies."

WhittyBitty 01-04-2016 03:21 AM

12. Furnunculus

These bullies really needed to stop.

Teddy didn't like talking about it, so Lux knew better than to go into it with him, but she could tell when it happened. He was angry, retreated into himself, and his social dial went to zero. That was when she gave him hot chocolate and turned the conversation to other things.

Silently she plotted her revenge.

Maybe a good dose of Furnunculus would do the trick...

Smiling, she took a seat beside Teddy before taking a sip from her own cup of hot chocolate. "I got a new Chocolate Frog Card the other day if you want to see it! It's Cliodna! I was thrilled, because she's the person who discovered the properties of Moondew."

Teddy would know what Moondew was since he enjoyed reading up on potion brewing.

Jessiqua 01-05-2016 12:10 AM

46. Twitchy Ears Hex

Teddy knew the symptoms he had when he lied.

His ears felt like they were twitching.

Well, they weren't really twitching, as that would be visible. No, this was invisible. It was inside his head, his brain, his nerves, they sent out a signal that his ears were twitching. So, he perceived his ears to be twitching.

And that is just what happened every single time that people asked him if he was okay. He would nod, he would say "yes, I'm fine," or smile and say "of course!" But inside his head, the ears were going twitch twitch twitch.

But he knew they knew he was lying. At least most of the time, anyway. Because it wasn't just the twitching. That, he could ignore. But there was no way he could perk himself up. That was something that happened over time. He couldn't pretend things were okay. He wasn't an actor. So, when times were hard, he realised people could see it within him.

Especially Lux.

Lux, who supported him without making a fuss.

Lux, who would make him a mug of hot chocolate, and distract him.

Lux, who rarely brought it up.

Lux, who just seemed to understand.

WhittyBitty 01-07-2016 09:39 PM

1. Accio

Lux had picked up a new book about Mermaids the other day, so she had been reading it pretty much non-stop. Or well... whenever she had free time what with university work and all.

She had already talked Bay's ears off about it. Of course he was the best boyfriend ever, so he listened to everything she had to tell him.

Now she wanted to tell Teddy about it because she thought he would find it rather interesting. He never seemed to mind when she talked to him about Mermaids, so maybe he found them fascinating too. Unfortunately since he was at Hogwarts she couldn't speak to him in person. That didn't mean she couldn't write a letter.

She pulled a piece of parchment out of her desk drawer. "Accio pen!"

Jessiqua 01-08-2016 04:20 AM

43. Specialis Revelio

Finally, Lux had arrived.

Not that she was late, but he was so on edge at the moment. Nobody was home. He was just glad his owl had reached her quickly. He hoped he hadn't bothered her.

He opened the door, grabbed her hand, and led her into the back yard, by the door. He wasn't old enough to perform magic, of course. He also didn't want to talk to his mother or father about this. And Zhenya was at work, probably. He knew she had a task that was taking a long time.

"Someone sent me this," he said, showing her the wrapped up parcel. It was addressed to him, but he never received things. "I went to let the cat out, and saw it here. I don't know who put it there. I'm too scared to open it! What if it's something bad? Like... like mustard gas or something?"

Lux pulled out her wand. "Teddy don't worry. Nobody would send you anything like that. Specialis Revelio," she said, rapping smartly at the package. Nothing happened. Lux shrugged and opened the box. "Who is Archer?" she asked looking up and showing Teddy the card, and the box of lollies.

WhittyBitty 01-12-2016 05:30 AM

17. Imperio

Reading about Unforgivable Curses bothered Lux.

It was hard to say which one was the worst, though Imperio made her feel the most unsettled.

Teddy must have noticed the frown on her face because he glanced up from his book and adopted a slightly concerned expression. "What's up?" Something hadn't upset her, had it?

"Just thinking about all the terrible things that the Death Eaters did. The Unforgivable Curses..." How could anyone do something so awful to another person? It made Lux really sad because the world should be full of love, not hate.

