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Honeydukes Cellar (Incomplete FF) Here is the home to those stories who didn't quite get told in full.

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Slytherin RAB's brief story - Sa13+
Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

This fic tells Regulus Black's story. In 1972 Hogwarts received a new student, another member of the noble Black family. Like his brother, Regulus is a smart boy, handsome and popular. And like his brother, he made ​​choices that led him to death.
I can't promise you this will be a short story, because I don't finish it yet... But if I can run my plans, it should have 42 chapters at least ... As R. Riddle told me, Regulus Black - this corageous Slytherin - deserves some life before ... before the end.

"This story was based on the Harry Potter series, created by JK Rowling, on which I have no property right and is not my intention to infringe any copyright. It's a fanfiction story that incorporates characters she created."
Special thanks for Alicia and Connie and their wonderful help in correcting my grammar mistakes. RAB's picture hand-drawn by my niece, Tarsila. Thanks, girl!

RAB's brief Story

Regulus Arcturus Black
* 1961; † 1979

New readers!! (Yeah, I'm a hopeful person!)The chapters list is becoming too long, so I'll keep it hidden, showing just the latest chapter.
SPOILER!!: Content list:

First year (1972-1973)
1. Letters to Walburga Black
2. Brothers
3. The Sorting Ceremony
4. Another letter to Walburga
5. First Potions
6. Disappointed
7. Metamorphosis
8. Muggle Born
9. Rose Petals
10. Alice
11. Two Rings (Christmas, 1972)
12. Winter Holidays
13. Special nights
14. King's cross
15. Back to Hogwarts
16. The challenge
17. Valentine's day: Meeting and Missing
18. Mr. Filch
19. Slytherin Duelling Club - part 1
19. Slytherin Duelling Club - part 2
19. Slytherin Duelling Club - part 3
20. Three girls
21. A misunderstanding
22. Impossible to know
23. Precious advices
24. At the train to London (Summer, 1973)
25. A Special Award for Services to the School

Second year (1973-1974)
26. Journey into the unknown world of books from the Noble House of Black
27. Instructive Readings
28. Gradma Melania and grandpa Arcturus Black
29. Discovering
30. A careful and misunderstood brother
31. Making Peace
32. Barty Crouch Jr
34. The new seeker
35. Slug Club Halloween Party
36. Provocations
37. Slytherin versus Ravenclaw
38. In Hogwarts Kitchens
39. Meeting Alice
40. December, 1973
41. Christmas
42. Madam Leloush’s secret
43. Suspicious
44. Unforgettable
45. Tear apart
46. Dark Marks
47. Iced Tea
48. Back to Hogwarts - winter/1974
49. The midnight sun
50. The Black King
51. Quidditch soup: Slytherin vs Gryffindor
52. Black brothers duelling
53. The round face of the moon
54. Slytherin as Always
55. The new club
56. The frustrating match against Hufflepuff
57. At the Astronomy tower
58. Fireflies
59. Rosier’s dark side
60. An endless trip

Third Year (1974-1975)
61. The fall of the Minister of Magic
62. The Greek Prison
63. Sirius's secrets
64. The mysterious disappearance of Alice
65. They were no longer just potatoes
66. The chess, the lake and a new and unsettling discovery
67. The mysterious fireplace
68. Blessed Mandrakes!
69. Dumbledore's eyes
70. The plan and the soot
71. The apology and the new plan
72. Fan club
73. The suspected goo
74. Oh, girls!
75. Herbology
76. Alice's secret place
77. The password
78. Settling down
79. What’s the point?
80. Roommates
81. The note
82. A perfect world
83. Christmas, 1974
84. The shocking discovery
85. Through the Magical Vacuum Paths
86. The voice message
87. Awake
88. Sirius’s help
89. Cokeworth at midnight
90. Torpor
91.The ultimatum
92. Unexpected help
93. Valentine’s Day, 1975
94. Simple & Effective
95. Bricks and Floo Powder
96. This is not as simple as it sounds
97. Adventures over the Black Lake
98. The subtle art of deceiving
99. Girls' stuff and an incredible lucky guy
100. Ravenclaw versus Hufflepuff
101. An odd feeling
102. Through the Curtains
103. Legilimency - First Attempt
104. The Boy’s Great Mistake
105. The Eve
106. The first meeting with Death Eaters
107. The Perverse Initiation Ritual
108. Flowery Hair
109. Warmth
110. Boiling Blood
111. Magical Law Enforcement
112. Muggle’s Throw
113. A wandless boy
114. Always There

Fourth Year (1975-1976)
115. Back to London; Summer 1975
116. Educational Sentence
117. The Illogical Logic of the House Elves
118. Mrs Black’s Shouts
119. Mr Perkins
120. The Bitter Taste
121. Irritation
122. The Prince
123. Cinema
124. Bicycles
125. Back to Hogwarts - 4th year
126. A Knut For the Giant Squid’s Thoughts
127. Breeding Snakes
128. Legilimency duel
129. A smile on Your Face
130. Who cares about it?
131. Sirius. Sirius. Sirius
132. A Gift for Alice
133. Christmas, 1975
134. The Meeting
135. Hogwarts Express, January, 1976
136. The Division
137. The Worst Nightmare
138. Bitterness
139. Frank Longbottom
140. Alice MacMillan
141. The Kiss
142. Violet Almond Eyes
143. The Beach and The Sea
144. Changing of Code
145. The Day After
146. The Night
147. Suddenly, Together!
148. Similarities
149. Dumbledore's Gift
150. Theories
151. Tug-of-War
152. A matter of Contingency
153. Secretive Conflicts

Fifth Year (1976-1977)
154. The Camp
155. The Temporary Mark
156. The Intruder
157. Wizard Nation
158. Persistence
159. Insistence and Strategy
160. Fantastic Beasts… Where to Find Them?
161. The End of the Party
162. An Intense Afternoon
163. Rachel's Mind-blowing Evil Power
164. Out of Order

Current new chapter: 165. The Refined Art of Clamming Up

__________________________________________________ _____________________________________________
1. Letters to Walburga Black

Midway to Hogwarts, in a compartment on the train there was a handsome boy with black hair and pale skin, sitting near the window, with a quill and parchment in hand, writing silently and taking short breaks to observe his pals' behaviour. They were four boys a little older than him.

Sitting in front of him was a skinny kid wearing new clothes, although with repaired holes, who avidly read the textbook of Defence Against the Dark Arts, seemingly oblivious to the fuss of the other three. Close to the door there were other two guys, casually seated: a boy with glasses and wild hair and beside him another one, with black hair slightly long, wide smile and perfect features. Both of them were enjoying a little dispute, which consisted in transforming parts of a rat trying to make it most bizarre as possible . At the door there where smiling girls pop up their faces all the time – boosting them to achieve better results. Sitting in front of them was the rat’s owner, a small and ugly boy, much like his own pet. He did not dare take out his wand to take part of the game, but enjoyed seeing what the two pals did, while he laughed so much that his whole body and at the same time he was forcing himself not blink, as if he could not miss a single detail of the dispute.

