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Old 11-19-2010, 05:41 AM
masterofmystery masterofmystery is offline
Post Discussion thread: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I

The penultimate film of the Harry Potter franchise, Deathly Hallows: Part I, is now officially in theatres - both conventional and IMAX - around the world. We've opened this thread as a discussion board for those who have seen the movie, and would like to discuss it with other members. Please remember to respect one another's opinions, follow the forum and site rules, and avoid getting into arguments/flamewars. For more discussions of the film, please visit Ollivander's Wand Shop where you'll see many more topics!

For those interested, SnitchSeeker's review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I can be read here; the first official trailer, for those feeling a bit nostalgic, can be viewed below.

We will have box office numbers for this weekend's release - already rumoured to break records - by late Sunday. For now, have fun, cry and laugh over the movie, show a great deal of love for Rupert Grint being fabulous as Ron Weasley (we're not biased), and overall, do enjoy Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I. We certainly did. If you didn't like the movie, or parts of it, you can discuss that, too, please! It doesn't have to be all glowing reviews here; the greater the difference of opinions, the better.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be released November 19, 2010, and July 15, 2011. Click on the banner below to order tickets for Part I, out now, at Fandango. Tickets are also on sale now in the UK; head over to the Harry Potter official UK Facebook for more information.

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I'm seeing it in a couple of hours, so I'm happy everyone seemed to love it. But, I'll have to say, I think I'll have to check out a site where everone isn't so obsessed with Ron/Hermione! I mean, really, the romance was so minor in the book, it's the other stuff I really like. (and in the book - Ron just asked Hermione to dance to get her away from Victor, then the focus shifted to Harry's conversation with Muriel and Dumbledor's friend - blanking on the name. It wasn't a material scene - that's why the movie doesn't bother)
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Default Blown Away
Fan Fic Queen

I am an original Harry Potter fan. The book came out in 1997, and I picked it off the "New Releases" shelf when I was 7 years old. The summer after I graduated from high school in 2007, then 18, I finished Deathly Hallows, and it felt fitting that this series would end when my childhood would end. Now, in July 2011, the final Harry Potter movie will be released. It will be over. And yet again, it will help me mark my life as I will have graduated from college. This series is my childhood. That being said, I am always just a little bit disappointed with the movies. Even after all of the ones that have been released, Sorcerer's Stone has been my favorite film adaptation. After seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I last night, I have a new favorite film. And I have (basically) no complaints. I am completely satisfied. They should be so proud. BRAVO.

(Now here is my tedious review. Please excuse my indulgence. I am in a very, very emotional state right now.)

SCRIMGEOUR OPENING: I liked this opening. Bill Nighy did a great job, and I think it was great to start the film with "These are dark times..."

TRIO INTRODUCTIONS: This was breathtaking and emotional. I think the trio introductions really set the tone for what the film would end up being.
- Harry: While I wish they had had that moment with Dudley and Petunia, it was never a priority in the films, so I was okay with the way they simply had Harry watch as the Dursleys escaped.

- Hermione: This marked the first tears of the night. I usually am a little trepidacious when they add things, but this was absolutely genius. Emma was absolutely fantastic in this movie. She has really upped her game, and I was so impressed with her the whole film, starting with this. Watching her having to erase her parents' memories and watching as Hermione disappears from the pictures was heartbreaking. It was a wonderful way to demonstrate just how much Hermione had to sacrifice for Harry. Genius.

- Ron: Like Emma, I though Rupert was phenomenal in this film. He should be so proud, and I'm thrilled he got to show what he can do acting wise. I was blown away by his performance the whole film, and it started with this. It was simple enough, looking out into the horizon. But you can see just how scared he is, and when he looks back at his mother and sister in his warm kitchen, it really moved me.

FIRST MALFOY MANOR: Great scene. Ralph Fiennes and Alan Rickman were fantastic as always. It was exactly how I imagined that scene, but I want to mention my favorite part of that scene - Jason Isaacs as Lucius. I adored his performance because he drove home just how low the Malfoys are at this point, just how really terrified he is, and just how emasculating and humiliating it was for Voldemort to take and break off his own touch to his wand...which later gets destroyed. Helena Bonham Carter, as always, was Bellatrix to a t with her slavish behavior towards Voldemort. And the horror that was Charity Babbage's capture was really haunting. The pleading, Voldemort's speech about mating with Muggles and mixing bloods, as well as her appearance was spot on. It was absolutely horrific, and how it ends with Nagini was perfect. Alan Rickman as Snape, as I said, was fantastic as he had to watch Charity be killed. Great scene.

THE 7 POTTERS: I really loved this scene. First, Harry visiting and cupboard and finding the toy he was playing with in the first film had me crying again. It was full circle, and I almost couldn't take how much weight that had for me. This also continued with Hagrid saying how he was the one to bring him 16 years previous, and so he should be the one to take him away. Blubbering here. Otherwise, it was a great comedic scene. The transformations were great, if not hilarious when it came to Fleur and Hermione. And Oliver/James were great as well. I was a tad bit annoyed that this is the first time Harry meets Bill, but I got over it.

THE ESCAPE: I liked it. I loved the transition from the quiet night to the storm of Death Eaters. I thought that was done well. While I know it's more "dramatic" to have them being chased through the city with the cars and everything, I preferred the battle in the sky like the book. But my focus was on Hedwig. When he first let her free, I was like "Are they going to let her live?!" But when she was the one that "gave him away," and was killed, I started sobbing. Poor Hedwig. I wish it had been a bigger deal. (And the whole "Expelliarmus" part would have been nice to stay, but I can live with it.) The final Harry's Wand vs Voldemort was well done as well.

THE BURROW: First off, I have no problem that they went straight to the Burrow without stopping at the Tonks' house. I understand why that would have been changed. I wish Mrs. Weasley had been more hysterical about the situation, but everything was well done.
-George: The missing ear was good, and his little "holy" joke was a nice funny moment among the tenseness.
-Lupin: He was perfect, I thought. His intensity about the betrayer was great, and he and Tonks were sweet. Although, did they get to mention Tonks was having a baby? I know she was about to mention it at the Dursleys, but did they get to say it? (P.S. - I'm actually glad they cut out the part where Remus tries and leaves Tonks. I didn't like that in the books, so I didn't mind that they cut it. Though I wanted that moment of Harry becoming a godfather...)
-R/HR MOMENT: First off, I loved their moments throughout the film. They weren't too frequent, they weren't too in-your-face, but they were constant, and they were perfect. It started with this, I think, where Hermione runs right to Ron for a hug. The bit where she takes off the glasses, and they're just looking at each other was so sweet. It was very much an "only two people in the world" kind of moment. And, of course, the "Always the tone of surprise" moment was very much appreciated.
-Moody: I wish this had been a bigger deal where the group had the memorial or something over his death. Bravo to Bill and Fleur who seemed the most affected. I appreciated their tears because the others didn't really emote that much.

