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Old 06-14-2007, 04:49 PM
katiebell katiebell is offline
Post New interview with Bonnie Wright

HarryLatino has just sent us a rather lengthy interview they conducted back in May with Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley). In it she discusses Order of the Phoenix, ships, Ginnys’ patronus, J.K. Rowling and hanging out with "the girls" offset.

Question: Were you friends from the beginning or…?
Bonnie: Yeah, we all came, you know, the films are growing and we became more and more friendly and new people joined and then we became friends of those too.

Q: The first time you read the books did you ever dream of…wouldn't it be wonderful that you became one of…?
B: Because I was 9 when I got in the first one, I hadn't read any of the books then. But just before, when it was the audition, I read the first tome, the first book, sorry. I really enjoyed and I've read them all up ‘til the current one. I've been really enjoying the books as they did come out and I think as I am reading the books…always think…almost "you'll be doing that" but I think sometimes you can't attach yourself because that's Ginny not you.

Q: Are you always looking for your, well, where your character is?
B: Yes, but I think I'm not gonna … I'm not just picking up her lines as I'm reading the whole thing. There is so much going on that you always have to read it twice to kind of get everything.

Q: Will you be in the next movie where Ginny becomes more important?
B: I've been, yeah, at the beginning I said the relationship with Harry would end up in something.

Q: Were you prepared for it?
B: Yeah, it got quite interesting when it comes to, I don't know, it's quite… You can't think about it when you read that. It is worth reading it. When I was reading the book and I said "huh?" – caught me off completely. I wasn't expecting that at all. Of course she likes him in the first few books, but yeah, it's interesting.

Q: So are you going to kiss him in the next movie?
B: Erm…we'll see. Sometimes they kind of betray the script to fit into the movie and everything. It will be in the script hopefully.

Q: Perhaps it would be nice for you that your part sort of grows up in the film as well. In this one I guess you play a larger part than in the last one?
B: Yeah, it's been interesting to see how she becomes more of a part of the whole group and all the friends, you know, they are all friends together now and we kind of …everything is interesting. I definitely liked that. She becomes more outgoing, friendly and confident towards Harry.

Q: How would you describe her in a few words, please?
B: I think she's definitely (unintelligle) towards other people when she's kind of quite open to be friends with that people as well. And probably quiet. Outgoing, friendly and confident. Definitely. I think in the first two books she's much more shy and timid but she became much more confident in herself.

Q: What do you think this whole series got to your generation? In terms of ideas and …
B: Do you mean by watching it or …

Q: No, to your … the whole HP experience to your …
B: I think … I don't know … I never really realized how big the industry got until I got in it. It changed my view. Maybe I want to do other things.

Q: What is your favorite stand in the last movie?
B: Pardon me, what?

Q: The stand where …
B: Er…I don't…

Q: The scene … Yes, the scene!
B: I think I like in towards the end of the film we do … we go into the Ministry of Magic and the Hall of Prophecies and the Veil room and it all becomes really intense. It's quite scary and kind of … there is lots of fighting in there. It was really kind of … there's more action put into it. I think it's good. Definitely would come back.

Q: You did some (acting) at school. Is there a big difference between film and TV?
B: I think the scale of TV, the time scale of the TV, is much shorter. Is much shorter in futile areas, like, for HP because we are going through educating it takes a lot longer to film, meaning we take up to nine months to film. So I think for a film you have to stay longer. A normal film would only take like four months.

Q: Do you experience more professional when you take longer than when you have to do it quicker?
B: No, I think you can still take as many takes as you … you can do another take, another scene and you can do that in TV. It's different I think because TV is more … TV can come and go, like it's out on the TV and then it's gone with the next movie. But with a film I think it goes out for so long it gets more publicity as well.

Q: Do you know J.K. Rowling?
B: Erm … yes, she's really nice. She comes on to the set pretty often and says hi to everyone and looks around. She's really nice.

Q: Have you asked sometimes something about your character?
B: I'd love to, there's things to help how to portray the character but she's not like someone who shares. She's kind of keeping all the secrets to herself about what's going to happen. She's very supporting in the way we are all portraying our characters. She's created them herself and you want to make them perfect for her but she's very kind of supportive and agreeable.