Nodding, he moved a little closer to her. "Well, I have got this really interesting Sherlock Holmes picture book and we can look at it together if you want." That would cheer her up, he was sure.

He was right about that.

Jessiqua 01-13-2016 01:38 AM

44. Stupefy
Written by Jess and Whit <3

She was dribbling a basketball down the courtyard, playing against her brother and kicking his butt.


She knew how to bring it. But there was a really cute guy approaching and he COULDN'T see her looking like a tomboy. She had this. With a whole new confidence, she began strutting her stuff so that he could see what she was MADE OF.

Jess and Whitney watched Blended, with a bowl of popcorn, a block of chocolate, and their brain children shrieking.

"Oh oh...." Teddy stammered in Jess' head. It was as though he had been hit with a stunning spell. It was Lux! His Lux! On the screen! How did she get on there?

"IT'S ME!" Lux screamed in Whit's.

Jess and Whit started laughing.

Teddy, excited for seeing his friend, the girl who gave him hugs, chocolate frogs, who took him to Sherlock Holmes exhibitions, listened to his problems, and offered his buzzing mind the distraction he always needed.

And Lux, the ambitious model, seeing herself on the TV screen, strutting her stuff. Oh yeah, that was her. She was a model in every sense of the word! But that hair? It had to change.

WhittyBitty 01-17-2016 04:42 AM

15. Hurling Hex

It was nice to know that there was someone who not only knew what she was going though, but also UNDERSTOOD it. Up until this moment no one could relate to her fear, but now Lux knew that she wasn't alone: Teddy felt the same way!

It made her feel a lot better.

Bay was wonderful, of course. Supportive. He wouldn't ever push her to do anything she didn't want to; he was the best boyfriend in the world and he meant everything to her. That didn't mean that he could relate, however.

"I'm so glad that someone feels the same way that I do!" She wasn't even going to think about flying on a broomstick. Not only was being in the air terrifying, but after reading a history book she couldn't get what happened to Harry Potter out of her head. Of course no one had any reason to use a Hurling Hex on her, but that was besides the point.

Teddy patted her hand reassuringly. "You're definitely not alone." He didn't want her feeling that way.

Jessiqua 01-31-2016 10:42 PM

48. Unbreakable Vow

Teddy was in a sweat as he woke up. It took a moment of trying to breathe deeply until he realised why he had woken up with a start.

The nightmare was back.

He gulped, and quietly stepped out of bed, putting his slippers and dressing gown on, grabbing some parchment, his quill and some ink, and going down to the common room. It was still dark outside. He sat by the extinguished fire, though it was still warm, and wrote;
Dear Lux,

I had a nightmare. The same one. I wanted to write it down before I forgot what it was about. I was with Voldemort, and he had made me promise to help him kill Harry Potter. I think I started getting the nightmares after I read a book about the Second Wizarding War. Anyway, Voldemort made me swear, I had to accept the unbreakable vow. I remember him grabbing my hand, and someone... perhaps it was Bellatrix Lestrange, she performed the spell. But then Harry Potter came back to life, after I helped kill him. I actually helped to kill him. I lured him into the forest.

Then we both died. What does it mean?

From Teddy.

WhittyBitty 02-06-2016 08:58 PM

29. Obliviate

Reading the letter, Lux frowned.

She was happy that Teddy felt he could come to her right away when something was bothering him but she did not like that he was having nightmares. These were definitely worse than the Quarter Quell one, which still didn't make complete sense to her because she hadn't read The Hunger Games or watched the movies.

Honestly she thought that the explanation WAS as simple as reading a book on the Second Wizarding War. Reading about evil curses got to her, and Lord Voldemort was a scary figure from history. She would have been unsettled by the book and that was why she hadn't asked to borrow it.

Pencil in hand she began working on a reply to him.

If only she knew how to perform a memory erasing spell but she didn't want to risk doing damage.

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