RON AND HARRY: Great friendship moment between the two of them. I thought it was very well acted, and Ron addresses the right questions regarding the Horcruxes. I love seeing Ron like this, the voice of reason. He was really great in this.

DUMBLEDORE'S WILL: First off, the H/G scene was surprisingly mature. I guess they got their PG-13 worth out of it. Haha. It was sensual and the kiss was sweet and showed that they really are together. And George's "Good Morning" was hilarious....I didn't mind that there wasn't a birthday for Harry. The will reading before the wedding was perfectly fine. Bill Nighy was fantastic, and the whole scene was well done. I also didn't mind that Scrimgeour was portrayed as a good guy. Since we meet him in this one instead of HBP, we didn't get that history of bad blood between him and Harry so I liked that he was kind of a good guy who was more or less an ally. Just the whole scene was great.

WEDDING: Loved it. First off, the R/HR look across the room was phenomenal, and I just loved it. (Wish they had danced.) The decision to not include Krum was fine with me because they introduced the Xenophilius's necklace just fine. I thought the bit with Aunt Muriel was perfect. It could have been funnier, but the end with "Are you sure you knew [Dumbledore] at all?" really hit me. I thought that bit was great. I also really loved Bill/Fleur. They were so lovely, especially when Shacklebolt's patronus came, and they put their foreheads together. They were great.

ATTACK: I liked that the Patronus took a look as to what happened at the Ministry. Also, I loved that Ron and Hermione immediately started to search for each other. And I ADORED Harry calling out for Ginny, but Lupin pushes him away. I thought that was sad and fitting.

DINER: Well done. Hermione is so awesome. The bit about her disappointment that they couldn't throw Harry a birthday party was funny, especially when she says "Perspective."

HOGWARTS EXPRESS: Neville was awesome standing up to the Death Eaters, and the bit with Cormac McLaggen was hilarious.

GRIMMAULD PLACE: The Dumbledore trap was kind of underwhelming, but... I'm so happy they kept in the part where it looks as if Ron and Hermione fell asleep holding hands. The segway into RAB was good as well. (I did miss Sirius's Gryffindor room and finding the Lily letter and picture, but I'll get over it.) I was a little miffed that Kreacher's part wasn't bigger, but I actually really liked that Dobby came back with him so we have him before Malfoy Manor. (Him telling the story over Kreacher was hilarious.) And Mundungus Fletcher was PERFECT. Loved it.

MINISTRY: FANTASTIC SCENE. The three actors playing Runcorn, Cattermole, and Hopkirk were fantastic, and I thought they captured Dan, Rupert, and Emma's essence very, very well. Yaxley was fantastic, and the whole "my wife's downstairs all alone" was sweet and funny. I still hate Umbridge and want to punch her in the face. I loved the part in Umbridge's office where Harry finds the file with the Xs over Order members. Made me seethe. Fantastic. (I'm a little annoyed though that Harry didn't take Moody's eye and later bury it. ) The Dementors in the courtroom were freaking terrifying! It brought me back to CoS where Harry and Ron look up at the spiders in the forest. So creepy.

- Stand Outs: Harry saying to Umbridge: "You're lying, Dolores, and one mustn't tell lies..." (or something to that effect)
And the Ron/Mrs. Cattermole kiss was an AMAZING addition! I thought it was a great comedic moment among the tension. Rupert was fantastic, and the look on Hermione's face was HILARIOUS! Priceless scene, especially the confusion on both the Cattermoles' faces. AHAHAHA!!! "Nice to meet you." Amazing.

SPLINCHING: The make up was really well done. It looked raw and ripped, and with Rupert's performance, it was so realistic. Emma was, again, just wonderful as she's trying to comfort him. I loved this actually. Because she's trying to be strong even though she's absolutely terrified, and I felt this vibe that she wanted to just hold him but held back. Really well done scene.

I also have to mention (because I can't remember the order) that the flashes with Voldemort and Ollivander, Gregorovich and Grindlewald were great.

- Protective charms were great, and I'm thrilled they showed it.

- The scene where they're trying to destroy the locket was nice. It shows early on through Harry how the locket gives you a negative perspective, especially with Harry getting angry about Ron and the radio, how they'll have to walk since Ron can't Apparate, and then him yelling at Hermione that she's not doing enough. I liked how they addressed its effect. Emma was great again.

- I'm glad they included the radio. It shows just how worried Ron is, and Hermione's explanation to Harry was wonderful.

- Liked the moment with Hermione and the snatchers to show how her enchantments work.

- The camping montage was really well done to show them traveling and camping, Ron with the radio being so worried, the bit with Harry hearing for a second that Snape is Hogwarts Headmaster, Ron and Hermione discussing Harry, and then the Harry-Hermione moments that Ron witnesses; the haircut, them coming back from the forest together, Hermione giving Harry the water bottle. Good to show his paranoia and jealousy.

RON LEAVES; RUPERT GRINT IS PERFECT: This scene did the book justice. Rupert Grint's performance was spot on, and again, I'm in tears. First, the moment with Harry and Hermione figuring out about the sword was great, especially Hermione's nervous chatter about being logical was really wonderful. But then they address Ron, and Rupert hit it out of the park! The dialogue and tension, the fight, Hermione begging him to take off the locket to show that it was affecting how Ron was behaving was all just fantastic. I love how Ron "saw you two the other night." Hermione legitimately panics and says "that was nothing," and while I missed the line that "I get it. You choose him" line, I thought the scene was so well acted. (I also like how the romance between R/Hr is acknowledged between the two of them in this scene.) Hermione's reaction to him leaving was perfect as well where she immediately follows him and you hear her calling and yelling for him. Emma's acting after Ron leaves - the depression, the tears, leaving behind the scarf - was beautifully done.

HARRY AND HERMIONE DANCE: I understand their intention by adding this scene. I get that he wanted to cheer her up, and with the awkward dancing, it was good. Emma, again, was wonderful in this because you can see that she is cheering up, but at the end her eyes, to me, said: "Thanks for trying to cheer me up, but Ron's still gone, and I'm still devastated." The problem I had with it was that the look on Dan's face was kind of longing in a way, which gave me the wrong vibe. I thought the scene was a bit unnecessary. I feel like they could have figured out a different way to do it? Meh.