After a brief pause, the youngest guy was writing again:

Hi, mum!
This journey seems endless, so I decided to write you.
I've met some people here who seem to be cool, but Sirius has forced me to stay here in his compartment with his friends. He threatened me with his wand, mum! He said it was his older-brother's obligation to take me to the right way... But I believe this right way is something that includes a lot of excited girls, as well as him and his stupid friends trying to charm every girl which goes through here ... And they come here all the time in our cabin, with lame excuses such as the clothes of their friend, Remus - who incidentally seems to be the coolest guy right here.
Actually Remus is the only one that gives me some attention, others guys just want to show themselves to the girls (and they don't see me, I seem to be invisible!). Mum, about what you asked me, now that I know Sirius's friends I don't see why they can be a threat to us: Peter is so stupid that could lick Sirius's feet trying to discover where he went as if it's the most important thing in the whole world; James speaks all the time about in girls and Quidditch; Remus just wants to study, even here on the train I saw him reading about three different books. I think when we arrive at the school he will know everything that teachers will teach him.
Well, as I was saying, there're Slytherin guys that seem pretty cool, but they avoid to approach here ...
I'm starving! The food here is really bad. I'd like it if you let Kreacher come to serve me here.
At this moment Sirius stood up and pulled off the letter from his brother's hand, under the protests of Regulus and Remus - who told him that his younger brother was entitled to some privacy. Sirius pretended not to hear them. He approached James and together they began reading the letter, laughing a lot ocassionally. Sirius said:

'Ohhhhh.... You're writing to our dear little mother... It's so touching... But your letter needs some tweaking. Can I borrow your quill, Remus?'

Annoyed, Remus extended his arm and handed off his quill. Sirius and James laughed while striking off some sentences, and Peter tried in vain to see what the two guys were doing. But they were taller and were standing protecting the parchment with their body:

'Ready, Reg. You can clean up. '
Sirius said, holding out the letter to his brother and returning the quill for his friend. Regulus saw the result of Sirius's joking, perplexed:

Hi, mum!
This journey seems endless, so I decided to write you.
I've met some people here who seem to be cool, but and Sirius has forced invited me to stay here in his compartment with his friends. He threatened me with his wand, mum! He said it was his older-brother's obligation to take me to the right way... But I believe that this right way is something that includes some nice a lot of excitedly girls, as well as him and his stupid friends trying to charm every girl which goes through here ... And they which come here all the time in our compartment, with lame excuses such as the clothes of their friend, Remus - who incidentally seems to be the coolest guy right here.
Actually Remus is the only one that gives me some attention, others guys just want to show themselves to the girls (and they don't see me, I seem to be invisible!). Mum, about what you asked me, now that I know Sirius's friends I don't see why they can be a threat to us : Peter is so stupid that could lick Sirius's feet trying to discover where he went as if it's the most important thing in the whole world, James speaks all the time about in girls and Quidditch, Remus just want to study, even here on the train I saw him reading about three different books. I think until we arrive at the school he will not have anything that teachers can teach him. They are very cool.
Well, as I was saying, there're Slytherin guys that seem pretty cool, but they avoid to approach here ...
I’m starving! The food here is really bad. I'd like it if you let Kreacher come to serve me here and change my diapers.
I can not wait to get to Hogwarts. I'm sure I'll be sorted to Gryffindor like my brother. Kisses. Regulus.
Regulus showed intention to rip the letter and Sirius standing in front warned him:

'You not even dare rip it. You better copy exactly as it is, I'm warning you.'

Regulus copied the letter with almost all changes of Sirius as his eyes brimmed with anger - he just decided not to write about diapers and Gryffindor as needed to maintain a certain amount of dignity.

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Ivana, very good. You know the rules, have fun!

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Expecting more......
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Originally Posted by sujayanee View Post
Expecting more......
I expect to do well on this story. Regulus was so brave at the end he deserves a good story. I'll try do it. And I'm sorry if I can't do it better. Thanks for reading!

Ivana, very good. You know the rules, have fun!
And Droo, you can be sure that I'll have fun! Thank you!
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Default 2. Brothers
Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

After he finished copying the letter to his mother, which was carefully examined by Sirius, Regulus tied it at Schwarzie, his screech owl. The owl seemed annoyed as he was, but she quickly flew to the 12 Grimmauld Place as her owner asked to. Regulus was pretending to not notice all the mess that his brother and his friends were causing in the compartment, as if they could contaminate him with their laugh. To all appearance, drumming on the window and looking away did not prevent him hearing what was happening within inches away.

Suddenly Remus left the book aside, slid the door open and grabbed Sirius by arm pulling him out to corridor. Once outside, he shut the door forcefully. Inside the compartment one could not hear the two boys talking but could suppose it was not a friendly chitchat. Regulus looked them through the corner of his eye, while James held Peter by his neck to keep him from getting his ear stuck like glue at the door, so curious he was. James stifled a smile, but looked slightly worried when Sirius pulled out his wand and pointed it against Lupin's face. Lupin remained impassive for a moment until they burst into laughter. Then Sirius lowered his wand, slid the door open and came in the compartment with his arm on Remus's shoulder, commenting:

'As always you're right, my friend.' And looking at his brother, he added:

'Regulus, sorry. I exceeded myself. '

He took the parchment that his brother had crumpled in his hand, reread the letter and said:

'Let's walk around the train. C’mon.'

Regulus followed him without looking at others when left the compartment. Sirius continued:

'Sorry, Reg, sometimes I get excited. Actually I was very proud when I read the letter you were writing to our mum.' Regulus looked at him incredulously.
'Ah, yes, I was proud because I realized you’re very observant, something I’d never seen before, when we were home ... You did a very good description of me and my friends in that letter. I also have the impression Peter could lick the soles of my shoes if I allowed him - But it doesn't mind! Deep down he's a nice guy.'

Regulus remained silent and barely looked at his brother as they walked through the corridors of the train.

'I want you to believe in your feelings, Reg. This whole thing about pure-blood isn't as well as our parents believe - What matters is the essence of each one - look at Lupin, he is a Half-blood - to say the least - and he's, as you can see, the guy most decent among us.'

Regulus then stopped walking and stared at his brother. He opened his mouth, but gave up before speak and began walking again.

'In a few hours you'll be sorted at Hogwarts. No matter which house you go - they're all fine - no matter how stupid I look, YOU will always be my brother and make sure I'll stand by you whenever you want... See, I'm not so good with words, Reg. You know ... But ... Well ... That's it. Huh...'

At this moment they arrived at the door of the last wagon before the steam engine. On the door was a prohibition sign: ‘No access for unauthorized persons’. Regulus looked at his brother, who said confidently:

'Regulus Arcturus Black, I - as your older brother - authorize your entry on this wagon.'

'Grow up, Sirius!'

Regulus said, smiling for the first time since they departed from King's Cross Station.

Sirius slid the door open and they entered. They were in the train service compartment. A lady with pointed nose and dark hair tucked under a cook's cap was sitting staring through the window.

'Excuse me, ma'am. I'm Sirius and this is my younger brother Regulus. I know in a few hours we'll be at Hogwarts, but' - then and Sirius lowered his voice - 'my brother has the hunger called homesick... You know, he's away from home for the first time... Would you have something...'