Q: You have art interests, according to this piece of paper, so what do you want to do when you grow up? Actress, musician, saxophone player, ballet dancer?
B: *laughs* I'm really interested in acting but I think I still want to get to high school (Oxford?) to study off a degree. I think maybe something involving art because I'm really interested in the film industry now, from being in it. Maybe something artwise in the film, behind the camera, not so much in front of it. Maybe more in costume or set design and things like that. There is so much … I think being in the film opened my eyes to all those things. Especially in HP with all the creatures and sets and you kind of realize how much work you have to do. Everything is so detailed and I'm really interested in that.

Q: Are you a friend with somebody of the cast?
B: Yeah, we are really good friends together because we obviously have been doing this for a while and we see to each other and whatnot because we are with each other all the time pretty much. So we are all good friends together.

Q: For example, Evanna who is your friend in the books?
B: Yeah. She's definitely. Evanna, Katie, Emma and all. We are really good friends together.

Q: You go out and have a girl's night out?
B: Yeah, on the weekends when we are not filming or if we get a day off or something we all go out and that kind of thing.

Q: And the movie tells something about you that didn't appear in the books, for example your patronus. Which is your patronus in the movie?
B: I have like a stag. You mean my shape, my animal? We all go into the Room of Requirement and we start learning how to do a patronus ourselves and this kind of thing. Like a stag, like a horse. This is my patronus.

Q: Did you like the script from the books to the movie?
B: It's done really well. They definitely incorporated all the really key points of the book. And I think it's really hard to get a book that big into a script that big and then into a film 2:30 hours long. Unfortunately you can't include everything from the book because that would be quite a long film. But yeah.

Q: Have you ever felt bad that some of your favorite filming ended up on the floor in the cutting room?
B: There hasn't been any specific scene that has kind of … I'm afraid I don't think there's such room. I suppose that you even see why they haven't put it through into the film. Maybe there isn't enough time or, you know, different things. There's never been a scene I've been in set that hasn't come through.

Q: Have you had the opportunity to watch the film already or watch a rough cut?
B: We did yesterday but I haven't actually. We were able to watch like 20 minutes of the film but I opted not to because I wanted to … I just prefer to get done with the filming. I just think that to see that much of the film while you're doing it is quite … I think it can kind of affect how you are doing it because you are also like "Oh God, I'm nothing like that." I just prefer maybe to see the whole movie when it's done, final.

Q: Do you believe it is the darkest movie up ‘til now?
B: I think they all have become a lot darker and you get to see Voldemort in this film and that's definitely a step forward. Also this film kind of involves the government side of the magic world and is more politically aware so, you know, that has made it become much darker. Also, it's in the Ministry of Magic where everything is more intense. And also the relationships in the film have grown up a lot. Everyone has grown up together as a pack.

Q: It's almost becoming a movie for adults … B: I think people always mention that children can't watch them anymore but I think that they can because the characters are still in school although not in a usual school environment but children can still relate I think. If they kept it really family, kind of a friendly film they wouldn't be able to keep a lot of the big parts of the film which are dark. You know, everything isn't happiness. Nothing can always be just happy, there is an evil sorcerer, isn't there?

Q: Have you ever visited HP fan sites?
B: Yeah, some. It's quite mad, you know, people are so … like, they just seem to live HP. They seem to know everything about HP films. It's nice to see that people are supportive.

Q: Did you look forward for the fans asking questions about your character or your acting?
B: Yeah, sometimes. I mean, there are the more general websites that talk about the whole HP films and then there are different ones that are, like, about different characters. There are people that set up one like "Bonnie Wright Online." I don't know, it's cool to have something like that but it's quite weird to see that people are just talking about you. It's nice.

Q: Are you being offered different parts for a movie? To act in it?
B: I'm definitely interested in doing different acting and things but obviously HP takes so much time of the year that there's almost no time for doing other kind of roles. But I would be interested. Definitely.

Q: Even more action parts?
B: There is not so much action, more kind of … It's like a school environment, you know, it always revolves around the school life and there are some things very usual for the rational world so it's kind of a day to day. Still, a bit more emotional in the day to day.

Q: What kind of films are you more interested in?
B: I do like Blockbusters but I also like quite small films more kind of new in ideas. I don't really mind some "chick flicks" and all those. I'm not a big fan of all those kind of "clichés" in films like strong relationships. I like more … you know the film with five people in it? And it's like so intense and there is just five people.