GODRIC'S HOLLOW: A very moving scene, I thought, and yes, I cried. I'm glad they didn't use the polyjuice potion for the reason Harry says. I thought it was very fitting, and it was a very emotional moment at the grave. Hermione conjuring a wreath was a beautiful gesture, and they introduced Peverell was great without stealing the emotion from Harry. Really great job. Bathilda Bagshot was creepy and disturbing. I thought the bit at her house was terrifying. (I did like Hermione finding the book and then the rotting body when Harry was upstairs. Well done.) The snake protruding from her was really well done, and the fight was, again, terrifying. Good job.

HARRY'S WAND: I just wanted to mention that this was wonderfully acted by Daniel. He could have easily been very dramatic and upset about the wand, but I loved how he chose to hurry past it, like he didn't even want to think about it. I found that to be more devastating at the loss than this brooding moment. Bravo, Dan.

THE SILVER DOE: This is my favorite scene in the book, and I thought it was just PHENOMENAL and PERFECT from the book. Once again, Rupert was something else. The doe was lovely, and the struggle/almost drowning in the water with Harry made my heart stop. I loved that he clawed against the ice, that you could see a figure through the ice, that you saw him get the sword. It was all spectacularly done. I loved that they addressed that Ron should be the one to destroy the locket, that he should because it affects him so. Great job.

THE LOCKET: I was so impressed with this. I loved Voldemort's voice and the smoke. Introducing the spiders with his worst fears was a brilliant touch! I have to say that the Locket!Harry and Locket!Hermione were absolutely spot on - they were themselves, but they were "more beautiful and more terrifying" than the real Harry and Hermione. I was in tears for Ron in this moment where Locket!Harry and Locket!Hermione are spewing off every fear Ron's ever had. I found the kiss to be slightly awkward, especially the more "passionate" one, but overall, I think they got the tone of it. It's not supposed to be romantic. It really was kind of disturbing and horrific since you know it's the manifestation of Ron's worst fear. I thought it looked great. (I didn't know why they had to be topless when they were clothed before, but...)

MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT #1: Like I said, I am satisfied with the movie. But there were only two major disappointments, and the following is the first. I wanted the moment after Ron destroyed the locket to be like the book.
- I missed the Ron-Harry friendship hug.
- I missed the line "She cried for days...She's like my sister. It's always been that way. I thought you know..."
- I just wish they had that real discussion about him leaving, seeing him be so affected, seeing them address how he really feels about Hermione. I was a little disappointed.

RON AND HERMIONE REUNITED...AND IT FEELS SOOOO GOOD! : This was priceless! Rupert was absolutely ADORABLE in this scene, and Emma's reaction was wonderful. I wish she had said, "I called your name," but it's alright. I really loved the explanation and the moment between the two. Just really well done.

- I also appreciated the alternative Ron-Harry heart-to-heart moment in the tent. Again, I wish they had stuck to the book, but the discussion about how he should just keeping talking about the light going to his heart so Hermione would forgive him was priceless and the bit with the fire was hilarious.

- Rupert was GOLD in the moments where he sides with Hermione about going to the Lovegoods' house. He was just brilliant.

XENOPHILIUS LOVEGOOD: I pictured him differently, but he was good. You can see that he was really desperate (glad Harry addressed that), and the whole bit where the Death Eaters show up was really well done.

THE THREE BROTHERS: I was blown away by this scene. It was a stroke of GENIUS to choose to do it like this. I don't think it would have done to have Hermione sit there and read for three minutes. And I kind of knew they'd always have a portrayal. But the choice to have it be an illustration was literally GENIUS because it is a children's story. Holy Moses, I just loved it! And I really loved the style of the cartoon. It was just SO WELL DONE! Definitely a highlight of the film.

*Another side note: I'm undecided about how they handle the Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore story line. In one way, I always wish they address it. But on the other hand, we know Dumbledore didn't give Harry much to go on and that Harry is questioning how well he knew him as well as his losing faith in him. I don't know if we needed the other information. Undecided.

SNATCHERS: Again, this was another artistic choice that I found BRILLIANT - the choice to have the audience only hear their breathing and footsteps on the ground when they were running. It was SO MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE than having this big dramatic music playing. Such an amazing choice. Missed the bit with Dean, but that was expendable.

SECOND MALFOY MANOR: Though it was a little anticlimactic for me, it was really, really enjoyable. Bellatrix was wonderful per usual as was Tom as Draco and being so scared. It was just really well done.

- HERMIONE TORTURE scene was different, but Emma was sensational. I was really quite terrified, and the screaming and her performance really hit me hard. I commend Emma so much for this scene, especially when afterwards she's lying on the floor, limp, and you can see "Mudblood" carved into her arm. Chilling and horrible.

This is the second major disappointment that brought the experience down just slightly for me: Ron's reaction to Hermione being tortured. He was supposed to pound against the stone walls, tears streaming down his face, screaming Hermione's name after saying Bellatrix should take him instead. Rupes had some great moments being angry and frantic (the "like hell" line to Bellatrix was amazing), but I missed the original. I love how protective he was throughout the film, though.

**SIDE NOTE: Angry/determined/focused/mature/protective Ron is EFFING HOT.

- DRACO-HARRY WAND FIGHT: Since this is so important, I'm glad they highlighted it the way they did. It wasn't life altering in the way they presented it, but the shed light on the event, which is good.

DOBBY: "Dobby is a free elf." I couldn't even keep it under control. I was sobbing the moment Dobby appeared. His speech about being free just set me off. Then, at Shell Cottage, the tiny monologue he had wasn't in the book, but I loved it. His little speech about being in a beautiful place with friends tore at my heart strings. At this point, I was blubbering as were many, many people in the theater. I fell to pieces. The funeral was lovely.

***Can I just bring to light a moment in Chamber of Secrets when Harry tells Dobby: "Never try to save my life again." Then you think of this scene, and I wept all over again.

I hate Voldemort, and it was prominent within me during this scene. It was very well done, and it was symbolic, and it was the perfect way to end the first film.

I had those two major complaints that brought my satisfaction down to a 98%, but overall, I give it an A+, my first A+ since CoS. It was fantastic.

RUPERT GRINT and EMMA WATSON had two phenomenal performances. I was so impressed with them, and I felt like we truly saw them grow and change. They upped their game, their chemistry with each other and with Dan really carried the film, and they were just brilliant. I am so proud of them.

RON/HERMIONE MOMENTS: I'm glad that Ron's affection is out in the open, and all of their moments were true to the book without being the sole focus on their relationship.

