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Old 10-19-2013, 11:59 PM
masterofmystery masterofmystery is offline
Post Halloween feature preview at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - Making of Harry Potter

SnitchSeeker got an early preview of the Ghostly Goings-On at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter this Saturday, including how the Great Hall was set up, and a few extra tidbits. The Studio Tour’s Halloween feature will run from Saturday 19th October to Sunday 3rd November, 2013, and correspondent Milo gave a few teasers below.

We arrived and we were taken as a group through the staff entrance and into the studio tour where they were setting up one of the new additions, The Harp from Chamber of Secrets, which is rigged to play when someone operates the buttons. In the middle of the tour they have a table set up, which you can see in the pictures, and here two of the staff members demonstrated to us the two techniques they used in the films to create troll snot, and also slime.

We got the chance to be hands on and mix the ingredients together which is what visitors will be able to do during this period. They will also get the chance to make unicorn blood as seen in the films, but for some reason they didn't have it available to show or demonstrate to us. Next up we had the privilege of going beyond the barriers and stepping onto the potions classroom set, and we got to look at everything in close detail, ranging from the the hundreds of vials including those with shrunken heads, to the details in the potion making textbooks, unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures, but one of the studio staff was so I'm not sure where those will end up.

And that just about concluded the preview, we were then taken around and were able to see the studio tour at our own leisure. Some of the additional Halloween things visitors will notice will be in the great hall, where they have the costume of Professor Quirrell, and also all the costumes of the Hogwarts Ghosts on display. The tables are also partly decorated with pumpkins and festive food and treats.

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This makes me so excited to go on Friday!!

It's cool, I just finished a year of teaching full time and doing a three year degree in one year.
And passed! HEY MUM I'M A QUALIFIED TEACHER! Slowly phasing back here.
Forever in need of a cheerleader though.
RPs anyone? Stay safe, faves.
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Default Studio tour visit

I was also at the very same tour with you guys yesterday and I think you have given it abit of an unfair review, as the interactors pointed out at the beginning the unicorn blood wasn't available because it was so messy to make that it would of wasted the time we had to enjoy the things they had on offer for us. You also didn't mentioned that we were given quite alot of money's worth in our goodie bags. I have visited the studio 14 times and am due to go back for my 15th in a week. I throughly enjoyed the time I spent there yesterday and it is well worth a visit the interactors are all AMAZING, the sets are beautiful and it's an honour to go and experience the hard work and dedication that so many talented people put into making the world of harry potter real for us.
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Originally Posted by shanners View Post
this makes me so excited to go on friday!!

with illusions of someday, cast in a golden light______

no dress rehearsal, this is our life
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Wish I could go
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Ughhh i wish i could go!!!
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I so wish that I could be apart of this awesomeness!
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