There was no need to finish the sentence, the lady looked at Regulus and fondly invited him:

'Come dear, sit here.' She said gesturing to a small table with two chairs, where the conductor took his meals. 'I have a special black purple carrot Cauldron’s cake, pumpkin juice and scones filled with cherry blossom and apple jelly.'

Regulus looked at the trolley wondering if he had seen any of these things when she had been selling sweets.

'Oh no, nothing I offered you is for sale. They are special. I'm sure you'll love. Sit down you two.’

Smiling softly, she waved the wand and the cake, juice, scones floated to the table as well as dishes, glasses and cutlery for two. They sat and Regulus helped himself. Sirius was silent, smiling and watching his brother eating. Regulus said:

'What’s wrong?'

'Nothing. I was just remembering when we were kids playing hide-and-seek with Kreacher, you curled up on the curtains of Mrs. Walburga thinking that no one could see you and I pretended not see you... You were so small! You know - I missed you last year.'

'But now I am here, Sir.'

'Yeah, you are, Reg, you are...'

Sirius replied vaguely, already anticipating that this would be their last meeting on which there would be nothing separating them.

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Ooo awesome!

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thank you, Droo!
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Default 3 . The Sorting ceremony
Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

They had just reached the Great Hall and the first-year students felt everyone staring at them. Embarrassed and anxious, they waited for the
Sorting ceremony to begin. Regulus was the second in line. The Sorting Hat was singing a song about the four houses which echoed in his head and seemed endless. Regulus felt overwhelmed and glanced around him. He quickly saw his brother looking at him - after the episode on the train, Sirius presence made him courageous and confident. They had their differences, but Regulus always knew Sirius was someone he could rely on. A few minutes later, it was with this feeling of confidence and his heart full of determination that he sat on the little four-legged stool and felt the strange warmth of the Sorting Hat on his head - it seemed alive somehow. Then the crowd's sound disappeared and darkness took over. He thought with pride of his family and his surname echoed in his head:

'Black – Black – Black.'

It was then that he heard:


The Sorting Hat was done his job.

Regulus so felt happy as he got off the stool, as if being carried by the sound of applauses and cheers from the Slytherin table, although he felt still a bit stunned. He went there, but his eyes looked for his brother at the table the far left. On the other hand, Sirius was trying to disguise his disappointment with a poorly prepared smile on his face, while he was gazing at his brother going to the noisy table which awaited him. Regulus nodded shyly to his brother before he sat down, feeling a knot in the chest, resulting from the pride he had in continuing the family tradition mixed with the inevitable split in his family. So Regulus smiled back and allowed himself dive down in the contagious enthusiasm of the warm welcome of the members of his house.

Soon he found a vacant place on the table next to another first-year boy who had been sorted before him:

'Hi, I'm Black, Regulus Black.'

The freckled boy with blue eyes and blond hair looked at Regulus and introduced himself:

'Theodor Amifidel. I came from Godric's Hollow and you?'


'I didn't see you on the Express...'

'Oh, I was with my brother...' Regulus said lowering his eyes.

'Hmm .. And where is your brother?' Replied Theodor as looked around.


Regulus said, nodding toward the opposite table. But at this moment a girl had just been selected for Gryffindor and the students' agitation was such that Regulus could not see where Sirius was.

'Uh, well ... He's there in the middle of that crowd, I guess. I can't see him- ' Regulus said, a little embarrassed. Then he asked:

'Which team d'you support?'

Theodor showed him a little blue badge with a silver arrow he had bound inside the Hogwarts uniform, saying proudly:

'Appleby Arrows. And you?'

Regulus felt a little discouraged, they cheered for rival teams. Then, repeating Theodor's gesture he showed a badge hidden under his uniform, with a double W which showed quick as a wink the alternated colours black and yellow:

'Wimbourne Wasps. It doesn't matter, right?'

Theodor thought for a moment and replied:

'Of course not! What matters is here at Hogwarts we are snakes!'

So they kept talking excitedly until the end of the Sorting Ceremony. The Headmaster Albus Dumbledore announced that the start-of-term banquet would begin at that very moment. Because they were starving, Theodor and Regulus were quiet.

At the end of dinner, Professor Slughorn came up to the Slytherin table, and greeted Evan Rosier and Karen Ollerton, the new Slytherin prefects. Then he turned to Regulus and greeted him as well introduced himself:

'Welcome to Slytherin, Mr. Black, I am Horace Slughorn, the Head of your house and your Potions master. If you need any help, don't hesitate to come to me. It's a pleasure to have another Black in our house, my dear boy.'

'Nice to meet you, Professor.'

'You're great-great-grandson of Phineas Nigelus and Sirius's brother, I suppose?'

'Oh, yes, I am.'

Slughorn's eyes widened and he smiled:

'Great, I'll let you go with the prefects. You should be eager to see our common room and rest awhile. Goodbye.'

Regulus nodded and followed quickly behind the line of Slytherins first-years that had already left the Great Hall for the Slytherin dungeons.

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________
happy Birthday, Jo!!!
Happy Birthday, Harry!

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Very good! Keep it up! FYI I moved the Floras to final fanfics.

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Thank you, Droo. You're so kind. I saw Floras at the finished vaults, thank you.
I'm working in translating the next chapter. I intend posting it here tomorrow.
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Default 4. Another letter to Walburga
Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

Regulus was tired, but very curious to see the Slytherin Dungeon, so he quickened his pace. After the Slytherin boys and girls went down the stairs and walk down for a long and serpentine corridor, Rosier raised his right hand to stop them. They were in front of a wall. Theodor whispered:

'We look like a bunch of idiots standing here in front of the wall.'

The prefect waited for everyone to approach and then told them the password: "distracted snakes become trophies". And then a passage popped in the wall and behind it a large double door with two entwined serpents carved in dark slightly greenish wood.

'Well, maybe not so idiots ...'

Theodor amended, but Regulus did not notice it. He was gaping at the silver doorknobs, since they looked very much like those of his home, but he dared not say anything about it. The similarity between the doorknobs left him a little nervous; it reminded him that being here was a big responsibility for a Black. Then Rosier opened the doors and asked everyone to come in and pointed to the noticeboard on the wall to the left of the entrance door of the large common room. He told them they should be aware to the noticeboard on which a new password would place every fortnight.

Regulus looked at the noticeboard, the tapestries on the walls and the broad and dark green, leather armchairs. Although they look comfortable, they did not seem very welcoming. At this moment, nothing was welcoming for him. The room seemed cold in some way, although the temperature was the same as the rest of the castle. The windows were blacked out because it was night and nothing could be seen through them, yet he knew they were submerged in the lake of the school. The sound of water rustling in the windows distracted him a little. Rosier had not finished giving instructions to newcomers students when Regulus went to the right, where there was a door:

'Hey, where are you going boy?' Rosier asked.

'Sleep.' Said Regulus gesturing through the boys' dormitory.

'Oh, okay then.' Rosier said a little surprised, raising his eyebrows, as he still had not said them where were the dormitories.

But Regulus knew exactly where was the boys' dormitory, for all the common room was exactly as their parents always described. He entered the room and found his trunk at the foot of a bed which was by the very entrance of the dormitory. He smiled to see the initials of his name in the trunk - RAB - now he knew his place.