They should be so proud of this film. I cannot get over how phenomenal this film was. I can't wait to see it again. I'm so moved and so happy and so proud. WOW. THANK YOU.
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Originally Posted by RonaldX View Post
please temme i havent watched the film yet..
Does harry says to Ron after he destroys the locket that hermione is like her sister??

No. Which makes it more baffling to me.
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I loved it, but I was disappointed at the same time. I mean the reason why they split it was because they wanted more of the book in the movie. For ex: I hated how the durselys left I wanted to see harry say his last goodbyes like in the book. What the heck w/pettirew(sp?) is he dead yet?, because as we all know he kills himself down in the dungen when harry & ron escape. Also in the dungen seen I was waiting for ron to be screaming for hermione. Oh and the ending...come on the least they couldve done was have a be continued or pt 2 coming July of 2011. Yea, i know we all know the split it, but come on.

Originally Posted by Vargaroth View Post
No. Which makes it more baffling to me.
yea, yea, and he was suppose to say that she was crying ever night since he left.

oh and another thing that ticked me off is Harry didn't take mad eye's eye from umbridges office.

oh oh and I was soooo looking forward to when harry goes into siries(sp?) room and he finds a pix of himself as a baby riding a broom. I wanted to see the baby harry

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I absolutely adored the film. Some critics say their was some dull parts, but the landscape, tension and the potter watch death toll was sad.
I loved Rupert Grintís performance! Especially when he told Hermione why he came back, and then Harry told him to keep retelling that story to make her forgive him! That was so funny! I thought the dance was sweet, and the locket was scary!
Iím jumping around so much because itís all coming back to quickly! = )

I will admit, I was a dobby hater. I cried when he died, it was so sad. I am so team Ron and Hermione so I was obviously so obsessed with every little moment between them.

Overall I can not wait for the craziness that is part two. Itís going to be CRAZY!

Eight months canít come fast enough!

My favorite things about the movie:

Ron/Hermione /Harry Ė There relationship as friends was tested and I loved every minute of it.

Ron Ė He stepped up and really was a major player in this movie. Also he got the most laughs. Especially when he was sucking up to Hermione and when he said " Only three left" After the defeat of the locket.

Dobby- Was Great!

Kiss- And I donít mean Ginny and Harry! The ministry kiss was so funny, and when Ron turned back it was sooooo funny!

Godricís Hollow- The snake. Again I hate snakes and I was overall frightened.

Tales of beetle and bard- the animation was great!


There was some Potter watch, but I wanted more.

Lack of mention of Tonkís pregnancy

No Lunaís mural. I loved that part.
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I thought it was GREAT! It was way closer to the book than HBP, and I'm glad they stuck closer this time. I thought it was well thought out and portrayed by all the characters. Although, Potterwatch should have been in there. And Dobby, poor Dobby, I cried. So they did good there, gave him the spotlight a bit and had good closure for him. There's a lot more, but I'll not mention, in case I get on a roll and talk/type too long about it lol. All in all, WONDERFUL, MAGNIFICENT MOVIE!
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This is definitely the best movie in the HP series!
It is so close to the book, only with extremely few changes, and that hasn't happened - in my opinion - since movie number 2&3.
Right from the start to the end i was literally holding my breath, even though i knew what was going to happen.

And don't know about other countries, but in Denmark, the "professional" movie-reviewers didn't like the movie. It was usually rated 3/6 stars, and was described as "dark, with great wholes in the story"
And that really annoyed me, because obviously, those people haven't read the book, so they don't know that the movie is SUPPOSED to be like that.

Don't worry, this film is absoloutly amazing, and also contains these really sweet moment's, and you do get to laugh! (:
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its time to choose between what is right and what is easy

i was really blown away with this movie... i wasn't a huge fan of HBP so as excited as i was for DH i was afriad to be let down. and I SO WASNT!

there were definitly MINOR things that i thought should have been mentioned but i was really impressed !

i thought it was really well done and i was surprised ! i even liked some of the changes that were done and lines that were added.

Cant wait to go again !

for the record, i really enjoyed the dance scene it was fun and i laughed.. i dont know if Harry's face was supposed to mean something more in the "i love you" way but connecting them on another level as friends, they miss the ones they love. i dont know, i just know i loved it it was so adorable.
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I know I've been neg on here, but I must say the sweetest moment was when harry & hermione were dancing
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hey Ronaldx Harry doesn't tell Ron that Hermione is like his sister
He discovers it on his own
Romione 4 ever
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I just say it!!!! It was BRILLIANT!!!!!
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I absolutely LOVED it!!! The 2 scenes that made cry really bad were, Hedwig's and Dobby's death, I mean I thought it was a family member dying. I thought they did a superb job!

I noticed however 2 particular lines were left out that would have been that much better:
1. The Dursley's scene was over lickity split! Which brings me to the part that was left out where Dudley says, "what Harry isn't coming with us?" and then shakes his hand. I was really anxious to see Dudley's personality change.
2. Harry telling Ron after the locket was destroyed that Hermione is like a sister to him.

After reading some of the comments on here I was reminded that there were other things missing which again would've made it even better but I still loved it! Everyone, especially the trio, did an outstanding job!!! I will see this a few more times before it leaves the theater!!

Forgot to add that Harry aka Dan looked SOOOO HOT in his gray sweater OMG!!!

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Here's my short review i posted in my blog just after few hours of my 1st watch of the movie:

"Even the story of the Deathly Hallows is dark and sad, The film makers still put a lot of humor or funny moments on this film adaptation. Actually this movie was more funnier than HP6. Everyone enjoys the dancing scene of Daniel Radcliffe & Emma Watson.
The actors' performances are great especially by Emma Watson.

The viewers also enjoy the animated presentation of the Tale of the Three Brothers.

The soundtracks are far different from the previous HP movies but those are very suited in every scenes, kudos to Alexandre Desplat.
My favorite is Track #2 Snape to Malfoy Manor, The most intense is Track # 17 Bathilda Bagshot.
(You can hear the entire soundtracks @ AOL official site.)

Ofcourse there's a lot of changes & ommision like the other film adaptations but the story on this one especially the subtitle "Deathly Hallows" are still intact on which non-readers of the book can easily understand. Unlike the previous movie, this one contain more action and battle scenes.

