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Old 12-09-2009, 08:57 PM
EmmaRiddle EmmaRiddle is offline
Post Exclusive: SnitchSeeker interviews Tom Felton, Evanna Lynch, Matt Lewis & Jessie Cave

SnitchSeeker was fortunate to get the opportunity to interview several Potter actors last week in London at the HMV OxfordStreet store Blu-ray release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I sat down with Tom Felton, Matt Lewis, Evanna Lynch and Jessie Cave and found out some interesting info about Deathly Hallows, including Evanna's artistic contribution to the film and how the actors see their characters mindsets heading out of film six and into seven.

I also teased Matt for Tweet-flirting with Kaya Scodelario from the UK programme Skins (who recently did a photo shoot with Rupert Grint and Jamie Campbell Bower for In Style UK; the issue will be out on January 28, according to Rupert's reps); and Tom gleefully announced to his cast mates that he follows SnitchSeeker on his Twitter!

The audio interview can be listened to here; photos can be seen in our galleries.

SnitchSeeker: Evanna, what was it like shooting in Wales for the Shell Cottage scenes in Deathly Hallows?

Evanna: It was really nice. It was like a little beach away from everything. It felt really real because it was not a set. It was really open. It was freezing. It was kind of like home though, as well … a little place in the middle of nowhere.

SnitchSeeker: Have you been designing anything this year for the films? I know before you did the earrings and the lion hat.

Evanna: Not really, no, 'cause I have exams. I'm a bit busy. But I did try a few things on the Lovegood house. It'll be really fun when you see that. So colorful. It's so Luna.

SnitchSeeker: What's it like working with Rhys Ifans?

Evanna: It was brilliant because he's really so happy just being by himself. He's really honest too, as well. Sometimes the clothes, in a way, are a bit out there. Sometimes when I'm on set I feel like I can't talk to people in these clothes. But with him we were like a little group, a little unit.

SnitchSeeker: Jessie, have you started Deathly Hallows yet?

Jessie: No. I think I go back in a week or two, which is cool.

SnitchSeeker: Do you know if you're character (like in the book) gets attacked by Fenrir Greyback?

Jessie: Yeah, that is in, so that's exciting. A bit scared 'cause he's quite a big guy, but it'll actually be fun.

Tom: Is this Dave? Ah, he's a sweetheart. Kind of like a house on fire.

Jessie: He's tall.

Tom: Yeah, he's pretty big.

SnitchSeeker: So you guys did loads of extra stuff for the DVDs this year, how was it and how did that come around?

Tom: Pretty cool.

Matt: Yeah, we did a lot.

Tom: You there (to Matt), you led the way, really. It was all your idea (jokes).

Matt: No, not at all, Well, yeah, basically I came up with this great idea of sending everyone to different departments (jokes). No, that's not true, it was all the publicity guys that set it up.

Tom: It was a cool idea, wasn't it?

Matt: It was. They sent us to Special Effects.

Tom: Yeah, Special Effects. What did you ladies do? (to Jessie and Evanna)

Jessie: I did the Animal Department.

Evanna: I did costumes.

Tom: Yeah, you did Wardrobe, I remember, yeah. It gave insight into the studios and all the people that put their efforts in.

Matt: You got that cool question thing. (to Tom)

Tom: Yeah, it's more of an insight into the characters than the actors that play the characters. It's pretty much as close as you're gonna get to a day on the set, including hanging out with cast, and also the crew members - some who have been lesser praised over the seven years.

SnitchSeeker: Is there anything you didn't get to do that you'd like to do for the next DVD?

Matt: Obviously when the camera guy is coming, it's very difficult to be yourself. So a lot of times we've been hoping, and maybe we will be on the new one, who knows, to maybe film some stuff ourselves. That'd be cool.

Tom: Yeah. It's quite ironic 'cause as it is we have a film crew, and there's about two film crews filming the film crew film. So, lots of filming going on.

SnitchSeeker: So, at the end of Half-Blood Prince it's quite a sad sort of feeling, so what are your characters thinking at the end of the film and how does that lead into the next one?

Tom: Evanna, lead the way. Show us the light.

Evanna: (laughs) I think they all know the ending. They all know that it has to come. And they all have an idea that Harry's not going to be there. They all jump in. They go back to form Dumbledore's Army and they're ready. They don't need Harry as much any more. I think for Luna, personally, she's really happy because in the sixth one she established she has friends, so that's all she needs to fight.

Matt: I think Neville's parents have stepped into the breach, really. Harry's got his stuff to do and Dumbledore's gone, so we're running thin on a ground of heroes really. Neville's thinking …

Tom: He steps up.

Matt: Yeah, he spends the summer in his room with some Home Alone-style plan, and he's thinking what he's gonna do.

Tom: That's definitely a plot they didn't write. It's clear because you've got to come back heroically.

Matt: It's quite cool.
As we told you a couple months ago, there will be a Blu-ray worldwide live community screening of Half-Blood Prince with Dan Radcliffe and director David Yates fielding questions from 100,000 viewers as they all watch the film together on December 12.

The Half-Blood Prince can be ordered via the following links:

Standard DVD: (one-disc); (two-disc);
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Emma Potter
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Great interviews!!!!!!

"We are in this together"

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My Cherie Amour

ooh, good matt.
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That was neat.
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Fire Slug
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Good interview.. They look happy..
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EmmaRiddle was really lucky!
Thank You For The Three Best Years!

I Am Busy As A Bee. Please Bear With Me As I Will Come On SS As Much As Possible.
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Awesome interviews!! The HBP special features were pretty cool...very hilarious. It reminds of something they did for COS and POA.

I'm really excited they left the scene where Greyback attacks Lavender in the film and then hopefully Hermione will save her like in the book. I just thought that was very ironic.
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Go Bears!

A really big "THANK YOU" to you folks at SnitchSeeker for providing 1st class interviews with these GREAT actors. Keep up the good work!!
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#1_harry_potter_fan_22's Avatar
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Roro Numero Uno Hogwarts Rules!

Great Job! If I were to interview them I would probably die from nervousness. But yeah I love their humor

I You Barnacle Babe!
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nice interview
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LOVE the firsthand interviews! By the way, I saw those flirty tweets. Pretty damn hilarious He called her fit, which is true, and she called him a legend. Nice trade of compliments, huh?
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Red Cap
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That was great!
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Old 12-10-2009, 07:55 AM   #14 (permalink)
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Great Interview!
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Old 12-10-2009, 09:05 AM   #15 (permalink)
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Very good!!!!
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Brilliant interview!!
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Red Vines... what can't they do? Team Starkid! <3

Wow, great interviews! And great info too. Now we know a bit more about the seventh film! <3
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I watched all the extra bits on the DVD. They are all such down to earth people surprisingly. I thought that maybe fame would make them gaga as with some other celebrities!
I Solemnly Swear
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Great interviews! The signing was so much fun, but of course I got all embarassed and girly when I talked to them
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lucky EmmaRiddle
i promise if they ever came to Syria ill go *as if*
great interview
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lol...I love it. I love that Tom and Matt were joking around w/each other
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Great interviews!!
Ron & Hermione
Ron & Hermione
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Great interview love it
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Awesome interwiew... Love Tom. I'm kinda hoping he'll appear a lot in the next one.
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I'm jealous Emma. I love them all. Matt and Tom seemed to be on good form.
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