Exhausted, he changed his clothes and lay down under the emerald green covers. Few minutes later he heard Theodor and the other boys coming and he quickly closed his eyes pretending to sleep. It was not like him to be so antisocial neither shy, but he felt a little sad. He knew how much his parents wanted him to be a Slytherin and being there made him proud. But the weight of the responsibility for an entire family to honour put pressure on his chest. If only Sirius was there ... He was reminded of Professor Slughorn filled of expectation and the portrait of his great-great-grandfather who often gave him advice on how one should behave to honour the Black family. Regulus was afraid of not meeting expectations.

Even with his eyes closed, he turned in bed. The room was silent, which meant that the others must be in their beds. It had been a long and active day. A minute before sleeping he thought of Sirius. The moments he spent with Sirius in the train service compartment were very significant for Regulus. It was as if all the minor competitions between brothers, their differences had vanished. He did not know it, but He did not know it, but eight floors above him, in the Gryffindor tower on seventh floor, laying on his bed, his brother thought and felt the same.

Suddenly Sirius stood up and looking through the window, took a parchment and a quill from his trunk and without making noise, left the Gryffindor common room and look for a moonlit place. He wrote a note in a blink and sneaked through the corridors to the Owlery. And that evening another letter was sent to Mrs. Walburga Black:

"Again an honoured member of the Black family was delivered into the arms of Slytherin. Congratulations to you. Love from your less honoured son. Sirius. "

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Default 5. First Potions
Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

Regulus heard his brother's voice and stood outside the Great Hall waiting for him. It was Tuesday, sunny and windy afternoon. James commented to Sirius - showing his dishevelled hair - that the wind would give a special touch to his first Quidditch practice at night fall. Sirius smiled in response, turning his head to greet his brother without stopping to walk:

'Hi, Reg.'

'Hi, Sir.'

Regulus could hear Sirius' voice asking, just before his brother and James were being surrounded by a crowd of girls:

'Good lessons, Reg?'


Regulus said but he could bet his brother was no longer listening to. He stood for a few minutes until he realized he was completely alone. He went to the corridor leading down to the staircases, quickening his pace, because he could not see any of his classmates, which would indicate that he was late for his first Potions lesson.

He opened the door and entered the room trying not to make noise avoiding attention, but a Ravenclaw girl who was close to the teacher said:

'I bet it's more of a Slytherin coming late. You should guide your students to meet schedules, professor ...'

Professor Slughorn looked up and thanked her, smiling:

'Thank you, Miss Broadmoor, I'll do it.'

Then he turned to Regulus and said:

'Regulus Black! Come on, I believe you met Peeves just as Mr Amifidel, but I see you had better luck ...'

Regulus looked at his friend who was covered with greenish goo which Slughorn was removing by waving his wand, as if it was a vacuum cleaner.

'Ah, yes. I was luckier.' Regulus said almost smiling, thinking it was better not try to explain why he was delayed, since neither he knew why.

The students were all around a big cauldron. The professor was presenting the instruments and terms they would use in his lessons, as well the rules.
After that he invited them to sit on benches and caught their materials. At this first lesson they would prepare a simple potion to cure boils. The boy or girl who succeeded the best results would win a prize and 3 points for his or her house.

Regulus had never prepared a potion before, but had seen his mother preparing a lot of them. Unlike Sirius, he loved to see their mother with her cauldron. So he already had a slightly idea of what to do and separated the ingredients that he would need. He put the snake fangs into the mortar and using the pestle, he quickly began to crush them. It did not take long to get a fine powder and he put the four needed measures into the cauldron. Without looking at the sides, he continued to follow the instructions.

Across the room, Miss Broadmoor was in hurrying with her potion, looking around to check if anyone was following the same steps as her. To her horror, Regulus was a few steps ahead which bothered her, so she heated her cauldron with high fire to reach the temperature and then extinguished it. Very pleased with herself she saw that she had caught up with him.

Suddenly a foul-smelling smoke enveloping the whole classroom like fog, since most students had failed to properly follow the instructions and had given up, either because they could not stay near their stinky cauldrons, or if they were warned by Professor to stop before causing an explosion, one could not know.

Forty minutes later there were only three students in dispute. Regulus was the sole representative of Slytherin, which made his housemates stood around him in a circle, cheering in silence. When he finished the potion, it was as if he had caught a Snitch: the Slytherin students did such uproar that Slughorn quickly went to check:

'Very good ... Let us see.'

The teacher said, stirring into the cauldron and taking a small sample. He was examining against the light when Miss Broadmoor shouted:

'I got it, sir!'

Sughorn went to her table and repeated the procedure. The other Ravenclaw student which had not finished his potion yet, fumbled with the others' noise and dropped a wrong ingredient in his cauldron, then his potion began to smoke with a strong odour of rotten eggs as buzzed loudly. Quickly Slughorn waved his wand and the cauldron was emptied, before going to his desk and sitting down, waiting for students to do the same.

'I am impressed with today's result. It is the second consecutive year that two students finished the potion. Very good. I was inclined to give the points to Mr. Black when Miss Broadmoor brought me this wonderful potion. As everyone can see, the two samples look alike both in colour and viscosity. But if we examine carefully, we can see that there is the formation of any crystals in the bottom of test tube from Black's sample. But – ' and then he raised his voice, as the Ravenclaw students were already celebrating before he made his final analysis.

'As well as you can see, the potion of Miss Broadmoor has a film on the surface. So I have to say that for curative purposes, neither one of them would work properly. Even so, the result was excellent for a first lesson, and then I grant two points for Ravenclaw and two points for Slytherin as well. The prize will be divided between you two.'

Then Slughorn took a pack of Bertie Bott's Every-Flavour Beans and magically divided it into two equal parts. He asked the two to approach and introduce themselves.

Facing Regulus was the girl who had announced his delay for the entire class. To his surprise, she was a beautiful girl with violet almond eyes and long golden hair. She did not smile at him, seemed somewhat annoyed at having to share the prize. He extended his hand, slightly smiling:

'Regulus Black, nice to meet you.'

'Rachel Broadmoor, nice to meet you too.'

'Great.' Said Slughorn handing each of them their prize.

As they left the classroom and Theodor commented:

'Do you know who her father is?'

'I have no idea.' Regulus replied, sincerely.

'He's the famous beater from Falcomouth Falcons, Karl Broadmoor! Woo! The guy is the best ... or a beast, I don't know... '

'And his daughter is such a bother. A walking dead nightmare ...'

Regulus said, filling his mouth with coloured Beans, as they walked to the third floor where they would have Transfiguration lesson two.

__________________________________________________ ____________
I hope somebody is enjoying it...

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It was a good idea to give some life for Regulus... I hope he can enjoy is brief life with great adventures and some girls
BTW I enjoy it.
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Nice update! I've started reading Flora 3, I'll comment once I'm done reading what you have.

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How about a new chapter? just waiting for more...
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Default 6. Disappointed
Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

I'm glad to know you're enjoying it and reading Flora as well. I can't wait for your comments!
Gabriel, a new chapter to you! there's no girls yet... Regulus is so young
now, the chapter... I'm waiting for more comments!
kisses for everybody! ~Ivana


6. Disappointed

A few weeks later, Regulus was completely adapted to his new routine. The fear he had felt on the first day at Hogwarts - of failing to honour his family name - proved to be pointless because there was nothing that he could not do. One could bet his family would be happy and proud to know his performance for sure.