My only dissapointment is in the scene with Dursleys family and very fast transition of events, Less explanation on many things, the fragment of the broken mirror for example. but all in all, i really enjoyed the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and am very looking forward and excited to see the Part 2 (The Last Harry Potter movie) "

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
showing in Theatres on July 2011.
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What an amazing film! This really shows how much efford they've put into this, they wanted to give their best and in my opinion they succeeded! I was totally blown away by the performances of the trio, I just can't believe they're the same people we saw in Philosopher's Stone nine years ago. I am so greatful, so happy we have these actors and I'd just like to thank them and give them a hug. Rupert has always been amazing, but normally he's mostly been given the funny lines and he's been the comic relief of the films but now there's so much more. He really showed what he's capable of!
Emma had improved signifcantly, she wasn't bad earlier either, but now she's able to portray various emotions and she really was Hermione. A lot of people keep saying that Daniel isn't able to bring up the emotions of Harry, that he's too... well, maybe not bad but the worst of the three. But I've never quite understood that. I think Harry doesn't really show his feelings as much as Ron and Hermione might do (except when he's frustrated ). To me he's always seemed more like he wants to think things through in his own head and deal with things without showing too much of himself to other people. I don't quite know how to explain it, but there's kind of a silent power about him and i think Daniel portrays that very well. I've never really understood why people don't like his acting. I was happy how about his performance in this one again and he'd definitely improved a lot. I actually felt like I was really watching Harry, Ron and Hermione.
And oh my god... Hermione's screaming in Malfoy Manor was great! Not that I liked her being tortured but scenes like that just can't be too lame and I was so happy this one wasn't. I also loved the locket scene!! Godric's Hollow was great too and Bathilda Bagshot looked terrifying!
Harry and Hermione's dance was sweet <3 I loved that scene! I had to bite my tongue to not awwww to Ron and Hermione all the time But seriously, how cute was that piano thing?! I.almost.died.... and Ron touchind Hermione's face and.... i probably had a ridiculous smile on my face all the time

I would've liked to see more of Sirius's room, Lily's letter and the photo wouldn't have taken that much time to show. But this is a minor thing that doesn't really matter. All in all this was very faithful to the book which I love. I'm so happy they decided to split this into two films, it seriously would've ended up being a disaster otherwise.

When the film ended I felt very, very sad I was happy about the film, but the end is getting closer and closer and it really makes me tearful. I felt like the time before the film was the happiest time, even though it was so difficult to wait and I was so excited about this... but after seeing it I almost wished I could turn back time and return to the moment when I hadn't seen it yet. Then the end wouldn't feel so close. I honestly have no idea how I'm going to find my way out of the theatre in July... i'll probably just sit there in shock through all the final credits and cry my eyes off. I can't even think about it!
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I'm not a massive fan of the films, but feel that I have to go on opening night to reaffirm how brilliant the books are (backwards logic, I know).

But I must say, this film is the best by far. I still have major issues with it, but in comparison with the past 6 films, job well done.

I did find I was a little disappointed with no good scene with the Dursleys. I was hoping for more of a big deal to have been made. But I suppose that this was made up for by the 1st Hermione scene, which I thought was touching.

I wanted the Kreachers tale section to be better, and more emotion into the Godrics Hollow section. I really did feel that they were underplayed. I remember reading these for the first time and they left me with a lump in my throat. But on screen, it just felt rushed.

Can someone tell me why Dobby wasn't wearing proper clothes??? I get that they can't go into every story line in the books so Dobby has been overlooked, but that is no reason to change his clothing. They gave him this whole dialogue in the film that just felt sickly, but something as important to the character as the symbol of being "free", they miss completely!
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I think they took some liberties with the book but not many and most that they did were very well done.

-Krum wasn't the one that first brought up the symbol of the Hallows which personally I liked better.

-They didn't really do a good job explaining most of the places that they were at when traveling. Where as in the book they gave you a pretty good idea why they went where they did.

-No Potterwatch. I kept expecting that when Ron was playing with the radio. Maybe it was meant to be implied?

-No memorial in Godric's Hollow?! That was one thing I found really cute in the book

Those are just some of the things that I noticed if I went on to list them all it would be far to long.
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This movie gives a different feeling for me. I don't know what it is. Just...a great feeling. It feels awesome..
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WOW, a big Wooow. I watched the movie yesterday, NO COMMENT. Everything i had imagined while reading the book, saw it yesteray. I haven't seen a movie like this for looong , THE BEST 10/10
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I loved this movie, I have always been a secret Harry/hermione shipper, so I loved the Harry and hermione-ness.
The dance was cute and funny; I want that song.
Harry getting a haircut from hermione was so cute and then when said for him not to get a haircut from her again it seemed like she'd made her choice... Does that make sense?
Poor Hedwig... I was shocked even though I knew it was gonna happen.
The graveyard scenes... So sad and sweet... Nagini scared the heck outta me. I jumped in my seat when she attacked Harry. Bella torturing hermione and ron's protectiveness towards her... I wanted to kill Bellatrix. Poor dobby. Loved dobby and kreacher....
Snape... Ok I wish there had been more but that one scene he was in... AR rocked. When he arrived at Malfoy manor he just dripped smexy... Poor Lucius I felt bad for him.
Loved the movie... I want it when it comes out on DVD
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This movie was AMAZING!!! I've got to see it again immediately!!

Off the top of my head, my favorite scenes were:

Anything with Emma Watson in it. She was amazing in this movie. I was blown away by her performance. I loved the part when she obliviates her parents memories, and when she's face to face with Scabior on the other side of the protective charm, her performance when she's being tortured by Bellatrix is so real that I was genuinely worried about her. It hurt my heart to hear her crying and screaming like that. Poor Hermione.

The locket scene. What a steamy kiss. I also loved the part when Harry is following the Silver was exactly like the book!

The H/Hr dance was so sweet! Dan looked really sexy in that scene!

The opening Malfoy Manor scene and the Godric's Hollow sequence scared the CRAP out of me. I wasn't expecting them to really faithfully adapt those sequences. When Hermione goes into the room with all of those flies and there's blood all over the walls...OMG! :shock:

I also loved all the R/Hr moments. This film really took their relationship to a deeper, more adult level. It was so great to see it take that step from the teenage love relationship they had before.

Another scene that I loved was the ministry of magic scene. It was perfectly adapted from the book. Just how I pictured it. I love how it was suspenseful yet funny at the same time.

And last, but not least..the Three Brothers scene was amazing!! I wasn't expecting to see that beautiful piece of animation in the film. I was completely sucked in and Hermione told the story beautifully. I thought it was really smart of the filmmakers to tell the story that way instead of using real actors or just showing Hermione reading it. Great job!

