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Old 06-05-2007, 03:11 PM
katiebell katiebell is offline
Post Translation of Evanna Lynch interview

We now have an English translation of the interview HarryLatino conducted with Evanna Lynch (aka Luna Lovegood), thanks to SnitchSeeker Ginny Guerra!

Question (Q): Could you describe your character?
EL (Evanna Lynch): She is in fourth year and is new to Harry. Her father works for the Quibbler. She’s forgetful and close to Harry. Everybody thinks she’s different, she is not trying to impress anybody, though. She always tries to be herself unconsciously and she admits it.

Q: Why did you want to play Luna?
EL: Because it’s quite unusual to find someone like her. Most of us have some sort of cover before others, but she doesn’t and she’s aware of it and is happy like that.

Q: Would you say you saw a part of yourself when you read the book?
EL: No. I wouldn’t say it’s me, but someone I would like to be. I think that she would be a perfect role model. I think people should show more their true selves.

Q: JK Rowling said that you are a perfect Luna Lovegood. Do you have any kind of contact with her?
EL: Yes, I do. I’ve asked her about some of my theories about the books. She always listens to me, but never says anything.

Q: Have you asked her about your character, things like her Patronus or her birthday? Some actors, such as Robbie Coltrane and Alan Rickman know more about their characters. Can you tell us something?
EL: No. (giggles)

Q: Evanna, this must be some sort of a Faerie tale for you. How’s the whole experience been?
EL: It’s been amazing. Everything has been quite different from what I imagined, so unexpected, so odd.

Q: How did your parents reacted to a fourteen year old girl so determined, especially with this situation of willing to go to London to this casting?EL: As usual, they nodded and smiled (giggles). When my mother saw me kind of disappointed, she told me to go, I tried and went to London and got the part.

Q: How did you prepare yourself for the casting, being as important as it was for you?
EL: I didn’t do anything special. I read the books; that was my preparation… well, I tried to remember some things.

Q: Do you consider yourself a fun person?
EL: Yes, resides, I’m a big fan and wanted to demonstrate it.

Q: Which are your next goals now that we know you got the part?
EL: I want to meet Tim Burton, as well as the fans. I want to direct, but that will be in a few years.

Q: Are you sure?
EL: Yes, a girl director. (giggles)

Q: Well, you could be the first. Haven’t you thought about pursuing a career as an actress?
EL: Hmmmm. Yes, could be, amongst other things.

Q: How did your friends react when you told them you got the part?
EL: Well, they’re happy for me; besides, they know me and they know what I want. I haven’t changed, and neither have them, so there have been no problem. They’re interested in knowing if there’s been anything interesting or if I get nervous. They also ask if I know anything else, they think “She’s in the movie, she’s bound to know something!”

Q: Do you visit Harry Potter fan sites?
EL: Oh yes! Mugglenet is my favourite! I feel I owe them a lot. I like The Leaky Cauldron, but I learned about the casting in Mugglenet.

Q: …Fans want to know if you chat or blog in forums under another name.
EL: I used to, but not anymore.

Q: Will you be in the Harry Potter sixth movie?
EL: I hope so, all through the end. Yes… or even if not… (giggles)

Q: Were you expecting these outfits in the movies, which are a bit different from the books? Did you work on that as well?
EL: Yes, on all the dressing and everything else. Dressing people were brilliant, everything was perfect, and my hair was just like the books described it, they dyed it to make it just as it should be.

Q: Where will you be on 21st June and with whom?
EL: Oh, yeah! I’ll go with my cousin and my sister, we’ll make T-shirts and get crazy like everyone else; I think we’ll go to London to wait for the book, where everyone will be, on the street, thus is more exciting.

Q: Then you will be to the launching party in London?
EL: Yes, but I’m not sure of that; I’m still thinking about it, since I think there will be loads of fans and they will probably recognize me, and I’ll be surrounded all the time.

Q: We know you ship Harry/Hermione, but what about Luna?
EL: I ship Luna/Dumbledore, but I know he’s dead and was a little older, so I don’t know what will happen to Luna…

Q: What about the earrings you are wearing? You made them yourself, such as the ones for the movie?
EL: Oh yeah! But this one was a gift from JK Rowling herself (she points to the charms she wears: a hare and a silver moon)

Q: Oh, that’s your Patronus!
EL: Yes, the hare!

Q: Because in the trailer it seems like it is a horse.
EL: But that’s not mine. I don’t know whose is the horse, mine is a hare, I saw it.

Q: Being a fan, do you notice all the details in the settings when you are at the set, such as the Black family tapestry?
EL: Yes, I check everything!

Q: What do you think about Daniel?
EL: I think he’s an amazing actor; I was sitting there thinking “O my God, what’s happening to Harry! (sic)” but then I realize I’m thinking he’s Harry all the time, not Daniel. So yes, he’s amazing. Besides, he’s a good person.

Q: A last question, if you went to Hogwarts, which one would be your House?
EL: Gryffindor, I think I would be brave and perfect for some situations, even if I would have to play the brave one at any rate.
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AWW! She seem so lovely!!
I think its great that shes such a big fan of the books.

EDIT: First to post xD Go me!

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She does seem nice.
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She seems like such a great person. Brilliant interview. Thanks Ginny Guerra for translating it!!
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Nice. I translated the interview, too, but I never found the time to PM any news mod, so . . . XD
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she sounds like so much fun, it would be awesome to meet her
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Awesome Interview
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*sappysapper* MAJNOO, YO!

She seems to be sucha sweet person!!

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What a sweetie! Cant wait to see her in the movie im sure she did brilliantly!
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Fire Slug
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You're welcome, everyone! It was a real pleasure to do it.
Evanna seems such a nice and down to Earth girl, despite her particular tastes.

Yes, I know, I was sorted into Hufflepuff, but I'm a Griffindor at heart.
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Creepygen Person I don't know

I didn't read the other new article, otherwise I would've translated it!

She seems like such a sweet girl!

*coughs* ItshouldreadJuly21st,notJune21st *coughs*

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Hogwarts RPG Name:

Wow, she seems so nice and down-to-earth! That's great how she is such a huge fan of the books!

Thanks to Jor of BK Lounge Graphics
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I translated this too.... I posted it in the same thread as the rest of the questions. But, oh well...
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She seems such a wonderful person....
I like particulary of the part where she says she ships Luna/Dumbledore
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SHe seems really nice
i love Luna and I'm sure she will do a great job as her.
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She seems like a lovely person! I can't wait to see her in the movies!!

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Aww.. She's really sweet
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She seems like a lovely person! I can't wait to see her in the movies!!!!!!
Great interview
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Great interview!

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That's a really great inteview! funny too! I love her earrings! [the raddish ones and the ones Jo gave her!]

Thanks for the translation!!!
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Great interveiw!
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awesome interview!!
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ROTFL! Luna/Dumbledore ship. She has a great sense of humor!

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Lovely interview! Evanna seems like such a sweet person!
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