The classes were extremely pleasant for Regulus, especially Potions, as Professor Slughorn liked him and often gave him extra tips - which meant an excellent performance in brewing potions. The teacher used to compare him to Lily Evans and Severus Snape, his brightest students, as the three students showed a certain intimacy with the steaming cauldrons. Rachel Broadmoor still disputing with Regulus who would be the number one, so they took turns in getting the best results with each lesson. This game amused him up a bit, but he realized that the girl took the competition very seriously so that she turned her face to avoid him whenever they crossed the corridors.

Professor Slughorn didn't talk about Sirius, though often commented it would be good if the brother was dedicated to a little more than he was. But other teachers often mentioned his brother. Earlier this morning he was with Theodor passing in front of the staff room, going to the Transfiguration class, when he heard Professor Flitwick and Professor McGonagall talking:

'I was very impressed with the dedication of Regulus Black to my class. He's doing very well. I'd bet that he'll be able to transfigure the ladybugs today ...'
She said, grinning.

Regulus slowed his pace to try to listen to the conversation without being noticed, inflating his chest with pride. Flitwick commented:

'Yeah, really. The young Regulus Black is very good student. It has almost the same ability as his brother, Sirius ...'

Regulus felt the air escaping from his chest, leaving him discouraged.

'It's true that I never had as good students as Sirius and James ... But Regulus is a well-behaved child in comparison with his brother ...’

'There's no doubt, my dear, no doubt ...' Flitwick said smiling.

It was very difficult to reach the performance of Sirius and James, who was also often cited as if one not exists without the other. They were 'hand in glove', just as Sirius and Regulus used to be before they go to school.

Regulus felt sorely missed their complicity, sorely missed his brother.
Sometimes he looked for him at the corridors, but Sirius met almost daily detentions and Regulus began to doubt that his brother had time even to sleep. And to worsen things, on the rare occasions when they met each other, the rivalry between Slytherin and Gryffindor seemed to suppress everything. Often Sirius' friends did some derogatory comments to students of Slytherin, which Regulus turned a blind eye to, as he didn't want to alienate from Sirius, and walked away upset. Still, after listening to this conversation, Regulus went to classroom determined to give his best, he was sure Sirius would be proud of him.

After Transfiguration, Regulus and Theodor were leaving the class 34 on the third floor, very excited, because both of them had managed to transform their ladybugs in coloured buttons and Professor McGonagall had conceded 10 house-points to Slytherin.

'You saw?! I waved my wand once and it worked!' Said Theodor loudly.

'Yes! It was fantastic! I'd like if Rachel had saw it, she'd wave her wand so convulsively she could explode ...'

They were talking and laughing a lot when, by turning right in the hallway, they saw an unexpected scene. Down the corridor, in about 20 feet away, there were James and Sirius andanother Slytherin boy named Severus.
Regulus was excited by the idea of telling his brother what he had done and went to meet him.

All three boys seemed to talk friendly, but in a flash they saw Severus pointing his wand at James, and suddenly Sirius took from Severus' hand what looked like a small piece of parchment and threw it to James, who caught it in the air skilfully, as he dodged Severus' jinx. James examined the notes and shouted:


James jinxed Severus, who was immediately hoisted by one leg and placed upside down by invisible strings. And then James threw the parchment aside and began to talk quietly as if speculating on what would be the dessert:

'Good catch, James!'

'No wonder I'm the new Gryffindor Seeker ... I'll train tonight, the girls said they would watch it ... While some will stay snivelling with a big nose stuck in the books swotting up on spell list ... '

'You can bet ... By the way ... Man, you really have talent for spells and hexes ... Very good this one ... Homework on vacation?'

Sirius asked, turning to Severus and lifting his robes to see his face. Severus looked at him with angry tears in his eyes and refused to answer. James continued:

'And then, Sirius ... Do you have some idea of this counter-spell ...?'

'Oh no, no idea ...'

And again lifting the robes covering Severus's face, he asked, raising his voice a little, as if Severus had some difficulty hearing or understanding what he was talking about:

'Hey, Snivellus, did you invent the counter-spell or were planning to do a Gryffindors clothesline-eternal?'

The boy dangled upside-down did not answer, just looked angrily again to James Sirius. Regulus and Theodor approached them, running:

'Sir, what are you doing?' Asked Regulus, in a reproaching tone, a little breathless.

James was distracted and lowered his wand, Severus fell on the floor. James commented:

'So this, just lower the wand ... Sorry, Snivellus.'

James said, though his tone was not apologetic. Severus pulled himself together and hurried down the hall, muttering under his breath:

'Just wait and watch ... And not even read the stupid knows: it is a non-verbal spell ...'

Regulus asked:

'Hey, Sirius! This is not the Severus Snape, student of 2nd year of my house? You can't go around jinxing boys. Mum won't like to know ... And it's against the rules!'

James and Sirius looked at each other and laughed. And then Sirius stopped and said:

'Snivellus deserved it. He was lurking in the shadows to hit us with that spell, but we were faster, I took his notes and then we could cast it before ...'

'Still... This isn't right, Sir ... And he's from my house, you could take it easy ...'

Regulus said, pleadingly and reprovingly as the same time, with that look that says "don't embarrass me." But Sirius no longer heard him, because while his brother spoke he was gesturing with his hand mimicking Regulus’s mouth complaining:

‘ I'll tell mum ... Blah, blah, blah, blah.’

Regulus turned to Theodor and said, disappointed:

'Let's go.'

And they turned and went away.

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Cool new chapter!

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Originally Posted by Droo View Post
Cool new chapter!
Thanks, Droo... I hope you enjoy the next
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Default 7. Metamorphosis
Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

At dinner, Regulus avoided looking at the Gryffindor table, as he didn't want to see his brother. After eating a large piece of liver pudding without said a single word, he quickly went to the common room, alone, a little queasy.

Upon arriving in the room, he saw Severus on the largest black-leather armchair nearby the largest window, reading. They were alone in the room, the others had not returned from dinner yet and, it seemed, Severus was not hungry that night. Regulus thought of approaching him, but gave up halfway. Not sure what he was going to say, he sat on a chair beside a silver skull on a small table. He took the skull in his hand and examined it briefly. He rolled and rolled the skull in his hand, then placed at eye level, facing its empty sockets. At the bottom of the sockets, Regulus saw his black eyes reflected. Somehow, it seemed funny and he began to laugh.

Across the room, Severus raised his head and looked over his book. He seemed annoyed, and then he closed the book and began walking toward the bedroom.

'Hey! No! Wait ... I wanted to talk to you ...'

Regulus said, surprised, getting up from his chair and staring at Severus already going away. Severus stopped, turned slowly and looked at him raising an eyebrow. Black eyes into black eyes, Snape challenged:

'Some bad joke which your brother forgot to do?'

'That's what I want to talk about ...'

Severus curled his lips and turned his back. But seeing Severus going away, he hurried to say:

'I don't like my brother's attitude. I don't know what's between you, but I find it regrettable that the scene I saw today. I apologize for his behaviour; he has a tendency to stupid things ...'