So, yeah...I loved the whole movie. There were a couple of things I wish had been included like Luna's room and Krum at the wedding and more of Dumbledore's backstory, but it's hard to judge since we still have a whole other half of movie to look forward to.
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Talking Deathly Hallows part 1 = amazing
Gryffindor at ♥

AHHH IT WAS GREAT!! Ok, so I was upset that they took out:
1) the moment when Voldemort is coming to Bathilda's house and they have to jump out of the window, screaming, apparating in midair.
2) how Wormtail died (if he even did in the movie, i couldn't really tell). I mean,t he whole point of the silver hand Voldemort gave him was for Wormtail to end up strangling himself...oh well.
3) Lily's letter...i would've really liked to see that seen.
but otherwise, it was really well made! I loved the Bathilda scene, it was really scary, creepy, and well-made and I loved the 7 Potters scene and the Malfoy was extremely sad, I thought, that Bellatrix had carved Mudblood into Hermione's arm... :'( I thought the Three Brothers animated story was...unique, Tim Burton like (maybe it was Helena Bonham's idea lol), and interesting. It was slightly weird, but a cool, different touch to the movie. I loved the cute little, awkward dance scene Harry and Hermione did together, although at the end of it, it made it look as if they were in love or something haha. I loved how they had the scene where it looked like Ron and Hermione were holding hands...loved, but cried at the scene when Ron left. OH! The Horcrux was crazy, oh my gosh!! I LOVED how they did it though!!! And it seemed as if Harry and Hermione were naked, (the horcrux ones), but it was really good!!! Overall, I'd give it a was great!

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*Please excuse the long post, I got carried away


After repeatedly watching interviews where various members of the Harry Potter cast and even Jo herself say that Deathly Hallows Part one is the best movie in the series thus far, I knew the movie would be amazing. The extent of this amazing-ness however I was not prepared for. DH was absolutely phenomenal!
I was a bit anxious to see this because DH was my favorite book and in almost all book-to-film adaptations there’s just something missing and the books are usually significantly better. There’s a very different feel to this one, but I love it The Hogwarts Express is only briefly seen and Hogwarts itself isn’t seen at all. The main focus is of the changing wizarding as well as muggle world and how this change takes a tole on the character’s relationships, especially the Trio. I think David Yates has outdone himself. Hopefully with these last two movies he’ll be able to win over the fans that disapproved of his takeover of the harry potter films starting with Order of the Phoenix. I just loved how he was able to transfer all the emotions you felt as you read the book to the big screen: from despair to amusement. All the tiny details he added, I just loved. And at the same time he was able to keep true to Jo’s beloved novel.
From the very first shot of the film: the classic Harry Potter WB logo, you can tell that this film is considerably darker than the previous ones. No longer is the sign the glistening beautiful silver that it once was, but is now dimmed , with a chipping, almost crumbling façade. I love this because it kind of reflects the state that the world is in at this time.
In the beginning, when each member of the trio is shown saying goodbye to their loved ones and coming to grips with the reality they’re about to face, it was so sad! Specifically Hermione! I loved the little kiddie photos of Emma Watson (too cute!) and the fact that she was also erased from the family pictures was a nice detail. I agree with what someone said though, I was wondering throughout the movie when she was going to explain why she did what she did, because although we all know it’s to protect her parents, people that haven’t read the book may not catch that. I didn’t really mind that though, because I think it’s pretty easy to figure out. I loved this insight into Hermione’s life though because in the books we really don’t get to know much about it.
Ooh Malfoy Manor was far beyond anything I’d imagined! You could just feel the air of opulence. This scene was pretty much amazing, you could really feel the emotions of the characters, especially that of the malfoys who at this point are just conflicted and want more than anything to simply make it out alive. Voldemort is brilliantly evil and I love when he eerily tells severus that they saved a seat for him. Oh Charity Burbage’s murder was actually terribly sad! You could see she was in so much pain in the desperation with which she begged snape for mercy.
The seven potter scene I thought was quite funny ( “Bill don’t look at me! I’m hideous!” ) and I think it was very well done. Tonks doesn’t get to announce her pregnancy in this one (she almost did!) but I know it’ll be in the next one so I’m not too worried about that I’ve seen some people complaining that the escape scene wasn’t long enough, but come on, there was plenty of action during the rest of the movie. Personally I thought the escape scene was just mesmerizing. The amazing graphics and sound made it a truly worthwhile scene (Yeah, you definitely need to see this in IMAX ) I also really loved the part during the escape scene where Voldemort is defeated by Harry’s wand and seems to almost become a part of the electrical tower. Very cool Another detail I love that’s added is that Hedwig is killed, not trapped in a cage, but protecting Harry, reminiscent of the sacrifice his parents made for him that fateful night in Godric’s Hollow. I wish there had been a bit more emotion when Moody’s death was announced, but I also understand why Yates chose not to dwell on that scene too much. Even in the book, Moody is only briefly mentioned.
I thought Bill and Fleur's wedding was really beautiful and fleur looked amazing in that black and white laced dress. The absence of Krum really didn’t faze me since his main purpose was to introduce Harry to the Deathly Hallows which Harry obviously figures out by himself. I also thought it was fine that Ron and Hermione didn’t have that one dance because there are plenty of other Aww Moments from those two, my favorite of course being their hands next to eachother while they sleep at Grimmauld Place, closely followed by Hermione teaching Ron to play the piano to no avail I also loved the kiss between Ginny and Harry, it was cute …but the whole “zip me up” thing seemed slightly strange. And I love how George used the hole in his ear as a tooth brush holder It seems exactly like something he would do. As for Kingsley’s patronus it was just captivating “They are cominggg…They are coming”
Grimmauld place was exactly how I had imagined it and I’m glad they kept the pseudo-Dumbledore that was made out of dust. One thing I was slightly disappointed in however was the fact that there really was not a time where Kreacher just broke down and told them the truth of what he and Regulus had done. In fact unlike the book he really does not reconcile with the trio and actually seems even more bitter towards Hermione. Maybe that plot line will be further explored in Part 2? I doubt it, but one can hope
The ministry scene was absolutely hilarious. Although the trio seemed a bit more obvious in their awkward interaction with employees of the ministry than in the book, the actors that played them were beyond perfect. Ron/Reggie Cattermole’s kiss with his wife was super funny as well. When the trio disapparate, I was so upset! I love Ron, as we all do, and seeing him in so much pain as Hermione desperately tried to heal his splinching wounds definitely got to me.
During the next moments of the film, in the forests, I really do have to commend Dan, Rupe, and Emma. When you look at the past movies and this one, you can most certainly tell that they gave it their all, and it shows They’ve just grown so much as actors and I really am proud of them I’m especially glad that Ron got all those lines he SHOULD HAVE had in the past. Yes, there is an absence of Potterwatch, which disappointed me but I’ve gotten over it. They still do find out what happens on the outside in other ways (for example Hermione witnessing the snatchers burying dead bodies and Ron listening to the radio for names of the deceased). Anyway we get an insight into the cracks in the friendship of the golden trio and I think Rupert’s acting was perfect. When Ron leaves it just breaks my heart which leads me to the best scene ever: Harry and Hermione’s dance!
So I think Harry Potter fans are pretty split on this one with some thinking it was unnecessary and awkward. It’s just this awkwardness that I love about it though! At this point Hermione is just so broken. I think part of it is the fact that Ron left, but part of it is the fact that maybe she feels the same emotions he does. She has no idea about her parents’ well-being and quite frankly the horcrux hunt is a lot more difficult than any of them could have imagined. So Hermione’s listening to a song on the radio by herself ( O’ Children by Nick Cave) and Harry gives her this look that to me just shows how much he truly does love and care for her and worries about her. And the moment where he decided to just awkwardly try and cheer her up with the dancing was just so touching to me For a second, they were allowed to just be kids and snatch a moment from the care-free lives that should have been theirs. Overall I just thought that scene was beautiful and funny and in fact I now have that song on replay (By the way, apparently Yates listened to over 500 songs before finally deciding on this one)
Godrics Hollow was the scariest thing ever! The missing graffiti sign at the Potter’s house would have been nice. But at the same time, I thought it was ok that they didn’t have it. The main point of it was to give Harry support in all that he’s going through and to help him realize that the Wizarding World is behind him. Harry knows this though, which is exemplified in the fact that after the attack at the Lovegoods he actually defends Xenophilius, understanding that the only reason xenophilius betrayed them was because he was being punished for showing his support of harry. And I think harry will understand even more just the amount of support he has in DH2 during the battle of Hogwarts once he see’s just how many people have choosen to risk their lives to help him save the wizarding world.
One thing I forgot to mention earlier was Hermione’s telling of the Tale of the Three Brothers at the Lovegoods. I loved the approach they took in telling the classic children’s story. Rather than simply having Hermione retell the story of the Deathly Hallows, using a method never before seen in the Harry Potter films, there were these simply superb animations which I really enjoyed.
Back in Godrics Hollow, Bathilda Bagshot was just so eerie and when she slowly opens her mouth, slightly revealing Nagini and then begins to decompose I just about lost it. The Silver Doe was just immaculately done. When Harry had to get in the water and began choking as he frantically attempted to break through the ice and get back to the top it was just terrible, I felt chills just watching it.
Ron’s destruction of the Horcrux. This I think might be a slightly controversial topic just because the horcrux Harry and Hermione are nude, but honestly I don’t really have a problem with it. I mean seriously, this is Voldemort’s soul making Ron live his deepest, darkest fears and insecurities. He wouldn’t have them kissing on the cheek or something And I thought Horcrux Harry and Hermione were done perfectly, just like in the book, with ethereal, almost unhuman facial features and intoxicating voices.
During the capture of the Trio at Malfoy Manor, nearing the end of the movie, you can really feel their terror. Helena Bonham Carter brilliantly portrays Bellatrix as usual and takes the torture of Hermione one step further than in the book by carving the word ‘Mudblood’ into her skin. This was genius and definitely reminded me somewhat of Nazi Germany. Just as in the book, Hermione’s cries when she’s being tortured and the silent tears that stream down her face as she looks at her bleeding arm after she becomes too weak to fight back really do pierce your heart and I think Emma did an amazing job. Although Ron wasn’t as hysterical as he was in the book you still get that emotion and desperation from him. In the underground room at Malfoy Manor one thing that’s different is that Peter Pettigrew doesn’t kill himself using the silver hand. At first I was confused, thinking it was Dobby that had killed him, but actually he is only stunned. Hopefully Pettigrew has a chance to show some remorse towards harry in DH2, fulfilling the life debt.
Although I knew it was coming, I definitely was not prepared for Dobby’s death. There were plenty of moments in the movie where tears came to my eyes but this was the scene that just made me cry. I love the short monologue Dobby gives about his freedom before Bellatrix stabs him. What made me cry the most however was Harry holding onto Dobby’s near lifeless form, desperately pleading Ron and Hermione to help him help Dobby and Dobby’s last words where he reflects on the beauty of the world and being able to be surrounded by friends. Dobby really is a hero and I admire his loyalty so very much. RIP! <3
The very last scene is of Voldemort going to Dumbledore’s grave, where he recklessly destroys the white marble tomb, finally obtaining the Elder Wand. In the ultimate display of power, he points the wand towards the sky, illuminating the heavens. I thought this was the perfect ending although it was a bit sudden it brought the movie to a nice close without too much of a cliffhanger
I know I always say this whenever a new Harry Potter movie comes out, but this one truly is my favorite out of all 7. Although there were some details missing, I think that was ok because most of the messages those details were trying to convey were incorporated into the movie in some other way. Besides, all the other amazing features of the movie definitely outweigh any details that may have been left out. I think fans will for sure fall in love with this movie. The actors have definitely matured, the soundtrack was fantastic On a scale of 1-10? Definitely 1,000,000