Q: Is HP a cliché?
B: No, I don't think so. I think a lot of children in a film can be quite a cliché in a bit of sad times and everything working out in the end. I think HP definitely shows that life isn't just going to school, come home and everything so simple. Obviously they show an incredible mad way in the march for work that isn't that usual but people can still relate to the characters.

Q: When the last book comes out this summer are you going to be one of those queuing to get it?
B: Yeah. I'm normally there. I don't think I ever experienced this massive queues that people talk about into the night. But definitely.

Q: How are you going to read it because it must be … being a hardcore fan … it is the LAST book …
B: It's going to be quite a big kind of event. And there's going to be … they will probably put up a "help line" for people who can't, just like with the end of the film. I really won't be on the phone that night. I'll definitely get it and read it.

Q: But what should be your fear while reading the book? It's always said that someone is going to die …
B: Yeah, a lot of people feel scared if, you know, if your character is going to be the one to die but I think that it's the last one so it'll be quite a challenge to have your character avoid death obviously. Hopefully not at the beginning of the story. But I don't think there's anything I fear.

Q: What do you fear for Harry Potter yourself?
B: Obviously there's the whole "one has to die for the other to remain alive" but I think it is going to be interesting to see how J.K. Rowling can end the series because so many people are waiting for what she decides about the final thing. I mean, she can change it. I hope that Harry doesn't die but I suppose that some characters are going to be cast away.

Q: What's your opinion on Daniel Radcliffe as an actor?
B: I think he's really, and everyone as well, become really good at acting for the film. It's nice to work with everyone, with the adults as well. It's interesting because it's just British actors involved in it. He has definitely developed.

Q: What did you bring? What changed apart from growing up of course?
B: I think I learned to work with everyone because there's not only children, there's also so many adults involved in, like crew. Obviously the cast and the crew. I think I learned all the aspects of the film industry. Developing my confidence, interest and everything being by adults. The whole experience has been quite of a …

Q: What was the question?
B: Erm … I don't know …*laughs* What have I learned myself?

Q: Yeah, did you become a different person from when you started?
B: I don't think I would be really different if I weren't involved in it. It has had influence in my decisions about what I wanted to do but I don't think … Because I wasn't interested in acting before, and hasn't made interested in it, perhaps it changed my mind about what to do. But I'm not quite clear about what I want to do. But I think that maybe I'm just more mature for working with all kinds of people.

Q: Right now Cho Chang is Harry's girlfriend, next it's Ginny Weasley. Who do you think would be the perfect girlfriend for Harry Potter? Hermione, Cho, …?
B: I don't know. Hopefully Hermione will get together with Ron because I am hoping for that, you know, a little. But I don't know … I suppose in the end Harry can't see Ginny anymore but maybe she'll come back, or maybe not and he'll have to get about girls and face things, or Voldemort … so yeah …

Q: We'll have to read the next book?
B: Yeah …
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*sappysapper* MAJNOO, YO!

nice interview...!

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Yeah, cool interview
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almost first to post???
nice interview!!!

SlaptheWhiteFerret Thanks!

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Bonnie's great
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That's nice
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lol she seems a little ADD to me.....

short term memory maybe... hahahahah

but otherwise, good!
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Awesome interview! *Huggles Bonnie*

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Nice & lengthy

I likey her =)

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Bonnie is ......
*forgetful...?* funny...*?
btw. Nice Interview!

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Nice..Looooo000000000000oooooooooooong interview!
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Great interview!
I really do like Bonnie she seems just like me!
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Lovely interview. I wish all the cast answered these questions in detail. It would be interesting to read each of their responses.

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Great interview!
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Yay!!!!!!!!!!ron And Hermy Rox Me Sox!!!!!!
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Awesome! I need to post this up at the BWFC.

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love the interview

Bonnie says that she visits HP fan sites sometimes i hope on of those is SS. That would be awesome!
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Bonnie is such a sweet girl.
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A new Bonnie interview!! She's awesome.

It will be in the script hopefully.
I hope so.
She is a RHr Shipper.

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this was a great interview
i love bonnie

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She seems to be sooo barmy! In a good way of course *huggles Bonnie* And she was so patient to answer ALL THOSE QUESTIONS!!
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Great interview. Bonnie is so sweet. I love her as Ginny. Glad she did an interview.
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Aww. She's so sweet *huggles her*
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That was such a good interview! I heart Bonnie! She's such a sweetheart!
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