Severus turned to face him again and sternly said:

'Forget about it, I don't want your excuses.'

Before one could blink, Severus was walking again. Regulus ran after the other and said:

'Wait. Professor Slughorn said you're brilliant with potions ...'

'Look, don't get me wrong, but I don't want to talk today. Look for me tomorrow ...'

And saying it, Severus opened the door to the dormitory and disappeared into the dark corridor, leaving Regulus alone at the Common Room. He began to wander between the armchairs, looking atthe tapestries and objects scattered throughout the room.

There was a dark aura around the Slytherin common room, with all those ancient tapestries showing scenes of great deeds from former members, the dark furniture decorated with silver skulls all around, added to that the inconsistent presence of Bloody Baron – and his permanent bad mood. For Regulus everything was just a big joke, because he had grown up in an environment like that: his parents were somewhat obsessed by strange artefacts, so skulls and scary faces couldn't scare him in anyway - as the older students tried to do with the newcomers at the beginning of the term.

'What are you doing alone here, boy?'

The booming voice of the Bloody Baron caught him off guard. He felt a shiver growing in his neck, which didn't matter, so Regulus replied manner less:

'I'm not alone, I am with you and I think we just start talking ...'

'And with that your voice tone, we are ending too ...'

Baron said turning his back and he was almost gone through a side wall, when Regulus hastened to add:

'Oh, I'm sorry. I wouldn't want annoying you. Stay please. I'm waiting for my friends to come back from dinner ... I ... Um ... well: I ate too fast today ...'

The Baron, contrary to what one would expect, came back.

'I get students here longer than you might imagine. I see them came in as boys and leave this house as men. But to leave, you will have to enter first.'

Saying this he left the room. Regulus, stunned, stared at the location from where Baron had vanished, and muttered:

'Crazy man! Such nonsense!'

Saying this, he gave up waiting for the others and went to his bed.
He lay on his bed without changing his clothes and fell asleep quickly.

It was dark and he wandered through the castle, as if flying. Reaching the third floor, he saw the Bloody Baron down the hall and he looked like a snake trying to pull off the head from a lion. When he finally pulled it off, Regulus realized that he himself was the lion and felt his arms binding with his body, his legs tied closed, stuck by a Permanent Sticking Charm released by his mother's voice which came from nowhere. Suddenly he was hoisted by his ankles and hung upside down by invisible strings. Then he began to spin faster and faster, and when he realized his clothes were disappearing while they were replaced with shiny greenish scales. Then he noticed he was in front of a mirror and his image was a big green snake, a snake that looked happy and then the Bloody Baron's voice began echoing into his head: "to leave, you will have to enter first".

Regulus woke up in the middle of the night, scared. He was sweating heavily, his body wrapped in blankets totally preventing his movements, like a caterpillar in its cocoon. For a moment, he even thought his legs and his arms could be stuck on his body. Then rolled himself from one side to the other until he fell off the bed.
Amifidel awoke frightened, the others boys too. Jack Laughton took his wand:


Regulus looked at his roommates a little embarrassed, wishing they all could vanish and so they could not see him in that sorry state. Then the Baron's words came once more into his head and he looked at the others: they were apprehensive because his expression of a few friends. Then he remembered his crazy dream and said laughing:

'Can you help me get out here?'

'Hmm .. I don't think so ...'

Replied Amifidel exchanging glances with the other guys. They turned away pretending to go to their beds. Regulus still could not move and began shouting:

'Hey, get me out of here! Help me, guys! Please!'

'You asked for it ... when I count three: one, two, three!' Amifidel, Jack and John took the ends of the blanket to open it like a parchment unfolded, leaving Regulus rolling on the floor. Once released Regulus acted quickly and stood up. One could not tell who started it, but a pillow reached Regulus on his head, at the very moment he threw his own pillow against Amifidel. And another pillow reached John's back. Soon the war was made and the pillows seemed to have multiplied and beat ever stronger, so that the boys had done trenches with their beds to attack each other furtively, laughing loudly and shouting happily. Half an hour later, Rosier bursted through the door accompanied by Professor Slughorn, who was greeted with a pillow right on his nose. Slughorn immediately drew his wand and suspended all the pillows in the air, looked at the four first-year students and made all the pillows reached them at the same time, as the discharge of a machine gun, causing them to fall sitting on the floor. Then he ordered:

'O-ho! I suggest you tidy up this mess and go back to sleep. In a few hours we have my class ... And the next time you settle a pillow-fight in the dead of night, or you take care to wake me up before you start all that mess - so that I can join you, or don't make such noise or Miss Narcissa will be furious when you'll interrupt her beauty sleep again. Everybody to bed now.'

The next day it seemed, finally, that Regulus had joined Slytherin: he was playful with everyone talking and making mischief. Even his cousin Narcissa, a sixth-year student, looked amused with his pranks, although she looked at him with angry expression.

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YAY new chapter! *reads*

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YAY new chapter! *reads*
Hi, Droo
I'm sorry, I think the last chapter was a bit confuse, but it's more difficult to write this story which must fit the well-known tragic end of Regulus's life than write something new. But I love challenges and I'll go on trying to give him his deserved good life.
Thanks for reading!
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Default 8. Muggle born
Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

It was night, the first year boys were lying on their beds although they gave no sign that they were going to sleep, such excitement:

'Incredible our flying lesson today, no?' Theodor said, excited.

'Cool! Did not think you could fly as well ... You've flew before?' Regulus asked, his eyes shining.

'Yeah!' Replied together, Theodor, John and Jack.

'You too, huh?' John asked curiously, sitting up in bed and pulling the covers up to his neck.

'Oh, no ... I live in London, remember? "No brooms" says my mother every time I get near one. Sirius taught me to fly a little, but only indoors. When mum found out she was furious. She doesn't want us to put ourselves in trouble with neighbors ... Muggles, you know?'

'But you fly quite well ... it's really annoying that we can't fly or play Quidditch because of Muggles! 'Jack lamented, sitting in bed too.

'At least now there's a man who fights for our rights ...'
Said Theodor and all of them nodded.

'Last summer we were at my grandparents' house when my cousin Bellatrix, Narcissa's older sister, told everyone that she knows and supports Lord Voldemort. Everyone thought she was super cool and she was very proud of herself, as if it was the most important person in the whole world ... She and her husband, Rodolphus. They married last year, a big party. But I was wondering: if they were so close to Lord Voldemort as they claim to be, he would be at the party, huh?'

'Hm ... I do not know. The ministry's staff isn't looking for him?'

'Ah, yes. She said that was why he wasn't there. Anyway he sent a wedding gift. At least she said it was him.'

'And what was it?'

'I don't know, she wouldn't show me. That's why I was suspicious.'

'And what else did she tell you? How is he?'

'She said he's incredible, he does a lot of impressive magic. She thinks he knows more than all our teachers together! And he's calm and talks about how the world could become a much better world if not dominated by Muggles. Sirius thinks it's an overstatement and everything should stay as is, but I don't agree. Anyway, what is the usefulness of Muggles?'

'My dad says that's muck to the world ... He hates Muggles.' said John.

'And my mother lost a job in the Prophet for a Muggle-born. And didn't matter how much she can write well, because the director of the Daily Prophet ... People says he's Muggle-born and protects his fellows.' Jack said, shaking his head sideways.