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Seen the movie this afternoon and I gotta say, if part I is this good, Part 2 is going to be completely over the top!!
Seven potters: This was never a scene that I was real excited about but I am impressed on how it came off. One complaint...HEDWIG! ugh I was as devastated as I was when I read the book.
Even the aftermath was great, I'll say this too... ANYONE who was thinking this was a Harry and Hermione favored movie...look at the scene when Hermione looks at the real and Harry and another one coming towards her and she without hesitation goes to the one coming towards her and it turns out IT'S RON!! Completely adorable and I am utterely thrilled they kept "Always the tone of surprise." I was convinced they were going to cut that.

Actually I'll just say now that out of all the movies, Ron and Hermione were completely done justice!! The chemistry was amazing and the scene when Ron comes back to camp...PERFECT!! I loved him touching her cheek in the diner too. I've seen Rupert say ( in so many words) that their relationship really comes through in Part 2 and considering what we get to see in this movie, I cannot wait!

This isn't really a like but it's not a dislike either: The Harry/Hermione dance, I was prepared to hate because I did not want them to allude to anything that just flat out isn't there between the two but it came off really well and TOTALLY PLATONIC! Hermione's face falling at the end just shows how sad she was.

Ministry scene was fantastic! Mixed with a little bit of humor and alot of action. I didn't understand why Ron was last to transform back into himself but overall good.

The animation of the three brothers was quite cool, I must say. I don't think it would've helped the audience understand the meaning of the story with just Hermione reading it or explaining it.

Malfoy Manor. The scene with Bellatrix and Hermione was INTENSE and acted out beautifully. could you not cry?