'So that's why what they publish is the anti-Voldemort?' Theodor asked, getting up from his bed, sitting at the feet of Jack.

'Even so, I know what he's doing by reading the paper. This story about 'one can't know his whereabouts' is a big lie ... - Regulus said approaching too.

'You think?' Questioned Jack, curious.

'Well, I'm sure. I've been watching the news. I can prove it.'

Then Regulus went to his trunk and pulled out a shoebox covered by a black suede paper, and put it on Jack's bed. John approached to see it. They were very excited. Regulus spoke in a tone of mystery:

'What you'll see here I hope you don't tell anyone. I don't want to be misinterpreted by Muggle lovers such as my brother.'

Saying this he opened the box. There was an immense collection of newspaper clippings there. He started showing, his eyes shining with excitement:

'I started this collection long time ago. Here, as you can see, he was in Nottingham. At the time he had punished that family of Muggles who attacked his neighbourhood just because he killed a pet of theirs. '
Regulus pointed a picture of a burning house with the words: "Muggle family dies in a fire. Fire caused by Fiendfyre gave work to the Ministry. "

'My cousin Bellatrix said the intention wasn't to kill the Muggles, but punish them for burnin' down their house. Turns out they refused to leave, even with the house on fire.'

'Your cousin was there?'

'She neither confirms nor denies. I guess she was. Look at this one here: "Muggle went unpunished after they ran into a passer-by old witch. 'It was an accident', he says." Hold it please, Ami. Now, look at this another paper: "young Muggle found dead at home is the same who ran into Mrs. Runcorn a month ago. Neighbours say that the dark mark was seen although it was not there when Ministry's officers arrived." See? He's only doing justice.'

And the boys spent all the night commenting acts of Voldemort and his followers, and as the Prophet was unfair to accuse them of outlaws, when everything seemed to indicate that they only acted when the law was unfair to wizards and witches or insufficient.

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Oooo a new chapter! Go Girl!

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Default 9. Rose Petals
Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

It was Friday afternoon, December 8th. The snow had taken the school grounds so relentlessly that it seemed to have not fallen in flakes, but it was as if the school had been hit in one shot by a giant snowball. Regulus went to the library to call Amifidel when he saw Remus Lupin who was trying to gather imaginary snowflakes into snowballs:

'Think fast, Peter!'

Excited to throw his second ball imaginary at Peter Petigrew, Remus threw a book toward his friend, which was not failed to be
noticed by the librarian Miss Dora Pickwick, an old, witty and friendly witch, who deftly stopped the book in the air with a movement of her wand, putting it down safely on a nearby table. Then she faced Lupin and said firmly, though she smiled:

'Frankly, Remus, even you? I'll provide you a detention for making sure that you'll have no time for snow fights until Christmas Holidays. I want to see whether other students will dare to repeat what you did.'

'I'm sorry, I didn't really want that ... it was an accident ...'

Remus said looking out of the corner of his eye and winking at Regulus who couldn't refrain himself from laughing at the situation.
Among all the friends of Sirius, Lupin was the only one from whom Regulus had some sympathy. Lupin approached him:

'Sirius was looking for you earlier this morning. It seems he received a letter from your mother that was not a Howler ...'

'I was in Herbology, where else could I be? I thought he knew ...'

Somewhat embarrassed and trying to avoid getting into the sensitive matter which was the relationship between the brothers, Lupin said:

'Oh, well, I guess he forgot it or intended to talk to you later.'

'Anyway, thank you, Remus.'

Regulus turned his back and began looking for Amifidel, his best friend. Theodor needed to spend more time studying than Regulus, which meant that he had to look for other company for his spare time, which invariably ended in an incident involving Rachel Broadmoor and her endless bad mood.

'Hey, Theodor! Finishing the Transfiguration issue? Let's test the softness of the snow?' Regulus asked with a malicious face.

'Oh no ...' Theodor replied, discouraged. 'I can't go; I still have two sheets of parchments from Herbology and finish the summary of the Goblins Rebellions in the XVII century ...'

'What a pity! I finished them last night. Well, see you later, then ...'

'When you see Rachel send her my best wishes ...' Theodor said mimicking a snow ball.

'For sure...' Replied Regulus, pretending throw up a book against his friend, which was severely repressed by Miss Pickwick.

Luckily for him, he didn't meet Rachel. He was going out through the front door, whistling happily when he bumped into a girl who was practicing spells near the wall outside. She lost her balance and almost fell down, when Reg pulled her arm towards him forcefully, touching his face to hers lightly. The girl immediately became very red. He was astonished and let her drop on the ground:

'Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't want to pull you, I mean, to push you down ...'

Then he extended his hand again and helped her up. The girl remained silent facing Regulus. He, not knowing how to act or what to think, offered:

'What can I do for you?'

His question seemed to rouse her from a trance and she smiled, embarrassed:

'It’s that I shouldn't be here ... I needed to practice spells, there're some that seem too complicated for me and ...'

'I can help you.' He said, vaguely.

'Um, okay.'

He asked her to do the spell that she was practicing. Regulus watched admiringly as he had not noticed this girl in school yet, because she was so beautiful, with her long and curly black hair, soft and light brown skin, perfect as a rose petal, matching with her grey eyes and immense eyelashes. He couldn't avoid to letting out a long breath. He had never looked at a girl this way before and it made him a little uncomfortable.

Pretending not to be disturbed by her beauty, he could notice, minutes later, she was making the movement with her wand so wrong. Then he helped her, taking in her hand to lead the movement. Immediately the cup which she tried to bewitch responded to her command and capsized down on the saucer. She turned to facing Regulus and smiled gratefully at him – his cheeks warmed a little in response. Both of them looked away. At this very moment, a group of Slytherin boys were coming; Snape and John were among them. Regulus was very embarrassed:

'Oh ... well ... my friends are there ... I'll see what they're doing. See you ... Practice your spell, you're doing great.'

He ran to join them in a snow fight, fearing what they would comment if he spent a few more minutes in the company of a girl.

After a long and excited afternoon and with his clothes wet by the snow, Regulus came back to the castle with friends for dinner. Already in the Great Hall, he read the Evening Prophet, which Theodor was showing to him:

'Look! There're even more clues about You-know-who’s whereabouts!'

It was another report about wizard's attack on Muggles, which Theodor was calling 'justice'. Regulus thoughts were somewhere else, and it was not Sirius whom he was looking for glancing over the house tables, for he was no longer remembered what Lupin had told him. It was that girl with grey eyes and delicate hands he had bumped after lunch for whom his eyes were scanning all the room. He was thinking about what an idiot he was by saying "practice the spell, you're doing great", as he had not asked her name nor which house she belonged (she wore no uniform, but a lilac coat). He was looking at the Ravenclaw table when Rachel realized he looking there, then she turned her so arrogant face and plunged into chitchat with her BFFs. A little irritated, Regulus turn his eyes back to the Slytherin table, while his brother arrived on the other side, commenting:

‘Flirting with Rachel Broadmoor, Reg?'

'For the purple Merlin’s socks, Sir! Don't bother me!! What do you want? '

'Our mother sent an owl ... Want me to take care of you on the train. '

What?? Besides not being able to come back with his friends in the train, he must do the long trip with I-am-the-guy James and the brainless Peter Petigrew? What does she think he was? A baby? Regulus thought, but did not need to comment about his displeasure because Sirius would purposely not obey their mother:

'If you agree, Reg, we can say to Mrs. Walburga ...'

'I think it's great, Sir! See you! '

Then Sirius glanced over the Slytherin table, stopping momentarily to glance at Snape, who was pretending not to notice his presence there:

'Although I think it'd be better if ...'

'Sirius, no, please!' Regulus stood up to face his brother: 'they're my friends and ...'
'It's ok, Reg, ok ... I'm just kidding. See you.'

While Sirius walked back to the Gryffindor table, Regulus thought to have seen the girl with grey eyes leaving the great hall. Then he sat down again and finished his meal silently.

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Default 10. Alice
Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

In the following days, a strange phenomenon occurred; time had passed very quickly while the castle seemed to have gotten greater. Regulus had never thought that it might be linked to his effort to find out who was that pretty girl whom he had met practicing spells outside the school … And there was not even a sign of her shadow anywhere in Hogwarts. He had not asked help from his friends as he didn't intend to explain whatever he was doing, because they knew nothing about girls yet. Actually, not even he understood. Definitely Regulus did not understand why he needed to see those grey eyes once more or feel the smoothness skin of her hands. He did not understand why his heart raced whenever he saw a girl looking slightly like her and why there seemed to be a hole in his stomach, a hunger not sated with anything ... Before he knew it, it was time to take the train home for the Christmas holidays. He hadn't packed and he was a bit upset as his effort was in vain.
He had woken up with a little hope that morning, since it was his last day at Hogwarts before Christmas and everyone probably would have breakfast together in order to come out at the same time to take the train.

He had just arrived at the Great Hall and already his eyes scanned every table eagerly. Once again it was unsuccessful. The beautiful girl seemed to have simply evaporated and Regulus wondered if she was figment of his imagination. But the soft touch of her skin was still in his memory.

Slightly irritated by his failure, he went down to the Slytherin dungeon without even finishing his coffee. When his friends arrived, he was throwing his clothes into the trunk anyway. Amifidel said, mischievously:

'Hey, Reg! The trunk isn’t guilty you have woken up in a bad mood! Be gentle with your socks, they warmed your feet as Rachel would if she could ...’

Rachel, always she, Regulus thought, as he threw a very muddy sock on the friend, without saying a word.

'Ohhh, take it easy, buddy. Troll's stinky socks not!'

'Sorry, I'm a bit stressed-out, you know. I think it's because of my mother's request for me to come back with Sirius to his cabin ... ' Regulus said taking his sock back and throwing it into the trunk.
'But you won't, right?'
'Of course not!'

Then, John appeared at the bedroom doorway and warned them:

'It's time to go, hurry up!'

And saying that, he and Amifidel helped Regulus putting the rest of his belongings in the trunk and run down through the corridors to find others students who were already on their way to Hogsmeade carriages. With no option but join Rachel Broadmore in the last car, they get a place trying not look her in her eyes. She was with his brother, Richard, a big guy, Ravenclaw Beater, who looked like someone who would crush them at any time.
Rachel talked with her brother without taking her eyes off Regulus:

'You know, Richard. Yesterday was Professor Slughorn's Christmas Party. You had to have gone, it was great! Just for very important people, you know, they don't permit the entrance to everyone.'

'Oh, Merlin's beard! I forgot Slug's party! I'll ask Mum to send an owl with some interesting gift for him, as I should apologize for my forgetfulness ... ' Regulus commented to Amifidel while noting Rachel's gaze of disappointed by hearing that he had also been invited. Her disappointment gave him some pleasure and he smirked to Amifidel 'I guess I won't need so many socks next year ...'

Both the boys burst into laughter. Very upset, Rachel pretended to look for something in a beaded handbag until they reached the Hogsmeade station.

Quickly they took the train and luckily Amifidel, John and Regulus found vacant for three in a compartment in which there were two Slytherin Quidditch players, dodging a long trip in the company of Rachel and her brother.

The players were humorous and joked anything, especially the stories of the last game in which they defeated Ravenclaw 370-110:

'And when the stupid Richard mistook the head of the Claws' seeker with a Bludger? Oh, no, no! Richard, this isn't a Bludger! What do you think you're doing? Richaaaaard!' Steve Laughalot spoke mimicking Ashley Riverson's voice, the speaker, while imitating the beater's stunned expression as he realized what he had done 'But it was too late! Ashley had no time to warn him ... I just want to see if he'll be able to play again ...'

'Yeah, but if Philip is unable to play, who they will put in his place?'

'Probably the Richard's sister, a first-year girl. I was watching her playing with them last weekend ... She is amazing as a seeker.'

Rachel, her again. The mention of her existence was enough for Regulus invent some reason to wander through the corridors. As he passed in front of the compartment where Sirius was, Regulus realized his brother concealing a greeting he was done involuntarily by seeing him. Sirius was pretending not to have seen him for fear of having to invite him to join them. But Regulus did not care that he turned around and went on, he also didn't want to greet friends of Sirius and running the real risk of being seen with the Gryffindors.

He walked towards the front of the train and stood at the door with the prohibition sign ‘No access for unauthorized persons'. Immediately he remembered Sirius telling him that he, as the eldest brother, gave him permission to enter. Regulus was smiling and shaking his head when she arrived:


He jumped up, slightly startled. It was her. She. The girl with soft skin and green eyes stood before him, smiling:

'Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.' She said. Her voice was like music for him.

'No, it was nothing. I was distracted ...' He replied, with an embarrassed smile.

And the girl smiled in response:

'Thank you for your help. I managed to do all right in Professor Flitwick's test.'

'I'm at your service whenever you want or need me.' Regulus answered smiling as he could no longer stop doing it.

And the two of them spent a few minutes in silence staring up at each other, until she looked down. When he followed her eye's movement, he found on her chest a badger of Hufflepuff:

'So you're a Hufflepuff? Formidable. It's a pity that our schedules are so different and we don't share any classes ...'

'It's really ... Slytherin, aren't you? I saw you throwing snowballs last Saturday ... You are very good in dodge from balls, you should be a great Quidditch player ... '

She saw me playing ... She remembers me, she thinks I'm good, thought Regulus, very happy. How I had not seen her there? At that very moment some Hufflepuff girls arrived and pulled her by hand, saying:

'So here you are, Alice! We were looking for you everywhere. Let's go. Boys are doing great imitations of teachers, you must see them! '

Alice looked over her shoulder to Regulus, who was still standing in front of the wagon train service. Embarrassed and shyly, he said goodbye, waving at her. Alice. This is her name, he thought, pleased. Alice from Hufflepuff. Regulus was still smiling when the lady with pointed nose who sold sweets in the train arrived:

'All right, kid? Do you need something special from kitchen again? '

'No, thanks.'

He said, moving away, rubbing his palms on his pants because he had realized that they were strangely soaked with sweat. Quickly he came back to the compartment where his friends were talking animatedly about the national Quidditch championship and it suddenly brought him to reality because he neither had noticed that he already walked back the entire length of the train.

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