I actually really liked how the Burial scene was done, it seemed fitting it was just the trio doing it and Harry on his knees before the burial site and Hermione crying in Ron's arms.


Ok, looking out for the people who just watch the movies, I think the mirror shard could've been explained more.

The "bromance" scene with Ron and Harry was totally needed!! It's one of the best loved scenes in the book and it's shame it was left out, especially considering Rupert could've acted the you know what out of that scene.

Malfoy Manor... Again, why was Ron not portrayed as frenzied and desperate? It was shown he was concerned ( LOVED him coming back into the room after escaping the dungeon/basement) but the scene had so much more intensity in the book BECAUSE of Ron being desperate to save Hermione.
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ok so I saw the movie at midnight and I loved it!! specially the crowd like they were all dressed in their harry potter characters i saw bellatrix, tonks, sirius, luna, harry, ron, hermione, etc and it was packed. once the WB sign showed everyone started clapping, i was like screaming lol

ok so now about the movie:
I absolutely loved LOVED the movie, it was done really well specially the Cinematography that was amazing I can't stop thinking about it. I really loved everyones acting but specially Emma's and Rupert's performance. When Ron gets splinched Rupert played that part so well but specially Emma because Hermione was like freaking out she was nervous, scared, and her voice was shaking which seemed soo realistic because that would have been how we would all act if someone was splinched and i loved how she was like trying to comfort him although she was freaking out, it was such a cute r/hr scene
I also really loved Emma at malfoy manor *BRAVO* she acted amazing her screams and cries were soo realistic omg im getting chills just thinking about it, that was one of the best scenes although i wish bellatrix should have used crucio and I hoped ron would be screaming like a maniac when he went to the cellar, he didnt do much so that was a little sad, but either way a great scene. When Dobby rescues them and says that he is a free elf the whole crowd started clapping and screaming because we all knew what was coming :'(
I also loved the piano scene omg that was the cutest thing ever!!!!! Rupert did amazing showing his love and affection towards Hermione you can totally tell he loves her, and also when he stares at her at the wedding.
You can probably tell that I am a huge ron and hermione shipper so I loved every scene although i wished that when ron returned, from the 7 potters, he was fully ron and not harry although he quickly changes i just thought it was too much harry. I wished that when ron leaves hermione would have said something more to keep him from leaving but she waits for like a sec to go after him, and i wanted to see her out in the rain.

Basically i love every r/hr moment but i felt like once they started out with the tent that there was more harry and hermione moments than ron and hermione and although we are suppose to see that, it just bothered me bc it was too much. when harry asks hermione to dance and he takes the locket off her the look in his eyes is more like if he does actually like her and it kills me because they are both looking at each other but i couldnt stand the dance i really tried to see it just as friendship but they were standing too close for me to see it so it did sort of seem like there was something more than friends and i hated that. when its only the two of them it does seem like they do like each other and to me it seemed that there was more h/hr scenes then r/hr (out in the tent), or maybe im just exagerating this because its the first time they are out by themselves without ron and time seemed like for ever. although you could tell that hermione missed ron, harry acted like he did like hermione and although hermione doesnt like him that way, the fact that she was lonely idk made her want to be closer to harry. I dont think im making any sense now (i have only gotten 3 hours of sleep and its almost saturday) so im rambling. I think that if i see the movie again my thoughts will change but i dont know hopefully they will, this time all i was trying to do was enjoy the movie and take as much as i could so i need to see it again and pay closer attention.

ok so the h/hr kiss was dirty and sensual and passionate it was really good for what it was supposed to be for ron, but as a r/hr fan it hurt me, I just hope the r/hr kiss will have more passion then this one and more love although it seems like it will be a tough battle.

oh yea and the other thing i did not like was the fact that the movie felt rushed idk if im the only that felt this way but i just felt like it went from one scene to another really fast like if they were trying to beat time, they were all very great scenes but just rushed and short.

Overall this movie was amazing, it is my favorite there were a lot of things i liked and didnt like. I didnt cry and idk why i was 100% sure i was going to cry i even wore waterproof mascara, but i think it was just the shock of me finally being able to see my movie after a very long time of waiting that didnt let me process that the ending is here, like i knew it but it felt like it wasnt happening. maybe im in denial, or maybe i was too excited to cry because I was literally grinning from ear through ear throughout the whole movie. my mouth was open for 2 hours and covered by my hands for 27 min during those scenes were i was trying not to gasp and make a loud noise such as when harry goes to check his old cupboard, wow that was really sad it finally made me realize that I am grown up, or when dobby gets stabbed my heart was also literally beating soo fast like it has never beaten before and i was just sitting and i knew what was going to happen but i guess it was that that made it speed up. but either way sorry for my rambling and sorry if i dont make any sense but i just loved the movieit's my new favorite, PoA is 2nd now. i can not wait for part 2, i know it will just be better, specially because it's the last one
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Just saw the movie. I think it was if not completely faithful to the book the best could do. Considering Yates usually skimmed down on trying to stay true to the book- every scene seemed right on.

Most first creepy scene, probably had to be Ron bleeding in the forest, with Hermione cleaning his wounds, that scene was very graphic and even I had to squemish at that.Hermione was quite distraught and she really put herself in a real life situation ( if splinching were possible ) very flustered and unable to work without some type of help.

The Ministry was very close to the book- my favortie part the numerous amounts of Dementors that were in the court room- I had imagined about 15 from the details in the book, but that blew me away. There really wasn't much explaining on what the trio were gonna do, but it was pretty easy to follow on even my dad- who doesn't read the books understood what was going on ). It was quite funny without being too funny and taking away from the plot. And there is a part were magizenes are being stacked onto tables and it goes in coordination with the Ministry music, which being a drummer, I found very creative and inventive.

Ron explained the whole deluminator storyline to Hermione so much, that she started getting that confused but I'm listening to you look on her face, as described in the book, she hit him and that was quite funny.

Snatcher scene was almost if not identical to the book. But the Malfoy Manor bothered me just a tad because we hear all the torture, but it's just Bella talking very closely to Hermione- which must have been very emotional on the brain and mind in a time like this. I was crying then, and Dobby was quite funny in that scene.

By far the best performance I have seen of the trio- Emma got so much better and making the audience feel the emotions hermione was feeling, first scene with her made me want to hug and comfort hermione. Rupert dug deep into Ron with his darker jealous side, and also even more comical -yes- they gave Rupert tons of funny lines which brought and made the movie for me.

Most the action scenes were good, but I felt like the wedding could have had more depth to it.

In all, my best film so far I want it in my hands right now. Now time to see it in IMAX with my brother
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